Practice: When Sociopaths Go To Work (MF,MM,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Attorney Alan Shore looked at Eleanor Frutt, his longtime friend. He smiled
at her. Eleanor smiled back. Currently, Eleanor was on her hands and knees,
with her skirt pulled down. Her large bottom was spread wide open, and her
tight asshole was tight no more. Alanís hard dick was buried deep inside
her, where the sun didn't shine. Slowly, Eleanor let out her breath.

Alan Shore pulled his cock out of Eleanor's butt hole, and spat in her hole.
He placed his cock right back inside and shoved it as deep as it would go.
He placed his hands on Eleanor's hips and thrust into him. Eleanor screamed
as Alan fucked her. He slammed his cock deep where the sun didn't shine. He
smacked her thick ass with the back of his hand. Eleanor yelped. Alan Shore
laughed as he came, sending his hot seed deep into the big woman's bowels.
How did we get here? Well, that's a story in itself.

Anyone who knows Alan Shore has reason to admire and fear him. He's a tall,
dark and handsome, and completely amoral. Alan Shore is a sociopath. He
does not feel remorse. He does not feel pity. He is ruthless and efficient.
Manipulation and deception are natural abilities that he was born with. He
is quite possibly the best damn defense attorney on the planet. Why? He is
not only talented but unburdened by morals, ethics or rules. Alan Shore
always wins. He's unbeatable. Why? Simply because he's not above doing
anything in order to win.

Alan Shore recently sued the law firm of Donald, Young & Frutt. Why? Because
one of the firm's senior partners, a tall, good-looking black man named
Eugene Young had fired Alan Shore for being a sociopath but after benefiting
from Alan Shore's ruthless business tactics. Alan brought the firm nine
million dollars in less than one year. He was the best damn defense attorney
on the planet. A judge's worst fear and a prosecutor's worst nightmare. He
was every defendant's dream. Oh, yeah, he had it like that.

After his stunning victories, Alan Shore went out to celebrate. He
encountered a handsome lawyer named Bobby Donald. Bobby was a tall,
good-looking man with dark hair and dark eyes. Little did Alan Shore
know that this man used to be his old firm's senior partner. Bobby
was in the process of divorcing his wife, a beautiful lawyer named
Lindsay Dole. Things didn't work out between them, no matter they

Alan Shore took Bobby Donald home, for a little fun. Bobby Donald was a
budding bisexual whose very own bisexual experimentation ended abruptly in
college. He used to sleep with boys but he hid it nowadays. He led the life
of a straight man. He had fallen in love with a woman and chosen to repress
his sexual desires for men. Now that he was separated, he decided to enjoy
himself. Alan Shore, bisexual con artist and cunning sociopath and seducer
that he was, appeared more than willing to help this guy experiment.

They went home, and did the do. Alan Shore bent Bobby Donald over and spread
the other man's butt wide open. He pressed his cock against Bobby's ass, and
pushed. Bobby gasped as Alan fucked him. Alan fucked him hard, shoving his
cock deep inside the other man's ass. Oh, yeah. There was nothing Alan Shore
loved more than fucking a tight ass. He didn't care about the gender of the
person he was fucking. He fucked Bobby hard, until he finally came.

Bobby Donald left Alan Shore's apartment not long after. Bobby felt both
angry and humiliated yet he also felt both abased and alive after being
fucked by Alan Shore, the cocky bisexual Bad Boy who picked him up at a
bar. He went to drown his sorrows into the arms of the only person who
ever understood him. His former rival and lover, district attorney Helen
Gamble. They used to date in college. She knew that he was bisexual and
never told anyone about it. They loved each other, once.

When Bobby Donald knocked on Helen Gamble's door, she came to open it,
wearing a T-shirt and panties. She was surprised to see him at this hour.
Bobby looked at her, his eyes filled with pain. Ever since Lindsay Dole,
his soon-to-be ex-wife ditched him, he had been having one-night-stands
with strangers of both sexes and basically drinking himself to death.
Helen welcomed him inside, and hugged him.

Alan Shore left his apartment shortly after Bobby Donald left. He went to
visit his best friend, and former co-worker, Eleanor. In all the world, this
was the only person who could stand him. If he could love, she'd be the one
he picked. Unfortunately, Alan Shore was a remorseless, emotionless super
predator. Incapable of genuine affection. The closest thing he felt that
could be compared to love and affection was directed at Eleanor Frutt.

Eleanor got up from bed, and saw Alan Shore. He was standing there, stark
naked. He winked at her. She smiled at him. Who in hell did he think he was?
Always so sure of himself. She was about to psyche herself up into asking him
to leave, when she saw a twinkle in his eye. He smiled at her, with love in
his gaze. Eleanor's heart skipped a beat. Could it be? Alan was returning her
love after all these years? She went to him, knowing that she was going to
whatever he asked, and regret it in the morning.

The End


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