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Summary: Brooke spills all to Nicole and gets something in return

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Popular: Popular Partners Part 6
by DCForever

"Sam, any idea why Brooke is so cheerful this morning? She usually isn't so
perky. Something is just different this morning."

"No idea Carm, but she does seem to be glowing. Who knows, maybe she got
lucky last night." Sam knew Brooke hadn't gone out the night before so she
had no idea what had gotten into Brooke, but she was sure to find out.

Interrupting the sudden silence, "Well, actually you both do. You haven't
stopped smiling since you got to school either. Is something going on
between you two? If I didn't know better, I would say that's an after-sex
glow and you both seem to have it. Are you two..."

"Please! Do not even finish that sentence...or even come close to finishing.
There is nothing going on between Brooke and myself. We are almost sisters
for christ sake. You and everyone around school know, we really don't get
along. She is of the 'popular' crowd and well, I'm...of the 'fuck the
popular' crowd. No pun intended, of course. Just the other night she ran
from my room crying or at least I think she was crying. So no, we don't get
along and no...there isn't anything going on between Brooke McQueen and

"Sorry I even suggested such a thing."

"No problem, but can we drop the subject?"

"Consider the subject dropped. Lily wanted me to meet up with her this
morning so guess I will see you in chemistry later."

Sam waved goodbye to her friend and proceeded to acquire her necessary books
when a hand, exhaustively slammed against her locker.

"Sugar, what's wrong with you? You seem a lost for breathe."

Huffing and puffing, "Huhhh, Ran all the wa....wayyy, huh...give me second.
I ran all the way from the football field. I desperately needed to talk to

"Is it about last night? If it is, don't worry, my lips are sealed. I never
saw a thing."

"Thank you Sam. You are the greatest. I wouldn't have a problem letting
people know, but I don't care to have my name associated with a certain
person we both know. Plus the whole idea is just too embarrassing"

Shaking her head, "Understandable Sugar. And from my view point, I didn't
see anything that you should be embarrassed about. You have quite the

"Oh Sam...You're making me blush...and I never blush." Sugar leaned over to
hug the brunette. Sam accepted his embrace and in the process allowed her
hand to drift towards his massive crotch. She rewarded his piston with a few
strong, tight squeezes.

Whispering in his ear and smiling, "As I said, nothing to be embarrassed
about." They both departed for classes; one smiling, the other walking tall,
smiling with a hardened staff leading the way.

"Ms. Ross, do you have a minute to talk?"

"Sure Sam, what can I help you with?"

"Well, its Nicole. I'm not sure partnering us up together was the best
thing...for either of us...including yourself. Something went down between
us last night and I'm not sure we will be able to really work together. At
first, I was shocked to realize that we were connecting with each other and
that we might actually make a good team, but now, I'm not so sure anymore."

"Sam, I'll put it like this. I understand that you and Nicole are somewhat
bitter enemies and that was the reason I partnered you up with her. I have
nothing against either of you, but its that bitterness and competition for
the, as I heard one student refer, 'Bitch of the Year Honor' that I couldn't
resist. I'm quite sure you two will produce some of the best work in the
class. You know the saying, 'opposites attract'? Well that goes for
journalists as well." Looking at her watch, "And to clear things up even
more. If you want extra credit for the course and Ms. Jullian wants to
graduate, you two will find some common ground and settle your disputes or
at least defer them til the completition of the course."

Ms. Ross left Sam standing in front of her office...pouting none the less.
Meanwhile, Nicole Jullian, speaking of the devil herself, walked into the
Novak in search of her friend Brooke McQueen. She had earlier seen Brooke
enter, but was unable to get to her before the annoying and fellow Glamazon,
Mary Cherry, stopped her dead in her tracks. The girl could talk forever
if given the chance. Upon entering the Novak, there was no sign of Ms.
McQueen, at least not at first. Figuring that Brooke had already left, she
walked over and sat on the comfortable couch. Once again she grabbed her
group partner questionaire and started to answer a question or two when she
heard a soft moan coming from one of the stalls. The moans increased in
number and built up in volume and the voice was very recognizable. It was
obvious to Nicole that Brooke had indeed not left.

Brooke swore the person that had entered the Novak had left already since
she didn't hear any movement of any sort, but was she ever wrong. Her
friend listened intensely as satisfaction was being achieved. Moments
later the stall door opened and out walked a momentarily satisfied young
woman. Brooke walked over to the bathroom counter, washed her hands, ran
a sink full of water, and dipped her face, but as she drew her head from
under the water she was able to make out a blurry object in the mirror.
Wiping her face and staring at the reflection, she was stunned to see her
friend smiling back at her. She slowly turned around, expressing a sense
of embarrassment.

"Oh sweetie, don't be embarrassed. Blush red just isn't your color. So
what if you were letting your fingers cunt dive. Its not like we all
haven't done it before...well, at least not during school, but if nature
calls it calls."

Holding her hands to her face in shame, "I don't know what to say Nic."

"There really isn't anything to say, but I would like to know one thing...
did I happen to hear a soft groan that sounded a lot like a name? Possibly a
name that belongs to a certain Spam's McFearsome? If I didn't know better,
well, I don't know were calling out Spam's name...over and over.
Care to explain?"

Knowing that Nic was her best friend and that she could tell her anything,
Brooke walked over and sat down on the couch. Softly spoken, "Sadly, you
weren't mistaken. I don't know what came over me. I had a dream about her
last night...where she was doing everything less of rape. It was a very
pleasurable experience. I had to use cream this morning to stop the burning
sensation where I had almost rubbed myself raw. It was that intense."

"Let me get this straight. You're saying that you had a dream where Sam
willed and thrilled you all night long...and you got off on it?"

"Ohhh...many times. I had never thought of her in that way before. I just
don't know what came over me."

"Okay, but what brought about these dreams...these feelings...these raw,
passionate desires that you are referring to?"

"Oh, sorry, I never told you that part did I? Well, the previous night, when
I got home I went to find out what had happened between you two. If you
remember Nic, you were bouncing off the wall and cussing up a storm at the
girl. I just wanted to find out what had happened."

As Brooke continued, she started to feel a building wetness between her legs
again. "As I opened her door I caught her bending over in the middle of her
room, naked, and she was getting herself off. To make things worse, when
she saw me, she walked over and offered me a taste. At the time, the idea
grossed me out and I ran to my room. But as the night progressed, I just
played that moment over and over in my head."

The shorter blonde watched and listened as her friend fought against ripping
her clothes off and relieving herself again. She was getting turned on as
much as Brooke...and the story wasn't even over.

"Nic, oh my goodness...her body was...I mean is fantastic. Whether if you
are into girls or not, you would cream just catching sight of her smooth,
creamy, tight skinned, sexually attractive body. And that ass...ohhhhhh, I
shake just thinking about it. You've even told me that you thought she had
a nice body. That was so the understatement of the year. You can't
appreciate her true assets unless you see her in the buff. Her body puts
mine and your's to shame. The whole night, all I could think about was what
would have happened if I had only stayed in her room and slipped my tongue
round that finger of her's. That is when my fantasies started building up
inside and my juices started flowing. The following morning I realized that
I was lustfully craving to see her body again, but not only to see...but to
feel it against mine. Last night was just a more intense and erotic
continuation of those was what you just heard. I can't seem
to get her naked image out of my head."

"Sounds like you got it bad Brooke. But why Spam...I mean Sam? You do
realize that she will be your sister pretty soon and then what?"

"Oh don't worry Nic, I know they are just fantasies. The more I think about
it, the gesture she made to me the other night was probably just a
know, to take the embarrassment off of her and throw it in my direction. She
doesn't seem to have a problem with being naked in front of me or possibly

Nicole remembered that Sam didn't have a problem being in a room with a naked
woman as well, "That is one head strong girl. Well, I guess she has to be,
to war it out with you each and everyday. Have you ever realized that she
seems to be the only person that is your equal?"

"No one is my equal Brooke, present company excluded...of course! And don't
try to change the subject. Getting back on topic now, what exactly are you
saying? If its all in your head then why sneak in here and frantically get
yourself off?"

"Fun! Desperation to interact with my dream girl again. Needing to fill a
crave. Horny as hell and wanting relief."

"Brooke, if that is the case, I rather you have the real thing than having
to rely on a dream girl...especially if that girl is Sam. If you need a
female to service you that much, just say the word and I'm there for you.
I'm sure there are plenty of studs in the school that would give their left
nut for a chance to lock-up pelvis-to-pelvis with you. There are ways to
get rid of her image. Personally, I would have you screaming my name in
seconds. If it will help, just say the word. Anywhere, anytime, just say
it and you won't be disappointed."

Standing up and walking in front of the other girl, "The word!"

Nic knew Brooke was probably kidding, but she wasn't going to give up the
chance. She quickly dropped to the floor and started fumbling with the
buttons on Brooke's tan, designer jeans. In seconds, she had exposed a
pantyless vagina...glistening with signs of new pleasure. Her tongue slid
across the folds presented to her and slowly disappeared within. Her lips
were now latched onto another pair of lips and her tongue was going where
no other female's tongue had gone before. Brooke's nervous shaking was
proof enough to her that an explosion was nearing. Knowingly, she captured
the girl's clit and sucked for all she was worth. Brooke's knees gave way
and she crashed to the floor, but the two girls' lips never parted. Nic
continued to drive her tongue in further and further and was surprised that
she never hit a barrier. Excitement quickly arose in Nic, but even quicker
in Brooke. As quick as it had ended...with Nicole Jullian
walking to her next class licking the remaining sweetness from her lips,
sporting a 'I have conquered' smile.

Brooke remained in the Novak, yet again fingering herself to orgasm, but
this time she wasn't hiding it. If anybody was courageous enough to walk
even near the Senior's bathroom/hangout they would of heard screams of,
"Yes, Jesus, Yes. Lick me Sam, Lick Me..ohhhh, Yesss!", through the thick,
closed door.

(To Be Continued in Chapter 7)


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