Pyramid: The New Show (MMF,MFF,MM,FF,orgy,inc,oral,celeb)
by Spyder ([email protected])

At a studio in Los Angeles, California a new Pyramid is about to be revealed.
The audience is ushered in and told to remain seated throughout the whole
show. Once they are in their seats the announcer calmly walks to his spot
and says tells them that the new Pyramid is about to begin. He steps to the
microphone and welcomes them to the studio and that the host is Donny Osmond.

Donny walks to his podium and proceeds to greet the audience. He then says,
"This is the new Pyramid, on a new station for this season and we thanks the
Playboy network for the studio. The basic rules remains the same, but we have
added a few to the list. First of all, those of us who play and host the game
are to be totally naked. The categories are sex related and a certain amount
of acting out is required. The point system is now at 21 and there is only
one round to win to get to the winner's circle. I have also a co-host
everyday and she will be new each show. Now that we have established to rules
I will now introduce my so-host, she is a country singer, an actress and most
of all my sister, give it up for Marie Osmond."

The audience applause is boisterous and Marie walks to the podium in all her
glory. Her bright smile, sexy body and ample breasts. She has a tiny wisp of
hair at her pussy. Once she has stopped near her brother, Donny diverts the
attention of everyone by telling him or her that two mattresses lie on the
floor for the purpose of the sex that will be part of the series.

Again Donny speaks by announcing the guest stars and the contestants. "To my
right we have the former soap star and recently a cop on NYPD Blue, here she
is Kim Delaney and Kim will be partnered with a model and mother from Des
Moines Iowa, Lisa Watkins. She will be playing with and against the country
music artist and the star of Smallville and Dukes of Hazzard, let's here it
for John Schneider. John will be playing with a man who teaches sex-ed in
Detroit, Michigan, here is Tony Styles."

The game begins with Donny telling them what the categories are; My sister
loves pussy, Is that Bo or Blow Duke, The pussy has it, Ten reasons why sex
is great, Why do we fuck and Who invented beds.

"Since Lisa won the coin toss, she goes first," announces Donny.

Lisa selects is that Bo or Blow Duke. Donny asks for twenty seconds on the
clock and says "go". Kim gives the clues and at the end of the time limit
they have got all seven. Donny is excited as he gets Lisa, Kim and John to
the mattress. He then informs the women that since all seven are right that
both of the ladies have to give John a blowjob. Kim and Lisa kneel on the
bed and take hold of John's cock. They take turns gently stroking it until
it is hard, then they lie him down and each suck the dick of the Dukes.
John grabs one head and while lying down face fucks Lisa and then repeats
the scenario with Kim. A short time later John cums on the ladies faces as
the two lick the jism off their cheeks.

They return to their chairs, as Donny asks Tony to select his category.
Tony looks over the situation and says that he would like; My sister loves
pussy. John gives the clues for the category and Tony like Lisa gets them
all correct. Donny tells Tony to pick up a card on his desk and read what
it says. Doing this Tony announces that Marie must eat Kim Delaney's pussy
while stroking Donny's cock. So with that Donny and Marie step to the
closest bed and prepare to enjoy with Kim what is to follow.

Kim lies on the mattress, opens her sexy legs and allows Marie inside for
a closer muff warming. Now Kim, who has a thick black patch of hair at her
pussy, smiles as she sees Marie stroking Donny's cock. Using her tongue with
expertise Marie licks the hot cunt of the television star, making her cum
very quickly. Kim is embarrassed that a woman has made her jism flow so soon
and is calmed by the fact that Marie has cum as well.

Donny and Marie return to the podium to await the next category selection and
the next sexual act. Lisa picks next and takes "Why do we fuck". Again there
is time set on the clock, as Donny says "go". This time Lisa is one short,
Donny says that there is a penalty imposed for the one who doesn't complete
the category. Marie picks up the penalty cards, takes one and tells Lisa that
she must be ass fucked by Donny.

Lisa returns to the mattress, awaits Donny and in a few short minutes he is
fucking the lady. Since he was hard as a rock anyhow and Lisa was already
dripping from the scene just performed it wasn't too hard for Donny to enter
her pussy. He fucks the contestant for the little time until they both have
cum. They return to where they started and await Tony's selection.

Tony makes his pick and takes the "Pussy Has It". Tony gives the clues; John
answers them and gets them right. Since the category has to do with pussy,
Donny tells Tony that he will have his choice of cards to enact the sex. Tony
looks the numbers over and informs Donny that he wants what is under card #4.
The card reads that Marie has to allow Donny to fuck her ass and pussy.

Marie is shocked, but knows that if she is ever co-host once more, she will
need to observe the rules. The Osmond siblings move to the bed as Donny takes
his stiff dick and enters his sister's ass. He pounds into it for a short
time and then enters her pussy from the rear. Not using a condom, Donny is
wary of cumming in his sister's cunt until he pulls out to unload himself on
her butt. She turns over and widens her thighs to accept Donny's advances
inside her pussy while atop of her. This time when he is near exploding,
Donny cums on her tits and face.

Now since Lisa has the lower score, she makes the next pick. She has chosen
"Why Sex Is Great". Once more time is asked for and given, then Donny signals
for them to go. Lisa gets all the answers right and awaits what she has to do
next. Donny takes one of the cards and tells Lisa that she has to masturbate,
while lying on John and Tony's desk.

She walks over to the desk, lies across it, and opens her thighs in front of
John and slowly fingers her fuzzy peach. The lady moans with the pleasure of
knowing that a famous actor and singer is Lisa is so expert at it that she
cums very quickly and leaves a pool of cuz on the desk.

Tony takes the last category "Who Invented Beds". The time is called for and
John gives the clues. The men are two shy of a win, but since there is a
penalty Marie takes a card and reads that Tony must give John a blowjob.
They take their places on the mattress as Tony grabs John's cock and gives
him his best blowjob. Tony, who is BI sexual, swallows the load of John's
jism once he has made him cum. They return to the desk to watch Lisa attempt
to win the big prize of $50,000 dollars.

Lisa and Kim head to the winners circle to confront the new categories. Donny
makes his way over to tell them what they will be using to win the money. Her
categories are; "Why Kim Is So Hot", "Who Is Donny's Master", "Fucking",
"Love", "Marie's Tits", "Love Nest", "Pink", "Porno Pyramid" and
"Contestant's Fucking". Donny wishes the ladies good luck, asks the audience
to remain quiet, and tells Kim and Lisa to kiss between each category, calls
for one minute and for them to go. Starting at the bottom, Lisa works her way
to the top, kissing Kim everywhere that the star points to. Finally the last
category is done and Lisa is $50,000 dollars richer. Kim tells Lisa to give
her a full mouth kiss with tongue. Before Donny gets to congratulate the
ladies for a fine job Lisa is eating Kim's pussy. He doesn't stop the action,
but asks everyone on stage to join in. A wild orgy ensues, with each male
having a hard fuck with the ladies. Even the men fuck one another as a final
farewell for this episode.
Donny gets to the mark he normally stands on tells the TV audience to tune in
the next day for Pyramid.

The End


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