This is my take on what happen, after Frankenfutter showed off Rocky. And
went to bed with both Brad and Janet. I hope you all enjoy.

Rocky Horror Picture Show (MF,MM)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

As Janet Wiess slept, she felt someone get into bed with her, she thought it
might have been Brad. All Janet had on was her simple white bra, half slip
and cotton panties. The hand ran up her leg, pushing the slip up. The hand
cupped her frim ass, she shivered as it squeezed her ass, the finger crept
under her panties through her legs. It soon found Janet`s wet pussy.

"OOOHH my YOU are so wet," Frankenfurter said.

Janet was in shock for it wasn`t Brad, but that Freak! But the Dr. kept on
fingering her pussy, pushing her panties aside til her pussy was fully in
view. His long finger made it`s way into her virgin pussy. He giggled, "My
you are a virgin, but not for long," He laughed.

He worked two fingers into her tight pussy, opening them spreading her pussy.
Janet was feeling his finger stretching her pussy open, she was breathing
heavy. The Dr. took off her bra seeing her firm tits, he started to lick her
niples bitting them lightly.

"OOOHHHH my!" she squealed, she had never felt any pleasure like that. She
had only allowed Brad to touch her through her blouse and now this Man (?)
was bitting her nipples. Her puusy was getting loose, too. He had three
finger in her now, "Yess!"

"Miss Janet Wiess, I'm going to take your cherry. You will feel pleasure
like nothing before or after," he smiled.

He licked his way down her body and stopping at her navel. He ran his tongue
slowy aroundand into it. Off came her panties. Janet felt his tongue touch
her clit and she just about pissed on him.

"OH, you dirty little slut," he laughed. He flicked his tongue on her clit.
Sure enough Janet let loose. The Dr. drank it in.

Janet just laid there moaning with pleasure, "OHH, hurry! Take Me!"

"Take you where?" he asked. Janet had a "WILD" look in her eye. But she
couldn't bring her self to say the word, "Tell me Janet and I will DO it."

Janet thought and said the word softly.

"I can`t hear you," he said.

Janet said it louder, "Fuck."

"What?" He was rubbing her clit, driving her crazy.

"OHH, FUCK ME!!!" she shouted.

"Say please," he smiled.


With that the good Dr. pulled out his long thick cock of ten inches. "Do you
wish it slow?" he rubbed his cock along her wet pussy.

"I dont care just FUCK ME!"

He postioned him self between her legs Janet laid there waiting. With one
plunge he entered her, "OOOOOHHHH GOD!" she screamed feeling the thick cock
tear her virgin pussy open.

The Dr. groaned as he had hit bottom, he felt her pussy grip his cock. He
pulled out and seen the blood, Well Miss Wiess your no longer a virgin. He
plunged back in using hard long strokes.

"OOOHHH YESSS!" she babbled, tossing her head from side to side. Her legs
wraped around his back, pulling him into her.

Soon Janet laid there totally fucked, she passed out. Frankenfurter slipped
out of well fucked pussy, put his robe on and left.

* * *

Brad Majors was sleeping and was having a very erotic dream. As he dreamt his
cock bega to get hard, too. He woke with a start. Felt a hand along his leg,
he thought it mut be Janet so he opened his legs to her. For he had let Janet
jerk him off several times on dates. Brad`s cock wast small by no means, a
healthy nine inches. For he knew he was a nerd type he had to compicate for
it. So he worked on his cock to get it up to the lenght.

The hand moved over his cock, he could feel the fingernails scrap over his
cock. Then he remembered Janet had no nails. The cover s flew off and to his
surprise. It was Frankenfurter, pulling down his underwear. "OOOOOHHH MY!"
he said just looking at the blood ridden cock head. The big vein ran
underneath it Brad jumped away.

"I thought you were Janet."

"OH really," Frankenfurter said knowing Janet was out from being fucked
silly. "So tell me Brad, does Janet hold your balls while she jacks you off?"
He cups Brad`s ball, "OOHH, they are so full!" he played with them like two
large marbles. Rolling them in his hand and running a finger underneath them
to his asshole.

Brad jumps feeling the finger poking at the enterance, the Dr. will help
relief the tention. With his other hand begins to stroke Brad`s cock,
squeezing it as he moved to the head, seeing precum oozes out. Running his
finger all over Brad`s cockhead. Brad too was about to cum, then the Dr.
put his tongue against his cockhead licking it like a slow sucker, going
around in circles.

"Does Miss Wiess do this?" he took Brad deep, still playing with his asshole.

Brad had never felt anything like this, and how turned on he was, too, by the
touch of another man. Brad felt his cock grow in his mouth. The Dr. kept
going down on him til Brad shot a huge load, down the Dr`s throat. The Dr.
laid on Brad and kissed him using his tongue forcing Brad`s own cum back into
his mouth.

The Dr. was soon naked like Brad, the two were kisssing. The Dr. pushed Brad
down to his cock Brad could see the large cock.

"Go on Brad, I wont tell Janet," he said.

Brad lowered his head opened his mouth. He was licking the large cockhead,
it still had Janets juices all over it. Brad was suckng him deep. The bed
creaked as the two moved around. They both were sucking each other off in
a sixty-nine position. The Dr. was fingering Brad`s asshole one, two in and

"Come Brad, ride the Dr.," he said.

Brad soon was getting ready to impale himself on the Dr.`s cock. Brad felt
his asshole stretch, he too felt the pain of the big cock head going deeper.
Brad soon had a rythmm going. The Dr. was jacking Brad's cock.

"OOOHHH, yes! I`ll make you cum like no other person."

Soon Brad shot a huge load into the Dr. face, the Dr. licked it up and then
kissed Brad once again. The Dr. was fucking Brad`s ass. Brad on his back
legs opened and over his head. The Dr. drove his cock deep into Brad`s ass
when the Dr. soon shot his load. It filled Brad`s ass.

The Dr. sure made the rounds tonite "TWO" cherries in one nite and after that
night Brad and Janet would never be the same.


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