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Summary: Sam & Nicole become project partners and more. Add Brooke into the
mix and you've got popular partners.

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Popular: Popular Partners Part 11
by DCForever

A few minutes later, the girls found themselves walking back towards the
mall's entrance; each sporting a smile as they thought how the rest of the
day and weekend was going to play out.

Halting her forward progress, the young, brunette woman, Sam, watched as her
lovers passed her by. The two blondes stopped, walked back, and awaited a
reason for stoppage. "Is something wrong, Sam?" Nicole had a bewildered look
on her face.

Biting her upper lip, "I was just thinking...I could be dirty anytime. It's
not often that I get a chance to be someone's angel." Looking into Nicole
Julian's eyes. "What do you say, girls?"

"I'm with you, Sam. Sounds like the Secret it is...and Sam, no one said
angels couldn't be dirty." Brooke nodded her head in agreement to Nicole's

Sam turned around, placed her hands on her hips, and waited the interlacing
of arms before starting back down the mall's corridor.

While slowly making their way to their destination they decided to fall in
step with the masses of the other mall walkers and shoppers. Taking their
time, they stopped at every corridor lined window display. The trio was
making history as they stepped from store to store. This day marked the
first time that members from the 'populars' and 'un-populars/losers' walked
the mall together and enjoying each other's company. The hands were
interlocked with each other's as they giggled and entertained themselves.
School and the world around them mattered very little as they enjoyed each
other's company. Sex was being put on the back burner as they talked and
fooled around, joking with each other. They certainly were having the time
of their life.

Conversation topics seemed to vary as hours passed in the day, but one
shouldn't be surprised to know that each of their window discussions and
giggling sessions turned to other things as they peered through the large
glass panes. The mannequins in the window displays were nicely dressed and
sporting all the latest styles in the fashion world, but the girls' eye
consistently ventured past the molds of plastic and plaster and rested on
the bodies of the stores' salesclerks. Sam seemed to be enjoying the
experience more than the blondes as the intersection of her thighs slowly
became moist. Her eyes followed the women clerks' movements as they bent,
kneeled, and stretched their bodies in attempts to please their customers.
Little did they know that their daily duties were pleasing the eyes of
three high school girls and building onto their already extensive sexual
desires. Their eyes were glued to the clerks as their skirts rose, legs
lengthened, and tops and blouses tightened. Not all the stores provided
salesclerk eye candy, but there were enough for the girls to work up an
appetite...and yet they still hadn't made it to their original destination.

"Well, ladies, all these gorgeous bodies and talk of sex has gotten me sort
of hungry. So who's up for a food stop?"

"I am." Brooke chimed in.

"Me too, Sam. In fact, ice cream would be just what the doctor ordered...and
I know just where to go."

The three girls took off towards a small corner ice cream parlor located in
the center of the mall.

The ice cream attendant awaited the blondes' and brunette's orders. "What
will it be ladies? May I suggest today's special? For $2.50 you can have a
cone with a double scoop of any flavor of ice cream that you choose. So...
have you decided yet?"

Nicole stepped up to the counter. "That sounds perfect, sweetie. And while
you're at it why don't you treat yourself to one...on me. The male attendant
smiled before turning his back to the girls and concentrated on preparing the
orders of the girls. The trio stood around chatting and laughing while they
waited for the attendant's return.

Returning to the register and counter with three cones in his hand, "Ms. that
will be $7.50."

Sam couldn't help herself. "What about tax? Shouldn't that be $7.50 plus


"It's Sam."

"Well, Sam, this weekend, including today, is a tax-free weekend. I know it
normally doesn't apply to food items and services, but I'm looking past that
for you three. Come isn't everyday that three gorgeous ladies offer
to buy me...well, anything." Handing the cones over the counter. "Here you
go." The three girls reached out and grabbed their respected cones.

Looking over her shoulder, Nicole quickly scanned her surroundings. Being
the only ones in lines, the shorter, more devious blonde acted as if she had
accidentally knocked the top scoop off Sam's cone and down between her shirt
and cleavage. Sam froze at the sudden chill the ice cream was giving her.
The male attendant grabbed for a handful of napkins and offered them to the
shivering brunette, but before she could grab them, Nicole buried her face
in the chilling product. Sam, Brooke, and the attendant's eyes jumped out as
Nicole literally began eating the mess she had caused from between Sam's

Picking her head up, Nicole's lips met Sam's in a passionate embrace. When
their lips parted the shorter blonde turned to the attendant. "Well, here
is your free taste...if you want it."

Before the girls knew what happened, the 6'3" young male attendant was
pulling the girls to the side of the parlor. Brooke followed and watched
as her soon-to-be-sister's body was pressed up against the wall with a
stranger's face now buried between her breasts; all while Nicole was
massaging the growing erection in his pants; the taller blonde stood back
not knowing what to do.

Meanwhile, eyes closed and a look of happiness on her face, Sam basked in
the sensational tonguing she was receiving from the young attendant. Her
breasts were on fire yet covered in freezing cold ice cream. With hands on
either side of Sam's curvaceous body, the guy's tongue slowly licked up the
ice cream making sure that every lap felt the flesh of Sam's ever hardening

Downstairs, Nicole was continuing her rectal massage while slowly pushing
the guy's body closer towards the wall...and Sam's riveting body.

Seeing what her best friend had obviously orchestrated, Brooke turned and
realized the side of the parlor was mostly isolated from wandering eyes.
Upon realizing this isolation, she stormed over to the heated masses and
knelt down in front of the brunette. Running her hands up smooth legs,
Brooke ducked her head under the skirt that Sam was wearing. She wasted
no time in pushing her tongue between the puffy folds of flesh. Sam
slammed her head back against the wall at the first sign of penetration.

Even though Nicole had initiated all the action, she felt as though she was
the one being left out of all the dirty fun. Releasing her grip on the guy's
denim covered erection; Nicole Julian started fumbling around with his pant's
button and zipper. Once free of its confines, she grasped the base of his
hardened shaft and started stroking it's length. The situation, timing, and
erotic pressure was too much for the young stud as Nicole's hands stayed
busy. Realizing the guy wouldn't hold out much longer, the shorter blonde
slammed her knee against his ass forcing his cock into the thick mane of
hair before him. The feeling of silky blonde hair wrapped around his member
and the continuous stroking, the lucky attendant thrust his pelvis forward,
burying his member further into the confines of Brooke's hair and held back
no more. Spurt after long spurt shot out through his engorged shaft, milking
the shorter blonde's fingers and her best friend's hair.

Though as semi-erect as he became, Nicole didn't hold back. His member once
again grew erect and within seconds he shot another load, but Satan's own
Hoover like lips were waiting.

A few minutes previous, Brooke felt spurt after spurt soak her hair as Sam
reached her own climax and soaked her face. Sam's climax was too much for
the kneeling girl. Her soon-to-be-sister lapped up and swallowed as much of
her love juice as she could, but on this day the quantity surpassed the
collector. Sam's delight was far from over as the young stud pushed his face
passed the left over frozen dairy product and captured one of her breasts
between his lips. The struggling brunette placed her hand on the top of his
head making sure his skillful mouth never left it's current home.

With his mouth traveling from one breast to the other, his hands began
roaming over the girl's voluptuous body; one capturing a breast while the
other fought to assist the blonde's tongue.

Brooke felt as if her space was being invaded, but she knew there was plenty
of the brunette to go around. Shifting her body, she maneuvered herself
between Sam's legs and the wall that supported the sexually riled girl.
Pushing the skirt up, a new hole came into view. Reaching up and bringing
her face closer, Brooke spread apart Sam's cheeks and let her tongue rub
across her anal opening. "Dirty is what she wanted...dirty is what she will
get." thought Brooke.

Grasping a better hold of Sam's ass cheeks Brooke forced her tongue past her
anal rim. This was a penetration that Sam had never experience and wasn't
expecting, but it didn't take long to take its toll on the girl. Sam thrust
her hips away from the invading tongue, but her pussy was soon rewarded as
two male fingers were rammed into her the hilt. She cried out as she
was experiencing her first true act of double penetration. Though Brooke's
first time as well, she licked and ate out her soon-to-be-sister's ass like
an amateur porn star. Even Nicole was impressed at her best friend's
ministrations as she fought against her wobbly legs to stand up.

With Nicole out of the way, Sam struggled to find the guy's shaft, but once
found she had no problem guiding it to her love canal. Sam's words of "Fuck
me, damn it" gave the young attendant all the inspiration he needed. Once he
was in, he thrust his whole body forward, thus relinquishing his oral hold
on her breast and slamming her ass against Brooke's awaiting fingers. With a
cock in her box, fingers fucking her ass, and lips caught in a kiss, Nicole
pulled back, extracting a camera from her purse, and started snapping away.
The scene before her was most definitely a Kodak moment.

Sam watched from the corner of her squinted eye as the shorter blonde snapped
picture after picture. Her eyes left the camera and focused on the guy's body
motion as she heard grunts and groans escaping in the air.

She knew his release time was close and whispered in his ear. "When you're
close, pullout. You can shoot it anywhere you want, but not in me." It was
the guy's response that brought fright to the young brunette and future
career journalist's face. "Too late." The guy shoved his body harder against
the upright wall supported body. Spurt after spurt coated her inner walls
as he continued to thrust into the girl; her head leaned back, eyes closed
as they filled with tears. The blondes were too busy being the stereotypical
blondes to even realize what was happening to their mutual lover.

Once spent, the young guy pulled out and wiped his semi-erect member with
his hand before wiping it across Sam's face. Leaning in next to Sam's ear.
"The bitch said you would be good, but not this good. Let me know if it's
a boy or a girl...okay."

The guy quickly returned to his station behind the ice cream parlor counter,
but not before receiving a well-deserved slap across the face and gasps from
the two confused blondes. Brooke was slow to bring her head from under Sam's
skirt. Once free, Sam quickly grabbed the two blondes by their blouses and
demanded, "Victoria's, NOW!"

(To be continued in Chapter 12)


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