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Popular: Popular Partners Part 14
by DCForever

Twenty minutes later in the morning, Kennedy High's hallways were slowly
filling up with students. On a normal school day, students would be gathered
around talking, going over notes, figuring out how to get out of detention or
just primping in front of their small locker mirrors...normal school related
activities, but today wasn't going to be just another day. The halls were a
buzz with talking, chatting, and the spreading of vicious rumors...rumors
that hardly anyone felt could be true, but rumors or possibly truth

In keeping with their regular routines, Sam McPherson held off entering
through the sacred double glass doors until her partners were well into their
confident, sexy strides. Opening the doors leading from the school's outside
lawn into the confines of a locker lined hallway already crowded with the
fellow high school students, Brooke McQueen and her best friend and lover,
Nicole Julian, began their stroll as they headed towards their respective
lockers. As they walked with confidence and head turning smiles, students
and teachers alike glared at the two blonde girls' bodies and admired their
beauty and grace. It was a thing of normalcy for the girls to get this kind
of reaction from their friends and foes, but little did they know that
normalcy was only half of the reason for the stares and chattering.

Brooke noticed a few differences in the whispering and stares as they neared
their lockers.

Turning to the other blonde, "Nicole, does something seem a little
different...out of place like?"

Looking around before responding. "Besides a note hanging out of your
locker, I can't say it does."

"Do you think they know or suspect anything?"

"Brooke, you're being paranoid. These losers always whisper when we're
around. They admire us or hate us...either way they totally wish they could
be us."

"I don't know...something seems different...quieter than usual, but maybe
you're right. It just feels like the looks are more concrete." Turning her
head and making eye contact with one of the male students, "There. Take
that Lucas kid over there...I can't remember a day when he has been able to
look me straight in the eye...and not only is he looking...he's mad staring."

Turning around to look at the kid. "Maybe the nerd is breaking out of his
loser shell; such a pity though. It's such a waste of time and effort
because without nerd ship he is nothing. He certainly doesn't have the body
or looks to succeed with anyone of decent reputation in this school. If he
isn't a geek with glasses then he is nothing at all."

Shooting her face in Nicole's direction. "That was plain mean. No one
deserves to be talked about like that...even if it is coming from you.
No, something is definitely going on. Oh my you see
that?" Pointing to a nearby corner, "The Triad are looking this way and doubt about us. Something is definitely afoot here."

"Paranoid beyond reasoning and comprehension much, are we?"

"I'm not paranoid. What did we learn last year about The Triad? Don't you
remember their number one rule?"

"Yeah I remember. Something like Thou shalt not consult with, talk to, or
talk about the likes of a Glamazon in the presence of a Glamazon."

"Close enough. Well don't you think it is kind of against their code of
conduct to be looking and whispering about us?"

"They're just lesbian freaks that mean nothing to this school and shouldn't
even register on our popular screen of existence."

"Does that stand true for ourselves as well, Nic? Do you think we're
freaks...or maybe that I'm a freak for having sex with you and Sam?"

"Us. Freaks? No way. We are so above the likes of The Triad girls."

" what ways are we above or better than them?"

Pulling open her locker and reaching for her books. "We just are. We're
popular, pretty, date the hottest guys, and are always in touch with the
latest and coolest fashion styles. We are like gods or goddess in this

Slightly shaking her head from side-to-side. "I don't know about you, but
Laura and Sandy...they are two very attractive girls. Only difference I see
between them and us...or what I believe to be an us...well, they are open
about their love for each other and it seems we never will." Brooke turned
her head fighting back attempts of tears.

Nicole reached over and pulled Brooke's face back towards her's. "Hey, don't
make me out to be the bad guy. Okay, I'll admit that Laura has a cuteness
about her, but that doesn't change the fact that she and her groupies are

In an attempt to block out her friend's last comment, Brooke holds back her
response as she pulls out the note protruding from the side of her locker.
Opening it, she read. 'Hello beautiful. You don't know how long I've waited
to be able to write something like this to you. For years now you've been on
my mind and in many of mine and my friends' fantasies. You are a goddess to
us girls. We don't know why people like to call us The Triad when we really
are no different than anyone else in the school. And now that you are out
or seem to be coming out, we would like to invite you to a party at Sandy's
house this weekend. We'll be there along with some of our swinger friends
from around the county. I truly would love a chance to show you what making
love to another girl was all about. I bet that your thighs are creaming up
just at the thought. Hope to see you there, goddess my sweet.'

The letter dropped from Brooke's grasp as her head now supported her body
against her metal locker. Nicole reached down to retrieve the letter and
nosily read the letter for herself. Upon completing the letter, Nicole
turned and gave the girls in the corner a stare of hatred. Laura took in
the stare and answered with a tongue swipe across her upper lip. Smiling
upon the shorter blonde, the brunette, Laura, took a fellow Triad girl and
started kissing her right there. Nicole's face was turning red from the
anger that was slowly building in her body. A cartoon version of the girl
would have had steam rising from her head. Turning back she placed an arm
across Brooke's shoulders as her head was still leaning against her locker.

"Don't worry, Brooke...they have no proof." With her head still in contact
with the metal, Brooke turned her head towards the shorter blonde.

"Brookie, honey, say it isn't true." A familiar voice rang out through the
halls as he came closer.

Nicole intercepted yet another blonde. "Mary Cherry, now isn't the time."

Ignoring the girl that she usually looked up to. "Are the petty little
rumors true? Say it isn't so. Please tell little ol' me that you two are
doing the nasty, milking each other dry, and tooting each other's horns."
Looking Brooke solidly in the eyes. "Brooke, have your small, pretty shade
of lipstick covered lips touched Satan over here's pubes? Have you two
become lovers?" Brooke didn't know how to respond, but good ol' Nicole was
more than up for the task.

"MC, where in the hell would you have gotten a crazy idea like that? What
girl in her right mind doesn't want to be the most popular and queen of
Kennedy? Who doesn't want to walk in Brooke McQueen's shoes? I know myself
and you included would cherish the honor...", raising her voice above a
whisper for the masses to hear, "...but would I or anyone else sink to the
lowest of lows and have sex with her just so they can be known by association
through her...I think not. No offense Brooke, but your pussy is no better
than my own. So hell no, we are not lovers...and whoever started such an
untrue rumor should be ashamed of themselves and better pray that I don't
find out who. Just because we like some of the same things and hang out
together doesn't make us lovers. Mary Cherry...we hang out at the mall,
very little, but we do hang out...does that mean we have sex together."

Turning and scanning the crowd that had grown in size, "What about Spam
McPherson over there. Her and her cronies hardly ever leave each other's
side...does that mean they are all lesbians? Okay, I take that back. I
always knew there was something wrong with her. So yeah, they probably
are. And their lackey, John Harrison, is probably gay, because I certainly
haven't found any proof that he's ever had a girl."

Only minutes before, long, sexy, brunette haired Samantha McPherson entered
the school's halls and met up with her friends, Lily, Carmen, and Harrison,
by her locker.

"Oh hey, Sam?"

"Hey, Lil. What's going on?"

"Oh nothing, but it won't be long before the shit hits the fan."

"Yeah and it's going to be a wad." added Carmen.

"Okay girls, what is going on? What are you two talking about."

"They're talking about Brooke and Nicole."

"Harrison, what about Brooke and Satan?"

"Well, there is a rumor going around that someone caught the two of them in
bed together."

"WHAT?" Sam screamed out and immediately turned towards Lily.

"What are you looking at me for? I haven't a clue as to who started such a
justly rumor."

"Justly, you say?" Sam pushed Lily out of her way as she opened her locker
and dispensed of her books. Turning around and scanning the halls, she
finally spotted Brooke and Nicole. The taller blonde was resting her head
against her locker and Nicole was shooting a death stare at someone out of
her line of sight.

"It's not supposed to happen this way," thought Sam as she heard a loud
familiar voice down the hall. Questioning her friends while facing away.
"You did say just Brooke and Nicole, right?"

"Yeah...that's the rumor."

"Does the rumor say where this act of lesbianism may have taken place?"

"I've heard the park."

"Well, I heard they were caught parking on the side of the road."

"What about you, Lily...what did you hear?"

Lily stayed silent as she took a minute to think. She was starting to
question her best friend's questions. "Could there have been more to what
I saw? Brooke and Nicole were naked on Brooke's bed and kissing. Sam was
wearing a robe when she came down to greet me. And instead of her bedroom
she wanted me to wait for her in Brooke's room because her room was occupied
or some non-critical reason. No, it couldn't...there is no way that Sam...
Sam you wouldn't...or would you? She has been keeping to herself a lot

"Well, there?"

Realizing that her action may come back to haunt her and her friend, "It
really doesn't matter what I've heard. There are multiple rumors floating
around...who knows if any of them are true?"

"Stop hiding Lily. You know you were the one to start the rumor. I was
afraid that might have been the reason you rushed out the house yesterday
without an explanation. So you finally got something worthiness of a
Popular Crusade and you didn't hold back. How can I blame you after
everything they have put all of us through." Sam thought in silence as
she watched and listened to the scene taking place down the hall.

She was brought out of her thought process when Nicole turned her
aggression on her and pointed her and her friends out to the masses.

"Don't do it, Nicole," mouthed Sam as Nicole ignored the warning and
continued with her verbal assault.

Sam knew that she had to take some action. She just couldn't stand there
and take Nicole's insults and harsh was so unlike her to not
counter attack.

Without a moment of clear thought, she knew that she would probably regret
whatever spilled from her mouth.

Raising her voice to match the level of her attacker's, "And who are you
to say that there is anything wrong with being a lesbian? Lets just say
for an instant that you are right and me and my friends are homosexuals."
She immediately felt Lily and Carmen's fists lightly hit her back. "I
really don't see where that would be such a bad thing. They are both sexy
in their own way and I would feel honored if they would have me as their
lover, but we don't have to worry about that, because they aren't
homosexuals. And I'll be the first to confirm that my bud Harrison,
though he may kill me later, has had a girl...and she is standing in this
very hall."

She felt two masculine arms embrace her from behind. "Thank you." Sam
smiled at the show of affection.

"I on the other hand could careless what you think I might be, Nicole.
Call me homo, lesbo, nerdy, geeky, retarded, loser, unpopular, lowest scum
on earth...coming from you; I know whatever you think up in that very small
ego tripping brain of're so much worse. Call it an ego if you
must, but know that I'm ten times the person you are. Love is's a way of being and a way of living. Female or male...
doesn't matter where it comes from." Sam began walking toward the two
blondes, not quite sure what she was saying. She was going off in many
different directions.

Brooke was now completely focused on her soon-to-be-stepsister as she peeked
around Nicole's shoulder. She knew that as soon as Sam started that there
would be no turning back...on Sam's part of her own.

The crowd thinned out and parted to each side of the hall as Sam made her
way down the hall. "I've heard it all from you and your friends since I
started at this school. You've trashed my newspaper columns and friends
and in retaliation I fought back. I'm tired of fighting. I say we draw
a line between your kind and my kind right now. Being popular, unpopular,
heterosexual, or other...well, they are just titles. They don't mean a
thing in the grand scheme of things. The only thing that matters is
happiness, honesty, knowing you've met the person that you want to spend
the rest of your life with, and acceptance. My friends and myself...yes,
at one time we wanted to know what it meant to be popular, to be accepted,
but over the years we've determined that you don't have to be popular or
snot-nosed to be accepted. Times have changed and people have changed as
well, but be prepared for more and more changes soon to come. Thing won't
be simple...possibly down right hard at times, but through acceptance and
love anything is possibly."

As Sam continued her counter attack of a speech, the sandy blonde haired,
Sandy rested her head on her friend, Laura's shoulder. "Hey Laura, look
over there."

Laura's attention left the slow moving Sam and followed her friend's finger
as it rested in view of Brooke McQueen. "Is she crying?"

"Looks that way to me. Guess she's already spoken for."

"It's a shame, but that McPherson girl is a catch in herself. Things are
definitely about to change around here." She rested her head against her

Brooke gave up the fight and allowed the tears to flow from her eyes. She
realized the deeper meaning of Sam's words and her heart was all a glow
waiting for the moment that she was certain would happen.

Sam continued. "I know you may have been protecting yourself, Nicole and
your precious reputation and that is quite alright. I can not stand here
and question your own sexuality as you do mine." Sam knew she could bring
Nicole down with her, but decided against it. She would have to deal with
the consequences. "I don't know, maybe it's just time that I drop my
charade and come out and say it? Yeah, I think it is. I'm gay. Wow,
that was easier than I thought it would be."

Staying quite until her moment had arrived. "See everyone, she admitted it.
Sam McPherson admitted that she was gay."

Someone from the crowd yelled out, "And your point is?"

Not holding back. "The point is...she admitted it. So now she is a loser
and a gay all the same. Guess she will fit right in with The Triad now."

"Nicole, after looking at all these people, I'm realizing that being an
open gay person isn't all that bad. I'm sure ridicule will come with the
out-ness, but if I can handle your demented remarks and accusations then
I think nothing will change."

Out of the blue, a voice was heard from behind the shorter blonde.
Stepping out from behind Nicole's body. "Things will change, Sam.
Things have already begun changing." She began a slow walk towards
the brunette.

"Lily, what is going on here?" Carmen questioned the Latino.

Smiling down the hall at the braveness and radiating confidence of her best
friend. "Changing of the guard, Carmen...changing of the guard."

Harrison stepped between the two girls and placed an arm upon each of their
shoulders. "It sure is a beautiful thing to witness."

Meanwhile, Brooke and Sam continued advancing towards each other. "Choices
have to made. Good. Bad. Either way, they still have to be made. And
those choices are what we have to live by. I guess all my life I have been
part of the popular crowd...the accepted crowd as you so nicely put it. It
isn't what everyone thinks it is. And Nicole, you can walk in my shoes
anytime you want. In fact, here you go...they are yours." The tall blonde
stopped for a moment as she slipped off her shoes and left them on the floor.
"All yours. I have new shoes that I want to try out."

Sam smiled and began tearing up as she now faced her lover, friend, and
soon-to-be-stepsister. Only a few inches separated the blonde and brunette
as they stared into each other's eyes while the whole student body looked
on. "You were right, Brooke, choices do have to be made."

"And you as well, were right, Sam. That acceptance is part of life and
changes." Reaching out and embracing the girl...lips on the verge of
touching. "Samantha McPherson, do you accept my unconditional love?"
The sound of surrounding chattering voices became louder as books, purses,
and instruments hit the floor as the students were in shock at witnessing
the scene unfolding before them.

"Brooke McQueen, do you accept mine?" Nicole's heart and eyes seemed to
freeze at the moment the two girls' lips pressed into each other's. She
knew that she could have been the third leg of a mutual three-way kiss,
but she had made her choice. In front of the whole school, she couldn't
admit that she loved both Brooke and Sam as much, if not more than they
loved each other. Her moment in the sun was lost...along with the only
true love(s) she had ever felt.

* * *

Some months later, the girls graduated from Kennedy High School and prepared
themselves for the real world...and what lied ahead for sisterhood. Their
parents, Jane McPherson and Mike McQueen, had followed through with their
nuptials and were wed at the end of the girls' school year. Though they
were able to come out and express their mutual love in front of their fellow
friends and classmates, they weren't able to bring themselves to tell their
parents. A year and a half escaped the two lovers as Sam, immediately after
graduation, joined a major newspaper staff in New York. It was her 'Popular
Partners: The Coming Together and Coming Out of Two High School Teens' school
article that she had written on request for a one Ms. Ross, Journalism
Teacher of the Year nominee, that had won her the job.

A year without Sam was a year Brooke has not been ready for, but she had
plenty of time to think. She stayed around Kennedy High for a year after
her graduating year. Over the summer, the former cheerleading coach had
approached her about not returning and asked if Brooke would be interested.
After some time and a few phone calls to Sam, she agreed to help out for a
year or until a suitable replacement could be found. A major contributing
factor in her decision was knowing that with her still hanging around
Kennedy that Nicole still wouldn't be on top as she was returning as a
senior for yet another year.

Having dropped her journalism class after Sam and Brooke's public display,
Nicole was forced to repeat the twelfth grade. The first day of school the
returning year, she knew she had made the wrong choice yet again by dropping
her class the previous year. Stepping through the very doors she had stepped
through a year earlier, she watched as Ms. Ross talked with a taller, red
haired girl. Ms. Ross introduced Nicole to her daughter and later that week
Nicole had to watch as all the guys flaunted around the gorgeous, new
freshmen Glamazon. Brooke phoned Sam and told her about everything that was
going on with the squad and eventually with herself and Nicole.

Seems the Ross's had received a videotape in the mail that allowed the
youngest daughter to get an edge over Satan herself. On a few occasions
practices were drawn out longer than expected. And on such rare occurrences,
Brooke had witnessed many of the cheerleaders, now a full squad of fourteen,
using and abusing the girl once known as Satan, as much as they wanted. She
even heard of special practices being held at a couple of the girls' houses
on the weekends that were mandatory and authorized by the team captain, a
sandy blonde haired girl named Sandy.

Brooke never let on to Nicole or any of the girls that she knew of their
practices, but she was given a few opportunities to rekindle the taste of a
certain redhead's juices as she rode her face in Brooke's coaching office.
Sam and Brooke knew that their love was strong and that a girl had needs
that sometimes had to be satisfied. Sam had an intern copy editor that
frequently visited the underside of her desk in New York, when given the
opportunity. Brooke met the short girl on one of her many visits to the
big city and approved of her oral talents.

Now Brooke and Sam are together at last and living in a nice sized condo in
the upper side of New York City, with their 8 month old daughter, Katleen
Marie. They are preparing to send out wedding invitations to their family
and friends and will be spending their honeymoon at the Ross's lakeside
cabin in the beautiful Canadian countryside.

The End.

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