Relic Hunter/Tomb Raider/Lone Gunmen: Part 2 - Revenge Of The Jade Monkey
by Hamster ([email protected]) (FF,FFF,F-best,snuff,ncon,cons)

50 years ago, China...

The Dragon, Lung Kou, entwined the young Chinese village girl in the middle
of his temple.

The girl felt the smooth scaly coils encircle her young naked body and gently
separate her legs She felt the strange tongue-like cock slide up he thigh and
softly explore the wet outer lips of her pussy.

The girl moaned softly. Lung Kou's monks watched intently, all of them
sporting wood.

The great dragon pushed his large member into the virgin pussy, slowly
sinking his huge cock into her moist hole until he felt the hymen. With a
monumental push he forced his member through, taking the peasant girl's
virginity with his powerful thrust.

"Eeeeeeeeee" she screamed, her temporary feelings of pain soon replaced with

Enthusiastically the dragon fucked her tight pussy with forceful thrusts as
the girl thrashed and wailed in extreme pleasure. The Dragon held back his
orgasm bringing the girl to climax after screaming climax, her warm
glistening pussy juices spilling over his scales.

The Dragon finally shot his load guzzling and splashing inside her, flushing
her insides.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS" She came to one final senses shattering

The dragon let the exhausted peasant girl drop to the floor unconscious.

Lung Kou's monks brought the dragon a huge bong carved from the bone of a
very massive beast. Lung Kou took a long drag of marijuana.

"He he he, dude" the dragon said, “Now I gots the munchies."

"Oooh the master has the munchies." The monks chanted together.

With that Lung Kou scooped up the recovering peasant girl and swallowed her
whole. He enjoyed the feelings of her struggles as she slid down his gullet
closer and closer to his stomach. Sadly the girl's struggles ended all too

Lung Kou released a low satisfied growl. Suddenly a monk ran in from outside
the temple.

"Master, master the soldiers, are coming the soldiers are coming!” the Monk
cried in terror.

"FUCK!" the Dragon exclaimed "Those danm red Commie bastards! They are SO
throwing off my groove."

He knew that he was no match for the dozens of tanks and planes the communist
pricks where bent on sicking on him.

"Listen, you guys stay here and guard the temple, and I'll go for help." The
dragon said as he flew away gracefully out the temple doors and out towards
the mountains.

The monks stood slack jawed realizing that their master had left them to be

So sudden was the dragon's cowardly to find help that
he had forgotten to take with him his most prized possession, The Jade

* * *

A hotel in San Francisco, California, present...

Lara and Sydney sat on the bed facing each other. Lara moved a hand to
Sydney's left tit and kneaded it passionately. Lara broke their kiss so she
can mouth Sydney's right tit covering it in saliva. She sucked the rock hard
nipple and gave it a small bite. Sydney moaned ecstatically. Lara slid down
to Sydney's lovely pussy. Lara sucked on the clit while sliding two fingers
in and out pumping them with expert technique. Sydney moaned tightened her
pussy around Lara's fingers. With her free hand Lara squeezed and massaged
Sydney’s sexy ass cheeks. Sydney bucked and yelled as her body was rocked by
her most powerful orgasm ever. The sweet southern blonde passed out from the
pleasure, leaving Lara to lap up her tasty girl cum. Lara kissed Sydney and
went to the bathroom to take a shower.

The two had arrived at the hotel in San Francisco on schedule and awaited
the arrival of their employer for the mission. Some monk had wanted the Jade
Monkey, stating it belonged to their order's leader. The monk had offered an
open reward for its return, which both girls had intended to collect.

There was a knock at the hotel room door, Lara who was only wearing a towel,
having stepped out of the shower, and answered the door.

The poor monk nearly choked when he saw her, years of reclusion and celibacy
had ill-prepared him for the sight of such a beautiful half-naked woman.

"A-a-bu dah bu dah" the dumb founded monk said temporarily losing the ability
of speech as he stared at Lara's sexy legs and cleavage.

"Ah yes, Sydney dear, the monk is here for his monkey.” Lara said.

"OK, where is it?” Sydney asked

"By the dresser” Lara replied

"Uh, no its not.” Sydney said as she threw stuff around in a desperate
attempt to find the monkey statuette.

"WHAT?" Lara yelled.

Lara's towel popped off revealing her gorgeous naked boobs, which swayed
frantically as she joined Sydney in tearing the room apart.

The monk grew very irate. If he didn’t bring back the monkey, his master
would suspect him of being a communist.

A beautiful dark haired woman dressed in leather walked down the hall to the
door. Lara and Sydney both gasped, the woman was holding the Jade Monkey.

"I believe you where offering a reward for this.” Yves said smiling

"Hey you stole that!” Sydney screamed angrily

"Yes and it was easy, I took it while you two had your faces in each others
muffs’.” Yves said.

"BITCH! That reward is ours!” Lara leapt at Yves punching her in the mouth.

"LADIES NO! BLOOD MUST NOT TOUCH THE MONKEY!” the monk screamed desperately
but too late.

Blood flew from Yves' chin and struck the monkey. The rich red blood soaked
into jade statuette.

The statue began to vibrate the statue came to life and began to swell and
grow at an alarming rate. The monkey tore out the walls and ceiling, as it
grew impossibly large.

The statue smashed out the wall and fell to the street below. It grew and
grew till it was easily 50 feet tall.

The giant Jade Monkey roared angrily.

The monk turned to the three slack-jawed woman.

"Listen if a pissed-off dragon asks you what happened we where jumped by a
pack of filthy communists” The frightened monk told the confused woman.

The monk ran off down the halls screaming. Lara and Sydney both glowered at
Yves angrily.

"I suppose you think this is my fault.” Yves said looking at the angry
gun-toting women.

The two continued to glare at her getting more pissed by the minute. Not only
had Yves cost them a shit load of money she had fucking let loose a monster
capable of smashing San Francisco!

"Um really ladies maybe there’s something I can do to make it up to you
both.” Yves said suggestively.

The two explorers looked at each other then at the attractive, leather clad,
and dark-haired thief.

"I think there is something we can work out luv,” Lara said seductively.

Lara led the leather clad, dark haired beauty into the hotel room and closed
the door. Lara pushed Yves to the bed and unzipped the thief's leather pants.
Lara pulled them off easily. Next was Yves' jacket and black shirt. Finally,
exposed to Lara and Sydney's hungry eyes was Yves' sexy, naked body. Sydney
quickly shed her own bra and panties.

Yves lay on the bed legs spread slightly. Sydney lay down on top of her
mouth to mouth, tits to tits and pussy-to-pussy. The pair frenched each other
vigorously while rubbing their pussys against each other. Lara climbed on top
of them, she ground her clit into Sydney's firm ass. The three rubbed hard,
moaning and grinding and touching until they all came to screaming orgasms.
They spent the next several minutes licking each other clean.
_ _ _

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