Pokemon: Pokegirl Side Story - Goerge And His Tanuki (MF,rom,AU)
by Hamster ([email protected])

George was living a busy life. He was going to college and he was working at
a coffee shop. He was studying up to become a lawyer. Law was so boring that
he in danger of lapsing into a permanent coma every single time he went to
class. His parents had worked hard all their lives to pay for him to get the
best education possible so he felt incredibly guilty that he actually didn't
like law. Not so guilty the he didn't put his books down and stop studying so
that he could read his roommate’s freshly arrived copy of 'Pokegirl Sport' on
the cover was an extremely sexy looking Beach Bunny. His parents disapproved
of the idea completely. His father felt that messing around with a pokegirl
was an unnecessary distraction from what mattered. His mom hated pokegirls
and found them repulsive.

George flipped through the pages taking in the pictures, and then his
window and subsequently his entire life, was shattered. After overcoming his
original surprise he noticed that amidst the shattered glass in his room was
a pokeball.

"What the fuck?" George asked out loud. George picked up the ball. He
immediately went to the window but there was no sign of the ball's owner or
where the ball could have come from. "Well this is some crazy shit."

George looked hard at the ball, it was a standard ball he thought. There was
a button. He knew that if he pushed it there would be all kinds of trouble.
He knew that he should take the ball to the proper authorities and forget he
ever saw it. Of course there was an overwhelming desire to push the damm
button. He wanted to push it so bad it was making him dizzy. He didn't even
know why. He toyed with it. Felt the balls texture in his hands, he tossed
it up in the air and caught it once, he...whoops.

Energy was projected from the ball. Then very suddenly a pokegirl
materialized in front of him.

"Oh and shit!" He said.

A confused looking girl was standing before him. She had white shorts and a
peach shirt. She had very nice well toned legs, nice breasts, raccoon-like
ears, a raccoon tail, claws, the skin around her eyes was darker than the
rest of her and created the impression on a raccoon's mask.

"Whaaa..." She seemed disoriented.

There was a piece of paper in her hand.

"Let me take this." He grabbed the paper from her she looked at his as if
realizing he was their for the first time then suddenly bolted for the
bathroom and locked herself in. "Crap. Hey come back."

He pounded on the bathroom door but got no response. Frustrated he checked
out the note.

"Hello, please take care of Maya. I can't anymore." It read.

"Of all the shitty crap." George cussed.

"Maya please come out." He said.

"No." she replied.

"Why not?" He asked.

"I'm scared." She said.

At least she was direct, honest and to the point thought George. "I'm not
going to hurt you. I just want to talk."

"Then talk." Said the pokegirl that was barricaded in his bathroom.

"About what?" She asked.

"Well do you think you can tell me how you ended up in my living room?"
George asked.

"Yes I can. My brother is an idiot that's how." She said.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask for more detail than that." Said George.

"Sigh. My older brother is a professional loser. For years he has been
drifting from job to job and getting fired or quitting all of them. He
eventually started his career as a con man. When I went through my
threshold, my parents didn't want me around anymore and ordered Earl to
find me a good Tamer. Instead he apparently tossed me through a window."
she said.

OK the situation was beyond horrible, George noted. "Look come out and I'll
get you some food and we can figure out what to do."

The door opened and Maya stepped out of the bathroom. "Ok now what?"

George smiled, a little progress at last. He walked over to the cabinet and
fetched some peanut butter the grabbed some bread.

"PB&J OK?" He asked.

"Sure." She said.

She looked younger than him. That didn't mean much, he knew allot of
pokegirls didn't age as quickly as humans. She only looked about 18 or so,
she had made it sound like she had just recently gone through threshold, that
meant her age was about right. Maya looked at him bashfully as she nibbled on
his sandwich.

"So what do you do?" Asked Maya.

"I'm a law student." Said George.

"Interesting." She said.

"Not really." George said. "Actually I sort of hate it. I always wanted to be
a private investigator but my parents really want me to get into law."

"I know I don't know you, but if you want to be a PI, you should be a PI, not
a lawyer. You get just one life and if you don't do what you want with it the
first time, you'll never get the chance to again." She said.

She put so simply and George knew she was right. If he kept studying law he
was going to end up at the top of some building with a rifle, firing at
random passerbys.

"Hold on a sec." George said.

He went in to his roommate's room and grabbed his copy of 'Pokegirls for

"Are you kidding me?" Maya asked.

"What? It's very informative." He said.

Maya began to think. The guy was average looking but he seemed nice and he
had ton of books everywhere so he was either a college student or a heavy
reader. She could do worse.

"There are two things you need to know." She said.

"What?" He asked.

"One, you need a license to have a pokegirl." She said.

"Now wait a minute I never said anything about keep..." He was cut off when
she strode over and put her finger on his lips.

She seemed anxious and she was sweating.

"...Secondly, and this is very important, I'm starting to lose concentration
and I don't want to lose my mind. I'm scared to death of going feral. So I
need taming." She said.

"What?" He said.

"What's wrong you don't think that I'm pretty?" She asked as she leaned up
against him.

She was pretty all right, he thought. Quite suddenly she kissed him. The
kiss electrified him. He was not used to being around women of any kind.
Especially not pretty ones. This pokegirl was beautiful and she apparently
wanted to be with him pretty badly. A small part of him brought him down by
reminding him that for Maya it was a biological necessity and anyone would
do, he wasn't special. A bigger part of him told that part to shut the fuck
up. George kissed her back he put his hands on her hip and pulled her over
to the sofa. They broke their kiss long enough for Maya to pull off her
shirt. George unbuckled Maya's belt and then his own. Soon her shorts and
underwear were strewn across the floor haphazardly. He explored every single
curve of her body with hungry roaming hands. Her lips were sweet and soft.
She smelled, amazingly good. He felt her firm body beneath his own. She was
the most amazing thing that he had ever experienced. George was experiencing
a life-changing event in his lovemaking.

When it was over and they'd both finished their climax, he held her in her
arms and rubbed behind her raccoon-like ears.

"You are so freaking amazing." Said George.

"Thank you, master." She said.

"What, hey wait don't call me that. I don't have a license and..." George
started stammering.

"Actually, pretty soon you'll have a pokegirl Tamer's license, a PI's license
and a license to practice law, if you want one." Said Maya.

"What?" Asked George in confusion.

"My brother did teach me one valuable skill." Said Maya.

"What's that?" Asked George.

"Forgery." Said Maya.

And there it was. His old life was over. There was no way in hell he was
going to give up Maya. If a forged Tamer's license was what it took to keep
her then he was damm well going to let her forge one. And while he was at it,
he was done with law school. He was now a Tamer and a Private Investigator
and for that matter whatever else he wanted to be, thanks to Maya.


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