Run Of The House: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 25 (Ff,inc,mc)
by Hamster

Sally and Brooke were both home alone each girl was frequently annoyed with
their brothers so they enjoyed their alone time. However this time they were
getting on each other's nerves a little.

"Come on PLEASE let me give you a make over!" Sally begged.

"For the last time NO." Brooke yelled. "I'm sorry but I'm not a superficial
airhead like you."

Sally gasped at the insult.

Bob the cupid was watching while invisible and he was scandalized. Sisters
shouldn't fight like that, he thought. I think Ill help them get along a
whole lot better. He fired two arrows and tagged each girl.

"MEEP!" The both cried at once.

The two of them looked about and then made eye contact.

"Oh my god, you are so hot, Sally," she whispered suddenly. "Can you strip
naked so I can see that hot bod?"

"Oh Brooke I'd love to." Sally rteplied.

Sally quickly stripped off her top and skirt. Followed by her undies. Brooke
quite suddenly had an excellent view of her sister's naked cunt.

Brooke hungrily stepped forward. Her own eyes closed as she covered her
sister's lips with her own. She encountered no resistance as she pushed her
tongue into the other girl's mouth. Languidly, she stroked this along the
back of Sally's teeth. After a moment, she felt her sister's tongue shyly
seeking her own. Brooke moaned as they kissed deeply. One hand lifted to
twist the other girl's nipples. Groaning, Sally pressed against her sister.
They lowered gently to the floor, their mouths never parting. Sally's hands
reached for the buttons of Brooke's blouse.

She pulled away, resting a finger against the other's mouth to silence the
protests. She rotated so that Sally lay beneath her. Her tongue focused on
the belly button set in the girl's flat stomach. Brooke drew lazy, wet
circles as her hands grabbed and squeezed her sister's breasts. The smell
of Sally's arousal was growing greater by the second. Eventually, a small
mew escaped the girl.

"Brooke," she whimpered, "please. I need... Oh, let me taste you!"

Smiling, Brooke reached beneath her own skirt. She removed only her panties,
whose colors were darkened by her wetness. She held the fabric to her nose
as she allowed her finger to push in and out of her aching pussy. With an
effort, she stopped herself and brought the finger to her sister's mouth.

"There ya go sis," she breathed, "taste my sweet juices."

Sally sucked hungrily on the proffered digit. The fluids were gone in
seconds, but she continued to suck. Brooke felt her finger start to dully
ache. She found it to be a pleasant sensation. Although she had intended
to tease her sister into wanting her more, she found that she couldn't
hold back. Lifting her skirt with her free hand, she maneuvered to replace
her finger with the source of her wetness.

"Eat me, baby. Suck all of my juices from my aching pussy!"

Sally grabbed her sister's ass with both hands and pulled her to sit on her
face. Brooke found herself jamming her fist in her mouth to stifle her scream
of pleasure. Her eyes rolled backwards as she felt her sister's tongue
invading her cunt. Against all expectations, she then felt the extension
slither its way towards her ass. It traced the shape, slowly and teasingly.
Brooke groaned as she felt her anus penetrated.

"Oh...oh...Sally!" she breathed. She doubled forward, moving aside the fabric
of her sister's thong. Biting down on the clitoris, she jammed four fingers
into her sister's hole. The younger girl screamed in ecstasy. The sound was
muffled by Brooke rubbing her pussy all over her face.

"Lick my pussy," Brooke breathed after awhile. She could feel the insides of
her body growing warm and tight. Her orgasm was getting ready to explode from
her. "I'm going to come, baby...make me come!"

She felt her insides tighten, and then wave after wave of hot, sticky fluid
swept out of her pussy. This spurred on Sally's own orgasm, as Brooke sucked
more violently on her aching clitoris. In rhythm to the fingers she was
pushing in and out of her sister's pussy, Brooke inserted a single digit into
the girl's anus. Sally's climax was muffled by her sister's fluid filling her

"Oh, Brooke...Brooke, that was so wonderful. Brooke, what are you doing?"

While her sister was still coming down from her orgasm, Brooke slid down the
length of her body. She pushed against Sally's legs, eventually bringing them
to rest on her shoulders. Passionately, she flicked her tongue over the older
girl's anus. She used her hands to stimulate Sally's clitoris, and to
penetrate her soaking wet pussy.

Sally used her own pair of panties to muffle her cries, which were numerous
to match her orgasms.

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