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Date: 09/16/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, BDSM, interacial sex, male solo sex, beastrial sex,
male/female sex, rape, strong language, graphic violence

Category: Het

Pairing: Predator/f

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Summary: After he returns from a meeting in Baghdad, a soldier stationed in
Iraq reveals his plan for capturing the Predator to two of his fellow
soldiers and talks one of them into becoming the bait.

Other Notes: This AU story is based on a picture entitled 'PREDATORYR04' by
an artist known as AMS.

Dedications: None so far.

Predator: Desert Trap
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had all started when some agents of the one terrorist organization known
as Al-Qaeda had hijacked four passager jet airliners under direct orders from
Osama bin Laden had caused the War On Terror to begin by having two of those
jets slam themselves right into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in
New York City, the third jet straight into the Pentagon and the last hijacked
jet to head straight for its original target Washington D.C., only to have
some of the passagers and flight crew attempt to retake control of the plane
and force it to crash itself into a field near Shanksville in Rural Somerset
County, Pennsylvania.

And of course, that had caused a certain President of the United States named
George W. Bush to order that forementioned war to commence against the 'Axis
Of Evil' and ordered some of his country's military personal to be shipped
over to an Arab country in Western Asia known as Iraq in order to force that
country's soon-to-be-former-President Saddam Hussein out of office, put the
local branch of Al-Qaeda out of commission once and for all and help turn the
government of Iraq into a strong unit of free democracy.

But as soon as we had finally gotten Hussein's stinking ass out of that
palace of his and we were on the verge of taking care of the other two items
on our mental to-do list, one of our brave officers whose name happens to be
Captain Adam Busey had allowed himself to join the senior officers of the
local United States Millitary Command within the capital city of Baghdad on
a matter of great importance.

But then, as soon as he had sat himself down and asked the senior officers in
attendance what that meeting was all about, a General who was in charge of an
Air Force Intellegence unit had stood himself up, cleared his throat and Adam
and all of the other officers about an alien humaniod predator with advanced
technology and a penchant for hunting the most difficult game beginning to
attack and slaughter both American Soldiers and Al-Qaeda Warriors in an area
that has been a really good long distance away from the safety of the city.

You see, it happens to be with the usage of interstellar travel capability,
multi-spectrum vision enhancement and light-bending armor suit with advanced
weaponry that the forementioned huamnoid-reptilian being has been able to
travel anywhere, hunt anything and usually succeed no matter what planet it
was able to land itself on which brings us to the subject of that alien
predator having descended himself on the planet Earth and began his hunt
within the country of Val Verde which was also where a U.S. Army Special
Forces Unit that was being led by Major Alan 'Dutch' Schaefer had been talked
by his old Army buddy-turned-C.I.A. agent known as Major George Dillon into
charging themselves into in order to rescue a Presidential Cabinet Minister
who has been kidnapped by Guerrilla Forces, only to have the entire team
discover that it was just a set-up and they had to get their collective asses
out of there before things had gone from bad to worse.

But of course, even though the same guy who had conned Dutch and his unit
to go on that mission had taken a young woman named Anna as his prisoner in
hopes that other Guerrilla Forces would be able to back off as long as they
know that they have a hostage, the alien predator had started hunting down
and killing all of the members of the Special Forces Unit one-by-one until
both Dutch and Anna were to only ones left alive.

Anyway, as soon as the meeting in Baghdad had finally broken itself up, Adam
had taken a helicopter right back to his unit, rushed himself straight over
to his two buddies -- a beautiful maiden with dark-brown hair known as
Lieutenant Teri McCord and a African-American male from New York whose name
happens to be Sergeant Calvin Glover -- and told them all about what the
subject material of the meeting was all about which had caused a curious
Calvin to look at Adam and ask, "Well, Adam?If it really is true about what
they had just told you back in Baghdad and that an alien predator from outer
space has started blutchering both the good guys and the bad guys out there,
how are we going to stop the son-of-a-bitch? I mean, if you were to ask me,
it might take more than a really smart plan to do it."

"To tell you the truth, Calvin. You're right. It does talk more than a
brilliant plan to snap that extrateresrial piece-of-shit into our little
desert trap. It should also take the right amount of bait. Right, Teri?"
that was the question that a small-smiling Adam had asked Teri, only to
have the reluctant female Lieutenant to look at her fellow officer with
wide eyes and like she was about to ask, "What the fucking hell are you
talking about, Adam?"

And of course, the answer of that question had came soon enough in the form
of a bare-ass naked Teri McCord standing in a spot that happens to be a truly
good enough distance from the camp with both of her hands tightly tied to a
preplanted wooden stake, closing her eyes, letting out a sigh and thinking to
herself, *I just don't believe that I had became so fucking stupid enough to
let that sick son-of-a-bitch into talking me into becoming the bait for his
trap!If I ever do get myself out of this in one piece...!*

But then, just as she was about to allow her own mind to say one more word,
the reluctant Teri had suddenly heard the sound of someone slowly walking
towards her and noticed that it was followed by a strange multiple-clicking
sound which had caused the look on her face to turn into that of pure shock
and forced her to think to herself, *Wholly fucking shit! It's here! That
extraterestrial son-of-a-bitch is here! Okay, Teri! All you have to do now
is just relax and hope that both Adam and Calvin spring the trap shut on
this intergalactic piece-of-shit!*

And of course, that was before the sound of those footsteps had finally
stopped and the alien predator that was really making that sound has
deactivated the light-bending devices within its own armor, removed each
and every bit of it and allowed itself to look at the helpless and unarmed
Teri with a smile on its own face and start stroking its stiff cock before
the predator had moved itself closer to Teri and placed its stone hard dick
inside her asshole and its hands on her exposed tits.

Then, in spite of the fact that she still had known full well that she was
suppossed to only be the bait of a trap, a wave of pure erotic pleasure had
suddenly flowed itself throughout her entire body and given Teri no choice
but to close her eyes and say, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it,
Asshole! Touch me! Touch me there! Fuck me straight in the ass! Aaaahhhh!"
before it had taken its stiff cock out of Teri's backside, allowed her to
start sucking on it and began pumping its one finger in and out of her
butt-crack while she was still hoping that her two fellow soldiers would
finally get their shit together and spring the fucking trap already.

But then, as soon as it had turned its helpless newfound sex slave around
and placed its stone hard dick inside her hot, wet pussy and its hands on
her bare shoulders, the sexually-charged Teri had closed her eyes, leaned
her head back and yelled at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT!
WANNA CUM! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!" before they had started moving themselves
harder and faster and continued to do so until they had finally came and
collapsed due to exhaustion.

But just as the alien predator was about to catch its second wind, it had
opened its eyes and looked with pure shock at Calvin standing over the
creature with its own portable spear aimed right at its own genitals and
saying, "Now, it's your turn to get the living shit fucked out of you, you
ugly mother-fucker!" before Calvin had thrusted that spear straight into
its genitals and caused the alien predator to sit itself right up and let
out a scream of intense pain just in time for Adam to wrap his strong arm
around the alien being's unprotected head and used its own razor-sharp
disc-blade to slash that creature's head from the rest of its body.

And after the alien predator's head has finally been seperated and the rest
of its body has finally dropped itself back down to the ground, Adam had
wrapped the creature's head up with a large blanket, walked himself over to
Teri and released her from her bondage just in time for her to grab hold of
Adam by the colar, look at him straight in the eyes and say, "I do not want
to go through that whole thing ever again, Adam! I mean it!Never again!"

But then, after a smiling Calvin had raised up his arms, let out a scream of
celebration, looked at the alien predator's headless corpse and yelled at the
THAT, SHIT-HEADS?" a trio of lazer-light-spots had suddenly appeared from out
of nowhere and caused the look on Calvin's face to change into that of pure

And of course, that had caused Adam, Teri and Calvin to look up and watch
eight more of those alien predator beings switching off the light-bending
devices within their armor suits and looked down at their fallen comrade's
headless corpse before the leader of the group had nodded its head and
allowed two of its own countrymen to lift the body off the ground and its
third lackey to take its comrade's severed head out of Adam's hands.

And as soon as the seven other alien predators had walked themselves away
from the scene with their fallen comrade's head and disembodied corpse, the
leader was about to join them, only to have that one extraterestrial being
turn its head back to the ones who had sprung the trap on its deceased
countryman, taken a large sword out of its back-pack, tossed the sword down
on the ground in front of the three soldiers and said in its own voice, "For
your trouble!"

And after that one alien predator had turned itself around, reactivated the
light-bending devices within its armor suit and rejoined the rest of its
retrieval team, a curious Adam had picked up the sword, looked at it with
pure shock in his eyes and said, "Wholly fucking shit!", and it was because
he had discovered that it was a sword that had once belonged to someone who
had once lived during the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round

And then, after they had looked up into the sky and noticed that a
strange-looking ship had blasted itself up into the sky and zoomed itself
right straight back into the darkest reaches of outer-space, a curious Calvin
had looked at the same sword that Adam and Teri were looking at, let out a
whistle and asked, "So, Adam?How do you think we should explain this to the
head honcho?", only to have Adam let out a small smile, place his gentle hand
on Calvin's shoulder and answer, "The only thing that we should tell them,
Calvin. We should just tell them the truth and hope to God that they would be
able to believe it."



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