Pokemon: Pokegirl - Christina And Her Bunny Part 5 (FF,bond,AU,anthro)
by Hamster

ANNOUNCER JIM: Welcome fans to the Strawberry Field Tournament! We have
several grate match ups here in the first round of eliminations bouts
including a few battles between some very popular tamers.

ANNOUNCER JERRY: This going to be GREAT Jim. I haven't seen so many hot
Pokegirls in town since...well since the last tournament.

ANNOUNCER JIM: That's true Jerry and it's so very fitting that the first
match of the day is going to be between two of the leagues top Tamers and
two of the more popular ones to boot.

ANNOUNCER JERRY: That's right, everyone in the league just loves these two
girls and really, what's not to love?

ANNOUNCER JIM: Bruce is a league champion and has won more Gothic City
titles than anyone in league history. He has competed in 2 on 2, team and
1 on 1 formats.

ANNOUNCER JERRY: Yeah, yeah he's the one everyone talks about but Adam and
Teela came within a hair of beating them last year and mark my words Adam
isn't going to lose again.

ANNOUNCER JIM: Let's not forget about this newcomer Christina, it looks like
we have a dark horse here.

ANNOUNCER JERRY: Get real Jim. She got lucky, as soon as she faces a real and
experienced tamer she is going to get creamed.

ANNOUNCER JIM: I don't know about that Jerry, Christina and her Bunny look
like they are ready to take on the entire league and win.

* * *


The clay battle field had a single line that bisected the middle and a 15'
diameter circle in the middle with a 6' diameter circle within that.
Surrounding this clay battle field were a series of simple wood bleachers
EXCEPT on the East side. The days first matche, as a matter of tradition
always began at sunrise. The East side of the field was always left open
so that the sunrise could be seen at the start of the match.

When the match began in the jam-packed arena, chants could be heard on both
sides. Just before the Sunrise the band ‘Tequila for the Dead' played one of
their hit's. Gritty song about determination and hard love. A few minutes
before sunset the fans of Teela could be seen waving red and orange banners
and Selina's fans waved gray and black ones. Then the two opposing tamers
stepped on to the field in an order chosen by a coin flip. Their
introductions caused loud and boisterous cries from the crowd (commonly
known as pop). As dictated by tradition they each approached from opposite
ends of the field with their Pokegirls in their balls and held them with
both hands behind their backs until the signal was given for the match to
start. Both Tamers stood in their halves of the outer circle. The signal
was given when one of the town's virgin maiden's (virgin in theory at least)
rang the gong to start things off.

Adam and Bruce both thrust their balls forward and called upon their alpha's.
First was Selena who was dressed in black leather pants and a sleeveless
black leather zip-up top that left her stomach exposed. She also wore yellow
goggles. She was a cat-girl with a black tail. Second was Teela, Teela was a
naga and as such her sexy body was naturally covered in bright orange and
brown scales. She wore white trunks and a white sports top.

The pair squared off and prepared to do battle. The Catgirl's slash was
quickly beat off by the Naga's ‘Lick' counter. Teela's tongue wrapped around
Selena's wrist tightly and the Catgirl was caught in the hold's grip and she
strained against it for several seconds before the tongue extended forward
and looped around Selena's body and began to constrict around her. The wrap
attack began to crush the breath from Selena's body. She opened her mouth and
bit her opponent's tongue as hard as she could. The bite, which was imbued
with elemental darkness, sent pain coursing through the extended tongue and
into Teela's body. The tongue unraveled from around the Catgirl and flopped
to the ground as Teela screamed. Selena ran at top speed at her opponent
slashed at Teela with her claws without stopping or slowing. Passing Teela
after her attack Selena flipped then rolled to a stop in time to dodge a
second lick attack. She jumped at Teela but was caught by Venom that the Naga
spat in her face. Teela moved in to finish off her opponent but Teela, her
tamer and the entire crowd were taken by surprise when Selena delivered a
brand new move!!! From her prone position Selena connected with a kick that
happened to be charged with telekinetic power. Purple energy glowed from
Selena's foot. When the kick connected Teela was sent flying through the air
and crash landing on the ground fifty feet away. The supporters of Bruce and
Teela erupted and waved their colored banners as the umpire ran out to check
on Teela. After a ten count the winner was declared. Bruce smiled as stepped
out to check on his Pokegirl.

Winner: Bruce and Selena

* * *


Jeff and, his Officerjenny, Nelly tiptoed through the crime scene trying
not to disturb anything. Phil, the local banker lay atop his splintered and
smashed desk, he was beaten and bruised, and his right arm lay several feet
away. Jeff was the local Sheriff and judge but Cucumber Town was a small
place where everyone pretty much knew everyone else. The type of violence
that had taken place in the local bank was both severe and unprecedented in
his tenure as the town's chief magistrate. Jeff and Nelly were both pretty
much horrified.

"Omigosh." Nelly exclaimed. "He was beaten to death with his own arm."

"Yeah and the security tapes where stolen to make things worse." Jeff added.

"Who could have done this?" Nelly asked.

"I hate to say it but only a Pokegirl, a strong one at that, like maybe an
Amazonkapoera or Grizzalar maybe an Ursine or Snorlass. Or even a Polargirl
or maybe a Kung Ewe. But no one has seen any strange tamers in town and I
don't think this was a feral Pokegirl. That means it was a local and I'm
leaning towards Bobby Shepard." Jeff said.

"Oh please don't say that Jeff." Nelly said a bit wild eyed.

"Sorry but that's the way things look, hell he had plenty of motive." Jeff

"I know he did, he had more than enough motive." Nelly admitted.

"The kid got a really raw deal, but its no excuse for murder." Jeff said

"I know." Nelly said.

"We need to find him if he's on a revenge kick and he has powerful Pokegirls
he'll be very dangerous." Jeff said.

"Where do you think he could have gone?" Nelly asked.


Talia and her master were very much in love. The Lambchop was so happy she
could hardly see straight, she was laying by the brook just after her latest
taming and her master, Bobby, was tracing his finger over her flat tummy.

"I love this tummy." Bobby said. "It's my favorite part of your body.

Talia giggled. "I'll remember to work extra hard on my sit-ups."

Bobby bent down and licked a trail from her naval to her breasts. He
placed a kiss on each of her nipples. The loving romance of the moment was
shattered by a sudden violent explosion in the distance. Both Bobby and
Talia immediately jumped to their feet. They both turned in the direction
of the sound which also happened to be the direction of Bobby's family's

"MOM, DAD!!!!" Bobby cried.

He ran in the direction of the blazing inferno that was his home without a
care for his safety. The house was completely consumed by fire but he still
tried to reach the door knob fortunately his pet, Talia was able to grab him
and by virtue of her tremendous strength keep him form entering the house.

"MASTER STOP!!!" Talia screamed.

"MOM, DAD NOOOOOO." Bobby screamed.


MATCH TWO: Bobby/Talia vs. Ryu/Nina

The sword and the Kung Ewe circled each other, they had been fighting for
twenty minutes and they were both tired and beaten. Nina flew at Talia with
her toes barely touching the ground. Her psychic blade extended so that she
could connect with it and hopefully put away the Kung Ewe for good.

"Talia Thunder Punch NOW!" Bobby cried out.

Talia dropped to her knee just in time to avoid the attack of Sword Angel and
then swung with an uppercut that was charged with electric power. The power
of the punch in combination with Nina's momentum sent Nina flying backwards
and crashing to the ground. Nina landed atop her wings and there was the
sickening crunching sound of them braking when she hit the floor. Flying
types were weak against electric and the power of the electricity coursed
through the blue haired girl and completely knocked her out. Within seconds
Bobby and Talia were declared the winners and a nursejoy made her way out
onto the field to begin healing the downed Nina whose master looked totally

Bobby looked on unemotionally.

* * *

155 minutes before Christina and Bunny's match...

Honey had large round breasts which were the envy of almost any Pokegirl
outside of Milktits. She had a cute curvy butt. She had a pretty face and
long blonde hair from which you could spot two long expressive ears. She
was currently dressed in a pink sports bra and tiny white shorts as well
as pink boots. According to just about anyone she was hot even for a Bunny.

She was however sort of miserable. She had an argument with her tamer and
that was bad enough. She felt bad about letting her jealousy get the best
of her and was kicking herself for being so stupid. This was compounded by
the fact that she was feeling like she desperately needed a taming session.
Taming was vital to the health of a Pokegirl and Bunnygirls needed taming
much more than most.

Christina was napping peacefully before their next match and Honey decided
to try to convince her that it was time for a taming. She stepped over to
her master and gently nudged her. Christina moaned and made a motion like
swatting a nearby fly, yet her eyes remained closed. Honey frowned and then
decided to take a different approach. She straddled her master and then
kissed her on the lips.

"Please wake up master." Honey whispered in Christina's ear.

Christina blinked and rubbed her eyes once opened she was face to face with
her favorite person in the world and her alpha.

"Hey Honey Is something wrong?" She asked.

"No master." The Bunnygirl blushed then frowned. "I'm sorry that I got
jealous and threw ice cream at you."

"Oh, yeah well don't worry about it, that Sam guy is pissing me off enough
without distracting us before the tournament or driving a wedge between us."
Christina said.

"So you forgive me?" Honey asked with a smile and perked up ears.

"Of course." Christina said.

Honey squealed with delight and kissed Christina on the lips. Honey playfully
grabbed her master's boobs and gave them a good squeeze.

"HEY! I guess you want to get tamed?" Christina asked.

The Bunnygirl nodded with a wide grin, her long ears swayed back and forth
with this motion. Christina kissed her and rolled her over onto her back. She
pulled Honey's sports bra off and rubbed the pokegirl's nipples between her
fingers. Honey moaned softly as she enjoyed the sensation of pleasure that
Christina's attentions gave her. Taking her hands off of her Alpha's breasts,
Christina unbuckled Honey's belt then unlaced Honey's boots and tugged them
off. Finally she removed the white shorts that Honey was wearing and was
given access to the girl's lovely pussy.

Christina opened her mouth and began to lavish attention on this part of the
Bunnygirl's body. Honey's eyes were closed and she was sighing softly as she
was gently eaten out by her master. After a few minutes of this the Bunnygirl
reached her climax and Christina was lapping up the sweet juices of their
love making.

Some time later, Outside the trailer...

Pierre had a net. That was his big plan. A net. It was obvious to the patron
gods of villainy that Pierre was no criminal genius.

Christina exited the trailer followed by her alpha. Upon them both clearing
the door a large net fell down upon them both from the roof.

"What the hell?" Demanded Christina as she began to struggle.

"EEEEEEEK!!!" Cried Honey.

"AH-HAH!!!" Shouted Pierre victoriously from atop the trailer. "Hmmm give me
just a minute I'll be right down."

Pierre made his way over to the ladder he had used to get atop the trailer as
Christina and Honey gaped at him. Pierre had a bit of a beer belly and was
clumsy as well as badly out of shape so he had great difficulty in getting
down the ladder. He nearly fell getting down in fact. Once on the ground he
made his way to the net and then put his hands on his waist and grinned from
ear to ear.

"I am victorious! I'm taking your Bunny and getting the hell out of here."
Pierre said.

"What no way let us out of here." Christina demanded.

"Yeah! Let us go." Honey demanded.

"Forget it." Pierre said. "I have found the perfect Bunny so I'm going to
put her in this ultraball and then I'm going to tame the hell out of her
until she forgets all about you. Then I'm going to enter her in all of the
Bunnygirl breeder's contests. HA HA!"

"You are insane." Christina said as she finally got the net off of her.

"Dammit, no matter I'll still be taking your Bunny." Pierre said as he
activated the ultraball. Honey screamed just before she dematerialized and
was absorbed into the ball.

Christina got up and charged him.

Pierre immediately pulled out a super soaker.

"Are you joking?" She demanded.

"It's filled with acid." He explained.

"No it's not." Christina said.

"Do you want to find out for sure?" He asked threateningly.

"You are an idiot if there was acid in there then it would melt through the
plastic. Trini GO!" Christina released her other Pokegirl. Trini materialized
in front of Christina. "vine whip, HARD."

Pierre began to scream insanely as the Belle Awesome viciously whipped the
hell out of him.


As he dropped into the fetal position and began to cry the ultraball rolled
away from and Christina picked it up. She released Honey as Trini continued
whip Pierre.

"Ummm Trini I think he's had enough." Christina said as she helped Honey to

"Thank you master." Honey said.

"Can I whip him just a little longer?" Trini asked.

"No, we got to get to the battlefield, let's go. And you Mr. Whatever your
name is had better not show your face around me again or there is going to
be real trouble." Christina said as she grabbed Honey's wrist and started

Trini ran after Christina and Honey but suddenly slid to a stop. She turned
around and fired a volley of Razor Leaves at the weeping Pierre.

2 Minutes before the start of Christina and Honey's match...

ANNOUNCER JERRY: I have to wonder what it is that Christina is doing that
could be more important than her first round match?

ANNOUNCER JIM: I just don't know Jerry. We just saw the team of Ashton and
Rina narrowly defeat Belle and Jasmine, and are anticipating Christina and
Honey's appearance on the Battlefield. Arthur and Nita are both here and
ready but they have no one to fight. We are all wondering who or what could
have held up Christina and honey? If they do not arrive soon then they may
find themselves disqualified.

To be continued...

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