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Popular: Popular Partners Part 3
by DCForever

"Good morning, future journalists of America." addressed Ms. Ross, "Glad to
see that everyone made it this morning. I know this is earlier than most you
are used to, but you have one choice and one choice only...get used to it.
Once a week the class will meet with the current newspaper staff members. We
are lucky to have one of the brightest, honest columnists in our class. Sam,
please stand up."

Sam obeyed and stood before her classmates.

"Now Sam here has been on the paper since she started here at Kennedy High.
She has seen some of the good and the bad. If I remember correctly she has
written about a school scandal or two. Scandalous news is one thing that
is heard from school to school. I had the to opportunity to read one of
Sam's columns, along with the rebuttal and later, her retracted comments.
To say that I was excited to know that when I took this job that I would
have the opportunity to work with Ms. McPherson would be an understatement.
I'm sure you all know her and her writing. She is one of the best writers
on staff and the most consistent. I know, Ms. McPherson that you are used
to being addressed as the best writer on staff, but if there is one thing
I stress as a journalist, teacher, and editor...there is no best. On any
given day or subject, the best can be the worst. And if I address one
person as being the best, others may just as well accept it and possibly
not strive to do their best. And I'm here to make sure that everyone writes
and reports the best of their abilities and to make sure this school
newspaper is THE BEST! That also goes for you Ms. McPherson."

It wasn't expected, but the current newspaper staff on hand started a round
of applause. Sam was stunned, but smiled knowing that Ms. Ross would be a
huge help for the current staff, the new staff members from her journalism
course, and herself. She was looking forward to working with the teacher
on future projects.

"Okay reporters, pair up with your group partner. On the board I have listed
several topics that I would like each group to look over and choose which
topic they believe they could write a masterpiece on; then, find the topic
that least interests you. Now... throw those two choices out the window and
choose another topic to report on in a few weeks. Group one, consisting of
Ms. Sam McPherson and Ms. Nicole Julian, would you please inform me as to
what your first newspaper topic will be."

Before Sam could say a word, Nicole blurted out, "'A Football Drama' for a
thousand Ms. Ross." The teacher was shocked at Nicole's decision. She
admitted that she didn't know the girl, but from all that she had heard, it
was still a shocker. Not only for Ms. Ross, but for Sam as well. Sam had
never cared for sports, except for baseball as a young toddler, but since
she had stayed away from them. She also knew that Nicole was her partner,
like it or not, and if that was the topic she wanted to report on then so
be it.

Whispering in Nicole's ear, "So Nicole, do you know something that you aren't
telling me? Why that topic?"

"Are you kidding me? You really have no idea? And you call yourself a
reporter. Think real closely Spam. What am I around all the time...besides
Brooke and clothes? Give up? Sports! I am a Glamazon after all and we do
perform at all sporting events. Plus, I'm real close with all the players
and even closer to some than others. Damn it, TMI. Forget that last
comment. We just need to rack their brains a little and possibly something
else as well. The story will be a synch." Nicole responded.

The 'TMI' part had intrigued Sam. She decided that she might do some side
investigative work to find what her partner was hiding from her.

"Spam, meet me in the gym after school. Its not like I care about this
assignment or the others, but I need this class to graduate and I have more
important things to do with my time. So, whenever we get these little
assignments, lets get them done and over with as soon as possible. I'm not
good with computers so you will have to type up the final drafts or I could
get my mom's secretary to do it for us. Your choice."

Sam agreed with Nicole's proposal. She wasn't sure what had gotten into
Nicole, but she wasn't going to complain.

"Okay students, now that everyone has their assignments, I have one more
thing that I am requesting of you. Everyone, please retrieve a pen/pencil
and paper. Then write down the following;

I, (state your name), is partnering with (state your partner's name) for
the class, 'Journalism of Tomorrow.' I will try my hardest to obtain the
information requested by this questionnaire. In doing so, the information
obtained will be kept secret and honored by both participants under the
Ross Journalist/Reporter's Privacy Act (RJPA). This information will not
be used in any way to hurt, harm, or discredit your partner's name or their
well-being. If this bonding contract/agreement is broken in any way or
form, said participants will be dropped from this class with a failing
grade and punishment will ensue.

I, (State your name), agree that I will protect my group partner (state
your partner's name) from any slandering or abuse by other group members
or other parties. If self or partner is accused of wrong doings, but
proof of innocence can be determined by information obtained through this
questionnaire, then and only then, can this contract be broken. Class
teacher must be present.

I, (State your name), agree to this bonding contract/agreement with my
group partner (state your partner's name).

Question #1) What is your partner's name?
Question #2) What do you think about your partner, Pre-Questionnaire?
Question #3) Currently, what do you like or dislike about your partner?
Question #4) If you were your partner's best friend, what characteristics,
traits, or assets do you think you would like or dislike?
Question #5) What public information do you know about your partner?
Question #6) What non-public information do you know, think you know or would
like to know about your partner?
Question #7) What gender is your partner?
Question #8) What is your partner's sexual preference? (Male, Female,
Question #9) What is your partner's home life like?
Question #10) What does your partner think about issues such as sexual
intercourse, abortion, AIDs, etc..?
Question #11) What kind of clothes does your partner wear? Outer garments
and Under garments (optional)?
Question #12) What is your partner's opinion on love?
Question #13) What do you think about your partner, Post-Questionnaire?

"Any questions?" Nicole raised her hand, "Yes, Ms. Julian?"

"What is the importance of us knowing this information or even wanting to
know this information? I don't see where this has anything to do with this
class. Please don't take this the wrong way, but it seems most of these
questions are sexually related and I'm assuming that you, Ms. Ross, will be
reading each and every student's responses? Are you that deprived of sex
at home? Is your vibrator just not enough for you? Are you a closeted dyke
or overall pervert who gets her kicks from reading about 17 and 18 year old
boy's and girl's sex lives?"

"That will be enough Ms. Julian! That was uncalled for..."

"But I'm not finished.", Nicole Interrupted.

"Oh yes you are. One more comment along those lines and I will remove you
from this class." the teacher walked briskly to and from the door, collecting
her thoughts, "Sam, honey, would you please shed some light on the reason
this questionnaire can and will be helpful in this class?"

"Sorry Ms. Ross, but I'm going to have to agree with Nicole, for the second
time today. I don't see where this questionnaire has any validity in this
class or any other for that fact."

"This questionnaire will help each and everyone of you become a better
journalist. Do you think when you are finished with this questionnaire that
you will have any problems digging as deep as you have to, into a person's
life, to find out the truth and to report that truth? I think NOT! Will
you be able to look a person in their eyes and face them day after day after
you have learned their deepest, darkest secrets? Yes, I believe you will.
Do you think that you will have or should have confidence in your partner
enough to be able to talk with them about any and everything, whether private
or not? I should hope so. Will you be able to see your partners or the
subject at hand for what it is and not what it becomes? That is a matter of
opinion, but I know I have been faced with this problem before. All of these
questions; some simple, some hard, some possibly inappropriate, some
appropriate all have, as Ms. McPherson stated earlier, 'validity', in this
class. My other classes at my previous schools all stood behind the same
barricades as you do now, but they soon learned that barricades not only keep
people out, but they also can keep people in. As a journalist, you need to
have the confidence and ability to do whatever it takes to bring the truth
out in a story. You don't need to put up barricades for yourself or others,
because no matter what, the stories are out there. You just have to put your
mind in gear and find it, prepare it, and report it. Now Class!" slightly
emphasized, "Do you understand the importance of this questionnaire

The entire journalism class and on-hand staff members were a gasp at what
they had just heard. Everyone seemed to be caught in a trance as they looked
at the teacher, editor, and journalist. They all knew, one form or another,
that she had just put each and every one of them in their place. She told it
like it was. It was quite obvious to the mass that they were wrong, she was
right, and they were lucky to have found such an intelligent woman. Even the
great writer herself, Sam McPherson, and Ms. 'I'm the Bitch of All Bitches',
Nicole Julian, were stunned and speechless. They both felt like they were
lower than dirt. Who would have thought that a teacher would make these two
sparing partners feel that bad...even guilty for what they had proposed? Ms.
Ross noticed all the on-looking stares and decided it was best to adjourn

Class let out, "Nic, wait up?"

Nicole was pretty sure that she had just heard Sam McPherson call her Nic...
not Satan or Bitch or another of her lame nicknames. Nope, just Nic. She
stopped her frantic pace and waited for Sam to join her.

"Wow! You actually waited on me. That's a first."

"Did you have something to say or did you just want to bore me to death with
simpleton chat? Out with it Spam." All was back to normal.

"Just thought you should know, I did some background checking with Ms. Ross'
previous schools were partially right...she is a lesbian. In fact,
her wife is the principal from her last school...and get this, she has two
daughters; one, 10, and the other is 14. They adopted her best friend's
children when she and her husband were killed in a car wreck a few years
back. Can you believe she has to deal with all this and she is only 28 years

"Damn, for such a screwed up family she seems to have it all together. She
made me feel like I was a worthless piece of trash back there. No one, not
you, not even my mom has ever made me feel that way. Hey wait, why am I
telling you this? I don't have to explain myself to you or anyone."

"But Nic, as much as you want your Bitchness to come out, I think I have seen
first hand how this assignment could help us as reporters and as frie...I
mean individuals. This woman got to you and you started to open up to me.
That is exactly what this questionnaire is all about...opening oneself to
their partner. In this case, that would be me." with a smile on her face.
"See ya in the gym later."

There was that niceness again.

(to be continued)


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