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Summary: Sam & Nicole become project partners and possibly more

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Popular: Popular Partners Part 7
by DCForever

"Okay class, today you are going to work on your questionaires. Remember,
they are due on Monday of next week. I have a short meeting to attend
during class so I'm expecting everyone to be on their best behavior. That
especially goes for the two of you!" Pointing a finger in the direction of
Sam and Nicole, "So if there are no questions for me then you should take
this hour and answer as much of the questionaire as you can since I'm sure
some of you haven't even started on them. Oh, be sure to have your
newspaper articles done by printing time next week." Ms. Ross exited the

"Well Nic, have you done anything with the questionaire?"

"Sam, are you inferring that I don't do my work? Well, I have you know that
I am almost finished with my questions. What about you?"

"I have a few done, but I'm waiting a bit longer to finish them off. I still
have to see how things go between us...partner wise."

Nicole wasn't sure if Sam was referring to them as class project type
partners or in a different more broad meaning of the word? Had she missed

Whispering, "Sam, what did you mean by that last statement? Did it have
anything to do with last night? You rushed out so fast that you didn't
give me time to explain or anything...much less the time to come down from
that..." looking around, "that certain thing you gave me. It was quick and
furious, but intense. I never knew that you had that in you...well at least
not when it came know. And to think that my body set off that raging
beast in you. You know, whether you believe me or not, I was only messing
with you..screwing with your brain a little. The other Nicole, your enemy
Nicole, would have taken pleasure out of seeing you sqirming, but not this know, your Partner Nic."

Sam realized the emphasis Nicole had placed on 'Partner.' Did Nicole really
think of her in that way? Was she coming on to her? And did Sam's attack on
her confirm or make her think that Sam was confirming or pressing her in that
direction? Was it her brain she was screwing with or did she just want to
plain screw? Sam's thoughts were traveling a mile a minute and she needed to
break the tension and what better resolve than a Sam vs. Satan verbal assault
maneuver. Nicole has never backed down before.

Sam shot back in a whispering tone of voice, "Messing? Is that what you call
it Nic? Seemed more like you were coming on to me."

"Me? Come on to you...I think not. Not when I can screw any fellow I want.
Hell, Josh and Harrison is proof of that.." Sam interrupted.

"What do you mean Harrison is proof? Explain!"

"Oh, you didn't hear about me and Harrison? He was pretty good. I figured
he would have blabbed it all over least to his so-called best
friend. You are still his best friend? Well of course you are. You two are
always together. I really wish we had had more time, cause I would of fucked
him for all he was worth."

Sam couldn't believe Harrison never told her. They tell each other
everything. They told each other about their first kisses, first
fondlings...though words weren't exchanged since it was each other
they had fondled. She had even told him about her first period and
e-mailed him about her dreams of late. There was no way Nicole was
telling the truth. Harrison would definitely have told her. Or
would he?

"Nic, stop your god damn lying."

"I'm not lying. Guess he never did tell you. Hmmmm, maybe you and Harrison
aren't what I thought you were."

"Okay, if you have a story, then get to it, if not, just shut up and I'll
know it was all a lie."

"Fine! Shortened version! I fucked him in the drug store where his mom
works. I happened to run into him buying some condoms and well I kind of
helped him figure out the size he needed. After beating him off in the
storage room, we screwed...lasted 10 minutes tops. He couldn't hold back
and gave me everything he had. And to think we didn't even use a condom.
Never figured that one out. He seemed to want to be careful, with the
buying of the condoms and all, but when he actually did it...a condom was
the last thing on his mind. Maybe Harrison isn't the good little boy we
thought he was. Just maybe, he was going to use the condom as a way to
gain some sapp of a girl's trust to fuck him. I've heard there are guys
that fake using condoms."

"Oh shit! So maybe that's what happened?"

"Happened? What do you mean happened? So who was Harrision buying the
condoms for anyways? Do you know?"

"I can't! I promised I wouldn't tell anybody. No, Harrison wouldn't do
something like that. Its not in his nature. That's rape...isn't it?"

"Guess a girl could possibly look at it like that, but I'm not sure something
like that would hold up in court. So Sam...who was it? Come on, I'm your
partner. You are supposed to be able to tell me anything. Just put our
enemy status on hold and treat me like your partner."

"Shit, shit, shit!" sighing, "Fuck it! It was Lily! She said that all she
and Harrison did was practice a bit, so when they finally did it with their
respected loved ones they wouldn't be complete idiots. And Harrison
suppoedly bought the condoms for Josh...that way she would be sure nothing
went wrong. So that's how Lily got knocked up. Those bastards or that
bastard. Either they both planned to trick Lil or it was Josh's idea."

"Well, now I think about it. Josh didn't want to use a condom either. Guess
you have two suspects. And if Lil got knocked up then where are the signs of
the baby? She hasn't gained an ounce."

"She lost it. She's had some kind of disease or disorder in her ovaries
since forever. Signs of a body were spotted...well, that is what the doctors
said. You know them. You never know what you might learn from them. Hell,
they charge a fortune just for prescribing a bottle of Tylenol."

"Yeah, you're right, there. Oh, where were we before this Harrision issue?
Oh, about last night..."

Sam was praying they had gotten over that issue, but Nicole wasn't one to let
things go.

"Is that all you care about Nic? Last night? What about last night? I lost
my cool. Plain and simple. Not idea why."

"You did more than loose your cool. You attacked me...and for what reason?
Just because I was having a little fun teasing you. You looked a little
uneasy when I lead you back into the room."

"I was uneasy because I wasn't sure if I should have been there. It was
quite ackward walking in on you and...well, you know who."

"And to think I thought it was because of my state of undress. I thought I
had finally been able to break down the strong hold that makes you my equal
or the closest to it."

Those words were not chosen very carefully and Sam knew this was the opening
she needed. The issue was about to be history. Fight time!

With a smirk look on her face, "And is that supposed to be some compliment?
Sorry, but I don't care to be your equal, your better, or your lower half.
I only care to be myself! And if people like you...ones that think they rule
the world...get in my way, I just fight and claw my way through them. Like
Ms. Ross said, never let barricades get in your way...and guess what? I
don't! See, the popular thing is about all the goals and dreams that you
have for yourself. Me, I want to see the world, experience true love, be a
successful journalist, and in the end laugh out loud when I see
yourself, Brooke, and Mary Cherry...walking around clueless as to what the
world has for them outside of 'The Popular Crowd' or malls and fancy
designers. So, thanks for considering me your equal or the closest to it,
but no thanks. I have much higher goals to strive for. I would hate to have
to fall back down the latter of success just to be your equal. You and your
so-called equal...can shove it where the sun don't shine. Better yet, shove
it where my fingers left off last night."

Nicole's face was starting to express anger in its usual form, "Ms. Ross told
us not to fight, so cool it bitch! You don't want to cause a scene."

Raising her voice, "Me...The Bitch? And this is coming from the Bitch of all
Bitches...Ruler of Bitchland...the Queen Bitch herself...the Bitch that Satan
himself gave his name too. No, I think you wear that title so much better
than I. I'm not fighting...just stating the facts that others are too scared
to admit."

"Thats it scank! Are you ready to..."

Cutting her off, "Scank? Now don't get me started on the bitchiest scank of
them all."

Sam's raised voice was for the entertainment of the room; laughter
throughout, ensued. Nicole had reached her limit. She was ready for a good
ol' fashioned fist fight when she heard everyone laughing. Thinking back to
Sam's words, she silently admitted that it was pretty funny. Dead on...
sometimes, but nonetheless funny. All of a sudden she didn't want to attack
the girl. Maybe she had finally learned that it was okay to lose a battle
of words every now and then. Fighting with Sam was always entertainment for
herself and all that surrounded them.

Entertainment is what they wanted and entertainment is what she was going
to give them. Standing up in her chair, "Fine Sam! If that is how you see
me...that's okay with me. I'm proud to wear the title of Kennedy High's
Scank Bitch." turning and addressing the rest of the class, "I am a Bitch
and everyone in here knows it." some nodded their heads in acknowledgement,
"And if some of you think I dress like a scank I have no problem with that
either. I dress to kill and my body is always loaded. I know how to have
a good time and I sure do know how to FUCK! Its a given with my line of
work. So if you think I dress or act like a scank or a bitch...then thank
God...finally, someone is noticing all my hard work."

Sam was shocked to hear the sound of clapping after Nicole's little
display, all be it they were all guys. More than likely they had previously
experienced the Jullian express. Nicole sat back down and started looking
over her answers to the questionaire. Sam just stared at her thinking that
once again Nicole Jullian had grabbed the upperhand. That girl really did
have a heart of stone and strength to go along with it. There aren't too
many people that could do what she had just done. She told it like it was,
belittled herself, and yet somehow probably gained even more popularity than
she had when she entered the school this morning. She always seemed to out
perform Sam in all their fights. Turning back to her own questions and
answers, a smile creeped across her face.

Later in the day, "Okay Sam...alright already! This silence is killing me.
I don't care to fight and I'll never bring up last night again. We are
supposed to be meeting Sugar on the football field in a little bit. Talk to
me...please? You haven't said a word since journalism class."

"Why would you care to hear my voice? You've never cared to hear what I've
had to say in the past. Why start now?"

"Because if we are forced to work together and our assignment is due soon we
need to talk! You know, talk out our strategy or talk about how exactly we
are going to write this paper. Stuff like that."

"Its simple. We talk with Sugar a bit, snap a few pictures, write up our
findings and present it to Ms. Ross. What is so hard about that?"

"You forget...I'm not the are!"

"Fine! You might not be the journalist, but you seem to be a hell of a
public speaker. Where did you get the fortitude to stand up and say what you
did in class?"

"I'm a bitch, remember? I could give a flying fuck what people think or say
and that goes for you as well, except for when we are working as partners.
In that! I need to know what you are thinking when it involves
are project/articles/interviews."

Breaking the topic of conversation, "Speaking of the interview, did you
happen to get the Polaroid from class?"

"Its in my bag." looking across the shadow-filled football field, "There's
Sugar. We just need to get a few pics and talk with him."

The two ladies walked across the newly cut field, greeted Sugar with a hug.
He had already received the coach's permission to do the interview. Only
problem that presented itself was whether or not the weather was going to
hold up long enough for the girls to get what they needed. They first
took some pictures of the big guy jogging around the field and doing a
few football drills. That was his environment...he so loved the game of
football. It was the standing still getting him to take good portrait and
profile shots that started driving the girls insane. He wouldn't smile
for anything and most of the time he tried hiding his face and belly behind
Nicole. Which, as small as Nicole is, wasn't possible.

"Okay Sugar, this isn't working. We only need a couple closeup, smiling
pics for the newspaper. Just stand still and smile. Nicole, get out of the
picture. That way he doesn't have anything to hide behind."

"Sam, I don't like pictures...especially when they are of my sorry ass."

Sugar's ass gave Sam an idea, "Here Nicole, take the camera. I think I have
an idea that might brighten our boy right up." handing the camera over, "Snap
it when he smiles and believe me...when I'm finished with him he will
definitely be smiling."

Sam walked over to her huge friend and reached up, giving him another hug,
but this one was a little more personal than their first. Arching her back,
she thrust her increasing excited breasts into his t-shirt covered chest.
Slowly, she lowered and raised her body making sure her breasts never lost
contact with his body. She continued until she had proof that her tactic
was working. It wasn't long before his general stood to attention. It was
working and she could hear Nicole snapping away. Sam quickly turned around
so her backside was now creating the contact between the two teenager's
bodies. She resumed her previous motion, with her ass doing the grinding.
With each motion, she could feel his member easing its way between her legs.

Nicole was unable to draw her eyes from the action unfolding before her, but
the picture taking never ceased. The pictures just gathered in a pile at her
feet, one by one. She couldn't believe what Sam was doing...if only she had
thought of it first. She could see that Sam was just as excited, if not more
than Sugar. Realizing Sam was the one getting all the action, Nicole quickly
grabbed the tripod from her bag and went about setting the camera up for a
group picture.

She walked over to the entangled group, without any notice, lightly grabbed
Sam's face, and brought their lips together. Both Sugar and Sam were
shocked, but they never ceased their abstinent fucking and Sam just went
along with the kiss. The longer Nicole locked their lips together the more
arroused they both became. It seemed the kiss could last forever, but
Sugar's wild ass knocking caused the blonde and brunette to butt heads, thus
breaking the kiss and the group's orgical session. Looking above at the
dreaded clouds, a smiling Nicole rushed over to the camera, set the timer
and rushed back. They all struck a pose for the picture. Estimating the
time for the flash, Nicole shocked them once again by pulling up her shirt.
She exposed her bare breasts while she pushed Sam's mouth over one of her
tits. Sam tried to object, but the camera flashed. Taking the moment in
hand, Sam reverted to the one thing she knew would distract Nicole. Cupping
her hand, as she had done many hours ago, she pushed her fingers down the
front of the girl's slacks where she found her wet pussy. The brunette
proceeded to shove her digits in as far and as hard as she could. Nicole
immediately broke her grip on the brunette's head and crashed to the ground
in what seemed to be an instant orgasmic release.

Sugar looked on in bewilderment has Sam straddled the helpless, semi-nude and
spent blonde and continued what resembled a drilling-like action with her
hand. Her fingers were digging and it wasn't for gold. The body beneath
spasmed not once but twice more as the pressure of Sam's hand caused buttons
to start flying. Not being able to resist the moment, Sugar dropped his
pants and plopped the head of his cock in between Nicole's waiting, but
unaware lips.

The teenagers continued their mini orgy until the sky opened up and rain
started pouring down. Sam withdrew her hand from the now soaked, yet still
spent girl and headed for the camera. Seeing the pictures lying on the
ground, she gathered them as well. The splashing of the water on Nicole's
face awakened her to the reality that was rain. She quickly jumped to her
feet, but lost her balance as her unsupported slacks just as quickly hit
the ground. Seeing the girl in distress, Sugar, feeling as it was his duty
to help out, leaned down and released her legs from the material and helped
her to her feet. But as she started to run for cover Sugar snatched her
soaking wet panties from her hips. Caring less about her state of undress,
the blonde ran for dry land. By this time, Sam stood in the gym's doorway
laughing as Nicole ran with her blonde hair, both above and below, blowing
in the wind.

(To Be Continued in Chapter 8)


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