Revolutionary Girl Utena: Utena Enslaved Part 4 - Shipping Blues
(ffff, anal, bond, grope, ncon)
by HunterOpera

Utena sat where she had been left and moaned into her gag. It was her gag -
she had to think of it as such, as it was the only thing that she seemed to
own anymore. Nanami's minions - Aiko, Keiko, and Yuuko - had left her sitting
with nothing but the gag for protection.

Utena didn't know how long she'd been sitting there. It could have been
hours, for all she knew. The day could have passed. She knew that she'd been
purchased from Nanami, rented for a time by a member of the student council,
but she did not know who had paid for her, or for how long. Nanami had
mentioned something about shipping charges, and that the package would be
delivered, but Utena had little idea what she meant.

Not really. Though she expected that that was about to change.

The collar was still around her neck, but Utena hardly thought about that as
hers. It was the thing that let Nanami control her, after all, providing
punishment via painful electric shocks that Nanami could administer whenever
she willed it.

Utena's arms were going numb. She tried to adjust herself, to make herself
more comfortable, but there was precious little she could do to alleviate the
strain. The ropes did not have that much slack. Her arms had been tied along
the sides of the chair, rope looped around them many times, robbing them of
movement and circulation. If that had been the only thing that restrained
her, Utena could have managed, but of course it was not. Nanami was much too
imaginative for that.

Nanami had watched as her three minions had placed the ball gag into Utena's
mouth and strapped in around her face, locking it in place and reducing her
vocabulary to moans and dull animal sounds. Her legs had been pushed up and
bent at the knees, her feet and toes wrapped in line and tied to the corners
of the chair, leaving her splayed open, her intimate folds defenseless and

That was, of course, taken advantage of rather quickly.

A spiked and vibrating dildo was inserted inside of her, forced into her most
delicate skin with no thought for her comfort, and then the thing began to
pulsate, each individual spike rotating at a different speed, in different
ways. She had screamed at first, then cried, but now her head hung limply and
she whimpered softly into her gag, pink tresses covered with sweat.

The dildo had a hoop at the end. This was tied to two other places - one to
the loop on the collar, the other to the bottom of the chair. The rope tying
the hated thing in place was made as taut as a bowstring, so that any time
she moved or tried to adjust herself, it forced the dildo to move in and out
of her, pulsating and prodding in ways that she could not have imagined

She had struggled at first, but that had been so long ago. Nanami had laughed
at her, that shrill laugh resounding in her ears, but when Utena had finally
dropped limp in hopeless exhaustion, Nanami had left, taking her minions with

That must have been hours ago.

The three returned some time later. Utena had long since given up crying -
all the moisture in her was leaking from her lower holes, and she was no
longer even really aware of her surroundings. When the thing was removed
from her, she twitched a little, but then fell still, back into the chair.
The three laughed at her helplessness, then untied her further, letting her
fall off the chair and onto the ground, where she shook and tried to hold
herself, though she was far too weak to do so.

She felt leather straps wrap around her wrists and ankles, felt the steel
loop in each, though she was not really conscious of them. It was some
distant signal that had no meaning. The girls laughed and fondled her,
telling her that they were going to make her ready for shipping.

They took her limp arms and forced them behind her, and she heard something
snap shut - a small padlock. They had locked her hands behind her. She
wondered, vaguely, if there was a key, or whether this entrapment was to be
permanent. She wished she could have brought herself to care more, but as
far gone as she was, that was difficult. Utena struggled through the mindfog,
but could not quite bring herself out of it.

Not yet.

One of the girls felt Utena's rear cheeks, squeezing them. Utena managed to
shake a little in protest, her skin awash in a thin sheen of sweat, not
that it did her any good. The strap holding the ball gag in her mouth was
tightened, and she heard another click, as another padlock was locked in
place, sealing the ball gag in her mouth, leaving her silent for as long as
her captors willed it. She doubted she would be speaking again anytime soon.

She felt hands on her body, rolling her over onto her back, crushing her
already limp arms behind her. She tried to squirm her discomfort, but could
not. Her legs were opened as hands pushed them apart, and small fingers
pinched at her outer labia. Utena grimaced and moaned behind the gag, blue
eyes shut as a finger flicked over her clitoris.

She tried to scream as the clamps were attached, tried to buck and struggle,
but all she managed to do was moan and shudder, and the girls laughed at her
reaction as the two clamps closed down around her outer labia, hanging in
place, pulling her protective covering open ever so slightly. The girls could
not help themselves, and began to play with her, poking and prodding her
lower body and finally braving her inner folds, invading her private warmth
with their questing fingers. Utena shook her head and moaned, trying to kick
at them, but it did no good and soon they had opened her up further for their
cruel ministrations.

She did not know how long that attention lasted, had no way to tell when they
stopped with that particular torment. All she knew is that the sensation was
suddenly gone, and replaced with another. Leather was wrapped around her
belly, and enfolded around it. The girls, smiling, told her that it was a
corset, and Utena could feel herself blanche as the three strained to tighten
the device as much as they could, shrinking her waist and forcing her breasts
to stand out. She closed her eyes and moaned and struggled as much as she
could, but there was no way for her to stop this, not as tired as she was
from the earlier torture. They tied the corset closed, letting the lace fall
on her lower body and tormenting her with the slight touch of it.

Utena opened her eyes then, as she heard something unclasp, and looked in
horror at what the girls had in store for her next. As helpless as she was,
as tied and exhausted, there was nothing Utena can do to prevent them from
inserting the horrid thing they show her inside of her. She is powerless to
stop them as they hold her down and spread her legs, opening her clamped
lips to the penetration of the intruder. The thing is so large that the
enormous head just barely fits into her small opening, and even then only
after much grunting and forcing on both sides. Utena closed her eyes and bit
down on the ballgag as the thing was forced further and further into her,
filling her in a way she would have never thought possible. She had thought
that all the moisture left in her body had been robbed by the attention she
had been forced to endure down below, but now the tears come freely as it is
finally forced all the way in.

Utena can feel the clamps bump and dangle into the small bit of the thing
that is not inside her, and the girls laugh as she weeps.

They grasp and pull on Utena's nipples, forcing her to sit up, to roll up and
onto her knees. The dildo inside her quakes as she does so, and she whimpers,
scared and in pain. The dildo shatters her will, the corset robs her of
breath, and pins and needles invade her arms as her weight is finally taken
off of them. They spread her legs and force her head down on the floor, and
as they do so she sees the box from which they pulled the dildo currently
inside her and realizes that it is not alone. She looks behind her, her eyes
full of terror, as the three laugh and hold on the dildo that is destined for
her rear hole.

It is massive, as large as the one already inside her, and Utena finds
herself wondering how it will possibly fit.

Utena felt the initial pressure on her back hole, felt the enormous head push
against her and meet resistance. All seemed to stalemate for a time, but then
the pushing renewed with enough force to push her flat onto her stomach. With
nowhere left for her to retreat, the invader finally pushes past her
defenses. She cries behind the gag as it does so, meaning and trying to buck,
but the other two girls hold her to the ground and keep her from struggling.

Once the head is in, the rest of it goes much more smoothly into her, filling
her utterly. It's pushed in with no mind for Utena's lack of comfort, pushed
until it filled her and she thought she would burst with the unholy fullness
that had been forced upon her. She fell to the ground, on her stomach,
moaning and crying, her hands behind her, the ball gag silencing her, the
corset around her, the dildos inside her, and the girls continued to giggle
as they prepared to continue with their work.

Utena knows now that even if she had the strength to struggle, there would be
no way for her to escape, not as powerless as she now is.

She felt the coil of rope long before she ever saw it. They tied it to a loop
on the back of the corset, double looping it so that two lengths of cord hung
off it. They took these two lengths and ran them through the steel ring at
the base of the invader in her rear hole, then they rolled her over and ran
the threads through the ring at the base of the dildo in her front. Finally,
they ran each length through one of the labial clamps, and up and through a
steel ring at the front of the corset, and tied it in place, sealing with
both invaders within her, forcing them in deeper and pushing the rope into
her clitoris.

This cord was made as tight as the three could manage, so that any movement
Utena made hereafter caused the rope to move across her most delicate flesh
and pull at the massive gods inside her, causing them to move and swim in her
most intimate channels.

Utena had never been so helpless, so exposed. They laughed, bringing the
rings on the labial clamps together, and locking them in place, along with
the things inside her with a padlock, sealing them in place. Utena would
have screamed, if she'd only had the strength. She would now be sealed and
full for as long as they willed it, the only stimulation available to her
to be made by trying to move the rope, and thus, the things inside of her.

The girls then took another long coil of rope and roller her over again, so
that she lay on her stomach. They tied the rope in figure eights around the
leather binding her wrists behind her, then around the centre of that rope,
cinching the rope closed. Then they moved higher, to her elbows, forcing the
elbow together so that her breasts were pushed out and into the floor below

Utena's captors forced her onto her knees again, and spread her legs,
forcing the thread holding the dildos further into her, forcing the rope
itself to rub against her little nub. The girls smiled and pushed down on
her shoulders, forcing her further down, so that the dildos were pushed
still further, the rope rubbed her all the more, and the labial clamps
pulled higher and tighter. Laughing they push her onto her back, so that
her legs snap out from under her, and then they moved her ankles together
and locked them there.

Loops of rope were brought forward, and noosed around her big toes. As one
of the girls - Keiko, Utena thought - went to work on her feet, tying
elaborate patterns that bound her feet together, the other two played with
her most intimate areas. One fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples, a
simple task seeing as the corset and the position of her arms forced her
breasts to jut out and offer themselves to any that would touch them. The
other girl pulled on the rope that bound the invaders inside her, tugging
it this way and that, so that the things danced inside her.

Another coil of rope was produced, and now all three girls went to work on
Utena's increasingly helpless body. They looped the rope in figure eights
just above her ankles, as they had her wrists, and cinch the rope there
using the same technique. They followed this by doing the same above and
below her knees, binding them together, and then moved up, to mid-thigh,
and repeated the process there, pausing only to pinch and prod at her
exposed nipples and raw clit.

Utena was fully awake and aware now, not that there was anything that she
could do about it. She moaned, begging for her freedom, wondering just how
much more tying awaited her. As if sensing her pain, the girls backed away,
allowing her to feel the full extent of her binding - her wrists and elbows
tied behind her, her arms being flattened under her weight, her stomach
crushed and tightened by the corset, her legs bound together and inseparable,
her mouth silenced by the ball gag in her, her lower holes filled to

The girls roll her over onto her stomach, taking a moment to admire their
handiwork before continuing on with Nanami's shipping instructions.

A leather arm sheath is the next level of bondage for Utena. They pull the
sheath over her wrists and past her elbows; it stretches up to her upper
arms. They zip the thing closed, cinching her arms together ever tighter,
and Utena can feel a strap around her wrists being pulled and tightened.
She struggles as much as she can, but it is far too late for that. Another
strap is cinched above her elbows, binding her arms together even more,
forcing her breasts out even more. Utena moans underneath the gag and
squirms as much as she is able - which is not much. Utena can feel both
wrist and elbow straps being buckled into place, and she wonders if she is
ever going to get out of this.

Another strap is introduced as the girls flip Utena over onto her pack,
pinning her bound arms underneath her. The strap is fed around the front
of the corset and looped through a leather hook on the front, where Utena
can see the mark of Sebastian Dior. She almost forces a smile, knowing that
Nanami really has gone all out on this binding, if she's having Utena bound
in such high quality leather.

Keiko grabs a leg binder from somewhere, also made of the increasingly
familiar leather. With her arms trapped behind her and her legs tied as
tightly as they are, Utena can provide nothing in the way of resistance
as the girls force her legs into the sheath. They zip the sheath closed,
and as it tightens Utena's feet are forced to point, and she can already
feel her feet, calves, and ankles tensing as she is unable to relieve the
strain of having her feet so pointed. Her legs are bound now into a single
limb, and the stiff leather prohibits her from moving that as much as she
would like, which is to say, at all.

The girls roll her onto her front again, crushing her breasts beneath her.
They run their hands over her buttocks and hips, her shoulders and head,
through her hair - the only parts of her body that are not yet encased in
leather. Utena whimpers as she realizes that they are not done yet...

Keiko takes a rope and runs it from the end of the arm binder to the foot
of the leg binder and pulls it tight. She's so much stronger than either of
the other two, possibly stronger than Nanami herself. The rope is pulled
taught, and with the stiffness of the leather that binds her arms and legs,
she is now unable to bind her hips, elbows, or knees at all. She tries to,
however, but any chance she had at escape is long since past. The three
girls giggles at her pathetic struggling, and run their hands over her
again, if only to remind her how helpless she is now. She struggles against
their touch, finding that all she can move now is her head and breasts, but
she knows that Nanami must have something in store for her - but even these
small movements cause the things insider her to move and squirm and soon she
is trying - and failing - to buck her hips as passion threatens to overtake

While she was trying to achieve some form of release, Yuuko left and returned
with still more straps. Utena felt them tied and buckled around her ankles
and calves, above her knees and around her thighs, just above her throbbing
holes and hips. The latter two straps pulled her hands into her back and held
them there, adding to the tension of the rope that connected the arm and leg
binders together. Two final straps were tied and tightened just above and
below her breasts, forcing them out even further than they already had been.

The rough handling and binding and dildos inside her caused Utena to shake
with terror, and she felt the moisture on her face as she moaned and begged
without words and cried helplessly.

Aiko got in her face then, taunting her, telling her that she did not yet
know what discomfort was. She held up a thumbscrew to Utena's tearstained
blue eyes and grinned a wicked grin, tracing the cool metal down Utena's
cheek, down her neck and breast, resting on her nipple. Utena tried to
struggle as she realized what the girl was about to do, but there was
nothing she could do but lie there, helpless, as Aiko circled Utena's
nipple with the metal until the chill and sensation caused Utena's nipple
to stand at attention. Aiko smiled then, fixing the metal over Utena's
nipple, and screwing it until Utena's nipple was utterly flattened.

Yuuko played with the flattened nipple while Aiko repeated the process with
her other nipple. It was then that Utena noticed Keiko with a video camera,
recording everything, and Utean saw the tripod behind her, where the camera
had been resting and recording everything that had been done to her. Utena
felt her cheeks heat up and her eyes drop in both pain and sudden

Why was Nanami doing this to her?

Through the humiliation, though, Utena could feel the heat of pleasure from
her nipples, and pushed down as much as she could on the things inside her,
the rope cutting her in two stimulating her further. Mixed waves of pain and
pleasure tore through her, resulting in an orgasm that Keiko was careful to
catch on tape, as all three girls laughed at Utena's helplessness and shame.

It was Yuuko that retrieved the hood, and held it up to a wide eyed and
terrified Utena. The hood had zippers along the eyes and mouth, which she
was careful to show Utena as Keiko recorded the misery and fear on Utena's
face. Aiko held her head still as Yuuko fitted the mask over Utena's head,
careful to fit the earplugs within to Utena's ears, and even though the
mask had yet to be tightened, Utena found herself having difficulty hearing.

There were nose holes in the mask, but they were small, and with the zippers
over the eyes and mouth, Utena found herself becoming claustrophobic, as she
had little doubt that both would be zipped closed in due time. The zipper at
the back of the hood was pulled closed, and the drawstrings around the bottom
of the hood were tightened and tied off, though some of her hair still
remained free, cascading over her shoulders. Through the hair, Utena could
feel a cold metal ring on the nape of her neck, hanging off the zipper. Utena
could no longer hear anything, as the plugs went into her ears and cut off
all sound. All she could do was feel as the drawstrings were finally tied
around the ring hanging off the zipper, leaving only the windows of her eyes
and hole around her mouth open to the world outside.

Aiko closed the mouth zipper over the ballgag, and she felt the padlock
binding her mouth closed for as long as they willed it. The padlock felt
unusually heavy against her cheek, and she struggled and moaned her protest,
but to no avail. They were closing her off from the outside world, leaving
her alone and defenseless in a way that she had never thought possible.

Aiko closed the zipper over her right eye, watching as her left opened in
panic, trying to get as much in as possible before being locked away. Keiko
was careful to get the terror held in Utena's eye before the left eye was
closed. Utena's moans were muffled and low through the mask as another
padlock was locked between the zippers of her eyes, coming to rest on her
pert little nose. The girls could hear the girl whimpering and
hyperventilating, and even though Utena could no longer see or hear them,
they found themselves grinning and laughing all at once.

Utena felt herself being lifted in placed in something - more leather. Nanami
had prepared for her a full length leather body suit, which they fastened up
to her neck, finally locking it in place with another padlock that rested in
the hollow of her throat. They were careful with the placement of the suit
around her crotch and breasts, as Nanami had this body suit custom built,
with sand paper over those areas inside the suit. Utena's muffled screams
brought fresh smiles to the girl's faces, and they began tying an intricate
pattern over the body suit, taking care with the breast tie, forcing the
sandpaper tightly onto Utena's tormented nipples.

This was not to be the end, though. More rope was added, above, below, and
behind Utena's breasts, forcing them out even more even through the binding
of the leather. This made her push her clamped and aching nipples further
into the abrasive sandpaper pads inside the suit. A large knot just over
her most private flesh forced the other sandpaper pad into her groin, where
that sensations it caused, combined with the tiny movements of the crotch
rope and dildos brought her to yet another orgasm.

The way she was tied, any movement she made was transferred to those two
areas, stimulating her further and further - and with nothing else to focus
on in the soundless dark but those sensations, she could feel her identity
drifting further and further away from her, lost in the threat of sensory
deprived orgasms.

Utena cannot see it, of course, but she can feel it when she is picked up and
placed inside the box. She can feel the top of her mask being hooked onto the
top of the box as she is forced to stand. She can feel the walls as she is
strapped in place, starting at her feet. She is so desperate and sensitive to
stimulus that when the strap over her breasts is put in place, she orgasms
yet again.

The box is sealed, leaving only a slight hole for fresh air to move in and
out of. Keiko smiles at the box one last time, and then puts the packing
slip on it, hoping that the first student council member enjoys their little
packing job...


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