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Popular: Popular Partners Part 4
by DCForever

Nicole was sitting on the couch in the Novak reading over the Questionnaire
Ms. Ross assigned them for the week. This could be fun, thought Nicole.

Speaking out loud,

"Question #1) What is your partner's name?
That's easy, Spam..Ms. Rudeness...Ms. Prude...Sam...Sam McPherson. I guess
I should take this serious. I should answer these questions as a responsible
reporter because I'm sure Sam's journalistic nature will win out as well.
Okay, Sam it is.

Question #2) What do you think about your partner, Pre-Questionnaire?
This could be hard. Should I really tell Ms. Ross what I think of Sam or
should I hold back and kiss butt? This could be a lot harder than I thought.
What would a reporter do? What would Ms. Ross do?" Remembering back to what
Ms. Ross said about barricades, "She did say not to hold back. Boy is she in
for it...she doesn't know what flood gates she opened."

"Who's in for what Nic?"

"Oh hi, Brooke. Didn't know you were here."

"Just walked in. What you were saying there...who were you talking about?
Who's in for what?"

"Oh nothing. Attempting to answer this questionnaire about our Journalism
class partner."

"Sooooo, you are writing about Sam? Then, I guess you were talking, about
her as well?"

"No! Actually I was referring to Ms. Ross. She doesn't realize it, but when
I finish with question #2 she is going to wish she hadn't included it."

"So, what is the question?"

"Interested much, are we? Is there something going on that maybe your best
friend should know about?"

"There is nothing Nicole. Just curious...that is all!"

"Question #2 reads, 'What do you think about your partner,
pre-questionnaire?' I wouldn't want to disappoint the lady."

"Nic, don't go and do something you might regret later. I know that question
means Sam is free game, but take time and really think about what you are
going to write before you write it. Hate to see the shit hit the fan...
especially with this being the first week of the New Year. Just think, you
have a whole semester to go, with your partner, Sam. Now might not be the
time to let loose. I'm sure your teacher knows about the history between you
two and she's expecting to see nothing but harsh and rudeness...why not give
her the answer of a journalist. Show her that you aren't who she thinks you
are. Baffle the hell out of her...and Sam."

"Brooke, for head Glamazon, you're pretty smart. That didn't come out quite

"I know what you meant Nic. I'm sure you weren't trying to put yourself or
any of the other girls down. That's so unlike you to attack yourself. May
I see the rest of the questions? By the way, how are things going with you
and Sam?"

"Here, read if you want. We are doing okay, in a weird sort of way. Better
than I would have thought, but like you said it's early in the semester. I'm
sure we will have ripped out all of each others' hair and have came close to
killing each other before this is all over."

"Maybe not!"

"Well, I will admit that she takes her journalism and classes seriously.
The few times that we have stared each other down or verbally assaulted each
other...I was the one to initiate it. She hasn't started anything, but just
the same...she's always ready to put up a fight. I've always admired that
in Sam. In some ways, she is a lot like me...spunky and bitchy as hell."

"You've always thought that of Sam? If you stand by what you just said then
that means you thought this before your questionnaire. Why not write what
you just told me? That sounded a lot more mature and serious than calling
her every name in the book and wanting to deface her and everything attached
to her. It was just a thought." examining the questionnaire closely, "Wow!
This teacher of yours sure did ask some strange and personal questions?
What's up with that?"

"Its a long story Brooke. She broke it down for the class. At first, we
were thinking like, but after hearing Ms. Ross's totally
made sense."

"Guess as long as it makes sense to you, that's all that matters. I'm going
to get some lunch. Join me when you're done?"

"I think I'm forgoing lunch today. Going to see if I can't give these
questions a good Julian attempt. May even pass the time quicker."

Brooke nodded, turned, and left out the Novak. Brooke had truly given Nicole
something to think about. Nicole started answering the second
the same fashion she had explained it to her best friend. She didn't just
stop she wrote, she realized that Sam wasn't any worse than
herself. She wrote her thoughts about Sam like she never had thought

* * *

"So Sam, is it true that you were partnered with Nicole? I prayed the
grapevine of info was wrong this time. No one deserves a fate as worst as
that. Well?"

"Again Lily, as often times than not, the grapevine can't hold its own
weight. Yeah, Ms. Ross partnered us up."

"How terrible is that?", asked Lily.

"So far, not too terrible; actually, no complaints on the home front as of
yet. Give it time...I'm sure we will be at each other's throats before its
all over with. She really needs this class to graduate so I'm thinking she
maybe taking a chill pill throughout the semester. Plus, we have to work
on the newspaper staff together."

"Well that answers my other question. So she is on the staff as well?
Sounds like living hell to me."

"Its required, by the class, that she be on staff at least a third of the
semester. I would love to keep chatting with you Lily, but I have to get
going. Supposed to meet Nicole in the gym...I'm late as it is."

Sam closed her locker and started a fast paced walk in the direction of the
gym. Lily was left standing at Sam's locker in shock that Sam just cut her
off, and for what; to get to a meeting with her nemesis Nicole. She stomped
off in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, a disturbed Nicole waited in the
gym. She had been waiting on Sam for ten minutes and she wasn't too happy.

Rushing through the open doors, "Sorry Nicole. Got held up by Lily."

"So this is how the great journalist of Kennedy High keeps her appointments.
Good thing I wasn't a witness in some serial murder trial...cause I was about
to leave your ass high and dry. I hate waiting on anyone. If you say you
are going to be here...then Be Here!"

"Alright, alright. Don't get your panties in a wade. I'm here...and-d-d...
I'm sorry." That line was harder to say than she thought.

"Whatever Spam! Lets just get this over with."

"Fine, so why the gym? The empty gym at that?"

"This is where we will get our story. Follow me."

The girls headed to the back of the gym where the men and women's locker
rooms were located. Peeking around a brick partition, they made their way
toward the boys' lockers.

"He said that he would be here."



"Whooo, Sugar Daddy?"

"Yep, that is our living, breathing story." Nic walked up to him, "So did you
think about it Sugar?"

"Sure Nic, I'll do it. You and Sam can write your story on me...and my
weight issue."

Hugging Sugar, "Thanks Sugar. If everything works out, you will be looked at
as a different man in school. I promise nothing bad will come of this. I

Sugar Daddy, and much less everyone, was hesitant whenever those words came
from Nicole Julian's sweet lips.

"Don't worry Sugar. If we do write our story on you, no harm will come to
you. I promise."

"Thanks Sam! I feel a little better. Well, coach is going to suspect
something if I don't get back on the field." Grabbing a new pair of shoulder
pads, Sugar made his way back towards the field.

"So this is your wonderful story? Sugar Daddy's weight problem is what you
consider a 'A Football Drama'?"

"Yes, at least when I...I mean we finish writing it. I will explain it after
we get out of here."

The girls sat down on the gym's abandoned bleachers.

"Okay Sam, its like this..."

Tuning Nicole out for a sec, Sam wasn't sure, but it sounded like she had
just called her by her actual name.

"Are you listening to me Sam?" There it was again.

Tuning back in, "What were you saying? I was thinking about something else."

"As I was saying, Sugar is a big guy and has been on the receiving end of a
lot of jokes and criticisms. Socially, he's never been all that comfortable
around girls because of his weight. Well, on the sports side of things, lets
just say the coach threatened to kick him off the team if he didn't lose
weight. Did you know he tried out for the basketball team his freshman year?
He did...and the coach at the time told him he couldn't play because his
weight slowed him down and he didn't have any talent. Growing up all he
played was basketball and football. He has a killer outside shot, but no
one has even cared to give him a chance...all they ever saw was his weight
problem. Not the person or talent he was, is or could be. I want everyone
in school to know Sugar's story...and know that he does care about himself
and what other's think of him...and how he is doing something about it."

"What do you mean he's doing something about it?"

"He started a weight program. He's eating less, exercising more, dancing,
and some other things as well. He's doing everything he possibly can to lose

"How do you seem to know all this Nicole?"

"Lets just say I've been assisting him a little. Well, what do you think?
Is it a workable story? You are, by the way, the true journalist of our
group. If you don't think it will work, let me know. I can't afford to
blow this class. Have too much riding on it. Well?"

"Since you put it that way...I think you have a great story idea, Nicole.
You've already gotten permission for the subject and seem to have a basic
idea what you would like the article to be about. Sounds to me like you
are on your way to becoming a journalist. I'm going to hate saying this,
but good job Nico..."

Cutting her off, "Nic is just fine. Nicole really gets on my nerves. If we
are going to be working together and complimenting each other and stuff, as
much as we both hate it, I think we need to start addressing each other the
way we are most comfortable. I like it when my friends call me 'Nic', not
that I'm saying I want you to be my friend or anything, but I prefer you call
me Nic. Is that understood?"

"Okay Nico...I mean Nic. Nic it is. I just prefer Sam, but you have already
addressed me a few times today as that so I guess we won't have a problem
there. Would you like to start working on it now or later?"

"Later would be better. Have Glamazon practice. Guess we could write it at
the house tonight. Anytime after 9pm would work."

"So after 9pm, your house? If Jane and Mike don't have a problem with it
then I'll be there. Should I call first?"

"Do whatever you would like. Just don't arrive before 9pm!"

Sam and Nicole part, and went their separate ways.

* * *

Talking on the phone, "Hey mom, I'm over at Lily's house. We are attempting
to make chocolate chip cookies, just thought I should phone know,
to check in and all. Oh, before I forget, I'm supposed to be starting my
journalism project with Nicole tonight. If it is alright with you, I'll be
in late."

"That's fine honey. I have a women's meeting to attend when I get back in
town tonight. Mike wasn't able to come back with me so it may only be you
and Brooke again tonight, at least til I get home. I love you, sweetie."

"Love you too Mom. And thanks."

"So you really are going to that bitch's house tonight? Why? You know she
has got to be planning something. Nicole being nice and studious...she is
planning something big for you."

"Don't worry Lily. Nic and I are just pulling our punches for a while."

"Nic? You just referred to the Bitch of the North, East, South and West as

"It just slipped out. Anyways, she asked me to call her that. I will try
not to use that around you and Carmen. Don't worry; I'm not going to the
other team. Just having a little batting practice."

* * *

Around 8:20pm, Sam found herself knocking on the door to the Julian

"Yes, who is it?" asked the butler.

"Sam McPherson. Nicole is expecting me. She said come by around 9 or so.
I'm a bit early."

"One second please." The door opened and Sam walked into the one house she
wasn't sure she ever wanted to see the inside of, but she changed her mind
when she saw the beauty within. Nicole's house was magnificent. The butler
asked if she wanted anything to eat or drink.

"Sure, Diet Pepsi, please. Is Nicole home by any chance?"

The butler grinned, "Yes she is. I believe she is in her room entertaining
a guest. I'm quite sure she will be down shortly."

"Could you at least inform her that I'm here?"

Turning back towards the girl with a smirk loaded face, "I see no harm in
informing her yourself. Up the stairs, second door on the left. Just let
yourself in."

"Thanks Jeeves." She had always wanted to use that line.

Sam slowly ascended the stairs to the second story, marveling at the
paintings on the wall. She made her way down the hall until she was looking
at the shiny, brass plate on the door that read, 'Nikkie's Room.' She hadn't
expected to see that, but then again she knew for sure the room was Nic's.
Grabbing the door handle, she opened it and walked into a pitch-black room.
The only light present was a small glow coming from under a door on the other
side of the room. Sam called out Nic's name, but heard no response. She
walked toward the direction of the light until she heard what she thought was
moaning. Then it quit...then she heard it again...then she didn't. A
confused and curious brunette made her way to the door and opened the
slightly ajar door. She could hear music playing in the background, but then
she heard the moaning, yet again. Knowing she shouldn't proceed...she did
anyways. The room was a small version of a workout room and gym. There was
a treadmill, weights, and exercise bike. There the moaning was again, but
she wasn't sure where it was coming from. The music was throwing her sense
of hearing off. Walking around the equipment, she made her way into an
adjoining room. Upon entering the room, Sam's hand quickly found her mouth
in a show of complete dismay and astonishment. For sitting before her was
the backside of a naked, moaning Nicole Julian. She was somehow straddling
a rowing machine that a sweaty, yet naked Sugar Daddy occupied. And on each
complete repetition, his engorged dick penetrated Nic's awaiting pussy
causing yet again a sporadic, but timely moan.

Fighting through her astonishment, "So this is what you meant by assisting

All actions in the room stopped. Nicole slowly turned her naked frame around
until she was facing the on looking Sam McPherson. Never trying to cover
herself, Nicole just got up off the rowing machine and grabbed Sam's arm and
escorted her out of the room. Quickly turning back to face an embarrassed

"Don't worry Sugar. You secret is safe. Sam won't tell. You can stay and
work out as much as you want. You know the way out. Oh, and same time
tomorrow sweetie."

As Sugar nodded his head in acknowledgement and started back to rowing,
Nicole turned back to Sam and walked her back to her room.

"Not one word Sam! Not one!" she released the girl once they reached her
room and headed for her closet, "So now you know mine and Sugar's secret.
Yes, I am helping him with his weight problem. He is making headway and
I'm enjoying having access to his huge cock every single night. Is it
wrong...maybe or maybe not? Yes, I do have an image to uphold and yes we
don't want this to get out and yes I hope you can keep a secret...and yes
I will kick your ass if you ever tell about what you just saw. Any

"First of all, I was just shocked. Secondly, I could careless who you are
fucking. Third, I think it is a great thing you are doing for Sugar...
slightly screwed up method, but as you said...its productive. I have no
problem keeping this a secret. As much as I would love to rat you out, I
couldn't live with myself if I put Sugar through all that turmoil. Lastly,
you were right...he does have a huge cock. Well, just one more thing...
just a slight observation, are still naked and standing in front
of me."

"And like you have a problem with that? Girls change in front of other girls
all the time. I'm sure you've seen Brooke's body in the nude. Don't tell
her I said this, but she has a wonderfully, tight ass. Sam shook her head in
acknowledgement, "Plus, I know last semester you took showers after gym so
its a given that you saw all the womanly nude flesh that you cared to see...
whether you cared to see it or not."

"Okay, fine. So I have seen plenty of naked women in my time, but it still
doesn't mean I have to feel comfortable in your current presence. Please,
do put something on."

Nicole thought about Sam's request as she entered her walk-in closet and
decided that she could at least put on her robe, but instead came out wearing
a white, see through negligee. Nicole once again caught sight of Sam's
discomfort and thought that her expression fit her well.

"So are we going to get started Sam or are you just going to stare at me all
day? I don't mind the starring...I find it rather pleasing, but if we aren't
going to get started I have a friend that would love to have my help in the
other room."

"Why Nicole? Why are you acting like this? Are you getting turned on from
my discomfort? Are you getting all hot and horny being an exhibitionist? Is
that what turns you on? Guess you and Brooke do have a lot in common. Fine,
if that is how you want it...then so be it. So go ahead, get your pussy
stained, negligee ass over here and lets get started or take your ass to
Sugar and let him really fuck up your outfit. I don't have a problem with
nudity! Ask Brooke! She will tell you. In fact, I love nudity. There is
nothing sweeter than to look at a nicely tanned and toned body...male or
female. The human body is a beautiful piece of art. I just thought that if
I acted as if it bothered me you would have enough decency to cover yourself.
But as we can have no decency. Occasionally, you have a nice smile
and kind words, but deep down you are still Satan. Lily was right! I should
never have come over here tonight, but no...I thought we were actually
communicating and I thought you started caring about something besides
yourself. At this point I could careless if you pass the class or even
graduate. Good luck repeating your senior year. I know how much you love
the idea of finally becoming the most popular girl in school. Cause that is
the only way you could ever de-throne Brooke from that position. Have a
goodnight Nic." Sam grabbed her book bag and walked up to Nicole, "Oh, and
since you wanted to show off your body so much, why don't I give you a little
something to remember me by."

Without hesitation, Sam cupped her hand and shoved her fingers into Nicole's
slightly covered, moist valley and pulled up on the top of her vaginal wall
as hard as she could. The pain rippled through Nicole's now orgasm free,
limp body. Nicole had never reached orgasm that quickly. Sam just pulled
and lifted until her hand was the only thing holding up Nic's frame. She
released the girl and looked down into Nicole's watering eyes, slowly brought
her hand to her lips where she proceeded to suck what remained of Nicole's

"Tasty, but not my flavor!" Sam left Nicole's room, the Julian residence,
and headed home. She couldn't believe what she had just done. Meanwhile,
Nicole fought to steady herself from her breath taking orgasm. She knew
she could push Sam, but had no idea the effects would be that promising or
fulfilling. Having cleared her head, she walked back to where Sugar was
lying flat on an exercise mat gasping for air.

Soft spoken, yet determined, "Sugar...dear? Forget resting...cause I'm horny
as hell and I Want To FUCK!!"

Those words, that body, and that demeanor raised his limp member to a hard,
cocked, and loaded rod.

(To be continued)


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