Run Of The House: Lesbian Incest Fantasies (ff,inc)
by Hamster (your furry, flushable friend)

After dinner with her brothers and older sister, Brooke went to her room.
Nothing had been planned because her brothers were going to a friend's
birthday party. After showering she donned some sweats, and laid across
her bed. Brooke's hand unconsciously strayed to her pussy as she thought
of a new girl in class. She was an exchange student from Brazil. The girl
was hot; with full lips and luscious round melons. Brooks wondered if her
older sister Sally had ever thought about girls that way.

A knock at her bedroom door startled Brooke. The door opened before Brooke
could say `come in.' It was Sally.

"Hey Brooke, you were so quiet during dinner that I was worried that
something might be wrong." Sally said.

"No, nothings wrong it's just that well..." Brooke didn't know how to break
it to her big sister that she was having lesbian fantasies.

"Come on Brooke you can tell me anything." Sally encouraged her sister.

"Well have you ever had a fantasy about a girl?" Brooke asked.

Sally blushed. "Well, as you know, I'm so totally hot that I have sometimes
dreamed about being with a girl just like me."

Brooke rolled her eyes and chewed back a sarcastic comment. Her sister was
opening up to her and it wouldn't do to make fun of her at this point.

"Okay, well.. err... Have you ever messed around with a girl?" Brooke asked.

"You mean like playing with each other, and stuff like that?"

"Yea. Stuff like that," Brooke mumbled.

"Why are you asking?" Sally shifted uncomfortably

"Well, I just wanted to know, OK." Brooke replied.

Sally sighed and paused for a long time. "Yes, a few times."

"What was it like?" Brooke asked.

"Mmmm it was soo good." Sally replied her hand tweaked her hard nipple
through her black shirt and she licked her lips as she remembered the
pleasure of a woman's tongue in her pussy. Sally began to tell Brooke
about how she had a PE teacher in middle-school who had had held her
back after class so that she could strip her down and make love to her
in her office.

By the time Sally had finished her story, both sisters were fully aroused.
Brooke noticed how Sally was looking into her eyes. Brooke felt a stirring
between her legs. She glanced down at her crotch to see her pussy begin
wetting the white cotton of her sweat pants. Sally's eyes dropped to her
sister's crotch. Seeing her sister Brooke becoming aroused made Sally's cunt
react also.

Sally licked her lips and looked in Brooke's eyes then asked, "Would you
like to do it with each other, little sister?"

"D-Do you want to?" Brooke stammered in shock.

Sally reached over, and began to rub her palm over Brooke's breasts.
Encouraged by the lack of resistance on her sister's part Sally pulled
Brooke's sweater off over her head and returned to mauling her firm
tit-flesh. She worked her fingers down the smooth belly, and to Brooke's
sweat-pants which she pulled down and off to reveal her sister's wet
panties. Slowly she feathered her fingers over the outline of the
throbbing, imprisoned pussy. Brooke threw her head back and began to
moan in pleasure. Sally fingered Brooke's pussy through the cotton.
Brooke reached under Sally's jean-skirt and grabbed her older sister's
pussy though her soaked panties.

"Little sister has grown some mighty big boobs. Brooke, want me to take off
my skirt, and let you suck on my cunt?"

Brooke smiled as Sally stood and unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt then let
it fall to the floor. Brooke reached up, and ran her fingers over the nylon
encased pussy. The moment her fingers touched her sister's cunt, Sally sucked
in air as if she'd experienced an electrical shock. Brooke fingered her
sister's cunt through the material until Sally thought she couldn't take it

Sally stared into her sister's eyes lustfully and said, "Fuck me baby, fuck

Then she pulled the white bikini over Sally's hot pussy. Juice was oozing
from the slit. Brooke opened her mouth and brought it to her sister's cunt.
Brooke tongue fucked the opening, lapping up the fuck lube. Sally began
writhing back and forth as Brooke sucked more and more of her juices into
her mouth. Up and down, up and down, Brooke licked.

Sally saw that Brooke's panties were soaked from cum drippings. She reached
over, began to finger it a little, and then she pushed Brooke further back
on the bed until they lay in the 69 position.

"Little sister likes sucking so much, maybe I should try some of this," Sally
moaned taking Brooke's teen cunt at her mouth.

The speed of their tongue-fucking increased in tempo. Brooke loved the feel
of her pussy being tongued by her older sister. She knew she couldn't wait
to cum. The pussy in her mouth was oozing juice. They rolled around so that
Brooke was straddling Sally's shoulders, and Sally was lying on her back.
Brooke screamed out that she couldn't wait anymore, and began to orgasm at
Sally's mouth. Her juices filled Sally's throat as she swallowed gulp after
gulp of the girl's cum.

Brooke jerked as spasms flooded through her body. Sweat poured from her
forehead onto Sally's face. As the last droplets of juice were being sucked
out of her pussy, she fell onto the bed beside of her sister.

The end
_ _ _

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