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Popular: Popular Partners Part 8
by DCForever

"What's wrong Nic? Did you lose something?"

"Don't start with me Sam. Sugar just ripped my clothes off. And look at
him, just dancing in the rain like that swinging my clothes like a windmill.
Who does he think he is?"

"Ah shut up and stop your whining. You know you're getting a kick out of
this. Look at you, standing out in the rain, exposing your naked cunt where
anybody could see you. You're eating it up...probably the reason why you
haven't asked me to get through the door."

"Well, its not often you get a chance to be naked at school and for the
world to see. But, this water is starting to make me nice to have
something to cover up with. Possibly a shirt...your shirt?"

Lowering her hand to thigh level, "Well, take a few more steps forward and
I'll cover at least one part of you."

Nicole wasn't sure why she was shocked anymore at the things that came out of
Sam's mouth. As of late, the girl has been totally unpredictable and the
blonde was beginning to enjoy it. Ms. Samantha time enemy...
now friend...maybe more.

Nicole closed the distance between her and Sam's waiting hand. The aim
looked to be perfect and both girls watched as Sam's steady fingers descended
into the blonde cove with each minute step she took. The excitement level
increased as their bodies closed upon each other.

Sporting a smile, "Sam, do you have a thing for blondes or is it just my
pussy? Seems every chance you get lately I find your fingers occupying
it...and I'm starting to get attached. Missed at times...a bit rough, but
nonetheless...very pleasurable and welcomed. Would you care to explore
any further? You could always ascend the breastous mountain terrain, or
laydown a tongue slickened road between either of my valleys, or just suck
the breathe right out of me. There is more than ju-OHHhhh--sttttt...oh
baby, sweet jesus...oh yes. Yeahhhh, that's it...holy sweet nectar..."

The girls had yet to make it completely out of the rain and into the gym
and Sugar had yet to leave the field and Brooke had yet to catch her breathe
from watching the action from afar. She had been looking for Sam when she
stumbled upon the scene. Her heart seemed to stop at first from the pain
that shot through her heart and loins. And then the angered built upon
realizing that her best friend was not only after the girl of her dreams, but
was already screwing her as well...or was it the other way around.

Even worse, only two hours has passed since her and Nicole had their own fun.
She allowed the other blonde to feast on her after she had consoled in her
about her feelings for Sam. And now, knowing that she had feelings for the
girl, Nicole was trying to get the girl. Her girl. Her Sam! The angrier the
tall blonde got, the hotter she became.

She watched from across the school yard as Nicole wildly bucked her exposed
hips against what looked to be Sam's hand or a dildo. The distance proved to
affect her vision. Whatever it was, she wished she was it. She longed to
have her head buried between a pair of feminine thighs, sucking and fucking
for the life of her. She had only had her first taste earlier in the day,
but she was already craving its salty goodness.

She finally had a taste to go along with her fantasies...those that centered
around her sister to be. She leaned back against the brick wall; slowly
lowering herself to the ground. Now in a seated position, she allowed her
imagination and fantasies to take over. Half an hour later, she awoke to a
frenzied and needed release. As she came off her fantasy riden high, the
girls were gone.

Nicole sat straddling a locker room bench; admiring Sam's wet, sexy body.
Sam started teasingly removing her wet, semi-transparent clothes...piece
by piece. So that she would match the blonde, she started with her loose
fitting pants and followed with removing her panties, inche-by-inche. Time
seemed to be standing still for the blonde as she watched a goddess be
unveiled. Never in a million years had she thought she would have this
opportunity. She had always had verbal fights with this girl, absolutely
hated her guts at times, befriended her at Brooke's request at others, and
now here she was ogling over her body as she undressed before her. Without
hesistation, she grabbed the polaroid from atop the pile of books and
snapped a picture as Sam's bare popped into view.

Streams of water cascaded down the wonderful, tight globes as she slowly
and completely removed the soaken material. Another snap followed and then
another. Picture or no pictures, the strip tease continued. Sam ran her
fingers delicately over her ass. As she bent over, her finger drifted
towards her folds. Now staring between her legs; she kissed the surrounding
air before summoning the other girl.

Nicole saw the juice coated gesture and immediately fell to the floor...
directly beneath Sam's outstretched legs. The shorthaired blonde lifted her
head til her pouted lips made contact with the coated finger...savoring the

Appetizer aside... she readied herself for the main course. With her tongue
leading the charge, she attacked the protruding honey coated folds. Sam was
taken by the aggressiveness and braced herself against the nearest locker.
Nicole's tongue and mouth worked wonders...bringing shrills of joy from Sam's
lips. Nicole tried to muffle the loud, attention targeted sound, but she
failed. Taking notice of the failed attempt, the brunette reached into her
locker and grabbed her most prized possession from her notebook and shoved it
into her own mouth.

Nicole, still eating away, looked up to see that her lover had muffled
herself with a pair of panties...a pair of Brooke's signature panties.
The BM signature was quite clear. She was eating out her bestfriend's
dream girl...who was probably wishing it was her bestfriend...what a
rush she thought.

Sitting on the floor, leaning against the lockers, the girls tried to recover
their spent energy.

Removing the material from her mouth, "Damn Nicole! I had no idea the real
thing could be that mind blowing. What a feeling!"

"Yeah, what a feeling is right. And to think I've felt it twice today."

"What? You mean you've already done it? Today? Was it Sugar again?" Nicole
shook her head. "With who then? Guy..or girl?"

"First off, you were my second meal of the day." reaching out and snatching
Brooke's panties from Sam's grasp, "And the other..." holding the panties up
where the insignia faced the other girl, "...wore some just like these."

"No way! You ate out Bro...? I mean.."

"Don't worry Sam. Who cares if we both have the same tastes." Lifting the
material to her nose, "And they still have her scent. Who would have thought
Ms. Popular herself, was into girls...well, at least one particular girl."
cracking a smile in Sam's direction.

"Who...Me? You're saying Brooke has a thing for me?"

"Yeah! And from the look of things...the feeling is mutual." again, sniffing
the material and holding it in the air, "So spill it. What do you have for
this girl?

Blushing from ear to ear, "I'm not sure what I'm feeling for her. I like
her...just look at her..."

"Well everybody likes her, but why the sudden interest?"

"The other morning I went to wake her up for school, but she wasn't there.
I saw a pair of her panties under the edge of the bed."

"Let me guess, you picked up on instinct."

"Yeah. I just grabbed them and brought them up to my nose. The scent was
intoxicating. Next thing I know, I'm walking down the hallway, putting them
in my pocket. From the look of her room and the aroma in the air. It was
obvious as to what she had done. I'm sure they were the first thing to go.
Personally, I no longer wear anything to bed." Nicole just smiled.

"I've heard her through the walls many of nights getting herself off and gone
into her room the morning after. Its not like I hadn't smelt her room like
that before, but I always assumed it was a guy that she was getting off to.
She has a 4" and a 10" vibrator in her barbie chest. I've heard that humming
sound a few times late at night while we were watching a Brad Pitt or Matt
Damon movie..."

"Are you sure it was the movie she was using the vibrators to block out?"

"So you are saying that she's been pawning for me for sometime? Do you
really believe that? Is she still into guys as well? And earlier, when you
two did it, did she seem to know what she was doing?"

"Don't worry my sweet, she's still virgin enough for you. Though I will say
you might have to watch out for that tongue of hers. Its deadly."

"Speaking of tongues...are you up for round two?"

"Between you, Sugar, and Brooke...this body is warn out. I think I will
have to take a raincheck at the moment. You do...I will accept
a raincheck...won't you?"

"Anyday! But what should I do about Brooke?"

"I think you need to decide for your self on that one. I'm willing anytime,
anywhere if you are."

"But are you willing to come out of the closet? If I asked for you to kiss
me in school...middle of the day...would you?"

"Don't push it Sam. If you think what we just did classifies us as a
couple...then you are sadly mistaken. But could it lead into an open

Nicole leaned over for a short kiss and stood up...leaving Sam's head
straddled between her legs.

Staring down at the disappointed girl, "I know another pair of lips that
would love a kiss."

Squating down, lowering herself, Sam reached up and kissed the glistening,
puckered lips.

"See you in the Novak after school Ms. McPherson...or should I say, Ms.
Samantha McPherson Jullian?"

Nicole's last phrase stunned Sam, but two pair of panties hitting her in the
face brought her attention back to Nicole.

"Don't forget your's and Brooke's undergarments. I would give you mine, but
Sugar got to them first."

The blonde quickly dressed and spanked Sam on the behind on her way out the
locker room. Sam just smiled as the girl turned the corner.

Sam turned back towards her locker; reaching for her and Brooke's
undergarments. Before putting them away, she raised Brooke's soiled panties
to her nose. The scent was was Nicole

Screaming out, "Nicole!"

(To Be Continued in Chapter 9)


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