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Royal Caribbean Cruise (mf)
by DiGiovanni

We've all seen the Royal Caribbean Cruise commercial with the young girl who
is not very happy about being on vacation with her parents. She wanted to be
home, where she could do her own thing, not being forced to tag along like a
little kid with her mommy and daddy. We saw where she was caught smiling, and
when she discovered she was being watched she immediately put on a sour look
and sped away on her jet ski. What happened after that turned into a real
adventure for her.

She wanted to get back at her mom and dad. She wanted to "show them." She saw
a point of land several miles away, so she headed for it. She figured she
could go around to the other side of it, out of their view, and they would
really get worried. That would show them. So she cranked the throttle wide
open and sped off. Even at full speed, it took a while to get there.

When she arrived at about a hundred yards offshore, she began to turn, going
around to the other side. As she went around the point, she looked back to
see when she would be out of sight of her parents. She was so far away that
the people just looked like specks on the horizon. When they finally
disappeared from view, she was pleased. She continued looking, just to make
sure, when all of a sudden her jet ski collided with a large log floating in
the water, and sent her flying over the handlebars and into the water.

When she surfaced she looked around, only to see what was left of the jet
ski floating humbly upside down. It was quite a way to shore, but she had no
choice but to start swimming and hope that she could make it. She wasn't an
athlete. In fact she wasn't interested in sports at all, just the guys who
played them. And she sure wasn't used to the physical demands involved in
swimming all the way to shore, but she had no choice.

Finally, after about thirty minutes of constant struggling, trying to stay
afloat, she managed to make it to the shore. It was a nice sandy beach, with
palm trees about a hundred feet back from the water, and dense jungle behind
them. She didn't really care about all that, though. All she cared about was
trying to crawl up to the shade of one of the trees and collapse. Her arms
and legs had never ached so much in her life.

When she finally managed to reach the shade, she dropped to the ground,
closed her eyes, and lay there, trying to catch her breath and regain some
strength. She didn't know how long she was there before she began hearing
voices. They sounded like boys' voices. She opened her eyes to see five
boys, locals, standing around her. They looked to be about a year younger
than her and seemed to speak pretty good English. They were a little rough
looking, though, not the kind of kids she was used to associating with.

She was a little uneasy about the way they were pointing at her and talking
about her, so she struggled to stand up. The boy who seemed to be the
ringleader was standing in front of her. "What are you doing here?"

Rather stunned, she answered him, "Uh... my jet ski crashed.... That's all
I know..."

"Yeah... I'll bet you're here to hook up with some local guys.... Tourists
always do that... come here and try to find local guys."

"No... I'm not..."

"You could really give some local guy a good time... You're pretty hot...
I'll bet you're even hotter without the bikini... How ‘bout taking your top
off and showing us your tits?" He raised his hand up toward her. Actually,
it wasn't a bikini. It was a two piece bathing suit, blue and white, with
little frills around it. It did a very good job of showing off her slim
midriff and making her breasts look bigger than they really were.

She stepped back, but another boy was standing directly behind her. He
grabbed the back strap of her bathing suit top and managed to unhook it. She
quickly clamped her arms against her sides and crossed her hands on her chest
to keep it in position. But another boy grabbed her shoulder strap and began
pulling it.

"Stop it!... You're going to tear it!"

The leader answered, "It's gonna come off... If you want it to stay in one
piece, just let it go."

Begrudgingly, she loosened her grip and let the boy take it, then immediately
held her arms across her chest to cover herself. She was still too weak to
put up much resistance. The boys all gave a cheer for their success and
passed it around, smelling it and laughing. Then one of them took it and
threw it up into the air, where it lodged between two branches of the palm
tree. Then they turned their attention back to her.

As they stood in a circle around her so she couldn't get away, one of them
grabbed her from behind around the waist. Then two of the boys grabbed her
wrists and began prying them away from her chest. She didn't really have
the strength to put up much resistance, and soon they had her arms apart,
exposing her chest completely. Her tits weren't very big, but they were
really nice looking, perfectly shaped, with little pink nipples standing
out against her creamy white skin. The boy behind her who was holding her
around the waist slid his hands up and cupped them around her breasts,
laughing and saying how nice they felt.

Then one of the boys holding an arm suggested that her panties should come
off too. He grabbed them and began pulling them down. Just then a voice in
the distance hollered, "Hey! I told you kids to get out of here!"

The boys immediately took off running. As they ran away they were laughing
and the one boy was reminding them, "I felt her tits!"

Then she saw the boy who had done the hollering approach. He was probably
about seventeen years old, wearing Hawaiian style swimming trunks, red with
a white flower design. He was pretty muscular, and really good looking. He
reminded her of a young version of Dean Cain. He apologized for the way the
other boys were behaving, and assured her that he wouldn't hurt her. She was
so relieved that she stood close to him, and didn't mind at all when he put
his arm around her shoulders. He looked like the kind of boy that could have
been on the varsity football team at her school, and she was flattered that
such a hot guy would come to her rescue.

She immediately asked him if he could get her top down from the tree. The
tree wasn't that tall, and he easily could have climbed up and gotten it, but
he told her he would have to try and figure out a way to get to it. She, not
knowing anything at all about tree climbing, took his word for it, relieved
that he would try to get it down for her.

In an effort to calm her down, he began talking to her, trying to get a
conversation going to take her mind off of what had just happened. She told
him she was fourteen and that she had just wanted to do something to get even
with her parents, when her jet ski crashed and she ended up there. As they
talked, she became more and more comfortable. When else would she be able to
have a nice little private conversation with a guy that looked like this? But
she still kept her hands up, covering her breasts.

They stood there talking for quite a while. She was concerned about how she
was going to get back to her parents, so he said he would take her back if
she wanted. Otherwise he didn't know how she could get back. Seeing that his
offer relieved her, he turned the conversation back to her, becoming a little
more personal than before. Once he had her laughing and joking around, he
asked why she was still covering her chest; she certainly had nothing to be
ashamed of. Besides, men like women who aren't afraid to show off their

She thought about it for a moment. It did seem to make sense. And, since a
hot looking guy like this, several years older than her, was paying so much
attention to her, she wanted to act as grown up as possible. After a good
deal of coaxing, he did convince her to lower her hands, once again exposing
her cute little breasts.

Not wanting to make her uncomfortable, he made a point of not looking
directly at them, at least not until she got used to having them exposed.
He began asking her more personal things: did she have a boyfriend, had she
kissed many boys, and that sort of thing. She told him she didn't have a
boyfriend and she hadn't really kissed many boys. When he smiled and asked
if she was a good kisser, she said that with her limited experience she
didn't think she was very good at it.

He smiled and asked if he could kiss her and see. She thought about it for
a moment. When would she ever have another opportunity to kiss a boy that
looked like this? She smiled and tilted her head up for him to kiss her. He
kissed her very lightly on the lips, then pulled back and smiled, "That felt
pretty good to me."

Then he leaned down and kissed her again, this time a little bit longer.
Within a few minutes their kisses were becoming longer and more and more
comfortable. Then he asked her if she had ever french kissed and lightly
licked his tongue across her lips. She told him that she used to have a
boyfriend, and he used to like her to. Then she brushed her tongue against
his lips in return.

Before long their tongues were in each other's mouth, and they were freely
exchanging saliva with each other. She couldn't believe how hot it felt to be
kissing a guy like this. Then, when she felt his fingers lightly caressing
her breast, she was reminded that she was topless. It didn't matter, though,
as long as she was there with just him. Besides, she was more like a grownup
now, not being afraid to show off her chest. In fact, aware that her breasts
were probably a lot smaller than most breasts he had seen, she was flattered
that he found them appealing.

After a few minutes of kissing and fondling, he took her hand and walked over
to the base of the tree, where he sat down and invited her to join him. She
asked if he thought he could get her bikini top down. He said he wasn't sure
yet, and he wanted to think about it some more. That was okay. It didn't seem
nearly as urgent to her now as it had before. They resumed their kissing and
fondling. And this time he not only kissed her mouth, but her cute little
breasts too, making her nipples stand straight out.

Finally he asked her if she had ever given her boyfriend a blowjob. "Uh,
yeah... I guess..."

"You guess...?"

"Well, I licked it... but I did it mostly with my hand... then when he got
ready to squirt, he put it in my mouth..."

"How did it taste?"

"Uh, kinda icky..."

"See what you're doing to me?" he asked, looking down at the tent his trunks
had formed over his crotch. She looked at it and giggled, proud that she was
having that kind of effect on such a hot guy. Then he took her hand and put
it directly on it, "Feel it... You've got it all excited."

She was apprehensive about feeling it. She knew that if she did, he'd want
more than just making out. On the other hand, if she took her hand away it
would be like a rejection, and might ruin the whole mood between them. She
gave it a gentle squeeze. She was intrigued by how big it was, and how hard.
She knew she was getting herself in deeper and deeper, but she couldn't help
it. She ran her fingers back and forth across it, then began fingering it.

He went on, "You could really help me out if you gave me one..."

"A blowjob...?"

"Yeah... You know, for practice?"

"Uh... I don't know..."

"Think about it this way. Someday you're going to have a real special
boyfriend, and if he wants a blowjob, you're going to want to know how to
do it... how to make it feel really good for him.... This would be a good
way to practice... Besides, I'd really appreciate you doing something like
that for me... especially since I'm going to get your top out of the tree."

She thought about it for a moment. In a way, it was a relief. She was still
a virgin, and she hadn't planned to lose her virginity yet. If she gave him
a blowjob, it would definitely take the pressure off from him wanting to
fuck her.

Besides, she had already fondled his cock, through his trunks of course, but
still fondled it. She really was rather curious to see what it looked like
in person. And what he said did make sense. And he was probably the perfect
guy to practice on; he was cute and muscular and seemed genuinely interested
it helping her learn.

Still holding on to it, she smiled at him, "Okay... You won't stuff it down
my throat, will you...?... That's what my boyfriend tried to do..."

"I promise."

"...I'm not very good..."

"Let me be the judge... I think you'll do just fine," he smiled and began
pushing his trunks down, then asked her to pull them off for him. She got
down by his feet and tugged at them until she got them off. Then she looked
at his cock. She had never seen one that big, except in pictures.

He spread his legs and invited her to get between them, so she knelt between
them, sitting back on her heels. She reached out and wrapped her fingers
around his cock and began slowly pumping it, but he suggested, "Try it with
just your mouth first... You can use your hand to play with my balls."

She discreetly removed her hand and slid it under his balls. She had never
seen that much hair around a guy's cock. Her boyfriend had just begun
developing pubic hair. And she had never felt balls that big; they completely
filled her hand. They were big and warm and firm and hairy. She took a few
seconds, just to appreciate them.

Then she leaned down and began tentatively kissing and licking the head of
his cock, hoping for instructions on just what to do. He saw how tentative
she was, so he encouraged her, "That's it... make love to it... let it know
how much you like it... then take it in your mouth and french kiss it..."

She did as she was told, and soon had it in her mouth, swirling her tongue
around it, tasting the precum that was oozing out of it. He gave her plenty
of encouragement, telling her how good it felt and how good a job she was
doing. He relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the feel of his cock in this cute
young girl's warm wet mouth. She would experiment with different ways of
licking and sucking on it, looking up often to see his reactions. When it
was good he would smile, and when it wasn't so good he would frown. He
wasn't in any particular hurry to get it over with, and he let her go on
like that for quite some time before taking her to the next step.

"Okay, now you can hold it in your hand and start pumping it, and hold it
with your lips and start bobbing your head up and down."

She did as she was instructed. Sometimes he would thrust up a little too
much, cramming it all the way back to her throat, but then he would apologize
and let her do it at her own rate. It took a few minutes before he felt
himself getting ready to cum. When he felt his orgasm starting, he instructed
her, "Okay, whatever you do, don't let go... and when it comes out, just
swallow it."

She nodded a little to indicate she understood, and then it happened. Stream
after stream of semen shot into her unsuspecting little mouth. She gagged and
gulped and coughed, but she didn't let go. She tried to swallow as fast as
she could, but it was really difficult with that big cock in her mouth.
Finally she managed to swallow most of it down and get things more or less
under control. She smiled up at him, his cock still in her mouth.

He smiled back and told her she had done an excellent job, and reminded
her not to forget to coax out the last few drops, and swallow them too. She
obediently milked out what she could, then licked his cock clean for him.
Then she crawled up and gave him a hug, "There... now will you get my top

He told her he really liked to cuddle after sex, just like girls do, but if
she promised to cuddle afterward, he'd try to go up and get it down. She
promised, so he got up and started up the tree. He didn't even bother to put
his trunks back on to climb the tree. He made it look more difficult than it
was, struggling to get higher and higher. Finally he got her top, put it in
his mouth, then started back down.

When he reached the bottom, he told her he'd give it to her if she promised
not to put it on until they left. She promised.

Then he went on to say AND if she took her bottom off.

She had to think about that for a few moments. She had become comfortable
with him seeing her breasts, but he had never seen her pussy. No guy had
ever seen her pussy before, not even her former boyfriend. He could see her
apprehension, so he promised he wouldn't do anything she didn't want him to.
She was still skeptical, but finally agreed.

She slowly pushed her bathing suit bottom down, revealing the cutest little
patch of light brown hair. When she had stepped out of it, she stood there
for a moment with a half smile on her face so he could look her over. She was
self conscious and embarrassed, but at the same time she wanted to know what
it felt like to have a guy look at her completely naked. He looked at her for
several seconds, then smiled his approval and gave her back her top, then
took her hand and led her to a small grassy area adjacent to the tree, "Now
let's cuddle." And he lay down on the grass.

She lay down next to him, still self conscious about her exposed pussy. But
he pulled her close to him and kissed her, taking her attention away from her
pussy. As he kissed her and fondled her tits, they rubbed their bellies and
legs against each other. He would roll onto his back, pulling her on top of
him, then he would roll on top of her.

Then, when he was on top, he rolled off to the side and propped himself up on
his elbow as he kissed her and ran his hand all over her tits and stomach. He
slowly worked his hand down to her thighs, then lightly brushed it across her
little muff of light brown hair. Then again. She was apprehensive. She
somehow knew his hand was going to end up down there. But his next question
surprised her. "Has anybody ever licked your pussy?"

"No..." The answer was simple, but it sent a lot of images running through
her mind. She didn't want to fuck, but this would be like him doing the same
thing for her that she had done for him. There wouldn't be any harm in that.

As he asked, his fingers were focusing more and more on her pussy. When
she parted her legs a little to give him more access, he knew she was about
ready. Without saying anything, he slid down so his face was even with her
crotch, then leaned over and gave it a kiss. Then he began kissing all around
it. She spread her legs a little farther, hoping it would encourage him to
actually kiss her pussy.

He raised himself a little and moved over between her legs. He brushed his
nose back and forth across her little muff. "Cute... Did you trim it?"

She didn't really want to talk; she wanted him to lick her pussy, "Uh, yes...
to come on vacation..." She could feel his breath against her pussy, and it
was driving her wild.

He looked down at her prime little slit and decided her cherry was ready for
picking. He lightly dragged his tongue from the bottom of her pussy to the
top. She let out a loud sigh. So he did it again, and again. Then he focused
on her clitoris, flicking his tongue back and forth against it. Then he
penetrated her virgin lips with it, thrusting it in and out.

In no time she was holding his head tight against her, climaxing against
his mouth. It had only taken a minute or so, but now she was shuddering and
moaning as her orgasm traveled through her whole young body.

She lay there breathless for a minute or so, then, as he crawled back up to
her, she held him tight and pressed her body against his. They lay there on
their sides for several minutes holding each other. Then he rolled her onto
her back and began kissing and caressing her tits again.

Soon his hand was back down to her crotch, caressing her thighs and her
belly, and finally her waiting pussy. She immediately parted her legs for
him, and he caressed her pussy and inner thighs, turning her right back on
again. He was turned on too. She could feel his erect cock against her thigh.
Almost instinctively, she reached down and wrapped her fingers around it.

She began thrusting her hips, frustrated that he wouldn't keep his fingers
against her pussy. She really needed him to rub it. But he didn't, not for
more than a few seconds at a time. Finally she rolled toward him and held
the head of his cock against it. That's what he'd been waiting for. He began
caressing her thighs and ass, getting her as turned on as he possibly could.

She held that hard cock against her pussy, rubbing it with it, wanting to get
some satisfaction any way she could. She felt the precum oozing out; it was
wet and sloppy, and very sensual. Still thrusting, she pressed the cock
against her more and more until, before she knew it, the head was between her
wet pussy lips. She rubbed it against her clitoris, but still wasn't getting
the satisfaction she wanted so desperately. " it..."

He held her by the ass and gently pulled her a little toward him. His
cockhead was pressing directly against her virgin membrane. "Don't hurt me...
but... do it... pleeeease... damn you..."

"You want me to fuck you?"

"Damn you... You made me want to do something I didn't want to do..."

"You want me to stop?"

"No... don't stop... now I want it ... I want you to fuck me..."

He began pulling her closer, forcing his cock through her membrane. "Ow...
Ow... It hurts... Don't stop... Ow... Don't stop... Fuck me..."

As she said that, he could feel his cock penetrate her membrane, and it was
now halfway in. He paused for a moment to let her recover. Then he rolled on
top of her, his legs between hers, and began slowly thrusting, pushing his
cock in a little bit deeper with each thrust. When it was all the way in, he
paused again and looked down at her.

She smiled up at him, "Damn you..." then began slowly rocking her hips. He
leaned down and kissed her as he began slowly thrusting again. She kissed him
back, sucking his tongue into her mouth as they lay there fucking each other.

She quickly reached her climax, sighing and moaning as it coursed through her
young body. He patiently waited for it to subside and for her to recover a
little before he began thrusting again. He figured this time she'd be able to
hold on a little longer. And she was.

Soon they were fucking each other like a pair of rabbits. She was almost
crying because it hurt so much, but she couldn't stop. When she was finally
ready for her next orgasm, he was too. He rammed his cock in and filled her
virgin little cunt with his sperm as she squealed her way through another

When they had both finished, they lay there exhausted, him on top of her.
They cuddled for a long time after that one, before finally getting dressed
and heading back along the trail that led to his village.

He took her to the house where he lived with his parents and got the key to
the jeep. Then they headed over to the Royal Caribbean boarding area. As they
pulled up, she saw her parents standing some distance away. She didn't think
they saw her in the jeep, but she knew that when she got out they would. She
got out and very deliberately walked around to the driver's side. Then she
wrapped her arms around the boy's neck and gave him a very long, passionate

When she turned around, her parents were standing there, their jaws hanging
open in disbelief. It served them right. She had shown them!


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