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Popular: Popular Partners Part 9
by DCForever

A few days later, Brooke McQueen sat in her school desk staring at the back
of Nicole Julian's neck. She was lost in a tidal wave of events from the
previous days. After initially seeing Sam and Nicole together, she has
caught glimpses of the two's affection for each other 3 other times. Seeing
Sam and Nicole having sex one time was too much for your normal Kennedy High
student, but four times in matter of days. Each encounter had hurt Brooke
more and more and she was to the point of exploding. She didn't understand
why she was the only one that could see the change in the two girls. Even
though they seemed to be at each other's throat every second of the
least in public, they were able to fool every student and the mothers. Jane
McPherson had already warned Nicole about the bruise that she had left on her
daughter's cheek. Their verbal fights had escalated a bit further and an all
out fight had ensued. Both girls were suspended for a day...the one day that
Brooke stayed home sick. Lets just say the next day Brooke returned to
school feeling sicker than she was the previous day or possibly feeling worse
than she had in the past. With both Sam and Nicole out of school and Jane
out of the house working, the two made sure they found each other...and again
Brooke found them.

Brooke was at a point of no return and she was determined to speak her mind
first opportunity she got. And that opportunity was twenty minutes away.
Meanwhile, Nicole was faking her class notes and was passing a letter, from
student-to-student, in Sam's direction.

Sam hid the note from the teacher and proceeded to read.

'Dear Sam,
I just wanted to say that I believe you are the sexiest
looking girl in the whole school. I get hard just thinking
about your amble breasts and the way they protrude through
your clothes. What I wouldn't give to be sucking on those
delicious melons at this very moment...audience or no
audience. Not sure how long I can go without feeling your
warm, smooth body against my own. If I didn't know better,
I would think that you enjoyed teasing others as much as
your soon to be sister, Brooke. I guess I will have to keep
pleasuring myself in the bathroom after the classes I have
with you. Maybe, just maybe one day I will get to see you
in some Victoria Secret lingerie...never know...maybe today
will be that day.

Signed Anonymous, yet horny'

Sam fought back the blushing sensation that was running throughout her body.
She passed the note back through the class and somehow it landed in Nicole's
possession. She read.

'Dear Anonymous, yet horny,
I'm flattered by your letter. Who knows, if only you would
reveal yourself your fantasies could come true. Never know,
but maybe its you that I dream about each and every night
while I run my fingers rhythmically over my clit. And the
bathroom isn't new to me...actually its become somewhat of
a ritual for myself as well. Have you been sneaking into my
fantasies? I had a dream just yesterday of me pleasuring my
lover while wearing a completely see-thru nightie. I'm sure
can find those at Victoria's Secret. So you never know,
maybe today will be your lucky day.

Signed I'm horny, but I already have a lover that satisfies
all my needs.'

Brooke sat back and wondered what was on the letter that she knew had to be
coming from her sister and Nicole. Knowing her luck it was one of Nicole's
infamous letter within a letter. Brooke's attention had been drawn to the
letter and in no time the class was over and both Nicole and Sam were making
a beeline for the infamous Novak. Brooke's persuit wasn't far behind. As
Brooke neared the Novak's door, girls were being herded out...some not even
completely girl was frantically trying to pull up her skirt
while leaning against a nearby locker. Brooke caught a quick glimpse at a
pair of pink, almost see-thru panties before they were concealed. She had
no idea that Josh and Lily's relationship had progressed that much. Josh
didn't give her panties like that until they were dating for half a year and
here Lily has them after a few months. The girl must be more of a sex freak
than she lets on.

Passing her by, "Hey Lily, any idea where I can get a matching pair?"

Lily wasn't sure what she was referring to, but had her suspicion and decided
to blow her off completely by dressing and walking in the opposite direction.
Brooke could have cared less and proceeded to enter the Novak. There before
her very eyes were her sister and her bestfriend. Sam was washing her face
and Nicole was applying yet another layer of lipstick.

"Sam, would you mind if I had a moment with Nic? Just take a minute."

"The place is big enough for all of us, but I guess I can go turn in my news

"Yeah, you do that Spam. And be sure to make that one 'L'...not two.
Wouldn't want you to misspell asshole and Nicole all in the same article."

Sam cut her eyes at the blonde and raised her middle finger as she stepped
out of the Novak.

"So what's the big dea..." Brooke interrupted the girl.

"Shut up Nic and listen up. I've noticed that you and Sam are getting pretty
attached lately and I don't like it."

"What? Me and Spam? If I remember correctly you told me last week that you
were into her...not I."

"Cut the act Nic! I saw you two together...on the football field, by the
locker room... and just the other day at the house. Your face was buried so
far up her snatch I'm surprised that you were able to breathe. And I'm glad
you mentioned our little conversation. So what's the deal? I tell you a
secret obsession of mine so then you figure you must obtain it first. What
a bestfriend you are? Its the whole Josh thing all over again and I'm tired
of it. This is one fight I'm willing to take to the max if need be."

"I swear I had no idea it would turn out this way. I can see why you
have the feelings you do for her. She's the best sex I've ever had and a
kisser...oh what a kisser. Even though we've had all this fun she has her
eyes and heart on someone else. Actually, the two of you have a lot in
common. Maybe you both need to get your feelings out in the open. As of
the other day, the feelings you both were experiencing...well, they were
mutual. No idea if current events have changed anything in her...since
its obvious you still feel something for her. I know I feel something for
both of you, but not quite sure what exactly those feelings are yet."

Brooke was shocked at Nicole's speech and leaned in for a hug, but two pair
of tender lips found each other instead. Both blondes were lost in a moment
of kissing and minute fondling...a moment was quickly interrupted when Sam
walked through the Novaks's doorway. Her gasp of air caught Brooke and
Nicole's attention, but before anything could be said Nicole grabbed Sam by
the back of her neck and forced the two sister's lips upon each others.
There, in the Novak, stood possibly the three most beautiful and popular
girls in the school...two, being bitter soon-to-be sisters and one infamously
known bitch of the school...occupying all of a few feet of the huge bathroom.
Brooke and Sam needed no instructions upon contact with each other. Nicole
Julian stood beside the other two girls with her hands wrapped around each of
their necks...though her position didn't stay long as she too joined in on
the kissing action. Minutes later the girls could hear other girls out in
the hall waiting to get in so they broke apart and quickly straightened their

Brooke, "Guess we should be getting out of here. Someone might start
suspecting something."

Sam, "I agree. So Nic, is our trip to Victoria Secret still a go?"

"I figured you would be smart enough to understand my letter. Yeah, its
still on, but looks like we may have a third person joining our outing. You
up for an afternoon of the 'Secret' Brooke?"

"Sounds orgasmic to me."

"If that sounds orgasmic to you...can't wait to see how you are in bed." Sam

(To Be Continued in Chapter 10)


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