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Description: When two fighters who claim (truthfully or not) to have never
lost face off, one's going to have to eat dirt.

Content Codes: MF, viol, rape, mutil, snuff

Louisiana Pit Fight: Sandi Stone Vs Jody
by JD ([email protected])

It gets hot in the south, `specially in the high part of summer. It was past
noon, so there was some shadow down in the pit, but the fighters stood in the
sun. The pit was about twenty feet across and deep enough that nobody could
get back out without a rope from above. The crowd of rednecks and shitkickers
who normally turned up for the bouts was swelled to twice its size by a
busload of woman who'd come to watch the challenger. A few of the rednecks
weren't happy to see two or three black women, being hardcore idiot racists.

The only man who had come down with the muscular crowd of female bodybuilders
was a pathetic specimen called Danny. He stood away from both crowds,
deprived even of his minor importance in holding a towel and sponge for "his"
fighter Sandi Stone; this wasn't going to be that kind of fight. A rat-like,
balding, man stood next to him - he was widely known as T.C. and he was
effectively the other fighter, Jody's, second. He carried a shotgun in one
hand a bottle of beer in the other.

"Hey, boy," T.C. muttered out of the side of his mouth, "your wumman looks
like she's got a snake in those panties! I'm telling you now, if she has,
Jody's gonna stick that five hundred bucks you give LaChance to pay him to
put the dick to her right up yore ass. Jody ain't no faggot. Last person even
hinted it got kicked so hard his balls ended up in his stomach!"

Danny looked away from the pit, and stared with haunted eyes towards T.C.'s
twisted leer. He spoke quietly, as if he had long had any desire to shout
beaten from him - which, of course, he had.

"I paid Mr. LaChance $1000 to have... to ask Mr. uh. Jody to teach her a
lesson. I guess he took a commission like other fight promoters. I can assure
you Sandi doesn't have a dick though, Sir. Sandi Stone is ALL woman. I have
the scars. I hope Jody can beat her; I've never seen her lose a fight. Not

T.C. didn't have a problem with a little commission, but $500 was too damn
much. He nodded at Danny and then raised his voice, "Hey Jody! LaChance tried
to stiff you out of five hundred yankee dollars! The boy here done us a good
turn by letting us know about it, so you be sure and do him one down there.
He ain't such a bad kid for a sissy streak o' piss."

LaChance looked like he was going to shit his pants as he heard T.C.'s shout.
Sweat beaded his forehead under the wide white brim of his hat. He hurriedly
pulled out the rest of the money Danny had given him, with a chunk extra he'd
made off the day's betting, and handed it over to T.C. The vile little rat-
like bastard chuckled as he pocketed the money and watched the fat man get
back away from him. LaChance still walked funny after the time he'd tricked
Jody into fighting a Gorilla, and Jody had responded by forcing a baseball
bat up the fat man's ass.

LaChance was still shaking as he called for silence from the crowds who
mutually taunted each other. He was more than happy to have the big muscle
women down because they liked betting on fights, and each and every one of
them had bet high on Sandi Stone. His coat pockets bulged with cash even
after paying off T.C. The crowd quieted down quickly, ready for the fight.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! I hope you're all ready for high drama and lots more
betting today!. We got here two people who've never lost a fight in the ring
- or out of it," he added the last hurriedly, for fear of offending either
participant, "The little lady is one Sandi Stone, 5'6 and heavy as my momma.
When young Danny here contacted me to set up the fight he said she was built
like an armored division and fast as the blitzkrieg and I guess he weren't
bullshittin' me none!"

Sandi Stone posed in the pit, as the sun glistened off oil she had rubbed her
body with. She was naked but for blue daisy dukes and red boots. Every muscle
on her body seemed to be twice as big as anyone could realistically believe
it to be. She was a whole foot shorter than her opponent but probably weighed
nearly as much. When Sandi flexed her arms it looked like giant mutant moles
were burrowing beneath the skin. Her awesome breasts were almost a freak of
nature; to remain so large on a woman so packed with muscle was completely
unnatural and perhaps related to her relative youth; Sandi was still in her
early twenties.

The female fans whooped and hollered, cheering their champion on. Most of
them had been watching Sandi Stone fight for years against opponents even
bigger and meaner looking than the grey-haired redneck on the other side of
the pit. Danny had told them all on the bus down that this Jody was supposed
to be totally unbeatable, and that Jody'd told the promoter he could put ten
women down like Sandi Stone; and that he was going to kill her to show all
women who was boss. Sandi, of course, had wrapped one of her huge arms around
Danny's neck and choked him unconscious for even repeating such a blasphemous
statement. How they'd laughed as the pathetic male worm had writhed and

"The hometown boy here is Jody," LaChance continued, "6'6 and the meanest,
toughest, nastiest most evil son of a bitch on god's green earth. This is the
man who once tore off a fat boy's head so T.C. could shit down his neck! This
is the man who can shatter a skull with a single blow! If you fuck with Jody
the police don't call it homicide when they find bits of you, they call it

The rednecks erupted in a cheer to match the women. LaChance hoped a hat his
flattery would prevent some hideous revenge being meted out over the five
hundred bucks. Like most of the good ol' boys he was armed, but if he had to
use his gun he'd put it in his mouth. LaChance figured shooting Jody would
only piss him off!

Down in the pit Jody stood still with his arms crossed. He was taller than
Sandi Stone, and probably more than twice her age. Still, his body was packed
hard with muscle and if Sandi Stone was a tank then he was a brick shithouse.
He watched her pose with a slight smile on her face. In Jody's experience
bodybuilders didn't know how to fight, but if there was a chance she'd won as
many encounters as LaChance said, he wasn't going to risk a beatin' from no
woman. He was bare-chested as well, but wore dirty khaki pants over his

"Okay this here Louisiana Pit Fight is officially started! No bells! No
rounds! No Gloves! No holds barred and no fucking sissy boy rules!"

Sandi Stone stopped her posing and grinned up at Jody.

"Last worm I crushed they could only identify from dental records. I cracked
his skull like a nut between my thighs. You're about to find out what it's
like to fight a real woman, redneck."

Jody spat into the dirt and cracked his knuckles. If he weren't the stud he
knew he was it'd be fucking hard for him to think of getting it up with a
woman like Sandi Stone. Her face and hair were beautiful enough, and she had
tits like he dreamed of - but she had more muscles than him and that weren't
his thing. Jody wasn't the kind of guy who'd put the dick to just anything -
but chances are this Danny wouldn't mind if he had to let T.C. do it. What
was the pathetic yankee streak of piss going to do? Argue?

"Make yore peace, cooze. You ain't leavin' this pit alive."

Sandi Stone laughed as her already confident expression changed to one of
supreme arrogance. She just knew she was going to have fun making Jody beg as
she had so many men before. So many men thought because they were taller than
her or just because they were male and muscular they could beat her. So many
of them had found out too late that they were dead wrong as she pulped their
balls in her fingers or snapped their necks one-handed.

The distance closed between the two fighters. Sandi held her arms up like a
boxer, while Jody walked with his at his side. He'd seen some fucked up shit
in his time - he'd been responsible for most of it - but the 5'6 muscle
woman was a whole new level to him. She was built like some `male weight
lifting faggot', with her face, hair and gravity defying cleavage as the only
overt signs of femininity.

Jody was slower than Sandi Stone. He realized that when she lunged in on the
attack. The muscular blonde's fists slammed hard against Jody's defined
stomach and then up his pecs before Sandi smashed her fist into his jaw with
a blow that knocked Jody's head sideways. She followed with three more hard
punches to the jaw and blood trickled slowly down from the corner of Jody's
mouth. The roar from Sandi Stone's section of the crowd was incredible.

The evil old redneck was surprised by the blows to the jaw, but not fazed by
them. As for the blows to his hard body; they were barely even worth noting.
So well developed was Jody's torso that Sandi Stone's favorite rib breaking
jabs failed to have any effect. Jody knew then that he had the measure of
his opponent. Any fool wasted time and strength smashing away at muscle was a
dead fool.

Jody swung a punch past Jody's guard with all of the strength in his body. He
used his many years experience of fucking people up to pitch it just right,
with his solid knuckles angled in to cause the most damage. The blow smacked
Sandi Stone's left breast dead center. The huge firm mound of tit meat bowed
in under the impact, compressed between steel-hard muscle and Jody's fist.
Sandi Stone's left breast came under enormous pressure and split all the way

The female portion of the crowd fell into shocked silence as Sandi Stone's
destroyed left breast ran messily down her eight-pack stomach. Jody withdrew
his gory fist quickly and more fat and blood dripped out through the heavy
ragged tear in the tanned flesh. Jody felt his big ol' pecker twitch with
the sadistic thrill of violence. `Hell,' he thought, `this won't be so bad
after all.'

His opponent's mind was in a much less collected state. Sandi Stone wasn't
even used to feeling pain, let alone to taking such a huge wound during a
fight. She hurt people - she didn't intend on getting hurt. The agony was
incredible. Simple movement brought fresh pain as her massive left pectoral
moved behind the destroyed breast. Sandi Stone gritted her teeth and moved
back, fists raised. She was going to see Jody's balls on a stick for this,
but her fans were less keen,

"End the fight, now!" That was Onyx, a big black bodybuilder who was rumored
to have smothered her last lover to death when she feel asleep on top, and he
couldn't shift her weight to breathe.

"Fight ain't over `til it's over, Missy," said LaChance, without taking his
eyes from the pit.

"Fight's over when I pull off your balls!"

Onyx's approach was stopped dead, literally, when T.C. raised his shotgun to
her face. She looked into two barrels for a fraction of a second and then the
roar of gunfire filled the air. Her head exploded even more messily than
Sandi Stone's tit had; her body slumped down to her knees as her panties
filled with voided shit and piss. T.C. spat on her corpse,

"Fuckin' niggers! Who's goddamn idea was it to invite these freaks? Boys,
lets show these muscle bitches who's boss!"

Down in the pit Sandi Stone kept her eyes locked on Jody. She heard the roar
of guns and the screams of her friends as the massacre began.

"Whatever the hell else happens today, I'm going to pull off your fucking
head, Jody. I'm going to bathe in your blood!"

Jody grinned at her bravado as he closed in,

"Only head of mine your getting is the head of my pecker inside you, fore you
die. Maybe T.C.'s after you die, though I dunno that he'd do it with you,
alive or dead."

Teeth gritted, Sandi Stone did what she did best and went back on the
offensive. She hammered Jody's body with the kind of punches and hard strikes
that usually had men broken and begging on the floor. She was fast
discovering that his hard body had the same kind of stopping power as her own
did; he soaked up the short brawny blonde's storm of offence as if it was a
light shower, and then hit her again.

Jody didn't drop his shoulders when he threw punches. The only warning Sandi
Stone had was when she saw the fist coming in fast at the side of her head.
The almost earth shattering blow knocked the Amazonian (now, more than ever)
warrior to the ground. A ringing like the bells of judgment day filled Sandi
Stone's head along with severe and unrelenting pain.

A single blow had burst both eardrum and eyeball. Blood and ocular fluid ran
down the right side of Sandi Stone's pretty face, while a trickle emerged
from her ear and stained her blonde hair. Dirt was ground into the open wound
on her chest as she slammed into the ground. Sandi heard an utterly
unfamiliar sound through her good ear; her own scream of pain. Jody stomped
on her back to drive her ruined breast further into the dirt.

Outside the pit a few of the muscle woman had been taken without being shot,
or at least without being instantly killed. The rednecks were eagerly trying
the hard meat. A pretty 220lb redhead, who could press more than her own
weight, was getting double-teamed with a gun to her head. Her lifeblood
drained into the grass from an agonizing stomach wound. Nearby a Nevadan
bodybuilder tasted a dick that hadn't been washed since Nixon was in the
white house, while flick knives carved initials in her ass. She was second
only to Sandi Stone in the number of men she'd beaten in the ring, but that
seemed a long time ago now.

Danny paid no attention to the killings nor to the rapes. He was there to see
the main attraction.

Sandi started to push herself back up to her feet. The only thing that was
keeping her going was the intense fantasy of what she was going to do to
Jody. She saw through her one remaining eye that Jody's cock had escaped the
confines of his pants waistband and was pushing up against his stomach. There
was absolutely no doubt now that he was going to do her good before she died
- Hell, Jody was ready to fuck now.

"Cooze, this fight's over. You're dead on yore feet. Them bitches up there
are dead, or gonna be real soon. Ain't nothin' but food for `gators. If you
lie back down I'll screw you and kill you quick. If you don't, then Ah'm
gonna pull yore arm off and put yore own fist up yore ass then smash yore
skull in as I fuck ya."

"Burn in hell, worm. You got lucky, so far. No man's ever beaten me, no man
ever will!"

She thought that she was as angry as she could possibly be, but then Danny
called down,

"Sandi! I want you to know I've been looking forward to this for weeks.
You're one stupid bitch, but now you're getting yours for good!"

She looked up to see her `pet' stroking his dick. He flipped her the bird
with his other hand.

Sandi Stone screamed defiance and charged Jody. Her agony lent her frenzied
speed and she drove the wind from his gut with a massively muscled shoulder.
Jody went down under the shorter girl's weight and felt her scramble for a
position to blast his face. He sighed, enjoying the feeling of her body on
his, and then wrapped his hand into her thick blonde hair.

Jody hit Sandi Stone on her good side. Her remaining eardrum was burst in a
couple of blows, and her last eyeball turned red and then followed after
three. The strong strikes to her skull knocked her unconscious; Jody only
stopped when she went limp, and pushed her to the side. Time to pull off that

Sandi Stone was tougher than any woman alive and so quickly recovered from
the head strikes that would have killed any lesser woman. She wished she
hadn't though as she felt Jody's boots pressing into her shoulder and armpit.
Jody gripped her arm beneath the elbow and further up on the shoulder. He was
impressed at how hard the muscles were under his fingers. Sandi Stone's
hugely muscled arm was wider at the bicep than Jody's thigh. He used every
muscle he could bring to bare against her as he pulled.

The muscle woman couldn't even twist her thick body over to get her other arm
into the equation. She felt her face with her other hand and shuddered as her
thick fingers poked into wet holes where eyes should be. Blinded and
deafened, she only felt the vibrations of her scream as Jody tore her arm
loose. His own muscles bulged out like sacks of rocks as he strained. He had
to tear thick muscle loose and dislocate bone, but he knew he could do it. He
could stop a fucking tractor if he had to! Jody grunted and strained one
final time; he was rewarded by Sandi Stone's massive arm separating at the
shoulder. There was a sound almost like ripping paper and then blood was
pumping freely over Jody's boots. She was going to bleed to death in a few
minutes, but that was more than enough time.

The arm twitched; it felt heavier than he expected, but a promise was a
promise. Blood pumped out over her semi-debreasted chest as Jody carried the
limb down to where her red boots were kicking up dirt. Sandi Stone was broken
and pleading in a non stop babble for him not to do it. He looked at the
massive hand on the end of the arm, and thought about Sandi's tight ass.

"Ahh, fuck it. Too much fuckin' effort."

He decided he just didn't feel like taking the effort to force the heavy limb
into Sandi Stone's ass. He left it on the floor as he kicked off boots and
trousers and got down between the screaming and bloody muscle woman's legs.
Her gigantic thighs were forced apart by Jody's insistent waist. At eight
inches, Jody's shaft was twice as long and twice as wide as Danny's was. The
evil old redneck's muscles strained again as he tore her daisy dukes off like
they were paper, and snapped her pink thong like a strand of cotton candy.

He didn't fuck around with foreplay after that. He just drove right on in and
raped the arrogant bitch into the dirt.

The defeated muscle woman struggled beneath Jody, but she was losing strength
with every heartbeat. The rape was an almost unbearable humiliation on top of
being beaten; Sandi Stone was tough enough to take the incredible physical
agony, but the mental anguish destroyed her like nothing ever could. She
wasn't able to hear the names Jody had for her - bitch, whore, slut, cooze -
but her humiliation was complete without.

Jody was surprised by how incredibly tight Sandi Stone was. Her pelvic floor
muscles were as well built as the rest of her body, and she squeezed his cock
like virgin as he raped her. Sandi Stone's rock hard body moving against him
was a vastly different experienced to the fat whores in town. The sadistic
madman squeezed her remaining huge breast in his hand until she screamed from
the fresh pain. Her breathing was very shallow and as an experienced killer
he knew he had to hurry up unless he wanted to be a fuckin' necrophile. Jody
humped faster and faster, moving his hard cock inside Sandi Stone's hot cunt
until he could take it no more and drained his balls inside the dying woman.

Sandi Stone's near-death cunt twitched around Jody's evil dick. As he
withdrew a torrent of spunk poured out into the dirt. She was a poor fighter,
he concluded, but not a bad lay. There were worse ways to get your balls
drained out in the swamps. She was female, human, and warm - beyond that, who

The muscle woman's escaping blood had slowed considerably, but he could tell
she was still just hanging onto life. Sandi Stone couldn't feel her remaining
limbs anymore. She was afraid of death. She could hear the whispered voices
of the men she'd killed growing stronger with every second. They were waiting
for her in death.

Jody stood over the bloody hunk of meat and unleashed a final indignity. He
pointed his pecker at her bloody eye sockets and filled each one with piss
before spraying the last into her mouth. Sandi Stone gagged weakly on Jody's
foul waste and died with the taste of it as her final conscious thought. Her
own piss and shit was voided noisily into the dirt a few seconds later, a
fitting final comment on the life of Sandi Stone.


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