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Salty Pepper

By Uncle Mike
[email protected]

I know it doesn't show up on the official report this way, but I swear
this is how it really happened.

By the time our guys got involved, there had been at least three hookers
killed. The killer was a real sicko, we figured - - the bodies were all found
with their tits sliced off and the word "Mommy" sliced into their stomachs.

You'd figure a guy -- had to be a guy, right? -- anyway, a guy with an
M.O. like that, somebody'd put it all together when the second body showed up.
But these were hookers, so the cops who handled the stiffs didn't give a shit.
Hell, it took us a whole day just to get all the paperwork in order once we
took over, and we never did find half the photos from the first crime scene. We
figure some bozo used 'em for coasters.

Anyway, once we got all that shit together, a lot of stuff pointed to one
guy, this 40-year-old teacher who lived by himself a couple of miles from where
the bodies were found. Problem was, we couldn't pin it on him good enough to
make it stick in court.

So that's when Lt. Crowley gets the idea to send Pepper out as a decoy.

Pepper? She's one foxy lady. She's no kid, I grant you, but she's got the
body of one. Smooth skin, nice and tan. Good, firm tits -- and she's not afraid
to let anyone know it, not with the stuff she wears. Super blond hair, a real
beach- goddess face, all angles and cheekbones. And those legs -- Christ, her
legs go all the way up to her tits.

So picture this broad in her hooker outfit: pink crop top, short red
leather miniskirt, fishnet hose, five-inch heels, and everything tight enough
to show every ripple of her muscles. Man, I'm getting a hard-on just

So the idea is, we got one team set up at the teacher's house, ready to
follow him. Number Two's parked near Pepper, who's strutting her stuff on the
strip where the guy picked up his other victims. Me, I'm the surveillance, set
up in an empty storefront halfway between the strip and the motel where she's
supposed to take him. We got a bug in her purse -- with those clothes, where
could we hide one on her? -- and three cameras plus bugs in the motel room.

Perfect set-up, right? So why did it go wrong? Hey, it wasn't my idea to
send Pepper out without an earpiece, so we couldn't talk to her. Crowley nixed
that when he deep-sixed wiring her up. I figure that's where it all started,
right there with that decision.

So what happened was, the guys following the teacher rolled with him like
they were supposed to, and they called it in to Number Two, and those guys
rolled past Pepper and gave her the high sign before they moved back to their
regular spot.

But Mr. Killer, he don't go all the way to the strip like we thought he
would, and see our Miss Perfect waiting for him. No, he catches one of the
blondies we chased away, walking home four blocks away. He hits on her, and she
takes him up on it right away, and next thing you know our guys are on his tail
and God knows where he's going. Sure, they call it in, and the guys in Number
Two go to tell Pepper all bets are off -- but just before they get to her, she
jumps into a car just like the teacher's and starts to take off. So the guys on
her run back to their car to follow, but then there's an emergency call from
the first car, because the teacher's grabbed the hooker and is dragging her
into an alley. So Number Two car peels off to help, and they try to get someone
else to check on Pepper but in all the confusion nobody picks her up.

Of course, I'm still stuck in surveillance, and I'm trying to break in
and get somebody to figure out where she is, but by now all hell's breaking
loose with the teacher.

Meanwhile I'm listening in on the bug in her purse, right?

Well, to make a long story not so long, once they're driving away she
gets a good look at the guy and it turns out that it's just some 18-year-old
hiding behind an old trench coat and a hat -- and, from the sound of his voice,
a real scared kid at that.

How I know how young the kid is, is Pepper blurts out something about it.
Before she can say any more, the kid's spilling his life story. Seems he's
never been laid, and all the guys in school are on him about it, and he tried
to fake it but they found out and now the whole school's laughing at him. I
mean, the kid is a mess.

So Pepper says to him -- trying to break it to him gentle, I figure --
"You shouldn't ruin your life to please other people, Bob (that was his name,
Bob). You're running a big risk picking up a hooker, don't you know that?"

So he goes, "Y-you mean diseases?"

And she goes, "Yes, but that's not all. Half the girls on the street are
just jack-rollers. They'll get you in a room and then some bruiser will come in
and rob you... And -- well, what would you do if I was a cop?"

Now I can hear the kid pounding on the steering wheel. "Shit! I'm
screwed, right? I knew it. Are you gonna bust me?"

"No," she says, and I figure, right, she's just gonna get out and let him
chase on home. Instead, she says, "Calm down, sweetie. It was just a
for-instance. Do I look like a cop? Do you know any cops with legs like these?
You do like my legs, don't you?"

"Yeah," the kid says, real fast. "Yeah, sure. That's what made me pick
you up. You were the best-looking one one the street. Uh -- you mean you're not
a cop, right?"

"Right," she says, and she's kinda laughing, but not really, if you know
what I mean. And then she goes, "Would a cop do this?"

OK, so we've only got a bug in the purse, so I can't see what's going on,
but I hear something like a zipper and a gasp from the kid. I'm freaking out --
like, what is this broad doing?

Well, right then Crowley calls in and wants to know how Pepper's doing.
What am I gonna tell him, right now I think she's giving some teenager a
blow-job? So I tell him she's OK -- I mean, she didn't sound like she was in
any trouble. Well, Crowley says fine, 'cause he's got to roll on the teacher,
who by now has the hooker as a hostage and got himself barricaded in somebody's
garage. So he tells me I can pack it in for the night.

But when I look up, I see some action on the TV monitors. Pepper's got
the kid in the motel room, I guess she just wiggled his dick or something
instead of sucking him off. I get a good look at the kid then as he takes off
his coat and sits down on this ratty-looking lounge chair. He's a real geek.
Maybe 5-7, a little overweight, brown hair cut short, a T- shirt with some rock
group's name on it and a pair of beat-up jeans.

Meanwhile Pepper's going around locking all the doors -- which I know
means she's got something planned, because she was supposed to leave them open
for us to bust in.

Then she goes over to where the kid's sitting and stands right in front
of him, her legs spread so she's almost straddling him.

"So I don't look like a cop, do I?" She takes one of his hands and puts
in on her thigh, rolling it up and down. I don't have to tell you that my own
cock is stiff as a baseball bat by now, so I figure the kid's must be, too.

Well, Pepper's still got a hold of the kid's hand, and now she puts it on
her stomach, on the bare flesh. The kid jerks it away like he's been scalded,
but she puts it back, pressing it into her skin. "Does a cop have a body like

By now the kid's on the edge of his chair. Pepper moves his hand up,
little by little, until it's all the way up to the curve of her tit. "Feel
those," she says. "Do cops have tits like these? Are they as firm? As smooth?"
The kid can only shake his head.

So then Pepper takes his hand up to her face and kisses the palm. Then
she sucks each finger into her mouth, one by one. My cock's pressing so hard
against my pants that I yank open my fly to let it out. I'm bouncing back and
forth between all three monitors, checking out all the angles.

I figure the kid's gonna rip off her clothes and fuck her where she
stands, but I guess he's still too scared. He just lets her keep running
things. She takes his hand and rubs it all over her tits, and then she slips it
all the way down to her thigh again. Only now she shoves it underneath her
skirt. "Does that feel like a cop's pussy? So hot and wet and ready for a good,
stiff cock? Mmm, maybe you can't tell."

She pulls his hand away just long enough for her to pull down her panties
-- nice red ones -- and step out of them. Then she takes his hand back and
slips it under her skirt again. "Now put your fingers in it," she says. "No,
come on, you can do it -- ohhh, yes, that's it. Feel how juicy it is? How tight
my pussy is? Are you thinking about how good it would be to put your cock in
there? Ohhh, yes. OhhhHHHHH!" From the way her ass is shaking I wouldn't have
even needed the sound to know she was having an orgasm, right there.

Me, I've already got pre-cum oozing out of my own cock when Pepper kneels
down and unleashes the kid's six inches.

"Wh-what are you going to do?" I can see the kid's a real virgin. His
thick, hard cock is waving in front of Pepper's face and he still doesn't know
what's going on.

She looks up at him, all smiles. Damn, I wished I was in that kid's

"Oh, Bob, you poor kid," she says. "Don't you know? I'm going to pay you
back. You made me cum, now I'll do the same for you."

"You c-came? You mean you had an orgasm? But we didn't do anything -- you
know, fuck!"

"Is that the only way you know about? Haven't you ever whacked yourself

"Well, sure, but -- I mean, I didn't know girls could..." He blushed.
Pepper stroked his cock as she spoke.

"Don't be ashamed, honey. You've got lots to learn -- but I can teach
you." Her hand was circled around his shaft, moving up and down, twisting
around. "Does that feel good? As good as when you do it yourself?"

"B-better," he managed to get out.

"See? And wait 'til you see what happens next." And then Pepper bends
over and takes his cock into her mouth.

By now I'm stroking my own wiener in time with her lips as they suck the
kid's rod in and out. He's moaning and groaning and it isn't long before he
really starts yelling. He almost bounces off the chair, but Pepper keeps his
cock inside her mouth, and from angle I think I can see when the kid shoots his
wad and she takes it in.

After awhile she lets it go, all small and soft now. She gives it a
little squeeze with her hand and takes a step back.

I'm figuring that's it, but Pepper isn't finished. Now she starts swaying
back and forth, rubbing her hands all over her body. I can see her nipples
almost ready to burst through her top. She bends down and sticks her hand
underneath her skirt, still swaying, and rolls down one of her stockings, and
then the other. When she does it she sticks her ass straight up in the air and
I'm checking it out in one of the monitors, thinking about how I'd like to come
up behind her and plant my cock in her.

Then she stands back up, kicking off her shoes and stockings.

"How do I look to you, Bob?" She's almost purring now.

"Wow! You're beautiful!"

"Well, thank you, kind sir. Do you want to see more?"

"Yes!" He shouts it out. She laughs.

"I thought you would," she says, and slowly she pulls off her top. Her
tits swing free, and they're firmer than I would have thought, almost no sag,
real handfuls with nice perky nipples standing at attention. She squeezes them
together, and I can picture my shaft slipping in between those mounds.

Then Pepper rubs her hands down her sides, rolling her skirt down until
it falls to the floor. She kicks it aside. I can see the little tuft of blond
hair and the pink folds of her slit as she grinds her hips.

"It's OK, you can touch," she says, and the kid just holds his hands up
in front of him, like he can't decide what to grope first. She grabs his mitts
and rubs them all over her again, then pulls him out of the chair and leads him
to the bed.

He's shaking a little, but he manages to keep on his feet while Pepper
pulls off his T-shirt and drags down his pants. Then she pushes him onto the
bed and crawls onto it with him.

I'm beating myself off like crazy, but on the bed things go into slow
motion. Pepper starts at the kid's toes and starts kissing and sucking him all
the way up his body -- sliding her tongue along his legs, rubbing her tits on
his thighs as she nuzzles his stomach, licking him on the neck before planting
a deep kiss right on the mouth.

By the time she squats over his waist, the kid's dick is rock hard again
and I'm almost over the edge. She puts the head of his cock to her slit and
moves down and it slides in nice and easy. I shoot my load two feet in the air.

Meanwhile Pepper's fucking the kid royal, sliding that sausage into her
cunt. He's groping her tits and then he grabs her ass, trying to force himself
into her deeper, but he's already in up to the hilt.

It goes on like that for almost half an hour. After she got tired of
squatting on his cock, Pepper shifted and got on her back and took the kid into
her cunt that way for awhile, and then she even did it doggie-style, her tits
hanging down and bouncing around while the kid pounded away. Finally she got on
her back again and the kid slipped that rod into her pussy and slid it in and
out a few times and then started yelling "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" and Pepper
started yelling too and pretty soon they both got their rocks off.

Well, that's pretty much it, and I'm asking 100 bucks a throw for all
three tapes, plus for ten bucks extra I'll throw in the audio tape from the
car. Whaddaya say?


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