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Summary: Its Christmas time around the McQueen residence. Its a time for
sharing and giving...

Popular: A Christmas Story - One-Time Only
by DCForever ([email protected])

"Mike, will you go check on the girls while I go downstairs and start the

"Sure honey. Times sure have changed. I remember when Brooke used to rush
in around 3:30 or 4 o'clock the morning of Christmas and wake me up. Just
so she could get a jump on opening her presents from Santa Claus. And now,
Brooke, my teenage daughter, has to be woken up. Times sure have changed.
Ahhh, I miss the good times that we had at Christmas. Traditions were

"Don't fret Mike. Sam and I had our family traditions as well, but now that
we have a new traditions will be formed. One starting with me
getting the coffee and you getting the girls out of bed."

"And how come I can't start the coffee? Sure beats the heck out of stirring
those two girls of ours." Jane gives him an evil stare, "Guess I should be
making my way to their rooms now."

Jane throws her robe on as she exits their bedroom and heads down stairs.
Mike follows behind her making his way to his daughters' upstairs rooms. He
knocks on Brooke's door, but of course he heard nothing. Braving the scene
that might be before him he opens her door and steps in the bedroom. Mike
had never cared to wake his daughter from sleep because he knew she was a
hard sleeper and he never knew how respectable her dress would be. Over the
years, he has seen just about every part of Brooke's exposed body and it
wasn't anything he was proud of. He knew he had a beautiful daughter and
she had a great body and if the body had belong to anyone but his daughter
then we would drool over the sight of it, but that wasn't the case. Brooke
was his daughter and he loved her very much and he could never have those
thoughts when it came to her.

Mike crossed the room to her bed and reached for the covers. He pulled them
back over her panty covered bottom. Standing back up he admired his
daughter's sleeping beauty. He knew he was a lucky man.

"Brooke darling." slightly shaking her, "Brooke, time to get up. Time to
open your presents. Its Christmas morning honey." shaking a bit harder.

It was no use, his daughter wouldn't budge. Remembering what his father
once did to him to wake him, Mike ducked into the adjoining bathroom and
filled a cup with cold water. With a smirking grin on his face, he made his
way back to her bed. Lowering the cup just above chest, he slowly tilted it
and watched as the cold water descended upon Brooke's quickly wakened form.

"What the Fuck????" Brooke screamed and shot up in bed.

Mike was unable to hold back his laughter. Lets just say Brooke wasn't
laughing with him, but she admitted it was pretty brave of him to wake her
in that way. On the other hand, Mike didn't think about the effects the
water would have on her t-shirt and her chest. For before him, was his
shivering daughter. Her breasts had hardened at the sudden coldness
released upon her and her t-shirt had become almost completely transparent.
Mike was lost in the moment and couldn't do anything but stare at the sexy
wonder before his very eyes. Brooke quickly noticed where her father's gaze
had fallen.

Getting out of bed and hugging her father, "Come on dad. Its not like you
haven't seen breasts before. Maybe not mine, but in this case I think we
can just forget about it."

Brooke reached into her closet for another shirt and quickly shed her wet
t-shirt for a new, dry one. Mike was stunned at his daughter's words and at
her actions. Undressing before his very eyes. Brooke turned around and
made her way back toward her father as she put her head through the top of
the shirt and her arms through the sides. Gravity took over from there.
Once again, Mike's gaze was on his daughter's breasts, but this time they
had been completely exposed for his benefit.

Whispering in her dad's ear, "Merry Christmas Dad!"

"Merry Christmas Brooke!" I think I better go wake your sister now.

"Okay dad. Tell mom I will be down shortly. And sorry if I just
embarrassed you just then. Not sure what came over me."

"Don't worry about it honey. It was a very lovely, one-time gift. Its a
moment I will never forget."

"Thanks for understanding." Brooke hugged her father once again and kissed
him on his cheek.

Mike turned and left the bedroom, making his way to his other daughter's
bedroom. He now knew that knocking on a teenager's door at anytime was a
waste of time so as he approached, he turned the knob and let himself in
Sam's room. In the darkened room, he could make out Sam's form on her bed.
The girl loved a dark room and her dark curtains, which were closed at the
moment. Mike walked over to the curtains, figuring he would try the old
sunshine trick, and yanked the curtains fully open thus letting the sun's
light hit Sam directly in the face. Mike's smile quickly turned as he
noticed that Sam wasn't at all affected by the brightness in the room. How
could she when her face was pointed in the opposite direction. He started
to make his way to the bathroom again, but quickly wiped that idea from his
brain. Didn't need another Brooke incident with Sam. So he decided to try
the whole shaking routine didn't work on Brooke, but who was to
say it wouldn't work on Sam?

"Sam darling. Time to rise and shine. Its Christmas morning...time to open
your presents." slightly shaking her, "Sam sweetie!"

Mike shook her a little harder and Sam rolled over toward Mike and ended up
on her side. Mike stood back up, with a smile on his face and gazed at his
daughter. Someone up stairs must have thought he was something special to
give him two daughters as beautiful and intelligent as Brooke and Sam. He
may have thought Brooke was the beauty of the house and Sam was the
intelligence, but she was also the essence of sexy. He had no idea how any
guy...much less any girl, could look the other way when she walked in the
room. He watched as the sun hit off parts of her body and how his frame
cast a shadow upon her flannel, pajama form. He looked to the door as he
heard chattering coming from down stairs. He knew he needed to get Sam up
and quick like. Reaching back down to shake her yet again, Mike's eyes
caught a glimpse of Sam's left breast as her pajama front had bulged up. He
squatted down lower so he could get a better angle. Her breast was
beautiful as was the smile that crossed her face as she stared Mike directly
in the eyes. Mike raised up to shake her again when he realized that she
had caught him.

"I'm sorry Sam. It was by accident...I promise. Sweetheart, I'm so sorry.
Can you please forgive me?"

"Sorry for what Mike?" Sam still refused to call Mike, dad or father.

"You know? For staring at your br..."

"Its okay Mike. No harm, no foul. I sometimes just stare at them myself.
And you are a guy so it is understandable. Its not like you rearranged my
clothes or anything to get a peek. So cough it up to a freak accident...or
you could just consider it as an early Christmas present."

"If you say so Sam. I know its not appropriate, but what a nice one-time
Christmas gift it was. Thank you. Oh, your mom wanted me to tell you to
come on downstairs when you get ready."

Mike turned to leave room as Sam tossed her covers on the floor and looked
down at her state of undress.

Never being one for holding back, she turned to Mike, "Hey Mike, good thing
you didn't shake me too hard. Never know, my covers could have fallen off
of me and then you really would have been given a Christmas treat."

Mike turned and glared at his daughter's panty less bottom as it was still
pressed into the mattress.

Shaking his head, "Yeah, guess it was a good thing."

Looking over her shoulder, "Its okay Mike. Its not like you would have done
anything anyway." Sam stood up and faced Mike as she reached for her pajama
bottoms on the floor.

Before she knelt to grab her pajama bottoms Mike had been greeted by his
daughter's flannel covered top and her flannel-less and panty less bottom.
For a brief and incestuous moment, he wanted what was between his daughter's
legs. Sam, still pulling on her bottoms, crossed the room and gave her new
father a loving hug.

Whispering in his ear, "Mmmm, is this going to become our own little
Christmas tradition? If so..." She grabbed Mike's hand and lead it down her
pajama bottoms until he felt the slickness of her womanhood. "It wouldn't be
that bad of a tradition."

"Sorry Sam, this is one tradition that won't happen. Not now, not ever."

Sam grabbed his head before he could turn for the door and whispered in his
ear, "Hope I didn't just cross the line between our father/daughter
relationship. I was just trying to get a stir out of Brooke. You should
see her face...she is right behind you. I know it was wrong to do what I
did, especially in front of Brooke, but I can deal if you can."

Turning and seeing Brooke in the door with her normal 'I'm going to get you
Sam' look, Mike walked out of the room. "Oh, and Sam, I can deal!"

Mike's response caused Sam to break an even bigger smile and a little smirk.
Brooke wasn't humored.

"Sam, what was that all about?"

"Nothing Brooke. Just thought I would get a stir out of you. And as you
can see...I did."

"Nothing huh? You sure?"

"Brooke, I'm as sure as your breasts are hard...from watching me let Mike
grope me. hehe..."

"Don't go there Sam. It wasn't your little whore act that put me in this
state. Dad used cold water to wake me and I'm still showing the effects."

"Cold water? You can come up with a better line than that I know."

"Its the truth! Oh, and you weren't the only one to give him an early
Christmas gift."

"So what did you give him then?"

Pulling her shirt up, Brooke flaunted her breasts in Sam's face, "I gave him
a long, look at these babies."

"That's a pretty nice present Brooke. So what did you get me?"

"Oh, wouldn't you like to know? You will get yours when everyone else gets
theirs." Pulling her shirt back down, "We better get downstairs. I can
smell the coffee already."

"Yeah, and I can smell mom's homemade apple cider."

The girls rushed downstairs only to be met with the site of Mike and Jane's
lips interlocked with each other's.

"Hey, if you are going to do stuff like that, you kids need to get a hotel

Mike and Jane broke their kiss and Jane responded, "For just a kiss Brooke?
Then what would we need for anything else we might d...?"

"Alright mom, we get the message. Please, don't give me that imagery this
early in the I think about it...never again give me that

"I second that Sam."

"Okay girls, deal!" Mike just busted out laughing.

"So is my loving wife and daughters ready to open presents?"

"Not yet Mike. Sam and I have a tradition where we sit by the fireplace and
drink apple cider while we look at the slender and beauty of the tree and
all the gifts under and around the tree. Its actually quite relaxing."

Brooke burst in, "Well dad and I have a tradition where we see who can get
to the presents first and can shred the wrapping paper the fastest. See, I
like the McQueen tradition just a little bit more than the McPherson's."

"Well honey, I will admit I loved our tradition, but the McPherson's and
McQueen's are one and the same now so I suggest we start our own little
tradition. Coffee and apple cider sounds good while exchanging 'a' gift
while sit and enjoy the beauty of the tree. How does that sound Brooke?
Jane? Sam?"

All at once, "Perfect Mike." They all gathered for a group hug.

Sam retrieved her cup of cider and headed for the fireplace and the
Christmas tree. Little did she know what was waiting by tree.

Screaming, "Mom! Dad! You won't believe this!"

Mike, Jane, and Brooke dropped their cups and rushed to the living room and
froze as they caught sight of Nicole Julian dressed in only Christmas

Jane spoke up first, "What is the meaning of this Ms. Julian? How dare you
let yourself into our house without our acknowledgement and dressed like
that? Do you not have any dignity?"

"I'm sorry Mrs. McPher...I mean Mrs. McQueen. I know this wasn't the
smartest thing to do, but I figured it was the most logical present."

Sam cut her off, "The most logical? You call standing naked in our living
room with a few ribbons covering your assets logical?" Turning toward her
sister and parents, "Is she for real?"

Brooke, "It doesn't sound too logical to me, but she must have a reason to
think that. Maybe we should hear her out."

"Fine honey. We will hear her out, but first go get her some clothes. We
will not have her standing in our house half naked."

"Sure dad."

Brooke started for the stairs when Nicole called her back.

"Sorry all, but my gift would not be complete with clothing. In fact, I'm
hoping that very soon I won't have anything covered."

Mike aghast, "I beg your pardon?"

"That's right Mr. McQueen. My mom informed me that I best find the perfect
gift for Sam, Brooke and the rest of your family. She told me it was the
least I could do for always starting fights with Sam and calling her names
and for backstabbing Brooke every chance I got and for trying to steal her
head cheerleader position away from her. And the effects of my actions
couldn't have been too good for you and Jane. So I thought long and hard
about what I could possibly get for your family. Remembering it was the
season for sharing and giving, and showing one's love I figured that my body
was the perfect gift."

The McQueen family was shocked and just silently stared back and forth at
each other.

"Brooke, the reason I did everything I did was so that I could be you.
Remember that day in the sixth grade when we were in the girl's bathroom and
we took off our shirts so we could compare our breast sizes? I talked you
into switching bras with me because I told you wanted your smaller bra to
push my breasts up so the boys would notice me. Well, that wasn't the case.
After school, I was the one that got Ron Bellamy to hand the PE coach your
bra and to tell him that he fold it in the boy's locker room. Because of me
you were kicked from the flag football cheerleading squad."

"Nicole, I don't think that was the reason I was kicked. There was no way
for the coach to know that was my bra. Though I never was informed why I
was kicked from the squad...just figured it was because I wasn't good

"Believe me Brooke, you were good enough. And I had written B McQueen on
your bra's label. So yes, the coach did know it belonged to you. The
incident was put on your school's permanent record, but I managed to get it
erased. And because of all the problems I caused for you I give you my
first two gifts." She untied the two ribbons that had been covering her
breasts. "You can do with them as you please. My breasts are now your

Brooke was stunned and no words came to her lips.

"I admit I've always wondered what your lips would feel lip enveloped around
my breasts, but this is a time for giving and not receiving."

"And you Sam. What do I get for the girl that I've had the wildest verbal
fights with and have called every name in the book? You have always called
me the name Satan or devil. Knowing Sunday School, Satan himself lives in
the dark, flaming pits of hell...I give you this." She untied the ribbon
that covered her womanhood, "I even dyed my pubes red to represent fire.
While thinking of what to get you, I recalled the old saying that 'the ones
that fight the hardest, love the best.' I realized that the reason I was
striving so hard to always upset you or get one up on you was because deep
down I had a flame that was burning brighter and brighter for you."

Sam cut Nicole off, "What are you saying Nicole?"

"Sam, I'm saying that you are the sexiest young woman that I have ever laid
eyes on. You have a body to die for and the intelligence and spunkiness to
match. I'm saying, before everyone in this room, that Samantha McPherson
McQueen, I am in love with you."

For once in Sam's life, she was without words. Nicole realized Mike and
Jane was getting furious and were about to say something when she turned
facing Jane.

"And to you Jane. I had a nice jewelry box picked out...that was until I
ran across an old photo of you and my mom. I had no idea that you two went
to school together. The picture was of you and mom sharing a beautiful,
sensuous kiss with each other. And on the back of the picture was written,
'The sweetest lips, most caring person, friend, greatest kiss
ever...possibly one day, lover.' So my present to you Jane is my lips.
Sorry I couldn't wrap them, but then I wouldn't have been able to talk."

Mike was stunned, "Jane, you never told me that you kissed another woman. I
thought we agreed to tell each other everything about our sexual pasts?"

"We did dear. I totally forgot all about that kiss. It was nothing. It
was a one-time thing...nothing ever came up it. Nicole's mother asked me if
I would sleep with her and I refused. The end...nothing more to tell."

Mike forced, "Did you like it? Did you like when she kissed you?"

"I won't lie Mike, I did enjoy it. It was beautiful and very romantic and
heart felt. Hard to believe I could have forgotten it. But see Mike, that
proves it meant nothing to me. I have you and the girls, what more could a
woman want or need?"

"That was sweet Jane. Mike, you are a lucky guy to have Jane as your wife.
Then I'm assuming my lips won't do as a present for you Jane so I will wrap
up the jewelry box I previously mentioned. That leaves you Mike. Guess you
now have a couple of options as your gift or gifts." Nicole turned around
and removed the ribbon covered plug from her ass, "You have the option of
accepting my ass or my lips or possibly getting off on watching
women-on-women actions. And from the looks of your robe, I would say that
you are open for possibly all three options."

All the women in the room stared at the front of Mike's bulging robe.

Jane forced herself to speak, "Mike, are you actually thinking about what
Nicole mentioned? With me, your wife, in the room, you actually considered
fucking her and possibly your daughters as well?"

"No way sweetheart. I wouldn't dream of such acts. If you had paid closer
attention, thank goodness you all haven't, but if you had I've been bulging
for quite some time. Actually, ever since we walked into the room and I saw
this naked beauty before us and then I saw the hole in the back of your robe
dear. So yes, Nicole's state of dress aroused me, but the sight of your
naked ass Jane has kept me in my bulging state."

Jane turned around and quickly kissed her husband on the lips, thus giving
the other occupants in the room the opportunity to see her holy robe and her
naked ass. As Jane turned back toward the others, Nicole was still licking
her lips."

Jane screamed at the top of her lungs, "That is it!! No more. Get the fuck
out of our house Nicole Julian. Get your ribbons and your naked ass out
this very instant. You should be ashamed of yourself. And believe me, your
mother will hear of this incident. Now out. Brooke, show your friend the
door please."

Nicole's eyes teared up as she grabbed the ribbons and her coat from the
nearby sofa.

"Just one second Nicole." Nicole looked up, only to be met by unnumbered
flashes of Sam's camera.

Sam, "Figured this was a Kodak moment."

Brooke left the living room and lead Nicole, by the arm, to the back door.

"Oh wait Nic. Mom didn't speak for the whole family in there. I never knew
you felt that way about Sam and I...well, more Sam than I. It was a well
thought out gift and I..." taking Nicole's breast in her hand, "loved it.
Thank you. Speaking of gifts, I forgot to give you your gift. Didn't have a
chance to wrap it so close your eyes and I'll be right back."

Nicole closed her eyes as she waited in the doorway, still in her naked
glory. Meanwhile, Brooke had taken her shirt off and was covering her
exposed breasts with cool whip. She placed a cheery on each breast as she
made her way back to Nicole. Sam caught a glimpse of her sister as she
headed out of the kitchen and followed.

"Okay Nicole, you can open your eyes now." Nicole opened her eyes and only
smiled. "So, what do you think? Like your presents?"

"I very much so like." Nicole ran her tongue through the cool whip and
sucked the cherries into her mouth, along with something else.

Sam stood out of site and could see and hear the sucking actions going on
before her. Removing the flash option on the camera, Sam emptied her roll
and part of another on the erotic site before her.

"They taste good too. Thanks Brooke."

"Anytime Nic...and I do mean anytime. Maybe if I can get away from the
family for a bit later we can exchange other gifts as well. If you know
what I mean?"

"Brookie, I will be waiting...with mistletoe." Nicole kissed Brooke on the
cheek as she put on her overcoat and exited the McQueen residence.

Brooke closed the door, put on her shirt, and made her way back into the
living room where she bumped into Sam.

"Brookie, who would have thought there would have been two Kodak moments in
one day?" Sam smiled.

"Sam, please tell me you didn't? You didn't just see...what just
happened...did ya?

Brooke knew the answer before she even asked the question.

Smile turned to smirk, "I assume you will want double prints, Brookie, my

"Sam, whatever you got, I'll take. So what's the catch? What's the cost?"

Without a word spoken, Sam grabbed the bottom of Brooke's shirt and raised
it over her breasts and finished where Nicole Julian had left off. There
was plenty of cool whip left to feast upon. Brooke rested a hand on the top
of her sister's head as she enjoyed the moment and with the other she
snapped a memorable picture with Sam's camera.

Mike and Jane were still in the living room. Still stunned at what had
started off their first Christmas day together. It was definitely a day
they would never forget.

"Mike, can you believe that girl? What nerve?"

"You have to hand it to her though, it took a lot of courage to do what she
did. And the thing was, I honestly believe she was very sincere.
Especially what she was offering Sam. I've sensed her love for Sam for
sometime. Remember, we've even talked about it before."

"I remember Mike, but we were just guessing. Guess we know for sure now.
Thing is, what does Sam feel? Speaking of Sam, where is she? and Brooke?"

Mike, "Girls, time to open presents. Where are you two?"

Brooke responded, "Coming dad. Sam and I are just..hmmmm..talking. Be
right in."

Brooke pulled Sam's lips from her breasts and kissed the very lips.

"Sam, guess we should head to the living room."

"Yeah, we should, but only if you sit where I can stare at your bare breasts
while we open our presents."

"Deal. Now lets go before Mike and Jane start to really wonder something."

"Mom, Dad...I love the earrings, and the new jeans, oh, and especially the

Jane answered, "You're welcome dear. What about you Brooke? Did you like
the perfume and everything else?"

"Definitely Jane..I mean mom. I loved it. But the matching anklets that
you got Sam and I are the cutest. I especially love it. And thanks dad for
the new high school ring."

"That's why I'm hear please. Girls, your mom and I have one more
gift for each of you. We are glad that you liked your gifts so far, but we
weren't sure that you would like what we had gotten you. So we did the next
best thing and we purchased you both your own limited time credit cards.
There is a $300 amount on each one."

"$300 for each of us. Sam, I think I see a shopping spree in our future."

Both girls jumped from their seats, hugged their parents and thanked them
for the wonderful gifts.

"Brooke, guess its time for my gift. I wasn't sure what exactly to get you.
I couldn't decide between a leather thong, a vibrator, or just buying a male
prostitute. So this here." Sam handed Brooke a nicely wrapped box, "Hope
you get plenty of use out of it." Smirked smile followed.

Brooke was a little nervous, but she accepted the gift and started removing
the wrapping paper. As she opened the box, she and the others in the room
could hear a vibration noise. Brooke's face immediately turned red. Right
then she knew what Sam had gotten her and really couldn't get herself to
open the box any further.

"What's wrong Brooke? Go ahead and open the gift."

"Sam, dad is in the room."

"Go ahead Brooke, I've seen a vibrator before..its really no big deal."

"But dad..."

"Brooke, what, you scared? Can't face reality when it hits you in the face.
But is it reality? I sure can't tell...can't see a thing where I'm

Brooke knew what Sam was trying to tell her so she repositioned her legs
under her and leaned further over her gift. Sam now had an unobstructed
view once again of Brooke's magnificent breasts.

"Reality huh? Fine." Brooke fully opened the box and to her amazement
pulled out a new pair of suede boots along with a vibrating beeper. A
message immediately came across the screen...'You Can Beep Me Anytime..Beep,
Beep...' She looked up to see Sam holding her cell phone in her hand.


Everyone in the room broke out in the short-lived laughter as the door bell
interrupted them. Jane rushed to the door and let in Sam's friend, Lily.

"Come on in Lily. Its good to see you. Please join us."

"Thanks Mrs. McQueen, but I can only stay for a few minutes. Mom is in the
car. We are on our way to my grandmother's house. Just stopped by to give
Sam her present."

"Sam, look who stopped by?"

"Hey girl!"

"Hey Lily. I thought we agreed that we would exchange gifts when we got
back to school?"

"We did, but I knew we wouldn't be passing your house on the way to my
grandmother's so I figured why not give you your Christmas gift on Christmas
day. So here I am. Its okay if you don't have my present. Here is yours."

"Awe thanks Lily." Sam reached for a small present under the tree, "And here
is yours. I wrapped it last night."

"Looks like a cd. Could it be? I know you didn't...or did you?" Lily
carefully removed the wrapping, "You did, you did!! Thank you so much.
Backstreet Boys' Greatest Hits Album. Thank you! You knew exactly what I

"Well, it was all you could talk about for the last two weeks of school."

"Guess you're right. Now your your gift."

Sam ripped open her package to find a new organizer/journal. Even had a
cell phone pouch built-in.

"Thank you Lily."

"I was in your room a few weeks back and saw that your current journal was
falling apart so I asked your mom if it would be safe to get you one for
Christmas. Glad you like."

The girls get up and give each other a hug.

"Well, I'm sure my mom is getting impatient as always. Best be going."

"I'll show you out."

"That is okay Mrs. McQueen. You finish enjoying your time with your family.
I will let myself out. Merry Christmas everyone!"

"Merry Christmas Lily" everyone hollered.

"Sam, that was nice of Lily. I had no idea that you needed another journal.
Here, open my gift next."

Brooke handed Sam a closed envelope.

"Well, what could this be? maybe?"

"Just open it sweetheart. Mike and I are curious to know what Brooke got

Sam opened the envelope and read the card within. Sam pulled out the $50
bill and showed it to her parents. Her parents smiled as they went upstairs
to get ready for the day ahead.

"You two have the day to yourselves. Have fun. And don't spend all your
money in one place."

Both girls nodded in agreement.

"Sam, did you read the note that was in the envelope as well?"

Sam never saw the note. On the outside of the note, it read 'For Your Eyes
Only.' Sam opened and read the note.'Did you really think I would just give
you money for Christmas? If so, then you don't know me as well as you
should. Your real present was too big to fit in one of mom's Christmas
boxes so I hid it in the hall closet.

Sam smiled at Brooke, "So are you going to get my gift?"

"Come on, we will get it together. It really is pretty big."

"Wow. That big huh? Did you get me a new stereo?"

"Even better."

Sam couldn't wait to see what Brooke had gotten her.

"Okay Sam, since I didn't wrap it, you will have to close your eyes."

Sam closed her eyes as Brooke opened the closet door. Once the door was
opened, Brooke pushed Sam into the closet...into the embrace of a naked and
kneeling Lily. Lily quickly grabbed Sam's pajama bottoms and yanked them
down as Brooke yanked off Sam's pajama top. Before Sam had any idea what
was going on, her friend , Lily had her head buried between Sam's legs and
her tongue was working its magic. Brooke reached around and grabbed one of
Sam's breasts for a quick feel before stepping out of the closet and closing
the door.

Through the door, "Enjoy your one-time only Christmas present Sam, from me
to you. I knew it was something you always wanted. And Lily, be
gentle...after what happened earlier, I may want some later."

Brooke's words Lily for a loop, but it sure didn't stop her eagerness and
determination to satisfy Sam in everyway possible.
"Oh, If you or Sam need me for anything, I will be over at Nicole's house.
The Glamazons are exchanging gifts over there this year."

Brooke rushed to the refrigerator and grabbed 3 cans of cool whip and like a
flash was out the house.

The End


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