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Story notes: I'm using the "Real Adventures of Jonny Quest" story line for
this (The one where Race has a daughter, Jessie, who's the same age as Jonny)
and all those participating in this story are at least 18 years old, so there
will be no funny looks from the audience please, thank you.

** **-indciates dream sequence
***-indicates viewpoint change
< >-indicates flashback

Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:
The H Adventures Of Jonny Quest - One Night In Athens (mf,f-mast)
by LoneWolf2501

Part 1 - Dreams And Hormones

Athens, Greece, A wonderful place of history and architecture, a place a
great many world travelers and business execs would say is a must to visit
at least once, and many would agree; unless your names on this day happened
to be either Jonny Quest or Jessie Bannon, in which case they were going to
be a little too busy to enjoy it.But at the time they weren't aware of that

There mornings started off as normal as can be expected; Since Jessie and
Jonny opted to share a room, certain rules were put into place so one
wouldn't interupt the others privacy,particularly where the bathroom was
concerned.and they had two beds in the room, so that wasn't a problem...

Unoffically, the situation wasn't so textbook. Sure, they were, at the basic
level, just two people who had meet at age 14 and became friends, but, four
years of living together in the same house, the only two people with any
major contact to members of the opposite sex who they found interesting on a
platonic level, had lead to some rather interesting incidents, and a great
deal of frustration of a primarily non-platonic nature. However, they just
found ways to deal with it. But lately, that frustration had been building
steadily over the past three days, and both Jessie and Jonny have been having
times where they had to weigh their biologically urges and their logical
reasoning. Adding to their frustration was the fact that they couldn't
masturbate anyplace to where the other wouldn't notice.

Now was one of those times, since Jessie got up first, she got first dibs on
using the bathhroom. In fact, Jonny only woke up because he heard the shower
running in bathroom. "Damn" he thought "I should have gotten up at seven, now
I'll have to wait after she's done in there. I just hope there's some hot
water left." With that last thought, a little voice inside him said, "I would
think after what you were dreaming about her last night, you would need a
cold shower." He groaned slightedly at the thought. Lately, he was of two
minds, one being of logic,the other to which the remark had come from his
hormone incited instincts, that reminded him that yes, he was a male and
Jessie was female, and for the past four years she was developing into quite
a nice looking female, but fortunately his logic was beating him to his
instincts every time, as was becoming the case this morning, and almost every
day it seemed (especially every morning since they got here, he realizied).
It was with that he noticed the almost painful erection from last nights'
dreaming tenting from his night pants, waiting for something (or someone) it
could be put into use for. "And I suppose you would just like to go straight
in that shower, buck naked, seduce Jessie, and bang her right there until her
brain turns to Jello?!" his logic retorted firmly. "Actually, YES I WOULD
LIKE THAT VERY, VERY MUCH!!! And you never know, she might like it too." His
instincts insinuated. "No, what she would like is see Race beating the shit
out of you if you tried it!" And that was the end of that arguement.

While Jonny didn't exaclt fear Race, he knew that Race wouldn't have any
qualms on using his commando techniques on him if he thought for a second
Jonny was treating his daughter as nothing more that his own personal
fucktoy. Shuddering at that last thought, he got out of bed to get his
clothes out for the day. "Fine, but I don't know how much more of this
shit I can take man" His hormones seemed all to informative to rant.


Jessie was having quite the morning herself, actually.

When she got up, about a half hour before her roommate, there were her
instincts ready to full steam ahead "If you REALLY want a good way to wake
him up, show him the advantages of morning wood. You know he'd like that as
much as you would, right?. And besides, after last night it would be the
perfect way for him making up for YOUR frustration for the past oh, four
years, and you have needs too." her insticts noted with enthusiasm. "Yeah,
Do you want those 'needs' to become issues! I think not!" Her logic
interupted. "Okay, you do need to feel attractive and wanted, but not now,
just not now, it's too soon, you'll only end up regretting it later. Look
I know you've got feelings for him and all, but you could end up chasing
him away if you told himn head on what you feel, and I definitely don't
think a pyhsical relationship will be a good way to start off, either." She
wasn't sure about either case, until her logic added "And think of what
Race will do to him if he finds out about you two." That point could NOT be

Then she smelled something; something familiar, musky, and fairly pleasant.
The realization of what it could be didn't escape both parts of her mind.
Removing the sheet off of her, she looked down at herself, comfirming her
suspicions, she was still wet from her dreams last night, and it had soaked
through her pajama bottoms.

"Shower" was all her logic said, and she listened; the last thing she needed
was for Jonny to see her like this, especially in the morning, no matter
what her instincts had told her. Slowly, she arose from bed, got her clothes
for the day from her suitcase,and headed for the bathroom. It was a fairly
standard one, except for instead of a bath, there were two shower heads,
across for each other on either side, so that two people could shower at
once (Not that they would ever want to). After closing the door (quietly),
she instantly headed for the shower and turned the water on. After check for
the right temperature, she undressed fully, but just before she got into the
shower, she looked at herself in the mirror. A smile formed on her lips as
she admired how her body had matured over the years; 5'6", 110lbs, shoulder
length red hair, a fit, trim body, (that when all things considered that
would only naturally get when you lead the kind of life she and Jonny did)
that would definitely attract attention when she wanted too show off (Which
wasn't really that often, only two or three times). Wonderful, smooth, and
graceful curves that made some women jealous, with a good size bust to
accompany those curves very well. A pair of perky, full, natural breasts,
with dark pink nipples and nickel sized areolae that she was definitely
proud of. Long, smooth, well toned legs, then as her gaze moved to her hips,
she heard internally "Forgetting something?" Shaking her head as if released
from a trance, she checked the water again "Just right" she said, and stepped
into the shower.

The warm water cascaded down on her, letting her relax and enjoy the
sensation before she washed up. As her mind drifted off again, her thoughts
shifted to last night, in particular the dreams she had, and vividly


It had started innocent enough, with her at a coastline, enjoying some sun
in a rather understated white and red strapless bathing suit. She was quite
comfortable just lying there, letting the sun warm her skin all over, when
suddenly, she saw Jonny, up against a wall, him leaning against it for
support hunched over as if in pain, clutching his stomach. Being the person
she was, she ran to him to see what was wrong, and then he fell over,as if
unconcious in the sand. Not thinking, she put him in a car (she never saw
it before, but she had the keys to it), and drove him back to the Quest
compound. By the time she carried him on to his bed, he woke up, and seemed
to be fine. He groaned, shook his head, and when his eyes opened, and saw
her, it looked as if he wanted to thank her, but before she could answer,
he kissed her gently on the lips. (In reality she was leaning on the shower
wall, as she remembered as to what happened next in her dream.) The
surprising thing was that instead of her shying away from him, from the
suddeness of the action, she actually return the affection with vigor. As
the kiss deepened, she started to feel very warm, dispite her lack of
clothing. She could tellthat Jonny was feeling the same way she was, so she
removed his shirt and pants, leavinghim in only his boxer shorts. shortly
afterward they returned to their kissing with great interest, as she slowly
drew him down on the bed, so she could be on top.**

By now the real Jessie was getting very aroused by the memory of her dream,
and started, from the bottom of her flat stomach, trailing her hands to her
breasts. As her memory of the dream went on, she unconciously started
massaging the bottoms of her breasts,moving upward to the most sensitive
parts of them, her nipples. Oh the things she did in that dream with him.


As their making out session continued, she pressed her body against his,
their bodies seemingly glued together, their tongues intertwining hastily
as he started tograsp and massage her still covered breasts, tring to find
a way to free them. He didn't have to wait long, for then she raised her
chest up off him, grabbed the top of her bathing suit, and pushed it down
to her waist. Leaning back down, he took it as an invitation and started to
suck on one of the firm mounds. She moaned softly as he suckled gently on
it, his hand stimulating the other breast equally well. Her hands tangled
in his hair as the sweet sensations continued to warm and arouse her willing
body thoroughly. After a short while, she noticed the bulge in Jonny's
boxers, it wasn't that hard to miss; and with that she decided it was time
for action


Jessie was getting really hot now, as she groped and fondled her breasts
wantonly,internally knowing that wouldn't be nearly enough, for she getting
wet, and not just from the shower, this was the kind of wet she loved to
feel, ironically the same moisture she had meant to wash off of her in the
first place. She couldn't help it,her young body was begging for this
attention, this feeling, that she was self inflicting, as one of her hands
started to go downward to her most private place, while the other still
occupied one of her very aroused breasts.She also started to moan lightly,
not that she could help that either, she was just a moaner.


Moving down to the final piece of clothing Jonny had on, she moved her hands
underneath the elastic of his boxers, and after he raised his hips, slowly
removed them from him. Tossing the item recklessly in a corner of the room,
she then took a good look at the body on the bed. Well muscled,not too much,
not too little, and very smooth skin. Like the kind of body a girl would love
to have attached to a man for her first time. Her gaze moved to the muscle
she really wanted to see, and her eyes widened at the sight of it.The sight
of his hard member, standing up proudly as if waiting only for her to have
it,for her to feel it inside her, made her feel hotter all over. A smile
curled her lips at the thought that it was her that did that to him; but that
was for a little later. Crawling sensiously back onto the bed and up to his
face, got on top of him so she was straddled on his abdomen(making sure she
didn't touch his member) and kissed him with great force, a force showing him
that while he maybe the male, she was the one in control here. And he clearly
had no problem with that, instead only lowered his head to her breasts, and
started sucking on the left one, only now much more urgencly and vigor was
added to the task, much to her delight. Carefully she slid down his abdomen,
so that her privates were touching his, not inside her, just enough between
her legs so that they made contact with each other. This made him moan quite
a bit as she teased him by gently swaying her hips slightly, giving him
seemly more energy which went directly into pleasuring her breasts. But now
she was getting pretty anxious herself and couldn't wait for him to fill her
with his love ogran.


By now Jessie was having a bit of trouble concentrating on the dream, with
the water running, one hand grouping and squeezing one of her breats, the
other between her legs, teasing her slit wantonly, she had a hard time simply
standing, let alone think clearly. Slowly she lowered herself to her knees
for some balance and control, but that only fueled her desire, as her thighs
squeezed against the hand at her sex. Her moaning increased a great deal,
and could be heard quite audibly for anyone outside the bathroom.


"Huh?" Jonny said as he turned his head to the bathroom. "What was that
noise?" It kinda sounded way, not possible, it couldn't be.." I
think it is." His hormones chimed in delightedly "She's doing alone what
you two could be enjoying together."

And there was no denying it either, the sounds eminating from the girl in
the shower could only be one thing; the moans she let out when she was
masturbating. He knew this from expierience, passing her room, minding his
own business, when he heard the moaning from the inside of the room, the
sounds she made when she was inducing her self-inficted pleasure. But not
wanting to do something stupid, like listen in through the door (Where he
might fall inside the room, or get caught doing it by is father, Hadji, or
worse Race), he would move on, letting her do with her body as she pleased
(well, something like that). But now they were far away from the Quest
complex, the only people in the room, and with their fathers all the way
on the other side of the hotel floor, it seemed the perfect senario were
he could get away with it, if only this once.

However, he thought against the idea of listening in almost as fast as it
had come up "She wants, no needs some privacy so she can work off some of
her agitation, and if thats the only way she can do it, well, I guess that
she deserves it." He thought respectfully. "Besides, as loudly as she's
going at it, I don't need to listen in."


Jessie was straining, doing her best not to come just yet, not until she
had reached the point were the dream had ended. No longer content with her
fingers just stroking her moist nether lips, she separated the lips slightly,
enough to let two fingers in past the lips, and into her canal. Her moaning
increased even more as she did that, and had to take the hand that was
groping her breast off, and put it on the shower wall so she didn't fall
over. As her body reached the critical point, her brain, though slightly
foggy from the pleasure, just kept on going thinking about her dream and
what happened next.


Unable to take anymore of her teasing, Jessie rose up off Jonny and onto her
knees, her hips hovering over his. They both could see what was going to
happen next. She gently took hold of Jonny's manhood, gave it a nice,
playfull squeeze, and directed it to the lips of her heated, wet gentitals.
Carefully, she guided the head into her, stopping after she got enough in so
it was safely, neatly, and complety in her pink nether region. She wanted to
get used to the feel of it: the thickness, the heat, the hard flesh meeting,
filling her for the first time, before she took it all in. Looking down,
Jessie saw Jonny, underneath her, enjoying the first part of the penetration
as much as she was. He, for his part, held his hands on her hips, steadying
her for to plunge deep the phallus that was now partially joining them.
Taking a deep breath, she braced herself for the final step,looking directly
into his eyes as deeply as he was looking into hers, they both knew they were
ready, so without a second thought, she slipped down slowly, inch by hot
inch, on his member. They both moaned as their most intimate contact
continued until she had him all the way in her. For a while, they were both
motionless, letting the feeling of such incredible union be savored, before
the true nature of it began. Jonny's hands drifted from her hips to her
brests, rubbing and squeezing them gently. Slowly, and delicatly, they
started to move against one another, allowing the two to get a good rhythm
going so they both could enjoy themsevles to the fullest. After a short time,
their movements quickened as their bodies started to approach orgasm.

They both wanted it ,craved it, the intense relase of orgasm, as much as
they wanted each other, and to give to the partner. Sweat had begun form on
both of them as they went on, moving faster and harder in order to them to
reach their flash points. The light moaning became panting and strained
grunting, their eyes closed as if a distraction from the task at hand, harder
and faster, faster and harder, thier bodies grinding together at the hips,
desperately seeking release from the pressure building in their bodies. On
and on,the almost too intense feeling being generated from one another, it
seemed to never end until, until....


Jessie nearly fell to the shower floor as her orgasm hit, and hit her hard.
Only with some saving grave did her balancing hand that was on the wall reach
the floor, so she was almost on all fours. But she wasn't aware of that, only
the white hot, searing pleasure coursing through her body for what seemed
like an eternity. Also unaware to her, was that her moan very, almost
embarrasingly loud, any one with in reasonable distance could have heard it.
And sure enough some one did.


Jonny's head whipped around to the bathroom door again, as he heard the
girl's release quite clearly through the door. "WOW" was all he said, and his
brain couldn't have agreed more. "Well, at least one of us gets some relief
today," he thought. "Ah, but what about your dream?" his hormones perked up
at the thought. Then it hit him, he had completely forgotten his dream last
night. "FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK!!!, that dream was a classic man, and poof, gone,
just like that!" About the only thing he could be sure of in his dream is
that Jessie was the co-star. "Maybe its better this way," his logic pointed
out "Now you can concentrate on your real feelings, not some jagg-off dream."
That seemed to really get the ball rolling. For not all the frustration over
the last four years was over the raw hormonal impulses, a greater deal of it,
at least as far as he knew, was that he had starting falling for Jessie at
age 15, and now that she was lodging, in a separate bed, in the same room as
him, he was now faced with the facts that if he wanted to tell her how he
felt, now would be the perfect time. And yet he wasn't sure how either of
them would take it. "You'll think of something, LATER, now you need a shower,
and she's using up all the hot water." He looked at the clock next to him,
she had been in there for over 20 minutes! If he wanted to avoid an ice
shower, he needed to get her out of there. Right, now, how to get her out.
He couldn't ignore the sounds she made, but he didn't want to accuse her of
anything, and also didn't want to let her off the hook for it either. So,
with this in mind, he went up to the bath room door, knocked on it and said
"You all right in their, Jess?"


Hearing Jonny's voice snapped her out of her post-orgasmic bliss, hastilly,
and rather unconvincingly, she replied "Uh, Um, yeah, yeah, I'm fine, just
fine, perfectly fine" She shot up to her feet and stood up straight as if
caught like a kid in the cookie jar, only this was even more embarrassing.
"Did he hear me? Oh man, how much did he hear?" she thought half-paniced.

Jonny continued "I heard you in there, sounded like you were, uh, slipping
in there, are you sure your all right?"

Jeesie thought for a second "Slipping. Well technically yes, but..." she
shook her head to get back on the right train of thought "Now think, girl.
As far as he knows (and you), the sounds you made were those like someone
slipping in the shower, so... "Yes, that would make a good cover story.
"Uh, yeah, I dropped the soap on the floor and I had a hard time getting
it back. It made the floor all slippery, and I didn't have good traction,
so I hada hard time staying up on my feet. I landed on my knees and had to
wait for the soap to washoff the floor." She held her breath waiting for
Jonny's answer.

"Oh, okay, could you hurry up there, you've been in there for almost a half
an hour."

"Whew," she breathed a sigh of relief, he'd bought her story, but then the
'half an hour' part sank in. Yipe! quickly she answered him "Sure just a
minute." Looking around she found the soap, the same soap which was
instumental in her story, grabbed it, scrubbed up herself with suds rapidly,
and washed them off just as fast. Skipping the shampoo for now, she turned
off the water,stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, dried off her
limbs and body half way, wrapped herself up in th towel, opened the door
and stepped out of the bathroom.


The first thing Jonny noticed when Jessie came out of the door, was how good
she looked wet, even though she had attempted to dry herself completely, the
parts he could see, mostly her head and shoulder, were still rather damp, and
parts of that towel were sticking to her body rather sugestively. He then saw
a slight flush on her cheeks, for what he guessed was from her activites in
the shower, and her definite embarasment at getting caught at it, no matter
what she had said happened. Rather than dwell on it for to long, he grabbed
his clothes off his bed and headed for the bathroom.

Passing Jessie he said light-heartedly to her "Well now, you're looking
awfully clean, now aren't you?" She quickly responded by swatting the back of
his head, not a real serious "why you lousy SOB" type smacks, more of a "Oh
yeah, take this", almost playful kind of swat. "Okay, okay, sorry, no need
for violence" Jonny replied. He had kind of expected that to happen, but he
was still slightly surprised by her actions.

"That's okay, Jonny" She said in a motherly, sarcastic tone. Patting the top
of his head like he was five years old, she added "Now be a good boy and go
wash up." She hadn't meant it as an insult, and he knew that, so he responded
"Yes mother" in the same sort of sarcastic tone she had used, and closed the
bathroom door. Jessie turn away from the door almost immeadiately.

"Whew, he bought it, I've GOT to learn to be more discreet about that." With
that last thought she check to hear the sound of water running.

After about five seconds she heard it start, she started to get dressed for
the day. "He already almost caught me playing with myself, I am not gonna
give him a chance to peep at me as well," she thought as she put on her
panties and socks on from within the towel. Before she put on her bra, she
checked behind her to see that the door was closed, keeping the two teens
separated, and removed the towel. When she finished putting on and checking
her bra, she looked at the outfit for the day she had chosen to wear: a red
knee length skirt with a little lilly on the side, a simple tan blouse, and
a pair of regular sneakers.

Five minutes later, just as she was finished getting her shoes on, completing
her outfit, she heard a surprised yell coming from the shower, the kind you
make when the hot water runs out. "Sorry, Jonny" she yelled across the hotel
room. Shortly afterward the water had stopped, and about seven minutes later
a dry, fully clothed, and slightly peaved Jonny emerged from the bathroom.

Clearing his throat he said, "Shall we be off, Miss?"

Thankful that he wasn't pissed at her for the hot water, or at least the fact
that he wouldn't hold it aginst her for the rest of theday, she grabbed her
daybag and said "Why yes, Sir, we shall". And with that, the two exited the
hotel room.


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