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Additional Credit: The plot of this story came from Phantom on the CSSA
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aspects of this story and gained a lot of useful input as well as the
main plot from his forum post. Quite frankly, without Phantom this story
would not exist.

Description: The ultimate hunter comes to Earth to hunt, defeat, rape and
take skull trophies from five of Earth's greatest female warriors in a
single night: Deadly Little Miho, Natalie Cook, Beatrix Kiddo, Lara Croft
and Agent Paris Hilton. Can he succeed?

Content Codes (By Section)
Lara Croft: M/F, cream pie, rape, vio, snuff.

Predator/Tomb Raider: Five Women. One Night. Part 6 - Lara Croft
by JD ([email protected])

Lara had been in Los Angles for a while and being contracted to work for
Wayland Industries was a whole new experience. In the past just about every
corporation Lara'd worked for had tried to double-cross her, rip her off or
fuck her about somehow. The guys at Wayland didn't bother with any of that
bollocks; they just let her get on with it. Carla Burke, her liaison with
the company, hadn't even given her any of the sexual harassment problems
Lara usually experienced.

Wayland Industries had called a halt on construction of their planned new
worldwide HQ when deep excavations found a network of tunnels dating back
hundreds of years. They looked around for an archaeologist to come in and
check things out; Lara had been tapped for the job, but hadn't been
interested until she saw a photo of the doorway - inscribed on it was a
Latin based code used by an obscure and defunct Spanish branch of the
Catholic church; it warned that the last Devil's egg was sealed within and
that the site should never be disturbed until Judgement day. Obviously,
that branch of the church had expected its priests to be around for years
to come and translate before the tunnel entrance had been buried.

The tomb raider had caught the next flight out and explored the tunnel
network, disabling booby trap after booby trap and locating caches of
buried treasure, old texts and items of antiquity from the earliest
settlers in the area. Seismic disturbances had blocked tunnels, but the
excavation crews on hand made short work of soil and rock piles. She was
convinced that this was the greatest ever find of Spanish antiquity on
American soil - and best of all, there were no bloody dinosaurs trying
to eat her. Not even rats survived in the cut off tunnels.

And then she found another sealed door, along with the only human remains
left in the catacombs. A woman's skeleton, dressed in clothes too manly for
a woman. She clutched weapons in her long dead hands, and had a journal
close by. Lara flicked through the journal; written in Spanish-influenced
Latin. The woman had been Laura Cruz, an educated novice nun turned pirate
who lived and fought as a man. The last entries detailed demons from the
skies, and the hungry devils that grew inside humans around the then-remote

The text got sketchy, some pages seemed to have been ripped loose. The last
entry Lara read in the light of her torch. The sky demons were gone, but
they had left behind devils. The pirate Laura Cruz had masterminded their
defeat. Fire and burning pitch had forced the devils into the new built
catacombs where burning oil consumed them. The survivors had sealed the
last of the devil's eggs beneath the Earth, and Laura had stayed behind to
ensure it didn't spawn a devil. The woman had starved to death in the
darkness beneath the Earth. Lara shook her head sadly; stupid superstition.

Lara broke the inner seal and entered the room Laura had died to guard. Of
course, there were no signs of Devils, just more treasure and a large, but
apparently hollow stone block. The block was smooth but for carved letters
carrying a most dire warning that it contained the Devil's egg, and that
none dared destroy the last with flame lest Lucifer himself came for them.
The last of the booby traps cleared, Lara began having items pulled out
from under the earth and taken to her lab at Wayland Industries for indexing
and examination. They started with the block containing the so-called
Devil's Egg.

Lara's own personal theory matched those of a number of previous writers on
the subject of the Devil's Egg; that it was a gem so valuable it brought out
the basest instincts in the early settlers and led to murder. An almost
contemporary of the events had written of the greed they fired in man's
hearts. Lara'd found herself lecturing Carla Burke about it and the company
woman was understandably interested in the possible monetary value. Burke
happily agreed to ensure that Lara was undisturbed while initially examining
the finds, but mentioned something some of the execs might swing by to take
a look at some point.

When the day came that Lara was ready to pry open the stone and take her
first look at the Devil's Egg however, the Research and Development wing was
mostly empty. Lara was alone in `her' lab as she crouched down beside the
stone and eased a chisel to the hairline crack. She tapped the end slightly,
and the split widened. A few more taps and she managed to get her hands in
to the gap. Small but powerful muscles bulged on the adventurer's sculpted
arms as she opened up the hollow stone.

"Bloody Hell! It really is an egg," Lara exclaimed under her breath.

It didn't look like the egg of any creature Lara had ever seen - including
dinosaurs - and as she laid her hands on the smooth surface she was sure she
felt a little warmth deep inside. She gently removed the egg from the box in
which it had spent centuries and examined it closely. A closely honed sense
of danger overrode her surprise when the top began to peel open. She leaned
back quickly.

Not far enough!

Faster than a striking snake the parasitoid alien facehugger, which had long
lain dormant within, launched itself out and at the only warm meat in the
vicinity. Lara's reflexes moved faster than her brain and got the Tomb
Raider's hands up as the spider like creature scratched against her face
with chitinous feet. The facehugger's long prehensile tail whipped up past
Lara's breasts, feeling almost snakelike against her top. It quickly began
to coil its length closely around the desperately struggling Englishwoman's


The facehugger's ovipositor tube fired out from the parasitoid's flexing
underside and into Lara's shouting mouth. She tried to force the obscene tube
out but the creature was just too strong. She couldn't get her head back far
enough. The obscene tail was tight around her neck, now, cutting off air and
compressing her carotid artery. Lara gagged as the ovipositor pushed down
into her throat. Her eyes were wide and shone with panic as the facehugger
got a firmer grip around her face. There was no way to reach her guns. Lara's
thoughts filled with dark cotton wool; she seemed to be falling into
darkness. The tomb raider's head slumped forward abover her hardly moving
chest. Her arms dropped limply down to the floor.

The facehugger's tail loosened slightly. It began to process of implanting an
embryo inside Lara Croft's helpless unconscious body. Hours passed; a couple
of security staff looked in, but with the lab's layout, Lara was hidden from
view by lab benches. Night fell, and with most of the lights off in the lab
the security checks became even rarer. Lara stayed on her knees with the
facehugger wrapped around her skull carrying out its life's work; it's whole
purpose of existence. There were no drones or even any eggs anywhere nearby,
so since certain tiny genetic changes were made to speed up the life cycle of
the Xenomorph.

Eventually it was done. The embryo was fully `impregnated' into the host. The
tail peeled away from Lara's neck, leaving a bright red band from where it
had squeezed so tightly at the beginning. The long ovipositor tube pulled out
of her mouth as the dead facehugger fell to the floor, and the noise started
to rouse her. Lara coughed a few times and woke more quickly. She blinked her
eyes and reached up to feel the still sore scratches around her face. Lara's
throat felt as sore as if she'd deepthroated a stallion, or so she imagined.

The creature seemed to be dead, but Lara wasn't taking any chances. She
pulled herself to her feet against the wall and moved unsteadily through the
gloomy room to her backpack. She strapped it onto her back, and checked both
of her semi-automatic pistols were fully loaded, before reaching back down
and taking up the Uzi. Carla Burke had raised an eyebrow at Lara's insistence
on heavy weaponry, but had sorted it out with the security teams and the
company when Lara explained some of her past problems with employers.

Lara coughed again, and walked back to where the dead facehugger still lay.
Since it had come from what was recognizably an egg, she assumed it to be the
first stage of the species' life cycle, and that it had been trying to feed
on her like any newborn. `Perhaps they'd fallen from a passing comet somehow,
and found that they couldn't metabolize anything on Earth?' she wondered,
leading to them being wiped out with this last creature dying while it tried
to parasitize her. It made more sense than sky demons and devils.

Lara aimed the Uzi and fired off a short controlled burst. The rounds slammed
heavily into the facehugger's underside, and blood splashed out. The acid
blood had neutralized on death and simply stained the floor. Lara didn't want
to call for security with her throat feeling so sore. There also seemed to be
a kind of tightness in her chest - internal organ damage from the creature's
`feeding tube'?

Lara went to find Security and ask for a medical check up, not knowing that
there wasn't a doctor on Earth who could help her now.

* * *

Gogedheh had taken a beating during Beatrix Kiddo's last-ditch fight for
survival. He was down to one set of wrist blades, his breastplate had a big
gash across it and his patched throat was an obvious weak spot to be
re-opened up. Bright green blood seeped around the edges of the staunch-pack.

He moved cautiously through the city, ever wary of moving from being the
hunter to the prey. There was enough of his blood left splashed behind that
the human leaders could be in no possible doubt of what stalked their great
warriors; he would have hope he could find and defeat Lara Croft before they
tracked him down or he would be fighting on more fronts than he cared for
to claim all his trophies.

He was not surprised when he reached the Wayland Industries HQ to note a
human watching from the shadows almost like a hunter. She was so quiet and
still that he might have missed her if he had been any less cautious in his
approach, or not expecting the humans to be tracking him by then. The
predator's cloaking technology wasn't perfect, and somebody who knew what
they were looking for could have seen him easily while in their line of
sight. The woman had hair as dark as her clothes, as black as the shadows
at the edge of the streetlights, though her skin was very pale. Agent Hilton
had ordered her pulled from an agency undercover assignment trailing a
counter-culture leader with a view to assassination, and she hadn't had
time to change from her corset-top, skirt and high boots.

The predator stayed silent, above and behind her, for the duration of two
check ins with the agency. He recorded them on hunter technology. Then he
attacked, but not fatally. The woman sensed movement and turned. A blurred
shape slammed into her slender waist, drawing a heavy grunt. The woman's
black painted lips opened wide, but there was no air in her lungs to cry
out. Gogedheh followed up with a `tap' on the head that would leave her
with concussion.

She sank to the ground and he attached a disk device to her agency
communication equipment. He programmed it to report in for her and also to
detect any other approaching humans and report them to him. He left her in
the shadows and moved quickly towards the Wayland Industries building, where
Lara Croft's two-wheeled vehicle was still parked in the lot. Excellent - he
would not have to search for his prey.

When he reached the HQ, the night security desk was unmanned. A burst of Uzi
fire from one of the labs had caused the guard to draw his own sidearm and
head towards the gunfire.

"Whose damnfool idea was it to let a limey play with an Uzi?" he muttered,
striding swiftly down the wide and well-lit corridors.

There was an animalistic noise from behind; he swung back, pointing his gun.
Gogedheh remained cloaked as he fired his shoulder cannon. The plasma blast
drilled a neat hole in the security guard's throat. The guard was dead before
he could fire. The predator paused on his way past the corpse, and took the
man's thick wooden nightstick, considering it as a possible replacement for
his missing set of wristblades. He hooked it to his belt and continued
through the building.

The corridors were all built on a large corporate scale, and Gogedheh had
none of the problems he'd faced in the small nightclub. The cloaked hunter
turned into a long corridor and was faced with the Uzi wielding Lara Croft
coming in the other direction. He reached back for his spear, and dropped
his cloak in the same motion. Lara saw the odd distant blurring in the air
down the corridor, and wondered if it was a symptom of lack of oxygen from
being choked earlier. Gogedheh's sudden appearance changed her mind; he
flung the spear at her hard. Lara's reactions remained fantastic, and she
had the bonus of long experience avoiding spears throughout her career.

The embryo carrying tomb raider dived forward to throw her body beneath the
flung weapon. The spear clattered harmlessly to the floor as Lara rolled
twice and then dived sideways into an empty lab. She'd never seen anything
like the towering masked creature; she'd never seen anything like the
facehugger either. They both appeared alien to Earth - could they be related
somehow? Lara sprinted through the dark room and crouched down behind a thick
wooden bench. She pointed the Uzi at the door and cursed at the lack of
visible exits - didn't these people know about fire hazards?

Gogedheh covered the corridor's length in great strides with speed that
matched a human sprint. Lara fired as he passed the door, but the Uzi burst
missed entirely. He retrieved the spear and re-strapped it to his back.
Reaching down to his waist he pulled up the smartdisc. It wasn't capabale
of the tricks of some, but it was very sharp and capable of accurate curved
flight. He moved back towards the open door of the lab and flung the
smartdisc towards the open door. Lara fired at the movement, only to see
the Uzi cut uselessly into two pieces before the smartdisc curved back on
a path out of the room. Gogedheh could have killed Lara with it, but there
was no challenge there.

The hunter heard the woman's gunfire stop and began to move again. He caught
the smartdisc in midair as he entered the shadowy lab. Lara pulled her
pistols and fired towards him; bullets spattered into his thighs through the
mesh bodysuit and bounced uselessly off of the damaged breastplate. It didn't
slow him down, and Lara started to run again. Gogedheh was too fast. He
grabbed her brunette ponytail in one giant fist. The hunter dropped the
deadly smartdisc and as it fell he gripped and brought up the guard's
nightstick. He smashed the thick wood down hard against Lara's nearest arm,
just below the shoulder.

The tomb raider screamed as the nightstick snapped her bone and badly bruised
skin and muscle. Lara dropped a pistol as she tried to twist around and get
the other gun up. The noise seemed very loud as she fired, but Gogedheh was
ready for it and brought the heavy wooden stick down onto Lara's wrist as the
shot missed by inches. The sickening sound of cracking bone and a fresh cry
of pain preceded Lara dropping her second pistol. Still, she managed to twist
further and land a heavy kick into the bleeding bullet wounds in Gogedheh's

The predator's grip loosened on her hair and she pulled free. Gogedheh howled
with pain; the wounds were small in his tree-thick thighs, but the kick made
them really hurt. The buildings remaining security force had been closing in,
but as one fled at the noise. Lara's left arm hurt like hell where it was
broken above the elbow, but she gritted her teeth and got her hand around the
nearest beaker. Bone scraped against bone as she flung the beaker upwards,
hoping for acid. Sadly for Lara it was distilled water, and dripped
harmlessly (and even a little refreshingly) off of the hunter.

"Shit! Oh shit, no!" Lara cursed at the complete lack of effect. Her arm and
wrist were really hurting, but she dived away as the alien tried to regain
his grip. She groaned at the pain in her arms as she landed and landed, but
one hand reached the dropped smartdisc. She only had a small range of
movement below the elbow, but the smartdisc's design allowed it to fly
freely when she tossed it up owards the hunter. The hope that burned in her
pain filled eyes was crushed as the smartdisc rebounded from Gogedheh's
breastplate in a shower of sparks. Gogedheh lunged forward and smacked the
nightstick heavily across Lara's temple; for the second time that day the
tomb raider was rendered unconscious.

The predator felt the pleasure of a fresh victory over a tough foe. He
strapped his weapons back and threw Lara's weapons the length of the lab; he
dragged the backpack from her limp body and threw it equally hard. It smashed
through the glass screen of some kind of animal tank. He paid it no mind and
turned his attention to the bullet wounds, digging them out and applying the
healing medicines, despite the pain they gave. Having taken necessary
precautions he could celebrate his victory over Lara Croft, and claim the
night's fourth trophy.

Gogedheh freed his cock from his leather crotch pouch. Since he had landed on
Earth bare hours earlier three human females had known it intimately. Thick,
greenish brown, and so long and hard when erect that it had caused internal
damage to little Miho. He gripped Lara's ponytail just behind her head, and
lifted the KO'd woman to her knees. The soft brown hair felt good in his
fist. Blood trickled down her face from the blow to her temple, while drool
dribbled from the corner of her slack lower jaw.

Gogedheh's cock was still limp as he pushed the pointed end between Lara's
lips. He felt for the first time the delicate soft wet warmth of a human
female's mouth. Lara's lips were stretched even around the limp end of
Gogedheh's cock, and she automatically gagged heavily when the leaking tip
poked the back of her throat. Lara's breasts bounced in her tight top;
Gogedheh noted that the female's milk glands were the largest he'd ever seen
on a human. Lara's rack stirred harder as the predator forced four inches of
his rapidly stiffening cock down into her already sore gullet.

Gogedheh couldn't believe how good her throat felt squeezing his cock as
Lara's gag reflex worked the shaft. He sank more inside, visibly stretching
out Lara's neck from within. The tomb raider's eyes fluttered as her chest
was wracked with painful spasms. She came around to pain in her left arm and
right wrist, her head and increasing pain in her throat. She stared up past
the thick meat impaling her face straight at the emotionless eyes of the
hunter's mask. Gogedheh's grip was unbreakable; tears filled Lara's eyes as
she struggled uselessly for breath. Her face darkened as she began to
asphyxiate even as Gogedheh raped her orally with nine, then ten inches of
his cock. Almost there! He strained harder, Lara's throat was much tighter
towards the deeper he went. The strong alien musk, the stench of sweat and
sex was very heavy as he finally ground Lara's nose into his stomach, but
she couldn't get enough air to smell it.

Gogedheh's cock was bent almost painfully down from the base, but the pain
was eclipsed by Lara's entire throat massaging and squeezing his twelve-inch
shaft. Lara's jaw was a millimetre from dislocating, adding to her pain. Her
chest was heaving, and the hunter casually clawed it roughly from her body to
reveal Lara's sweaty mounds of titflesh. Her dark brown nipples were hard.
Lara felt her pussy twitching and reacting to the asphyxiation by getting
wetter. Her primal instincts made her body fight to reproduce while faced
with death. The burning pain in her lungs was matched only by the incredible
pleasure the hunter felt. She felt a sharp pain deep in her chest, no, her
upper belly, and a sensation almost of movement inside.

He pulled back suddenly, dragging twelve hard inches from Lara's face. Her
throat contracted to normal as the length emerged almost like a magician's
illusion from the tight space. The predator's point-ended cock was heavily
coated with saliva as it flipped almost straight up; the force splashed
saliva back onto his stomach. Lara's firm breasts were shaking hard as she
refilled her lungs with great heavy breaths. The pain in her arms began to
re-assert itself as smell and sound also returned to her. She came back
from the brink.

Gogedheh didn't give her any time to rest; he slammed her bodily across the
lab bench so her legs hung down on his side, and her head on the other. Her
arms smacked heavily into the wood, and lay at unnatural angles. Lara
screamed through her raw throat. Gogedheh was consumed by lust as he tore
Lara's shorts open. Her damp panties dug into her thighs and arse for a
second and then were tossed aside. Gogedheh eaglier took a painful hold on
her breasts, each huge hand filled with one half of Lara Croft's awesome
cleavage. He paused, realising he couldn't get his hard cock in from that
angle without directing it, and moved one hand off to grab his shaft. He
thrust forward hard, fucking deeply into Lara's cunt.

Lara lifted her head up to stare at the hunter as she felt the fresh
violation, and squealed as the saliva slick shaft stretched her shaved snatch
wide and filled her deeply. After all the pain it felt so good! Lara even
found the rough groping of her breasts was reaching somewhere deep inside and
arousing her. Gogedheh was already incredibly turned on from forcing the
female to take him deep into her throat, and he hit full speed on his thrusts
almost immediately. When he burst through Lara's tight cervical opening and
roughly pounded her womb, the sexualised pain drove her wild.

Lara's brown eyes were wide and she shook her head from side to side,
managing barely coherent words of encouragement and pleasure. She tried to
wrap her legs around the hunter's thick thighs and force him to fuck her
harder, but he was moving too fast and his legs were too big. After nearly
dying, the sheer joy of the powerful twelve-inch thrusts deep into her core
was too much for Lara. Her toned legs bounced and moved against him as she
came hard. The pain almost faded away as she screamed the place down with a
loud and very wet orgasm.

Gogedheh felt, saw and heard Lara's climax, and the sensations were too much
on his already well-squeezed and heavily stimulated shaft. He squeezed Lara's
breasts painfully tight and sank the full twelve inches deeply back inside.
He nailed the back of her womb with heavy blasts of near scalding spunk that
only spurred Lara into a fresh series of strength sapping climaxes. Gogedheh
grunted as the female's hole milked his shaft, drawing his load as far into
her womb as it would go. He packed Lara's womb tightly with the hot spunk,
filling fallopian tubes and stretching out her uterine lining which the
thickness of his cock and the tightness of her spread cervix kept it all

He noticed as the female's squeals took on a new urgency. She began to breath
harder and faster. Lara felt an incredible pain deep in her stomach; she
thought that the hunter had burst her womb. Instead, the embryo had reached
maturity fast to make up for the lack of eggs and clones. Both tomb raider
and Predator watched in shock as Lara's flat six pack bowed up at the top.
Lara screamed as true agony consumed her, and managed to bring her broken
arms towards the obscenely stretched flesh. Her stomach stretched to maxmimum
and then burst gorily. Bloody viscera and muscle splattered heavily from the
wound. Lara blinked at the small worm like creature that had emerged, then
her head sank down and she saw no more.

Gogedheh pulled his cock out very fast even as a heavy shower of piss
exploded from Lara's crotch. A heavy stream of fresh greenish-white cum
sprayed out from her cunt as he withdrew. The little chestburster was very
fast. He targeted it with his shoulder cannon and missed it with three quick
shots. It was almost to an air vent before he nailed it with the forth. The
hunter was beyond surprised to see the alien - had one of his clan mates
purposely infested the tomb raider as an additional challenge for his hunt?
Surely the city was too built up for such a risk. Gogedheh knew of the old
history of the hunting ground, and as the shock cleared from his mind he
accurately realised the creature's egg must have been dangerously left over
from many years past.

He stood still for several minutes before his mask transmitter received an
alert that the disks he had left with the sentry's communication unit had
been disturbed. Either the rest of the human leader's forces had arrived,
or would be alerted shortly by the report of the sentry's disablement.

He unsheathed his remaining wristblades and took Lara's head without
ceremony - almost an afterthought. Despite the approaching prey his attention
was focussed more on the gaping hole left in her body. Blood flowed freely
from the wound and from her neck, slowing as Lara's blood pressure lowered.
He considered how strange were the whims of a warrior's destiny; were it not
for Gogedheh's hunt the hard meat born from Lara Croft would surely have
consumed Earth unchecked and left cunning humanity nothing more than a
hunter's memory.

He packed the fourth trophy into his net and made sure Lara's ponytail wasn't
going to hang out and catch onto anything as he did so. There was one more
trophy to claim before dawn, and if he had planned his hunt correctly and
accurately calculated the human's response then the last of his chosen prey
would soon be there to challenge him - and if not, he could kill the closest
prey and wait for more. There were hours until dawn, and he would find her.

Gogedheh activated his cloaking device and left Lara's headless and bloodily
eviscerated body in the gloomy lab. In the animal tank behind the broken
glass screen, something big stirred.

The hunt continued.

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