Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. I'm not a
huge fan of "The Pretender." I've seen a few episodes so I know the gist and
I definitely like Andrea Parker. However, when I saw Parsman's awesome
photos, I knew I had to do something. First of all, Parsman, keep up the TV
stuff, it's great! Second, this story utilizes "TV hypnosis" which is even
more unrealistic than what we read. So, enjoy.

Pretender: Pretend No More (m/f,mc)

The cool Chicago winds managed to bring a break from the normal heat. Miss
Parker was no mood for the weather or scenery however. As always, she was
focused on one goal and one goal only: Jarod. As the lead agent for the
Centre, Parker had taken it upon herself to catch the so-called "Pretender"
once and for all. That wasn't easy. After all, Jarod was an exceptionally
intelligent man who could assume any job or identity with ease. Moreover, he
seemed to take the chase by the Centre as a game, often leaving mocking notes
for Parker, fueling her desire to bring him in. It was her sole goal in life
and the only thing that really left her

She was a tall woman with short dark hair and a face that might look more
attractive if she smiled once in a while. She wore a tan jacket and
mini-skirt and was trying to move quickly through the nighttime crowds
without running and attracting attention. She was cursing herself for
leaving her cigarettes back in the hotel; she could use a good smoke right
about now. At least she was alone, Broots and Sydney back at the Centre.
She was aware of her reputation at the Centre as a cold-hearted bitch with
no use for anyone. She didn't care. Once Jarod was caught, she'd be able
to get out and live a life on her own.

She'd lucked out here. While surfing the net, she'd come across an ad for
a hypnotherapist in Chicago named Jarod. She shook her head in disbelief.
The bastard wouldn't even change his name half the time. She'd hopped the
first flight out and was confident she would find him soon. And she was
right. He was several yards in front of her, calmly walking back to his
hotel. The short black hair, handsome face and muscular built ready to
assume any role. A rare smile came to Parker's lips. In a few hours, he'd
be back at the Centre and she'd be on a plane to Bermuda for a long-overdue

She stayed behind him, watching him approach the hotel when he suddenly
turned into an alley behind it. Picking up the pace, Parker ran to the
alleyway, pulling her gun out from her hidden holster. She ran into the
alleyway and saw Jarod walking only a few feet away. "Hold it!" she yelled,
pulling her gun up and ready.

Jarod stopped and stood there for a minute. "Well, it's about time," he
said. "I was expecting you hours ago. You stop off at DisneyQuest?"

"Can the small talk," Parker said, all business. "I'm taking you in."

Jarod turned to her and although she hid it well, Parker still felt the
small electric thrill that came over her every time she saw him in person.
"You disappoint me, Parker. Hasn't it struck you how easy it was to catch

"You're getting sloppy."

"Oh, that hurt," Jarod said, frowning. "Seriously, I wanted you here."

"Why?" Parker decided to play his little game. She had the drop on him, so
what harm could it do?

"Well, I've decided it's time we stopped playing this game," Jarod replied.
"I mean, I'm as sick of being chased as you are of chasing me."

"Well, what do you know? We agree on something."

"So, I think we should end this now." Jarod reached into his pocket and
pulled out a bright green gem attached to a chain. Parker rolled her eyes.
"Oh, please be kidding me," she said, watching as Jarod began to swing the
gem lightly from side to side. "You cannot think this is actually going to

"Why not? I mean, it solves a lot of problems. I get you to back off a bit
and help me get info on the Centre I can use."

"Just one problem, Jarod. There's no way you're going to hypnotize me with
that. I'm too strong for you."

"Really? Is that why you're staring at it so hard?" With a start, Parker
realized that she was watching the gem swing back and forth. She tried to
bring her eyes back to Jarod, but the swinging motions of the gem, the way
it caught the light with each swing, kept bringing her eyes back to it.
"Yeah, you can't help watching the gem, Miss Parker," Jarod said, shifting
to a softer voice. "You can't help watching it. You want to watch it. It's
so relaxing to watch it. As you watch the gem, you're becoming aware of
how tired you are. You're very tired, Miss Parker, aren't you? Very, very

"No...I'm not..."

"Yes, Miss Parker, you're very, very tired. That gun is feeling so heavy
in your hands. So very heavy. It's so hard to keep it up, it's so heavy.
You just want to lower it. That's right, lower that heavy gun and let it
fall. Let the heavy gun fall and relax. Just relax, Parker. That's right,
relax." Jarod watched as Parker's hands dropped slowly, the gun falling
from her grasp. He moved forward slightly, happy to see her eyes, fixed
on the swinging gem, becoming glassy.

"Yes, Miss Parker, you're very tired. Your eyes are very heavy now. Very,
very heavy. You feel so tired Miss Parker and your eyes feel so heavy that
all you want to do is close them. Close your heavy, heavy eyes, Miss Parker.
You're so tired you just want to close your heavy eyes and relax. Relax
totally Miss Parker. Close your heavy, heavy eyes and relax." Miss Parker's
eyes fluttered shut and her head slumped forward as she fell into a trance.
Jarod grinned. As always, his skills at excelling at any identity had come
to the fore here. He should have thought of this years ago. As he looked at
Parker, an idea came to his mind, an addition to his already wicked plan.

"Parker, open your eyes but remain deeply relaxed," Jarod commanded.
Parker's head raised and her eyes half-opened, instantly fixing on the
gem which Jarod now dangled in front of her face. "Look at the gem, Miss
Parker," Jarod said. "Look deeply into the gem and you will feel even more
relaxed. The deeper you look into the gem, the more relaxed you will feel.
Deeper and deeper, Miss Parker, to the center of the gem, where you will
be totally relaxed."

"Totally...relaxed," Parker whispered as she stared into the gem, gleaming
in the night light.

"Now, Miss Parker, you are totally relaxed. I have helped you feel this
relaxed. You know that and you know that anything I say makes you feel even
more relaxed. Anything I tell you to do makes you feel more relaxed. Do you


"Now, Miss Parker, you don't want to catch me."

"I don't want to catch you."

"You want to help me destroy the Centre."

"I help you..destroy the Centre."

"Good. Then follow me so we can formulate our plans."

"Yes...Follow you."

Ten minutes later, Jarod led the entranced Parker into his hotel room. It
was comfortable but modest, just the way Jarod liked it. He looked back at
the entranced agent and decided to start things off simply. "Now, Miss
Parker. In order to prevent any escape attempts, I want you to take off
your street clothes. Take them all off now." After a moment's pause, Parker
began to obey. Her tan jacket went first, then her skirt. She began to
unbutton her blouse when Jarod spoke. "Stop." He stared at her, standing
there, hands at her sides, blouse unbuttoned enough to show her white bra,
panties exposed, staring serenely into space. Jarod had never noticed just
how attractive she was. He decided it was time someone got to remind her
of it.

"Parker, I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to answer me
honestly. Are you attracted to me?"


"Good. You've often dreamed of making love to me, haven't you?"

"Yes...I have..."

"Good. This is one of those dreams, Parker. As you take off the rest of
your clothes, you will feel more and more sexually aroused. By the time
all your clothes are off, you will be ready to make love and to feel me
making love to you. Now, undress." Jarod began to strip himself as he
watched Parker loose the rest of her clothing. Her blouse went first,
then her bra, exposing her pert breasts. Her panties were last and as they
hit the floor, Jarod moved forward and kissed her full on the lips. He was
stunned with how well she answered, the passion long hidden within her
finally coming loose. Her tongue pushed inside his mouth, entwining around
his own tongue as they fell onto the bed.

They spent several minutes kissing and embracing, Jarod running his hands
down Parker's body, rubbing at the smooth hips. He broke off the kiss and
lowered himself down Parker, kissing her belly before coming to her brown
clit. He took a moment to inhale the smell, then dove in, his tongue
pressing firmly into her pussy, licking at it eagerly. Parker moaned,
feeling things within her that hadn't been sparked in a long time. She
ran her fingers through Jarod's hair as he ate her out, pushing him further
in. For his part, Jarod's hands soon found their way to Parker's breasts,
cupping them in a firm hold. He ran his palms over her tits while his
fingers played with her nipples, tickling and squeezing them, making
Parker's juices run faster. She finally came onto him, her cum splashing
onto his face in a wild mess.

Jarod moved back on top and kissed her again. Parker could taste her juices
on her own lips and loved it. She grunted as she felt Jarod's cock push
inside her. He began slowly, sliding his cock in and out of her passage
with amazing skill, taking his time with it. He then began to go faster,
his motions more energetic, feeling the rush building within him. Parker
moved her pelvis in time with him, keeping pace with his thrusts, longing
for that final push to send her over the edge. They kissed again as they
fucked, two people finally letting their hidden feelings go. Their orgasm
was incredible, as Jarod blasted his cum into her at full blast and Parker
loved every incredible second of it.

After a few more tries, Jarod decided enough was enough. He quickly had
Parker redress and sit on the edge of the bed. He dangled the gem before
her eyes and they widened as she fell back into a trance. "Listen to me
carefully," Jarod said. "You will walk out of this room and to the hotel
lobby. When you leave the hotel, you will come fully awake and you will
not recall anything that has happened here. You will not remember finding
me. You will believe I have left and you will return to the Centre. Do you


"Good. Now, in the weeks to come, you will become less intent on finding
me. You will dissuade leads, you will refuse to believe rumors. Even when
you have proof of where I am, you will be reluctant to come after me. Now,
you will also begin to gather information on the Centre. Personnel,
finances, history, everything. Whenever you hear my voice say the word
'nicotine' you will fall back into this trance and obey my every word. Do
you understand?"


"Good." Jarod thought for a moment, then went on. "Two more things. When
you are alone at night, you will have erotic dreams involving you and me.
These dreams will make you feel more affectionate towards me and will
impede your search. Also, you will begin to lose your taste for cigarettes.
Slowly, you will realize how bad they are and that you want very much to
quit. Remember this but nothing else."

Parker shook her head as she left the hotel. God, all that time wasted.
Jarod was probably half-way across the country by now and it would take
weeks to find him again. Not that she was in any hurry. Jarod deserved a
life on his own without the Centre interfering. But, Parker might as well
go through the motions of a search anyway, if only to keep her father
happy. She reached into her pocket for her pack of cigarettes, then paused.
Walking past a trash bin, she threw them in. Nasty things anyway.

Back in his hotel room, Jarod smiled and leaned back in bed. Know thine
enemy was a good philosophy. He was glad to have gotten to know his a
little better.


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