Prophecy 3: The Ascent Part 1 (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Danyael sat on the floor, looking straight ahead of him. Anyone looking at
him would have seen an ordinary youth. He was tall and slender, dark-haired
and of a pale complexion. He looked every bit like an ordinary man. Except
that he wasn't. Danyael was the son of the archangel Daniel and a woman named
Valerie Rosales. The Chosen One. The one so much had been prophesized about.
He was the Nephilim.

The Nephilim were the half-human offspring of angels and mortal women. They
were hunted down by the dark angels. Dark angels knew of a chosen one born
with the power to reunify the fallen angels with the Lord. On him rested all
hopes. Many angels did not like the idea of a half-human reunifying their
fallen brethren with God. These angels were led by the fallen archangel
Gabriel. Gabriel was once one of the most powerful angels in Heaven. He
helped the archangel Michael fight the fallen angels once Lucifer declared
war on God. Angels in Heaven as well as their fallen counterparts in Hell
both feared and anticipated the coming of the Chosen One. The one with the
power of Absolution. The archangel Daniel sired him. The Nephilim destined
to save the world and reunite the fallen angels with God. The archangel
Daniel had been killed by his enemy, the evil archangel Gabriel. Gabriel
was a very wicked angel and a rather powerful force of evil. He hated all
humanity and would not allow one of them to be the Savior of the Fallen.

The archangel Gabriel fought against the forces of Good for a long time. He
sought to kill the Chosen One many times. At every turn, he failed. Gabriel
was not an angel that was well-liked in Heaven or in Hell. The angels of
Heaven saw him as a traitor and a rebel. The dark angels of Hell saw him as
a menace. Neither side would have him. He was half crazed in his overzealous
cause. He wanted to destroy the Nephilim and wipe out all of humanity. He
wanted to be the one to destroy God's favorite creations, the humans. He was
jealous of the humans because God favored them above all things in the
universe. He saw them as unworthy of God's love. Gabriel wasn't gone. He
hadn't been seen in a long time but he was still around. He still had the
same obsession in life. He wanted to find the Chosen One. Gabriel had a new
mission. He was to become the protector of the Chosen One. A very ironic
sequence of events. The most powerful enemy of the Chosen One was now sworn
to protect him.

Invisible, Gabriel watched over Danyael. Sometimes, the archangel felt sorry
for his charge. The young man had just realized that he was different from
everyone else. He was still in awe of his emerging new abilities. The
Nephilim looked like ordinary humans, but they were stronger and faster.
Also, they had the ability to heal rather quickly. Danyael was having trouble
coming to terms with all of it. Fortunately, his best friend Maggie was there
to help. Maggie, whom he had known for ages. They had been recently reunited.
Unfortunately, the angel Zophael was coming after them. Zophael was a soldier
of Heaven. He also had a deep hatred of humanity. He wanted to see them wiped
out. Long ago, an extremely powerful angel named Pyriel had been cast down
from Heaven. Pyriel had walked out on the war in Heaven, rejecting both God
and the Devil. He simply didn't care for any of it. Thousands of angels
followed his example. Pyriel was buried in the desert. Chained in darkness
forever. Pyriel had lost his Heavenly glory. All because he simply stopped
caring for God and the Devil's little war. During his exile and imprisonment,
his hatred for God and all Heavenly creatures grew. He also developed a
passionate hatred for the human race.

The angel Pyriel waited for his angelic brethren to liberate him from the Pit
of Darkness where he was bound. Surely enough, Zophael came down from Heaven
to rescue him. Zophael used ancient angelic magic to rescue Pyriel from the
Pit. Surely enough, Pyriel rose from his prison. He saw the world for the
first time in countless thousands of years. Pyriel had the appearance of a
tall, handsome youth with long blond hair and pale blue eyes. He was anything
but. In Heaven, he was once known as the Angel of Fire. The Fiery One. Pyriel
was God's henchman. Once. Now, he was the sworn enemy of Heaven. He hated
humanity, which he blamed for his fall. He wanted to destroy them all.
Zophael freed Pyriel. They would go to other parts of the world and liberate
other fallen angels. They were seeking a fallen angel named Shemhazai, the
only angel who knew where the remains of the angel Mael were buried. Mael
was the only angel with enough power to unlock the Gates of Tartarus. This
was where God's faithful archangel Michael threw the Mazzikin, the angels of
destruction. The Mazzikin were very ancient angels. Created long before the
remaining angels were called into being by the Word of God.

These angels had power. Unfathomable power. They were far older than all
other angels. They once existed alone with God. Long before time and space.
The Mazzikin had been cast down from Heaven long before Lucifer's rebellion.
The Mazzikin had objected to the creation of the angels, much like the angels
objected to the creation of the humans. It was said that whomsoever freed the
Mazzikin would bind these awesome beings to his will and command them. Mael
knew where they were. He once attempted to free them. Unfortunately, the
divine magic left by God was far too powerful for the angel to tinker with.
The divine force struck down Mael and he remained where he fell. Alive, yet
reduced to so much less than what he once was. The liberation of the Mazzikin
and the destruction of mankind, that was the agenda of the forces of
darkness. The only thing standing in their way was Danyael, the son of an
angel and a woman. The prophesized Savior of the Fallen. Unfortunately for
the Forces of Light, Danyael was incapacitated at the moment. He had a case
of self doubt and shame. Fortunately, his girlfriend Maggie will serve her
purpose and help him out of it.

Maggie stood there, looking at her best friend Danyael. The man she secretly
loved. So much had happened recently that she couldn't make much out of.
She'd been kidnapped by the fearsome angel Zophael and they traveled across
the desert to find the Pit of Darkness, prison of fallen angel Pyriel. Now,
these strange beings were out there, seeking others like themselves to join
forces and destroy mankind. Maggie recalled the archangel Gabriel telling her
that Danyael was the only one who could stop the army of the dark angels. He
wasn't looking up to the task and to be honest, she wasn't sure she wanted
him to be. The angels were very strange and powerful beings. They almost
looked like human males. Very beautiful human males with large wings. They
were immortal. They had powers. The only way to kill them was to cut out
their hearts. That usually did the trick. Except for Gabriel.

The archangel Gabriel had been defeated by Lucifer, who feasted on his heart.
Gabriel came back. Gabriel had been impaled on a pike after a long struggle
involving the archangels Daniel and Michael as well as a mortal woman named
Valerie Morales. He still survived. Angels could die. Gabriel was cursed by
God. He could die, but would never be allowed to remain that way. It was
God's decree that Gabriel should suffer eternally. What good was eternal
punishment if the sufferer were to die and thus end his suffering? Gabriel
would exist until the end of time. So would Lucifer since God decreed him to
be the outcast and rebel forever. Eternity awaited those angels with enough
hatred and temerity to call the wrath of God upon their heads.

Maggie finally realized all that her man had to deal with. All these things
were things that the young Danyal was gonna have to deal with. But not
tonight. Tonight, they would make love. Danyael rose and turned toward the
desert. Maggie looked at the man she had loved for so long. She couldn't
stand to lose him once more. She'd rather die first. "Stay with me tonight,
Dan." she said.

Danyael looked at her, shocked. Maggie stared at him. He truly did not know
that she loved him. She'd taken care to hide her secret love for him but she
always hoped that he would return her affections. Remembering that fortune
favored the bold, she came closer to him. "Dan, I've got something I've been
meaning to tell you for a long time." she said.

Danyael stared at her, dumbfounded. "What?" he asked.

"I love you." Maggie said. There, she said it. What she'd been hiding ever
since they met in high school.

Danyael couldn't believe his ears. A lot had happened to him recently. He'd
been shot by a zealot and somehow miraculously healed. He'd been attacked by
a soldier angel and barely escaped with his life. He felt like he was in the
Twilight Zone. Now, his longtime friend and best buddy Maggie, the one person
he thought he could depend on had a surprise for him? Jeez!!! He looked at
Maggie. She was smiling, so full of hope. Danyael smiled back. He was rather
horny... Hmm. "I love you too." he said.

Maggie hurled herself into his waiting arms. "Oh, Dan." she said. "I'm gonna
make you so happy."

Danyael grinned. "I know." he said quietly.

They kissed passionately and fell down on the dunes of the desert. Maggie's
passion surprised him. She practically ripped his clothes off. Soon, their
naked bodies press against each other. He wants her. She wants him. They
caress each other, and let their touch allow their instincts to take over.
They roll around on the soft, warm sands. Laughing, screaming. They kiss and
caress, frolick and play. He kisses and caresses her neck, her breasts and
then her buttocks. He parts her legs and breathes in the aroma of her
womanhood. He starts to feast on it, parting her gentle folds and licking
her pussy. He eats her out, licking her pussy, sucking on it and fingering
her. He drives her wild. This goes on for a long time until she bucks wildly
as his expert sexual techniques bring her to ecstacy. She opens her eyes and
looks at him. She can't believe what he has done. He sits there and looks at
her. She is eager to return the favor. She kneels before him and takes his
cock into her mouth. She sucks on his cock and licks his balls. Danyael
groans in pleasure. She sucks him until he cums in her mouth, then she drinks
all of his seed. Satisfied, they lie down right next to each other on the now
cool sands. There's plenty of time for the second act.

Maggie climbs on top of Danyael and places her hands on his shoulders.
Danyael puts his hands on her waist. He watches her as she lowers herself
onto his member. He thrusts into her. She screams as he enters her. He is
slow at first, letting her get used to his girth and then he picks up speed.
He slams into her. She undulates on top of him and her gyrating movements
cause him to go deeper into her. He is plowing into her pussy and the
deliciously painful feeling drives her wild. They make love, savagely and
tenderly, all night long, until exhaustion claims them and the fires of
their passion die not far from the first light of dawn.

Danyael and Maggie lie on the sand. Maggie is asleep. Danyael is not.
Looking at the star-filled sky. He knows that somewhere up there is a power
unlike anything he'd ever imagined. God. The Omnipotent One. The Maker of
All Things. The Maker of Angel, Man and Beast. The Creator. He knows that
he has a role to play in the grand scheme of things. It's in his future.
It's uncertain...he's not ready to embrace it...yet.

Meanwhile, Pyriel and Zophael stand over the rocky grave of the fallen angel
known as Mael. Pyriel unleashes the Fire of Heaven into the grave of the
fallen angel and something extraordinary happens. Mael's skeleton is
changing. Flesh grows over it, then skin. Muscles. Blood. Skin. Hair. The
whole nine yards. Once more, the fallen angel known as Mael lives. Like all
angels, he is immortal. Like all angels, he can be killed. It is a simple
matter of cutting out his heart. Like all angels, he can be brought back to
life an infinite number of times if it is the Will of Heaven.

Mael rises from his grave. He is a tall, bronze-skinned man with black hair
and green eyes. He doesn't look a day over twenty five. He looks beautiful.
He has magnificent black wings. Mael. Once, one of the most powerful of all
angels. Struck down by the Heavenly Powers eons ago. He looks at his friends,
Pyriel and Zophael. He hasn't seen them in a long time. The two angels
embrace their resurrected brother. The three angels discuss what they must
do. They are to find the Mazzikin and unleash Hell on Earth, thus wiping out
mankind. It's a piece of cake for Mael...he is that powerful. It took a whole
squad of war-like angels from the elite of Heaven's troops to bring him down.
Mael is one of the greatest warriors among the angels. Yet he was defeated.

Mael is burning with rage and hatred for mankind. He decides to travel with
his brothers to find the ancient Mazzikin and destroy the humans once and for
all. It should be easy. At least that's what he thought, until he sensed a
powerful presence neither human nor angelic. He knows at once what it is. The
Nephilim. Angels continue to seduce mortal women and leave them with their
half-breed offspring. This has been going on for countless millennia. Mael
can sense that there is a Nephilim of amazing power out there. Pyriel wonders
about it himself. Zophael informs them that they are to face a Nephilim of
great power, the Chosen One of prophecy. Pyriel seethes with rage.

In the old days, he killed many Nephilim. He longs to hunt them again. So
does Mael. Zophael shows them the marks left upon him by a spear thrown at
him by the Nephilim known as Danyael, son of the archangel Daniel, whom the
then-evil archangel Gabriel killed. Mael and Pyriel are shocked at Zophael's
wounds. All angels have the ability to regenerate. Yet somehow, the wounds
caused by the supposed Chosen One have only been partially healed by the
recuperative powers of angelic physiology. It would seem that this Chosen
One might have the power to kill angels, something no mere Nephilim could
even attempt.

Pyriel wants to seek out the Chosen One in battle. Zophael finds himself in
the unenviable position of restraining Pyriel. The Fiery One seethes with
hate for the last great Nephilim. So does Mael. Zophael cautions them and
urges them to return to the task at hand, freeing the Mazzikin and destroying
the humans. The Mazzikin can destroy anything they come up against. Angel or
human. No angel has the power to stop them, not even the great archangel
Michael, Heaven's armies's loyal commander. The Mazzikin will be invincible.
Pyriel, Mael and Zophael would destroy the humans, assume control of the
underworld of fallen angels and build themselves a kingdom on Earth with
enough glory to rival that of Heaven. With this goal in mind, the three
fallen angels take flight and seek the most ancient and powerful beings in
the universe. If they succeed, humanity's days are over. It's the ultimate
battle. Light versus dark. Winner take all.

To be continued...


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