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Summary: Sam is in love, but is it a mutual feeling...

Popular: A Love that Can't Be
by DCForever ([email protected])

Jane knocked on her daughter's door. Sam had only been home for a thirty
minutes and was in her room preparing to take a much needed shower.

"Sweetheart, can I come in?"

"Sure mom, the door isn't locked."

Opening the door, "So how was your day? Anything exciting happen?"

"Just the usual day. School, homework, and working on a school news article
for the paper. If I'm going to be a Pulitzer Winner I need all the practice
I can get."

"You know, that has a nice ring to it...Samantha McPherson McQueen Pulitzer
Award Winner. I would really have something to tell the ladies when I get
my hair done. You would be the talk of the town."

"Yeah sure mom...that would be until Brooke's name was mentioned. Then it
would be what a fabulous woman she is. Miss World, Miss Playboy, Miss
Everything and then I would be yesterday's news. Remember mom, what goes
around comes around. Yeah, its out of context, but somehow it seems to

"So I can see you and Brooke are still having problems with this marriage
thing. Mike and I are happy and we so want you and Brooke to be just as
happy with each other."

"Yeah, still copping with you and Mike getting hitched, but don't
worry...I'm sure Brooke and I will eventually find some common ground. Til
then, I will fight and defend my turf."

"Just don't play too hard honey. Hate for you two to destroy this beautiful
house and each other."

Sam turned back toward her dresser as Jane started to leave the room, but
she just couldn't let go of what she found out.

Turning back to face her daughter, "Sam, when you get out the shower I think
we need to have a more in depth discussion."

Not quite sure what her mom was getting at, "Sure mom. Whatever you say."

Jane left her daughter to her privacy and her awaiting shower. The shower
was just what Samantha was needing.
After the shower, Sam dressed in a small t-shirt and a pair of panties and
wrapped her body in her warm, cotton robe and flung herself on the bed. By
this time her mom had returned and knocked on the door before she entered.
It was obvious that Jane wasn't her usual self. Studying her mothers
movements and actions, Sam started to really worry that something was wrong.
As Jane made her way toward her daughter she was still deciding the best way
to talk to her. Its not everyday that you accidentally discover that your
daughter has a crush on another girl...especially when the other girl is going to soon be her sister.

Starring at her daughter's relaxed form on the bed, "Honey, I'm not sure how
to approach this, but I need you to be understanding and completely open
with me. Can you do that? And remember, I can usually tell when you start
to could really take some lessons from Brooke or Nicole. They
both have it down to an art."

Jane waited patiently for her daughter's response.

"What's wrong mom? You're starting to worry me."

"Oh don't worry dear. The problem isn't with me, but I have a suspicion
that it is with you."

Sam was shocked at her mother's words and immediately felt goose bumps pop
all over her body. The tension seemed to be sucking all the air from the
room as mother and daughter deafly stared down each other.

"You've lost me mom"

"Please dear, if something is bothering you, please...just tell me. You
haven't been acting your normal self in the last few weeks. At dinner time
you don't seem to be hungry and from the phone call I got the other day from
your teacher your grades are starting to drop off. You race to your room
everyday after school and no longer interact with the rest of us.
Especially with Brooke. I know Mike and I don't condon the fact that you
and Brooke fight all the time...or should I say used to fight, but there
haven't been any fighting for sometime now and I'm really starting to worry.
Its not like you two not to have a few bad words to say about each other.
Is something wrong at school or do you have a problem with the
family...other than the fact you don't want this marriage to take place?"

Jane was praying that her daughter would crack. She didn't know any other
way to approach the matter..if they ever approached it at all.

"Mom, there is nothing wrong with me. If you had to give what I'm going
through a title it would be a mild state of depression, if that. Plus I'm
feeling some stress from the newspaper and school, but that is all it is.
Nothing really to worry about."

Her words were coming out crystal clear, but Sam knew she was lying through
her teeth. Everything that was different about her and the changes she was
going through all were the effects of a one Brooke McQueen. Over the last
few weeks, her feelings towards her nemisis and soon-to-be-sister had
changed drastically. She no longer felt hate for the blonde, but
admiration, lust, love, and totally despiration to touch her body. She
couldn't seem to get Brooke's image out of her mind since the last family

Sam and her mom had started a little tradition of washing their car together
at least once a month. Well, the last family carwash also included her new
family members, Mike and Brooke...and Brooke's bikini left nothing to the
imagination. She was stunningly sexy in her blue, two piece bathing suit.
Even some of the neighbors stopped by for a little chit-chat, just so they
could get a close-up look at Brooke. She was desired by so many and she
knew about them all...except for one. The car washing wasn't the problem,
but afterward when her and Brooke were left to clean up the mess...that is
when it happened.

Brooke had crept up behind Sam and had dumped a bucket full of suds all over
her. The water was cold and totally shocked the girl. When she turned
around to face Brooke, Brooke started snickering and pointing at Sam's
chest. The water's temperature had a hardening effect on her breasts and
there wasn't anything she could do about it.
Brooke teased her, "I bet Harrison and the other Kennedy boys would love to
see this side of you. All wet and pointy and all. Finally we have
something in common...pointing to her own hardened breasts. Too bad you
don't show them off as much as Nicole and myself or you could have any guy
at Kennedy eating out of your hand or wherever you preferred him to ear out
of." Brooke pressed the side of her breasts up against Sam's, "Wow!,"
grabbed one in her hand, "And they're bigger and harder than mine. Seems
someone is turned on."

In disgust, Sam stepped back, bent over and mooned the girl. Brooke had been
waiting for a photographic moment...pulling her instant flash camera from
the back of her bikini bottoms...waiting and ready. When Sam turned back to
look at Brooke, she was struck with horror. She saw flash after flash go
off before her very eyes. Not only was the mooning captured on film, but so
were the pointed breasts that were conciled behind Sam's soaking wet
t-shirt. Sam chased her for a while, but finally gave up...allowing Brooke
to think she had gotten the best of her. Sam new exactly how she could get
back at the blonde.

Later that evening, while Brooke was showering, Sam went throughout the
house turning on all the hot water she could manage. As she crept into the
steamy bathroom, she heard a high pitch scream and immediately following,
Brooke jumped out of the shower...shivering all over. In that instant, Sam
captured the prize of all prizes on polaroid film. Brooke McQueen
completely naked, water dripping off her body, nipples as hard as rocks.

"Hey Brooke, payback is a bitch isn't it?"

Without saying a word, Brooke walked past Sam and into her room where she
retrieved her camera. She had realized defeat and the girls exchanged
camera for camera and went their separate ways. Brooke wasn't the brightest
girl or she would have thought to look to see that the camera was a Polaroid
Instant and have known to ask for the instantly developed pictures. Sam
still possessed those pictures and was even using them to aid in her
personal pleasuring each night.

It was those pictures and a brief summary of the above memories that Jane
had read in one of her daughter's journals. She was putting Sam's clothes
away when she was interrupted by a phone call for Mike and Sam's journal was
the closest paper for taking down the message. It was then that she ran
across the journal entry and the pictures. Stunned by her findings she read
through the rest of the journal and two others that she later found under
the dresser. One journal was more of a scrapbook comprised of cutout
pictures of her and Brooke and some Playboy looking models. Jane read all
about the fantasies that Sam was having about Brooke and all the turmoil the
girl was going through knowing that she could never experience those
experiences with Brooke. It was this delima that Jane was trying to get her
daughter to express.

"Okay sweetheart, answer me this. Not sure how to say this without just
saying it and getting it out in the open." Sam was now leaning on her arm,
"Sam, do you have a thing for cheerleaders? Female cheerleaders to be
exact? Possibly a certain sister?"

Sam hadn't expected to hear this from her mother. How did she find out.

"Please don't think I was snooping or anything, but I ran across one of your
journal entries..and some pictures of a certain young blonde female...a
naked blonde female to be exact and a certain lost pair of bloomers that the
colors happen to match a certain blonde female's cheerleading uniform. Now
would you like to talk?"

Stunned beyond disbelief, Sam laid back in bed in an act of shame and
started crying.

Through sobbing tears, "I'm sorry mom. I don't know what came over me. I
just started having these feelings...feeling I knew were wrong...feelings
that felt too good to be wrong. Please don't be mad at me."

"Mad? That isn't possible. Confused and somewhat disappointed is more like
it. I love you sweetheart and I thought we used to could tell each other
any and everything that was bothering us. You should have come to me with
your situation."

Still sobbing, "I know mom, but this was something that you couldn't help
with. Only Brooke could, but everything I wrote in those journals were just
fantasies and that's all they were..."

"...ohhh mom, what are you doing? ahhh"

"Just lay back sweetheart and relax. I know I'm not Brooke, but it seems
you just need another female hand to help you out at the moment. If it
would make matters better, I don't mind if you call me Brooke"

During her daughter's sobbing explanation, Jane had pushed her right hand
into Sam's robe and was delicately massaging her mound through her panties.
Upon hearing Sam's moaning, she took her left hand and gently untied the
robe and pushed her hand under the girl's t-shirt, seizing a braless breast.
She continued her massaging and meading until she felt dampness seaping
through the material. She ducked her hand inside the material and started
rubbing circles around her daughter's clitorius. Jane knew from her own
pleasurings that Sam needed this relief in the worst of ways. Touching and
pleasuring another female was not new to Jane, but this time she wasn't
wanting anything in return. She was performing a motherly duty by helping
her daughter out...and in the further reaches of her mind she was also
living out one of her own hidden fantasies. A smile came to her face as she
turned and watched the effects she was having on her daughter. Sam, with
her eyes closed and a grin a mile long, seemed to be in dreamland. Jane
leaned down and gave Sam a sweet, gentle kiss on the lips and proceeded
towards her breasts. She ran her tongue over each breast and then
one-by-one she proceeded a baby-like sucking motion.

Hours later, Brooke returned from the mall with Nicole and rushed to her
room to listen to the new cd she had bought. As they passed Sam's room,
Brooke looked at Nicole as she was vividly shaking her head from
side-to-side, but Brooke figured it would be okay to invite Sam to her room
to listen to the cd as well. Things hadn't been that great between her and
Sam as of late...a little bonding wouldn't hurt. Knowing that Sam always
came home and listened to her walkman-cd player, Brooke didn't bother with
the mindless door knock and opened Sam's bedroom door. There, on Sam's bed
was her and her mother...sleeping in the same position they were in earlier.
Both girls were stunned and quickly closed the door and rushed to Brooke's

"Brooke, is that natural in this house?"

"No way! How could you think something like that?"

"Don't get me wrong, but didn't we both just see the same thing? Was or was
that not Ms. McPherson's mouth covering Sam's breast? And her hand was
between her legs. If I'm mistaken... maybe we need to look again."

"Damn Nicole. Yes, I saw what you saw...and yes, I'm just as shocked...but
in a weird way it sort of explains somethings. I don't agree with it, but
did you see Sam's face? I haven't seen her face that lit up since...well,
forever. And from the looks of things, Jane wasn't receiving...just

"What, you think she was helping Sam? I don't think so! Its obvious that
she had fucked her. You think Sam has Jane on a string or her beck and call 24-7? I bet Sam's her mistress. What kind of
kinky family are you getting involved with Brooke?"

"Just stop it Nicole! Sam is right about one can sure be a
bitch sometimes."

"Considering her state of undress and what I saw in there...that's probably
what she wants me to be...her bitch."

Brooke couldn't take Nicole's mouth and comments anymore. Without thinking,
she rushed Nicole and pinned her up against the closed door, attacking her
lips with her own. Breast to breasts, the blonde forced herself on the
shorter blonde...ripping her shirt and fondling her breasts. Brooke had
gotten the hint that Nicole would like to be a submissive. She pinned
Nicole's arms above her head the best she could while her tongue traced a
slimy trail from her lips to her breasts. She lightly bit each nipple
before filling her mouth with one delicious globe after the other. Nicole
was in heaven and was eating up the moment...before long, she was on her
hands and knees eating something else up as well. As soon as Nicole had
gotten Brooke off and was greeted with her tasty juices for the second time,
Brooke backed away and yet again greeted Nicole, but this time it was with a
camera flash.

"That's just one of several pictures I took during our little party. Say
one word about Sam and Jane to anyone and everyone in school, town, and on
the net will see and hear about your lusting for being dominated and the
craving you have for pussy...and not cock."

Cocking her eyebrow, "You wouldn't dare!"

"Oh, I would. This family has enough going on as it is to have to be
worried about incestuous orgies, rumors, or the cops. Do we have an

"Yes, and understanding is what we have. So what just happened had no
meaning behind it? You used me because you had a feeling I would use this
against you and Sam. I guess over the years you have gotten to know me
pretty good. Never thought you would sink this low...I mean, you have to
admit this scheme of your's is down near my level. That's pretty
low...especially for you."

"I do what I have to protect and survive."

Brooke walked past Nicole and opened the door motioning for the shorter
blonde to leave. Nicole looked at her ripped blouse and asked if she could
borrow something to wear home before she left. Brooke removed her own
blouse, leaving only her tan colored bra, and flung the blouse in Nicole's
face. Nicole slid it over her head and straightened her hair before she
realized Brooke was standing in the doorway to her room...braless. Her
mouth dropped open at the sight before her.

"Figured all I put you through..I could at least give you a nice parting
gift." walking inches from Nicole and partially opening Sam's door once
again, "Now here's your chance...suck 'em."

Nicole Julian turned to stare at the sleeping mother-daughter pair as she
accepted Brooke's gift with an open mouth.

Brooke whispered in the girl's ear, "Enjoy it while you can...there will
never be any seconds. And just look at Sam...laying there all vulnerable
and all...showing off all her glories...looking mighty sexy...and to think
you will never experience that pleasure...the pleasure you've been keeping
locked inside since the day you first laid eyes on her. Don't worry Nic, I
figured it out a long time ago. Hell, its the only reason you like fighting
with her...cause when she's pissed her breathing gets shorter and her
breasts start heaving. On top of that, you love watching her tight-jeaned
ass as she walks in the opposite direction as you. Guess I will win that
bet between Josh, Sugar, and Mary Cherry after all. You lust for something
you will never have."

A tear dropped from Nicole's eye as she listened to the words being
whispered in her ear.




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