Pokemon/Various: Poke Girl - Christina And Her Bunny
Part 4: The Things We Can't Have Are What We Want The Most

Narrative: after selling their Scorpina's to make money to cover food,
lodging and tournament admission Christina and Mondo made their way to the
Strawberry festival.

all seedings are random, lots are drawn before tournament

#1: Bruce and Selina (Catgirl)
#2: Bobby and Talia (Kung-Ewe)
#3: Ashton and Rena (Drow-zee)
#4: Christina and Honey (Bunnygirl)
#5: Mondo and Katie (Fire Side-Kick)
#6: Kane and Melon (Jiggelyslut)
#7: Sam and Riley (Venuswhore)
#8: Yugi and Mai-Valentine (Harpy)
#9: Scott and Jean (Phoenix)
#10: Hank and Janet (Wasp)
#11: Serena and Usagi (Bunnygirl)
#12: Paris and Torres (Minotaura)
#14: Belle and Jasmine (Tigress)
#15: Ryu and Nina (Sword Angel)
#16: Adam and Teela (Naga)

"Every one WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELCOME to the Strawberry Festival
Tournament." Announcer Jim said.

"This is going to be one hell of a tournament. Several unranked Pokegirls
where able to win the qualifiers to make it to the tournament. Of these,
Christina and Honey where the most impressive. We have TWO former League
Champions Bobby and Talia who one the big show six years ago. Rumor has it
that before the tournament he was questioned by police, why is a mystery.
Also attending is Bruce Wayne a 2-time League Champ and 7-time city champ
in Gothic City. And of course you can't ignore Sam a 10-time League
runner-up and Cucumber town's gym leader. Rumor is spreading like wildfire
he and rookie Christina are lovers. It will be interesting to see what
happens if they lock up in the tournament." Announcer Jerry said.

"Absolutely. The reputable magazine, and one of our sponsors, 'the Tattler'
is no doubt all over this story." Jim commented.

* * *

Pierre was in a rage. Not only was Honey, the Bunnygirl of his dreams, denied
to him but she was in the hands of an ignorant cow who seemingly lacked
appreciation for what she had. She was having, according to all the gossip
and dirt rags, an illicit affair with the Cucumber town gym leader. Why would
the dirty slut do such a thing when she had the world’s most perfect bunny?

Pierre was hiding in a trash dumpster as he watched the trailer that
Christina and Honey shared through his binoculars. He could see into the
window and could catch glimpses now and then of the pair.

"She will be mine." He promised himself. "She will be mine and that idiot
Christina will weep for her loss. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

His maniacal viallainous laughter was interrupted when a passerby tossed a
box of rotten strawberries into the dumpster that he occupied.

"Oh gross. All over my binoculars too dammit." He whined.

* * *

Melon was in the doggy-style position, her large juicy breasts were swinging
and she was moaning loudly as her master Kane fucked her as hard as he
possibly could.

"JIGGELY, JIGGELY JIGGELY!!!!!!!!!" She cried as he tamed her with athaurity.

Despite his intensity his mind was not on the Jiggelyslut he was trying to
fuck stupid(er). It was on Kandee. The Fearleader was in the possession of
another tamer. A tamer at this very tournament. He wanted her back, needed
her back. If he had to make Mondo disappear for good to get it done then so
be it. He began to cum into the Jiggelysluts pussy as he imagined getting
his hands on Kandee.

* * *

"Honey please believe me, it’s absolutely NOT true." Christina said.

Honey sat in the far end of the trailer they shared with Trini for the
tournament. The Bunnygirl ignored her tamer as she worked on her third pint
of carrot cake ice cream.

"Well it doesn’t matter master. You’re the boss and if you wanna go have sex
with a human male it’s perfectly within your rights to do it." Honey said
sniffing tears back, her ears drooping. Most ice cream and tears dripped on
her pleather shorts and sports bra." I just hope you used a condom. Who knows
what freaky things that guy has been up to, I do not want to catch anything."

Christina rubbed her temples.

"This is SO stupid. Firstly, I don't know where this rumor came from but it's
not true. I don't even like Ned. I like Trini, and you, I LOVE you, stupid."
Christina said.

Honey looked up from her Ice Cream." Really?"

"Duh!" Christina said.

Christina was almost toppled over when the minimally dressed Bunnygirl jumped
on top of her and kissed her on the lips.

"Are you bi-polar or something?" Christina asked.

"Huh?" Honey asked.

"Never mind." Christina said.

They parted lips and their tongues entwined. How could she eat that nasty ice
cream? Hastily she broke their kiss and pulled off Honey's sports bra. Honey
sucked on the hard nipple. Honey giggled and brushed her paw/hand through
Christina's hair.

Christina kissed her way down the bunnygirl's flat stomach until she reached
the pleather shorts. She unbuttoned the shorts and slid them down her alpha's
shapely legs.

Christina kissed the outer lips of Honey's wet pussy. The Bunnygirl's back
arched and she moaned softly. I'm getting pretty good at this Christina
thought. Well at least Honey and Trini where not complaining.

Christina's tongue probed deeper and Honey rocked back and forth which each
tongue stroke. Honey was now kneading her own breast.

"Oh yes master, oh yes."

Christina added a pair of fingers and used them to piston in and out of the
pretty Bunnygirl. Her back arched again and she wailed an orgasm.


"GO AWAY!" Both women yelled at once.

"Umm Christina sweetie its me, Sam."

Christina shot up and ran for the door. She whipped it open and glared at the
cause of her current frustrations.

"LEAVE. NOW." Christina yelled, highly pissed.




"Not now. Go." Christina insisted.

Lowering his head in defeat, Sam shambled away sadly.

Christina turned around in time to see a pint of iced cream fly into her

* * *


ANNOUNCER JERRY: Hi I'm here with Paris and his lovely alpha and wife,
B'Lanna. Paris, B'Lanna thank you for taking time for this interview.

PARIS: No problem, Jerry.

ANNOUNCER JERRY: Both of you have had lots of success in several tournaments
for the last seven years. But last year you ignited a controversy when you
decided to get married.

PARIS: We really don't know what the big deal is. B'Lanna has been my best
friend and partner for a very long time. It just seemed natural.

B'LANNA: I was so happy when he asked that I never thought about the changes
from the Pokegirl civil rights act.

ANNOUNCER JERRY: Has marriage changed your effectiveness in tournament
battles at all?

B'LANNA: It's made us better, I have more confidence and a lot more trust.

ANNOUNCER JERRY: Do you ever worry you are holding back because you don't
want to put your wife in danger?

PARIS: No, we both trust each other a lot, and we both want the same things.
League championships.

ANNOUNCER: The one thing that has eluded you has been a league title. You've
come close but it seems that you cannot make it past the semi-finals and have
to settle for battles to determine fourth or third.

PARIS: Now you are really hitting where it hurts. B'Lanna I are certain
we will finally break our semi-final jinx. Hell we knocked Wayne and his
catwoman out of the championship tournament two years ago. Now they are the
top ranked team in the country and on the cover of Pokegirl Sports. Which is
coincidently owned by Wayne. We beat them, but their getting top billing and
the best sponsors and product endorsements. I think that's all the motivation
we need to destroy them.

ANNOUNCER JERRY: Yes ehem well on a better note B'Lanna you where the first
ever Minotaura to be voted sexiest body by Pokegirl Glamour Magazine.

B'LANNA: (laughs) Well yes, I'm very proud. I work hard to stay in shape.

ANNOUNCER JERRY: Good luck to both of you.

* * *

Mondo and Katie walked around the promenade, Ryu and his unbelievably
beautiful alpha had a crowd of autograph seekers around them. Wayne had
twice as many as Ryu and even that sulky idiot Sam had fans.

Most people confused him for another tournament fan.

"What's wrong M?" Katie asked.

"Well Katie, its like this. All these people love Wayne and Ryu and their
alphas. And well I'm worried that I'll never be good enough to get you on
the cover of Pokegirl Sport." Mondo explained.

Katie whispered in his ear, "Just have faith. Trust yourself and trust your

She followed her whisper by licking his earlobe. This sent all the right
tingles up his spine.

"Excuse me."

The pair turned to see a twelve-year-old kid holding an autograph book.

"You are Mondo and Katie right?"

"Ummm yeah." Mondo replied.

"Wow. You two kicked butt in the qualifying rounds! Can I have your
autographs?" He asked.

"No problem little man." Mondo said as he signed the book.

Katie signed then kissed the kid's cheek.

"Whoa!" He said as he walked away smiling broadly.

Mondo doubted the kid would ever wash his cheek again.

"So who is the happier one? The kid for getting his autograph or you for
giving it." Katie asked.

"Your right I'm a big fat ham. Remind me to find that mean old nut-less
bastard Ned" Mondo said.


"To thank him for bringing you into my life you sexy bitch." Mondo said
before sweeping her into his arms and kissing her.

A photographer for Pokegirl Sport caught the touching moment and immortalized
it on film.

* * *

Ned had been sitting back and watching the tournament preliminaries on the
television while drinking a strawberry-kiwi milkshake with whisky in it. A
concoction he had invented himself earlier that day. "I'll be dammed that
fat retarded boy and that chick actually managed to win some early. Fucking
shame she's sleeping with that loser Sam. Fuck I remember beating the snot
out of him until he cried like a fucking baby...still brings a smile to my

The Cat-girl who had been servicing his dick lifted her face. "Were you
talking to me?'

"No baby, go back to work. I just got these testicle implants and I want to
christen them all over that pretty face o' yours." Ned said.

Next: the Tournament!
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