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Summary: Sam & Nicole become project partners and more. Add Brooke into the
mix and you've got popular partners.

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Popular: Popular Partners Part 12
by DCForever

As Sam briskly walked the mall with her two lovers in drag, Nicole
frantically tried to stash her camera back in her purse. Her shirt was being
pulled in all directions as the brunette led them in, around, and through a
swarm of shoppers, making it difficult to rid her hands of the camera. Sam
paid neither Nicole nor Brooke any attention as they both tried to find out
what had gotten into the girl, but no response was forth coming. They were
just there for the ride. Both blondes' eyes shot open as their destination
store came into view. The three high school girls rushed under the overhead
sign that read, "Victoria's Secret." Once in the store, an attractive young
salesgirl immediately met them.

Before the woman could welcome them or say anything, Sam demanded an answer
to her own question. "No time for chit-chat. Can't you see I'm in a hurry?
Where are the dressing rooms?" The woman stretched her arm out, pointing
her index finger towards the back of the store. Sam didn't wait for any odd
comments that she knew would be directed at her. Releasing her grip on
Nicole, her grip tightened on the taller blonde as she charged through the
multitudes of racks making her way towards the dressing rooms. Throwing
open the door, Sam stepped to the side as she flung her soon-to-be-sister
through the door and up against the back wall.

Entering the room and closing the door behind her, the voluptuous brunette
pounced on the body before her as Brooke was turning around. Sam pushed
Brooke back against the wall as she crushed her body against the slightly
taller girl.

"No comments." was all Brooke was able to make out before Sam
captured her chapped lips. The kiss was of a higher magnitude than any other
she had felt before. She immediately recalled the last time that she had
imagined a kiss this power, strong and seductive; it was in her dreams of
late. Brooke watched as the shorter girl ravished her lips with a
forcefulness yet explored.

Sam's eyes were consumed with lust as she viciously attacked the ruby lips
before her. Brooke attempted to mirror her lover's rapid, yet controlling
movements, but was unsuccessful as she just succumbed to the erotic throes
her body was beginning to experience. Sam, in her uncaring and dazed state
of mind, slowly raked her lips over the others as she sucked on the blonde's
upper and lower lips. She knew this day would come. Today was the day that
she would finally be able to live out her own sexual desires...there was to
be no holding back. The anger and erotic desires racing through her loins
were too strong and demanding to hold anything back. She saw what she wanted
and nothing was going to stop her from having it.

With her lips still in the throes of conquest, her hands began their own
exploration of the tight, physically fit body before them. Grabbing
Brooke's face with a strong grip, Sam planted her head against the wall
as her previous sucking turned to that of biting and chewing of her flesh.
She moved her right hand down towards the blonde's dark slacks and threw
caution to the wind as she yanked on the front of the material. A few
aggressive tries later, buttons and material lined sections of the carpeted
dressing room floor. She cupped Brooke's panty covered mound in a heated
rage. Her feelings were gone...only emotions and pent up sexual rage were
left. In a way, Brooke felt violated, but on a larger scale her
soon-to-be-pain in the butt-sister and current lover was bringing her own
hidden desires to the surface. Yes she would liked to have been the
aggressor, but she had no problem falling to the lowly status of having
her body taken advantage of.

Brooke unsuccessfully tried many times to reverse the situation, but Sam's
rage and desire was set in. The blonde knew that the other would rule this
day. Drips of blood made their way in the mouths of the two girls as their
combined blood just added to their lust driven desires. Sam slightly pulled
back her wild attack as she heard Brooke whimpering from the pain she was
causing the girl, but their lips never parted. Down below, the brunette's
hand had forced Brooke's panties up further between her folds as she thrust
forward three fingers at a time. The material soon gave way at the rough
mishandling, but Sam's fingers didn't follow suit. She felt as Brooke's
legs began to give way; the weight on her hand increasing to the point of
pain. Removing her hand from within the girl and placing them both upon her
head, she forced Brooke to the floor.

The blonde was relieved that the task of supporting herself was no longer an
issue. Sam gazed longingly at the fallen girl. She watched as the girl's
breasts expanded and contracted from her panting for breath. Waiting until
her lungs were once again filled with air, Sam raised the very skirt that
she had earlier borrowed from Brooke's closet and stepped forward smashing
her pussy upon the girl's face. In an attempt to give herself more leverage,
she squatted down, completely burying the girl's head between her thighs.
Brooke had become all too familiar with her current position as her tongued
raced across Sam's exposed flesh. Pulling her legs under her, Brooke was
able to assist in lower Sam's body to the carpeted floor, but her thighs
didn't give way with the change of her position. Sam was still in control
as she held the other girl's head between her legs.

Now with her back to the floor and her hands resting on Brooke's head, she
initiated hard pelvis thrusts into the mix. Sam's pelvic bone continually
struck Brooke's face as she grinded into the now helpless girl. Though
unable to budge her head, Brooke kept hard at work at bringing the other
girl off with her oral ministrations. The soft sensual licks and flesh
sucking had been replaced with jabs and continual oral assaults with tongue,
mouth, and teeth. Brooke raked her exposed teeth all over Sam's nubbin,
eliciting shrills of pain and pleasure from the girl, but Sam continued to
push down on her head with even more force. She wanted the girl's mouth to
become one with her inner self. The blonde closed her eyes and pushed her
tongue through the excess juices being released upon her body. Her sex
fluids now covered Brooke's face as she refused to relinquish her grasp on
Sam's rose bud. Sam was now causing herself pain as her pelvic grinds and
bumps increased with speed and force. Her mound was aching from her own
actions, not including the ones her tall, blonde lover was giving her.

Orgasm after orgasm racked the girl's laid out body, each taking their toll
on the situation at hand. Brooke could feel that she was now gaining the
upper hand and slowly the control of the floor action. She placed her hands
on the ground and pushed upwards causing Sam's legs and back to rise off
the ground. The move resembled more of a wrestling move than it did as an
attempt to expose the girl's ass...the very ass that she had previously had
the opportunity to invade. With Sam's energy-drained and satisfied body
raised off the floor, Brooke pushed her body forward giving her easy access
to her lover's backside.

Once in position, her fingers slid through her extremely tight, dark opening.
Her actions were quickly rewarded as another stream of gushing fluids leaked
from beneath the skirt. Raising her head, Brooke realized that in their
current intertwined position she could lookout at a large portion of the
store from beneath the opening of the door. Looking across the store she
saw her best friend staring back at her with an eagerness of lust in her
gaze. She was hot and bothered with no one to play with, but Brooke wasn't
about to give Sam up without a fight. Choosing to ignore her friend and
other partner, Brooke pushed her fingers further into Sam's backside and
drove her tongue as deep as she could into the girl's center of being.

Sam weakly opened her eyes as tears yet again flowed, her gaze resting on
the shorter blonde still standing by the salesgirl. The young brunette was
experiencing sex and pleasure like she had never dreamed before. "Those
dreams weren't nothing compared to this." thought Sam.

Closing her eyes again, she let her body relax as the latest orgasm violently
shook her body. Once free from the confines of the brunette's legs, Brooke
moved over Sam's prone body.

Looking up at the cream faced blonde, Sam could do nothing more than smile.
Brooke lowered her body until her breasts were laying on the others...face
to face, the girls both turned towards Nicole and the salesgirl.

The business-like dressed salesgirl stood beside the short, blonde high
school girl, frozen in a state of disbelief as she watched the other blonde
and brunette go at each other on the dressing room floor. Her view, though
covering quite a bit of footage, was miraculously unobstructed as her gaze
lingered on the action happening before her. Excitement built up in her
own body as her breasts hardened and began pressing against her white, silk

The impressions on the blouse left nothing to the imagination as the bitch
of Kennedy High would soon find out. Pulling her gaze from the two girls,
Nicole turned to find a wide-eyed, frozen stiff girl standing beside her.
Placing her hands on the woman's shoulders, Nicole shook her body, bringing
her back to the breathing and consciousness of the world. She couldn't help
but acknowledge the nipples that were standing out from the red head's chest.
With her own desires set a fire, Nicole Julian took matters into her own

"Okay young lady, I came here to shop, so lets start shall we. I'm in
the need of a major wardrobe overhaul especially in the undergarments and
lingerie department. So why don't we start with some panties first."
Turning her body 360 degrees, she scanned the store's mannequins and the
clothes they were displaying, but slowed as she passed the girl before her.
"This may sound like an awkward request, but how much for the panties you're

Upon hearing the uncalled for inquiry, the saleslady quickly turned to face
the source. "I beg your pardon? Mine are not for sale. Look around...
there are plenty of varies sizes, styles, and colors to choose from. Go
ahead and browse, look around a bit and have fun, but don't even think that
I'm as loose as your two friends. My undergarments are just that...mine...
and they're not for sale. Speaking of your two friends, I think it's time
to call security."

Spinning and looking around again in a mocking manner, "Yeah, I see those,
but it's the ones I don't see that intrigue me. So what's your price? Come
on, we all know that every girl has a what's yours? Maybe it's
not money you're interested in. I saw you staring at my two friends. They
are pretty hot. I could introduce you. Why be mean calling security when
you could be experiencing what they are right now?"

Starring back at the girls, the salesgirl hesitated as she thought over
Nicole Julian's offer. "For anything else money would be great, but I undergarments aren't for sale and neither am I. I would
appreciate it if you collected your friends and left the store."

"Okay, fine, be that way." Nicole stepped back in a pouting fashion and
right there, by the store's main counter, unbuckled her slacks and dropped
them and her soaked panties to the floor.

Nicole reached down to retrieve her fallen garments and decided that niceness
just wasn't meant for her. Facing the girl with a scowl look and holding
up the soiled material, "As you can see I really need a replacement pair.
Friends fucking in your dressing room or not, I came here to shop and that
is what I intend on doing. I'll collect my friends, as you put it, when I'm
finished with my own business. So why don't you get over your bitchiness
attitude and be the nice helper you are supposed to be to your much valued
and quite often returning customers and show me what you got?" Looking
around the store once again a bright smile came to her face. "Those over in
the corner there look pretty nice, how about those? I'm a size three and if
you say I'm not we will lay it down."

Slightly shaken at the sudden brash and openness of the girl before her, "Ah,
a lovely choice. I believe those over there are the Rose line; second only
to our angel line of garments. Yes, a very fine choice if you ask me."

"Perfect. Show me those. And after I'm bored looking at the cheap
non-fashionable can show me what I really came to buy. But
please do carry sometimes has rich rewards." The girl snarled
as she started towards the racks.

Nicole followed the salesgirl as she made her way towards the corner racks
of garments. With Nicole standing in the view of any customers or passerby's
out in the mall, she resorted to a move all to familiar. Bending and a
reaching down for the hemline of the salesgirl's khaki colored, business
skirt, she quickly raised it enough for her hand to reach between the
redhead's legs and grab a hold of her mound. Digging her fingers through
her panty lined material and into the girl's flesh, Nicole pulled up on her
inner walls causing the woman great pain. The blonde's other hand covered
her mouth in an attempt to limit her volume of pain.

Whispering into the woman's ear, "I know this is hurting you quite a bit
because I've been on the receiving end of this very move. I bet you feel
like I'm going to rip your pussy apart. Now, I'll ask you

"Just take them...take anything...just please release me." The woman
whispered back.

Wrenching her fingers in further and pulling upwards even harder, "I asked
how much? It's not like I want to steal them or anything...heck, that's a
crime. I'm willing to buy them from you. You just have to set a price.
I got money honey so just name your price."

"$1,000." leaked out of the girl's whimpering lips.

"A $1,000...that's highway robbery, but I guess it's worth it. A $1,000 it
is. Whom do I make the check out to?"

Unaware of her movements, the salesgirl gave Nicole all the information that
she wanted. The blonde tuned most of her answers out as she was assisting
the girl in a fucking motion. The woman's body was betraying her as it moved
to and from the embedded fingers reaching between her legs. Lowering her
upper body until her back was parallel to the floor, she started pushing
back and bending her legs, sending Nicole's fingers yet even further up her
channel of passion. Pulling the woman further into the corner, she pulled
her hand free and motioned for her to sit on the floor. Once in position,
Nicole straddled her body as she brought her hand back down to the waiting,
already cum filled pussy. With her weight behind her, Nicole was able to
easily slide her fingers through the nest of light colored hairs and into her
inner flesh. Her position allowed for further penetration, but her actions
soon stopped as she felt a barrier in her way.

Nicole couldn't believe what she was feeling and started to question the age
of the salesclerk. Not thinking much into the situation, she extended her
fingers out until they were tightly pressed against the woman's hymen and
without notice or any warning, she dropped her body full force on the prone
body sending her fingers flying through the barrier and deep within her body.
The woman cried and screamed out in pain, but Nicole's other hand muted the
sound. Once the screams had subsided, they both realized that all five of
Nicole's fingers were buried within her flesh. Upon realizing this, the
blood-covered fingers were pulled free and force-fed to the now much
struggling woman. Without thinking or considering her actions, Nicole
uncaringly forced the woman to lick up her own mix of juices and blood.
Nicole knew that she had stepped over the line and that there was no turning
back. Her lust and craving for sex had led her to rape a thought to be older
girl...or a mere well-developed and mature child.

With tears in her own eyes, Nicole leaned down to kiss the girl's lips while
her hands returned to their maiden voyage between her legs. Within minutes,
the atmosphere in the store changed as the girl was voluntarily bucking her
hips back up at the intruding fingers. What may have been signs of rape only
minutes before now looked like a mutual fucking in one of the many corners in
the store. Nicole couldn't believe her luck, as she was the one now on her
back and on the receiving end of a royal fist fucking as her thighs moistened
from the penetration and orgasmic arousal. Soon both their energy levels and
juices had lessened and they pulled apart from each other. Nicole just had
to know the answer to the nagging question, "So just how old are you? You
look 18 or 19, but a tightness like that and a hymen intact...I got to know."

"14...I'm 14 years old."

"Oh no, please tell me you're kidding? 14? Then how on earth did you get a
job here?"

"I don't work here. I fill in for my older sister sometimes when there isn't
anyone to help relieve her during her breaks. She's 19 and we look a lot
alike...face, size, breasts, and all."

"You mean there are two of you?"

With a sly grin forming on her face, "Yep...and she's a nymphomaniac. She's
bed many of her customers and I don't see her kicking you out of the store
anytime soon."

"Why would you say that?"

Pointing her finger in the direction behind Nicole's head. "Because she is
standing right behind you." Nicole turned to see a tall, dark complexion
redhead young woman staring down at her. There was frustration and anger
in the older girl's eyes.

The older girl broke the building silence. "So, you broke my sister in?
Well, how was she? From this vantage point she looks pretty good?"

Nicole's eyes widened as she nodded her head in response while starting to
make her way up onto her feet. Once standing she looked the older girl in
the face before turning and helping the girl's sister to her feet. Before
Nicole could turn back around, the actual salesgirl and sister to the other,
had her hands encased on Nicole's blouse and bra covered breasts.

Whispering into her ear, "Was there something you wanted from my sister...
before the make out session and all?" Feeling her nipples being pinched
harder, Nicole reached for the other girl's panties which she had no trouble
retrieving. "These."

"Well, aren't you going to tryout your new underwear? Ah, the hell with
it...just bend over." Unsure of her actions, Nicole slowly bent over at the
waist and awaited whatever was coming to her. Reaching into her pullover
jacket, the saleswoman pulled out her set of store keys that were attached
to a 3" wooden baton. Feeling no remorse or guilt, she positioned it at
the bent girl's anal opening and quickly pushed and forced the baton into
Nicole's backside until the keys were dangling against her bare ass. Nicole
wasn't going to give the older girl the satisfaction of hearing her scream
in pain so she fought to hold it in for the five minutes her ass was brutally
raped by one sister and then the other.

Meanwhile in the dressing room, Sam and Brooke watched what little they could
as their friend was being humiliated. Brooke was about to charge out the
room and help her out when Sam placed a hand on her shoulder and stopped her.

"Don't Brooke. It was coming...better someone else do it than me." She
further pushed on Brooke's shoulder until her head was once again buried
between her smooth, sweat covered bare thighs. Sam continued watching as
Nicole was further humiliated by being forced to fuck a clothes hanger
while gagging on her own soiled panties. She was getting a sense of
delight from the scene enfolding before her and from the tongue burrowing
itself between her legs.

By the time Sam and Brooke had dressed and exited the dressing room, now
wearing wrinkled clothes, it seemed as if hours had passed by when it fact
only a mere half hour or so had escaped their embrace. The salesgirl was
surprised to see the two girls retreating from the back of the store. They
stopped beside their partner and helped remove the hanger from within her
depths and helped retrieve her fallen and forgotten clothes. Remembering
where they were, they all quickly dressed and made themselves presentable.
Only a few shoppers had stopped to stare, but with the girls dressed again,
they went on about their doubt now sporting hardons.

Sam stepped up and introduced herself and her two lovers. "Hi, I'm Sam."
Turning to her side and pointing at the others, "And this beautiful young
lady is Brooke and you've already met Nicole."

"Well, we weren't formally introduced, but yeah, I guess you could say we've
made our acquaintances." The saleswoman turned to see that Nicole was still
rubbing her backside. Anal sex just wasn't the same without lubrication.
"I'm truly sorry for my actions, but seeing as how you took my baby sister's
cherry I took a chance and it paid off."

Her sister chimed in. "Yeah, a cherry for a cherry." Everyone snickered at
the girl's comment, but Nicole was too busy rubbing her hands over her sore
ass to pay them much attention.

"So, where you girls from?"

"We go to Kennedy High School."

"Yeah, is that so? Well, my sister will be going there next year. In fact,
my mom is a teacher there."

Sam smirked. "I know. She is my journalism teacher. She told me I should
stop by sometime and that you might be able to possibly hook me up on some

"What a small world. So you must be Samantha McPherson." Turning towards her
sister. "Sis, you know, the news prodigy that mom can't ever stop talking

"Oh my...after what I just got doing to you...and now you blush."

"Sorry Brooke, but it's the first time anyone has ever called me a prodigy.
And how on earth did you expect me to blush when I was having world-renowned
orgasms every few minutes? Now who's blushing?"

"I was that good? Guess I'm good at something besides just being a

"Oh wow, you're a cheerleader?"

"Yeah, but at Kennedy we are known as the Glamazons."

"I know, I've read all about your squad in the newspapers and the school
district's monthly journals. I want to tryout for them when I get there
next year. Think I might have a shot?"

"I don't know because I won't be there, but there is one test I can perform
to give you an idea." Before Brooke finished her sentence she was kneeling
before the 14 year old and was raising her skirt. Moving her head forward
she ran her tongue over the folds that encased her pussy; licking up whatever
juices were left from her and Nicole's earlier romp. Pulling back and
lowering her skirt she pulled the girl down until their lips met.

The girl's older sister wasn't keen on the girl's motives as she brought her
hand around and upon Brooke's breasts. Sam just stood back and admired what
could easily have resembled an art form. Reaching over, she cupped the older
girl's ass cheeks in her hands as they all mutually kneaded the flesh within
their hands. A moment passed as Brooke stood back up and leaned in to kiss
her soon-to-be-sister, Sam.

Turning back to the other girls, "With a taste that good, I can tell you
which girls would vote you on the squad next year." The younger girl blushed
as she mockingly hid her face in her hands.

Minutes later, Sam, Brooke, and Nicole were being shown all the latest and
sexiest styles that the 'Secret' had to offer. Once their outfits had been
chosen and paid for the girls said their goodbyes and started for the exit.
Sam stopped and told the girls that she forgot something and would only be
a minute.

A few seconds later, Sam reappeared before the two sisters. "Would it be
too much trouble if I asked for a major favor?" A couple minutes after that,
Sam joined her partners in the mall's corridor. As they exited the mall and
put their merchandise in the trunk of Nicole's car, Sam stealthily moved a
videotape from underneath her shirt and hid it in one of her sales bags.
Guess Victoria was about to have a few more secrets.

(To be continued in Chapter 13)


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