Powerpuff Girls: Sex In The City Part 1 - It Begins (g-mast,voy,drugs)
by Hairy Gregory

"Lifeform #8472B slash 926fddf888, you may now present your case before the
intergalactic tribunal."

"Thank you, your honour", said lifeform #8472B slash 926fddf888, although
he, or rather it, was known more commonly as Pqtr. He stood and began his
prepared speech.

"I have been doing research into synthetic viral forms of emotions and
feelings common to most galactic life forms; discovering that the negative
emotions are too powerful to control, I focused on the positive ones,
specifically on the emotion of Love. Having perfected the Love virus to the
best of my knowledge, I now wish to begin conducting tests to see if it works
and how potent it may be."

The three lords conversed briefly, before reaching a consensus.

"Very well," said the one seated in the middle, "testing privileges


"...on the condition that only one test subject is used, from a planet which
is easy to quarantine from the galactic populace."

"Oh, don't worry your honour, I already have the perfect planet in mind",
said Pqtr, rubbing his hands together in pure glee.

* * *

"98...99...100! Here I come, ready or not!" Blossom called out, as she opened
her eyes and looked around the empty neighbourhood. Blossom and her sisters,
Bubbles and Buttercup, who together comprised the world's cutest superheroes,
the Powerpuff Girls, were playing a game of hide and seek along with their
next door neighbour and best friend, Robyn Snyder, as well as another school
friend of Bubbles', Mike Believe.

They had agreed that X-ray vision was cheating, but no-one had said anything
about super-hearing, so Blossom tuned her hearing and listened for the
slightest sound from either of her friends. She quickly floated up into the
tree that she had been leaning against, and tagged Mike.

"Aww man - not again!" Mike said, disappointed at being caught so easily.

"Well, Mike", Blossom said, as she carried him to the ground, "perhaps you
should try hiding further away next time?"

* * *

"Search that planet for a really good test subject," Pqtr told his assistant,
Nbd, as they busied themselves around the small science vessel's control

Nbd began the scans of the small blue planet before asking Pqtr, "what do you
mean 'good'?"

Pqtr became mildly frustrated at the simple question. Waving his appendages
around in a way that was meant convey his point, but failed utterly to do so,
he said, "Someone we can track easily."

The computer interrupted, stating, "Suitable life forms found; energy
readings far in excess of other life forms on planet."

"Like that", Pqtr said, pleased. "Display their physical attributes,

On three screens at the rear of the control room, biometric data began
scrolling, showing much physiological data on Blossom, Bubbles, and

"Excellent...I think we'll infect her with the Love virus, and then monitor
the results from a safe distance."

* * *

The game of hide and seek had now long finished; Robyn had been found hiding
underneath her parents' upturned kayak; Bubbles had been hiding at the bottom
of a nearby lake; and Buttercup had been hiding in a small cave on the far
side of the moon. Now, they had all had their dinner and gone to their
separate rooms, as Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup had each requested a
modicum of privacy from one another as some time had passed.

Buttercup was jumping up and down on her bed in time to the rock'n'roll music
playing on her stereo. Blossom was sitting quietly at her desk, finishing a
report due in at school the following week.

Bubbles was lying on her stomach on her bed, kicking her bare feet in the air
behind her idly as she drew a fairytale-like scene.

A tiny rocket flew in through her open window, being remote-controlled by
Pqtr back on his spaceship. Instead of a warhead, it held an equally tiny
hypodermic syringe, filled with a small sample of the Love virus. It zipped
across the room before Bubbles even knew it was there, jabbed the syringe
into Bubbles' bare sole, injecting her with the virus, and then
auto-destructed by simply turning to dust. The injection was so small,
Bubbles didn't even notice it.

As Bubbles began adding a knight in shining armour to her scene, her thoughts
began to drift away from the picture she was making, towards other matters...

* * *

"Injection successful, Pqtr", Nbd confirmed.

"Good, good..." Pqtr muttered to himself, as he watched the scene on the main
viewscreen. A camera mounted on the craft's exterior was transmitting images
back to the two crew, showing Bubbles lying on her bed even though they were
hundreds of miles up and their was a roof in the way, as the camera was
showing a thermal image of the land below.

"Infection is spreading as planned. The virus has latched on to her DNA..."

"Is it infectious, Pqtr?" asked Nbd, who had helped in it's actual creation,
but was not privy to all the specifics.

"No, not in the slightest Nbd - it records the subjects DNA; then, if it is
passed on to another being, it recognises the different DNA and destroys
itself, thereby remaining entirely self-contained. I'll inject her with the
antivirus in a few days, once we have collected enough..."

"Warning", the computer interrupted, "viral mutation occurring."

"What the...?"

"The computer is correct," Nbd said, rapidly checking instruments, "it's
mutating at a massive rate. The girl's readings are becoming erratic, too".

Indeed they were. Bubbles's thermal readings were beginning to fluctuate.

"Great - what went wrong?" Pqtr asked, equally angry and terrified at the
thought of what may happen to him for gross negligence in scientific testing.
Upon studying Bubbles' data more closely, he spotted the cause.

"What is it, Pqtr?" Nbd asked, also growing worried.

"Xaquite", muttered Pqtr under his breath, but Nbd heard him anyway.

"You mean in her body?"

"Yes - the fool must've injected herself with it at some point, though I
don't know why. That accounts for the high-energy readings we got, as well
as the mutations. Nbd, prepare for hyperwarp jump - we're getting out of
here before anyone finds out we were involved."

"Wouldn't they give us the benefit of the doubt?" Nbd asked, even as she
prepped the ship for the jump.

"Nbd, you're a nice girl, but very naive. The authorities don't bother to ask
questions; they'll just incarcerate us. Now, go!"

* * *

Back on earth, the girls had by now gone to bed, as it was getting quite
late - about ten o'clock. Blossom was sleeping peacefully, Buttercup was
having her typical dreams of beating up villains (complete with punching and
kicking in her sleep), and Bubbles was half-asleep, lying curled up in the
foetal position under her blankets, and rolling from side to side trying to
get comfortable.

"Oh darn, it's just too hot", she mumbled to herself, "I know what will
help - a glass of warm milk." So saying, she pushed back her blankets and
floated downstairs to avoid making any noise.

One glass of warm milk later, and Bubbles was indeed feeling more drowsy than
before and, finding it difficult to stay aloft or to keep her eyes open for
much longer, drifted sleepily back up to her room and onto her bed, not
bothering with the blankets because of the heat. Just as she was about to
doze off...


A cat jumped on the rubbish bin outside, and complete removed her from the
Sandman's clutches.

"Oh pooh!"

Unable to get back the feeling of tiredness, she rolled over and lay there
in the dark, on her stomach with her face on her pillow, contemplating the
drawing she had done earlier of a knight in shining armour saving a damsel
in distress, and the large sword that he carried with him...the large

Without even realising what she was doing, she had at some point started to
slide back and forth slightly along the length of the mattress, with her one
foot hooked behind the other ankle and rubbing her thighs together a little
as well. Her little nipples rubbed against the bed as well through the thin
material of her nightdress and very rapidly hardened into tiny sensitive
pebbles. Her fingers began to flutter on the bed either side of her, as
though she was unsure of what to do with her hands.

After several minutes of rubbing against the bed, her back was starting to
feel sore and she was quite warm and perspiring, but her arousal was neither
diminished nor particularly increased. Rolling on to her back, she continued
rubbing her thighs together and began to stroke her hard nipples through the
nightie, causing the skin to tighten even more. Her eyelids flickered and
closed, and she bit down lightly on her lower lip and groaned as the pleasure
began to take control of her.

"Mmmhmmm...ooooooooh..." she moaned, trying to remain quiet enough not to
wake her sisters or father, as she squirmed about on the bed. Growing more
desperate, she raised and spread her legs and lifted her nightdress up to
her waist; with her left hand alternating between softly pinching and
stroking first one nipple and breast, then the other, she let her right
hand glide slowly, slowly down...

"Oooooooh yesssssss...mmmmmmmmmm........aaahhh, that feeeeeels sooooooo
goooooooooood...........ummmmm......ohhhhhhhh g-g-goddddddd" she stuttered,
as her fingers found their intended target and began stroking the edges of
the small slit between her legs. Her thighs clenched and relaxed rhythmically
as the sensations continued to grow.

In her mind's eye, Bubbles pictured the knight - out of armour, of course -
stride up to her, sweeping her literally off of her feet, and carrying her
over to a conveniently nearby king-sized bed, lowering her down gently so
that her head rested on the soft pillows and she was comfortable, and then
climbed onto the bed alongside her.

"I-I-I-I-I-I'm scared", she managed to stammer out, as the unnamed knight
tried to spread her legs. Relenting, he began to caress and massage the
flesh of her thighs, whispering sweet nothings into her ear at the same
time. Gradually, Bubbles began to relax under his gentle touch, and her
legs unclenched, though they remained closed. As the light touches
continued, Bubbles began to squirm from side to side a bit, and her pussy
moistened quickly. In a heartbeat, the knight was astride the Powerpuff,
revealing his already erect and leaking cock to her briefly before plunging
into her, hard.

"MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........ohhhhhh YES!" Bubbles nearly screamed at the top
of her voice as she stuck first a single finger into her now wet pussy and
pumped her finger in and out, soon adding a second finger as she rapidly
became so wet that it was easy to slide the both fingers in.

Cupping her left breast in her other hand, the blonde girl gave it a slight
squeeze and her back arched off the bed as the tingle of electric energy that
shot through her whole body. Her leg muscles tightened to the consistency of
hardened steel, as the first small tremors signalling an approaching orgasm
rocked her to her soaking core.

oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaa.....that's gooooooooooooooooooooooooood..........."

Bubbles had by now pretty much given up trying to stay quiet - when she
came, it was clearly going to be impossible to stay quiet anyway, so why even
bother? She imagined that her fingers thrusting in her dripping snatch were
actually the knight's dick, and the picture that was painted in her fantasy
made her tremble and moan loudly as her whole body was now dripping in sweat
and her own juices.

Her fingers pushed hard inside her, tearing through her hymen, but she was so
wrapped up in the feelings that she never even knew, as a little blood began
to ooze slowly out of her. The loss of control from so much pleasure made her
flex her fingers and toes as far as they would go, and when her fingertip
rubbed against her G-spot, her whole body violently spasmed, making the
entire bed shake.


Bubbles body was slick with sweat, pushing down with all her considerable
might with her feet against the mattress, sliding her feet all over as she
tried to grip with them useless, preparing herself for the inevitable and
impending climax. Her hips drove repeatedly against her hand, trying to
increase her bliss as much as possible.

Everything clenched. Her toes curled tightly, grabbing the mattress cover as
she tried to hold on to the bed with her feet. Her pussy contracted equally
hard around her fingers, milking them for all it was worth, and her stomach
tightened. Just in time, she removed her left hand from her chest and stuck
her whole fist in her mouth, biting down on it to muffle the screams of
passion emanating from her at that moment, so that all that came out was a
relatively quiet sustained grunting. In actuality, Bubbles' sonic scream
power was in effect, at a much greater level than usual, at the moment of her
peak. Bubbles' pussy gushed, covering her bed and her right hand and arm in
her girl cum and the last few strings of semi-dried blood.

Some minutes later, when Bubbles had extricated her hand from her mouth and
caught her breath, she got up and staggered rather weakly to her ensuite
bathroom (each girls' bedroom has its' own bathroom). Leaning against the
basin, she stared at her reflection in the mirror, examining her flushed
appearance, the vaguely glazed look in her eyes, and finally began to sponge
down her right arm, and everything below the waist.

Then, too tired to do anything else that night, she stumbled back over to her
bed and fell onto it, face down, asleep before her head even hit the pillow.

Bubbles had very, very pleasant dreams that night.


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