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Popular: Pearly Whites
by DCForever

Violently shaking the sleeping girl, "Hey Spam, you awake?"

Sam opened an eye only to be met by Satan herself.

"I am now! What do you want Nicole?" Shifting on her side and looking at
her alarm clock, "I still have thirty minutes of decent sleep. What could
be so important that..."

Cutting the dreary brunette off in mid-stride, "You know where Brooke is?"

Raising her head from the soft caress of a pillow, Sam could hear the faint
sound of running water.

"Tried the shower?"

"Actually, no! Maybe you can help me."

Sam's head sprung back up from the pillow. "Did I hear you correctly?
Satan wants help from a 'non-popular' that is said to be affiliated with
the..." Her hand flew to her forehead, somewhat creating the letter 'L'.
"...'Losers' group. This is a first."

"No, not really, but that doesn't matter. Speaking of social status, I can't
represent 'the populars' with bad breath and grimy teeth. And I didn't know
I would be staying over last night. I'm in need of a toothbrush."

"Well, you sure aren't using mine."

"Don't worry...that's the last thing I would want from you. Got any spares?"

"That would imply me getting out this cozy bed and looking for one. Hmmm...
nope, fresh out."

"How much?"

"How much for what? I'm not that kind of girl."

"Oh, get over yourself, Sam. You know what I meant."

"You need to brush your teeth that bad? Fine. The outfit you're wearing.
I think it would look pretty nice on me...after a few alterations of course."

"You drive a hard bargain, McPherson. All outfit for a measly
toothbrush. I'm sure Brooke has something nice I can wear to school. So,
are you going to look?"

"The outfit first."

Nicole stepped back from the bed and proceeded to pull her blouse over her

"Slower...I like a little tease."

"How can I possibly put this...hell no! I don't do strip teases for girls...
especially not for you."

"And now is the time you take me seriously. Now...who needs to get over

Nicole planted her foot sternly on the carpeted bedroom floor, swirled
around, facing away from her nemesis.

"You want a strip my ass. Its the best you're going to get."

Without a second of thought, "I'd take a nice ass like that any day."

Nicole flipped her head around as the words left Sam's mouth. A sly grin
appeared across her face as she stared at the brunette. "So you're into
asses are you?"

"No, just those of blonde cheerleaders." Sam couldn't believe she had
blurted out again. She no longer knew which were thoughts and which were
her spoken words.

Nicole turned back away from the girl and continued removing her top and
slacks. Sam noticed the added small hip and butt movements as the
shorthaired blonde pulled her pants down her smooth, tanned legs. The
strip tease had begun.

Sam got out of bed, but continued to watch as more of the girl's flesh came
into view; inch by inch.

Sam pounded her fist against the adjoining bathroom door. A faint voice from
the other side invited her in.

"Sam, is that you?"

"Yeah, Brooke! I need..."

Not hearing the girl, "I'll be out in a bit. Don't worry, there is plenty of
hot water left."

Sam pulled open a nearby drawer and withdrew a tube of toothpaste and
stealthily approached the drawn shower curtain.

As Brooke finished rinsing the shampoo suds from her face she saw a
silhouette of a person trying desperately to re-enact the shower scene from
the movie "Psycho." Quickly drawing the curtain back and exposing her nude
form, "Nice one, Sam! What were you going to go, jab me with a toothpaste
container? So old school."

"Then I guess Gotcha! out of the question."

"You're a journalist for christ sake. I'm sure you can come up with
something a little more original."

"Well how's this for original? Nicole needs to borrow a toothbrush."

"But Sam, we don't use toothbrushes."

"Yeah, and that's kind of the dilemma I'm trying to resolve."

"Oh yeah...I can see where that could be a problem. Did you check the closet
in here or possibly in the hall?"

"Not yet, but I'm heading that way now." Taking a moment to soak in the
image before her. "You might want to get covered up before Nicole comes
snooping around."

" what...I'm only good enough for you to stare at?"

Sam leaned and softly pressed her lips to her sister's. "Your good enough
for anybody, but I'm not sharing." She slapped Brooke's ass as she stepped
away. Brooke continued drying herself off again.

"So Sam, did Brooke have a spare?"

"No, Nicole, but I'm going to check the hall closet right now."

"Thanks. I laid your new outfit on the bed. Think Brooke will mind me
searching through her closet?"

"Doubt it. You two have been friends long enough. So Nic, you ought to go
to school dressed as you are."

" my bra and panties? Why would you say that?" Nicole knew she had
left Sam an opening wide enough for a Mack truck.

"Well, that way you can wrap up two titles at once; Bitch of the Year and
Sexxy Slut of the Month." Sam started to walk off.

Nicole look enraged, but she blamed herself for giving the girl an opening.
"Why you...just for more peeks at my ass."

Turning her head before exiting the room, "Okay by me. Means you can now
look at mine." Sam smirked at the other girl's expression before walking
down the hallway.

Nicole stood staring at the open doorway. Speaking to herself, "I already

Seeing the bathroom door ajar, Nicole pushed open the door expecting Brooke
to be primping at the mirror, instead she now faced the naked flesh of a
fucking Royal Princess. The shorter girl froze in her tracks.

Brooke was unaware of her best friend's presence, much less that she was
blatantly staring at her glistening orbs. Brooke's head rose, breaking the
other blonde's stare.

"I'm sorry, Brooke. I thought you were..."

"It's okay, Nic. You've seen me before."

Now facing away from her friend. "Correction, Brooke. Never. I've never
seen you naked."

"Oh, my bad. It doesn't matter to me either way. Now you what?"

"I'll just take the long way to your room."

"My room? What do you need there? And why are you in your bra and
panties...and coming from Sam's bedroom? Did you two...are you two?"

"Definitely not! No way! Nothing remotely like that. You know me better
than that. I needed a toothbrush and Sam wanted some new clothes."

"That's not exactly what I would call an even trade." Brooke broke down in

Nicole turned around to face her friend, but her attention was drawn to the
orbs that danced around as the laughter continued. She forces herself to
turn back around. Her face was flustered; not from laughter...from building

Placing a hand on Nicole's exposed shoulder, "I'm deeply sorry. But you have
to admit that Sam definitely got the better deal. You know you can always
borrow some of my clothes. Now turn around and give me a hug."

Nicole turned around to accept Brooke's friendly hug. "But Nic, I have to
get something out of this."

Pushing her friend back, "Brooke? I'm your friend. Don't friends get

"You're right...friends do get breaks; line breaks and price breaks. But
we're talking clothing wear here. Us 'populars' worship and would die for
our clothes. They're our holy grail. You taught me that, Nicole."

"So now you're throwing my own words back in my face? What will it be?"

"You walk out of this bathroom as naked as I am."

"What is with this household? Where did you learn to bargain...the black
market? I sure can't go to school or to my house wearing"

"Would you like help?"

"No thank you. I've been taking my underwear off for as long as I can

Glaring in Nicole's direction. "You said it, not me!"

" sisters are impossible."

Nicole quickly stripped down, giving Brooke an up-close, unobstructed look
at her hair covered glory. The short blonde, pushed by Brooke as she entered
into Brooke's adjoining bedroom. Brooke turned and tilted her head down as
she watched Nicole's ass cheeks jiggle every step of the way.

Brooke turned and threw on her robe as she waited for Sam to return to her
room. Minutes later, Sam walked through her doorway and saw her sister.

"Brooke, we have a problem?"

Sam walked towards Brooke, passing by the open bathroom doors. Brooke smiles
as she realized what her sister had just seen.

"Brooke, was Nicole just..."

Cutting Sam off, "Yeah! Had to get some kind of payment for lending out my
precious clothes."

"Its obvious...we are definitely sisters."

"So any luck finding her a toothbrush?"

Shaking her head from side to side, "I looked in all the closets, our
bathroom, and our parent's bathroom. There are no spares in the house."

Sam raised her head and immediately noticed the sly grin forming on her
sister's face. "No way! I know what you're thinking."

Nodding her head up and down, "Get the paste."

A few minutes later, Sam walked into Brooke's bedroom where Nicole was
tightening her belt; last accessory needed to complete her outfit.

"So did you find a brush, Sam?"

"Yeah, its on my bed."

"Thanks, Spam." Nicole pushed her way past the girl, making her way back
through the bathroom and into Sam's room. Sam was quick to follow.

Nicole saw Brooke lying across Sam's bed still wearing her bathrobe.

"Brooke, aren't you going to get dressed? Walking closer to the bed with Sam
on her tail, "Where did you put it, Spam?"

"Right here, Nicole." As the words left Brooke's pouting lips, she threw
open her robe; once again exposing her naked body both girls. Nicole's eyes
trailed down her body until her gaze fell upon a gob of toothpaste covering
her womanhood.

Sam walked up and placed her hands on the shorter girl's shoulders and pushed
her towards her sister's nether region. "Now be sure to brush those teeth
real good." mocked Sam.

Nicole just grinned. "I plan"

Taking her cue, Nicole lowered her head a mere inch from Brooke's fresh
scented flesh. Sam refused to miss the virginal act brought about by her
arch nemesis. She stepped around Nicole and leaned her body across the bed
so that she had a better view of Brooke's thighs and Nicole's mouth. Nicole
smiled as she opened her mouth and closed her teeth as she always did before
brushing her teeth. Brooke and Sam both chuckled.

The shorter blonde tilted her head slightly and lowered her teeth. On
contact, the toothpaste's coolness caused a tingling sensation to spread
across her teeth. She moved her head up and down making sure to lather the
surface of her teeth with the paste. Once her teeth were completely covered
she raised her head for the other two girls' approval; they both smiled.
Nicole once again moved her line of sight back to the gooey intersection of
Brooke's smooth, inner thighs. She lowered her head...except she didn't stop
her downward progress when she reached the mint flavored, gooey substance.
She pushed her face forward until she could feel the light bristles left over
from a recent shaving session. The hairy bristles did resemble the bristles
of a least by her sense of touch.

Once Brooke felt Nicole's cool coated teeth touch her sensitive, just shaven
flesh, her head flew back on the soft mattress of the bed. Her hands
clinched a handful of the burgundy bedspread as she relished the sensation.
The more Nicole ran her closed teeth and lips over the left over bristles,
the more Brooke felt ticklish. The feeling didn't last for long.

Meanwhile, Sam watched as Brooke's head hit the bed and started moving from
side-to-side. She knew it was her moment to shine. Sam reached down and
quickly removed the black sued pants that she had picked out for the day.
Luckily for her she had decided against wearing anything under her outfit.
As the cloth material hit the floor, Sam maneuvered her body across Brooke's.
The sudden jerking motions of the bed caused Brooke's eyes to open and
witness her sister's actions. She smiled up at the girl as her legs moved
over her head. Brooke quickly reached for the nightstand and retrieved the
tube of toothpaste from the top surface. Once the cap was popped, she
squeezed the tube and watched as the turqouise colored substance filled her
awaiting hand. Sam was a little confused by her sister's actions. She
smiled as she realized Brooke was trying something new. Brooke ran two
fingers, from her right hand, through the paste in her left hand. Once
satisfied, she moved her covered fingers towards Sam's light-haired patch.
Moving through the light hair, she rested her fingers at the top of her slit
and slowly moved them down. She was expertly copying the motions of a caulk
gun as she used the paste to seal the opening between Sam's puffy folds.
Sam was fighting her body as Brooke so evilly applied the paste. The feeling
was unbearable, but she fought to hold back her extracting fluids.

Back down below, Nicole was pressing her flesh harder and harder into the
shivering, smooth flesh. She constantly moved her closed teeth in all
directions...making sure to get them good and clean. Occasionally she raised
her upper lip and parted her teeth as she tried her best to clean the top of
her teeth. The feeling of her rough teeth was starting to cause Brooke to
buck her hips up and down.

Sam looked on as Brooke's eyes closed and her body began to buck and shake.
Knowing it was her time, she lowered her sealed and coated folds until her
backside was smothering her sister's face. Brooke didn't begin any motions
so Sam initiated them for her. Sam began gyrating her hips to and fro...
trying to match the movement of the rest of Brooke's body. Nicole closed
her lips and ran her tongue over her teeth...feeling the smoothness and
cleanliness of her teeth.

Remembering back to her many dentist appointments, she remembered the handle
that she had to pull for the fluoride water to fill the small awaiting cup
that was to be used for rinsing her mouth out. Upon remember this, Nicole
moved her head slightly lower on the taller blonde's body and quickly thrust
her tongue from between her now open lips and into her best friend's sacred,
moist channel. As expected, Nicole's tongue dive caused Brooke to go over
the top, thus filling Nicole's mouth with enough fluids to rinse out her
mouth. The intrusion of Nicole's tongue caused a chainreaction in Brooke's
own actions as she took a bite out of her hovering sister's womanhood. Sam
screamed as Brooke's teeth pierce her flesh. Her lost concentration allowed
her own juices to flow, thus splashing over Brooke's teeth, lips, and face.
Nicole and Sam each fell over in astonishment. Once all the girls had
regained their breath, they stood up facing each other in the room. Brooke
and Nicole both were still holding in their awarded fluids as they looked
over at Sam.

"Okay guys, you do know that I need to clean my teeth as well." Both girls
nodded in agreement and moved closer to the sole brunette in the room.
Nicole and Brooke quickly opened their mouths and attacked Sam's mouth as
the three shared in a mutual cum sharing kiss.

As they parted, "rinse now, can always find time later for a good

* * *

Later that day, in the Kennedy hallways, Sam stood by her locker chatting
with her friend, Lily.

"So Sam, what's up with you and Brooke today? Every time she passes by, you
can't seem to stop smiling. Its freakish that you two are getting along."

"Lily, its nothing. Just an inside joke."

"Well, guess joke time is she comes. Got your game face ready?"

Sam reached around and grabbed something from her locker. "There isn't going
to be a game today...I've taken care of that."

Lily stared at her friend, with a confused expression on her face. Sam just
walked away and step-by-step she came that much closer to Nicole Julian,
Class Bitch and holy terror.

Nicole walked down the hallway in her normal 'I own this school' fashion.
She noticed her nemesis as she closed in. The two were walking in stride...
pace for pace. The blonde's intense, evil star left the floor, methodically
raising up to take in her enemy's outfit, then her unusual laid back posture,
and finally her 'driven and determined' stare that was notorious for the

On lookers were witnessing first hand the popular noontime showdown between
the Witch and the Bitch (always wanted to use that in a story. just go with
it). The students could see both girls arming themselves with bad puns, old
and original cut downs and put-downs. The principal of the school and
teachers lines the classroom doorways. The showdown had become a spectator
sport, duel, or whatever you want to call it.

The time had come. The 'loser' group's representative, Sam McPherson, on one
side of the locker-lines hallway and Nicole Julian, member of 'the populars,'
on the other.

Five feet separated the two combatants. They now stood face-to-face.
Everyone could sense the building tension.

Nicole spoke first. "Sam."

This was the traditional time when each girl said the other's name, but this
time Sam remained silent.

Turning to face the audience, "Its a first everyone. Spam McFearsome is
speechless. Guess she's finally realized...I'm the better person."

Claps and boos could be heard from the on lookers. Nicole turned back around
to face Sam and was met with a 'you've just lost' smirk. The blonde's smile
faded into a frown as Sam's lips parted and slowly formed a great, big smile;
showing off her toothpaste lined teeth.

Sam softly spoke. "May I please blush my teeth?" The look on Nicole's face
was priceless.

Staring the blonde down. "Looks like...we both win. Novak in five?"

Sam waited for a reply, but Nicole had already turned around and was running
towards the Novak, at the other end of the hall.

The brunette scanned the crowd until she found her sister's blushing face.
Sam mouth in silence, "Novak in five."

The End


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