Return Of The Living Dead: Feast Of The Dead (Mf,mF,MF,oral,demon)
by Hamster

Brad unlocked the door of the house where his parents had bought. Brad's
mother and father where on business so Brad and his sister Stacey where going
to be on their own in the new house for a couple of weeks. The house had been
inexpensive because some poor jerk had been brutally murdered by cannibals 3
months prior. The guy was some doctor named Charles Garrison who worked at a
research lab that the military had shut down. The cannibals where still at
large although the cops didn't seem to think they where still in town. Brad
went upstairs and picked out a room. He began unpacking all the stuff brought
with him from boarding school. He heard a truck pull up into the driveway.
Staring out the window he saw his sister getting out of her green beetle to
instruct the movers who where bringing in their belongings.

"Hey sis." Brad waved to his sister from the window.

"Oh, hi Brad. Hey order some pizza while I direct traffic here." Stacey
yelled back up at him.

For the next several hours the movers brought in boxes and furniture while
Brad and Stacey got everything situated.

Brad took a box up to the attic and noticed a strange canister.

"What in the hell is this?" Brad asked.

"What is what?" Stacey asked as she poked her head into the attic.

"I found a weird looking container." Brad said.

Stacey climbed into the attic. She was wearing a white pleated skirt and a
peach colored shirt. Her long toned legs and her equally long curly brown
hair where her sexiest features, and brad was a little worried that he was
sporting wood for his sister.

"The previous owner must have left it. He was a research doctor, I wonder
what's in it?" She asked.

"There's another one too." Brad said as he noticed a second canister.

"Weird that ones open." She said. As she swished around to examine it Brad
got a tantalizing but brief look at her panties.

Brad was now sporting serious wood for his sis. He turned and tried to hide
the bulge in his pants from her sight but all this did was get her attention.

"What are you doing..." She paused when she saw his raging hard-on. "were you
up here looking at porn-o magazines?"

"YES!" Brad replied seeing a way to explain his little general's unwelcome
salute. "But you came in and ruined it...I gotta go for a walk."


Brad was walking around the block outside the house when he noticed a rather
frantic looking girl running around some bushes looking for something. She
was cute, wearing tight pink leather pants and a skin-tight white t-shirt.

"Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!" She cried.

"What's wrong?" Brad asked.

"Oh I lost the dog I walk. Mrs. Mason is going to be so mad." She said.

"Don't worry I'll help you find him." Brad offered.

Brad and the girl named Tiffany searched the bushes by the forested area near
the main street running trough town.

"Oh crap." Brad said.

"What?" Tiffany asked.

"It's back here." Brad replied.

"Really that's good...EEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAGGGHHH. What the fuck happened to
him?" Tyffany screamed.

The poodle or what was once a poodle lay in a bloody mess, it's head was

"Shit, poor doggie." Brad said.

"I'm screwed, I let the dog get lost now his head is gone." She said.

"Ok look don't worry. Tell them some idiot was driving by too fast and ran
the dog over." Brad said.

"But only his head is missing." Tiffany said.

"OK we'll take his little body to my house, I'll back over it with my
sister's car so it looks like a car hit it. Then you just tell the owner the
head was too smushed to recover." Brad said.

"You'd mutilate a poodle for me?" She asked.

"Well yeah, you're nice." Brad smiled.

Eleswhere In Town...

Molly was 13 years old and very ambitious, she was determined to sell more
cookies than the rest of her girl scout troop. Presently she fixed her
uniform straightening her her skirt out and looking at her cute face and
long pig-tails in a mirror. She walked up to Paul Smitt's door and rang the
doorbell. Mr. Smitt was a teacher at her school and Molly knew he liked to
stare at her and her classmates. The door opened and Paul stepped out and
then looked down to see her.

"Oh hello Molly." Paul said staring at the cute girl in the girl scout

"I'm her to sell cookies Mr. Smitt." Molly said.

"Well I don't want any cookies." Paul said.

"Well if I give you something you do want, would you buy my cookies?" Molly

"Like what?" Paul asked her.

"Like I don't know...oh look I dropped my cookie box." Molly said.

She turned so her back was to her teacher and bent over. She wiggled her ass
a bit as she picked up the cookies.

"Oh dear I would do ANYTHING to sell all these damn cookies." Molly said

"Why don't you come in Molly, I think we can work something out." He said.

"OK Mr. Smitt." Molly smiled as she walked in.

She skipped into her teacher's home, pig-tails a bouncing.

"So exactly what kind of deal where you thinking about?" Smitt asked.

"Depends exactly what you want to do." She said.

"Enough games girl how many damn boxes of cookies must I buy for you to let
me fuck you?" He asked.

"10 at five bucks a piece." She smiled.

Smitt groaned. But he looked at her pouty lips, pig tails and girl scout
uniform and made up his mind to pay the little cookie hooker. He reached
into his wallet and fished out a 50 dollar bill. Molly but it in a brown
envelope and closed it. Smitt quickly removed his shirt and pants. His
already hard cock strained against his underwear. He slipped those off to
reveal his swollen erect cock. Molly reached under her skirt and slid down
her panties. Smitt sat down on his couch and motioned her over. Molly
climbed up on his lap then brought her little pussy lips to the head of
his erect cock. Molly pushed her weight down on his member driving it deep
inside her pussy. She moaned and whimpered cutely as she began bobbing up
and down his cock.

"Unnn yeah." Smitt moaned, "Oh yeah you little slut."

Smitt firmly grabbed Molly's shoulder and began slamming her up and down on
his member. Driving his cock all the way up her tight little pussy and almost
all the way back out again. Her head shook up and down and her pig tails flew
like streamers as she was fucked by her teacher. He felt the pressure build
inside of him.

"Oh god yes I'm cuuummmmiiiinnngg." He cried as he shot streams of warm cum
into Molly's cunt.

With one last squirt he flopped back in his seat. Molly stood up and Smitt
was delighted to see a trail of sperm running down her leg from under her
girl scout skirt. Picking up her things Molly left after saying goodbye. To
Smitt's surprise he heard the doorbell ring a few minutes later.

"Back for seconds huh?" Smitt said. "Well since you want it so bad I ain't
paying this time."

Smitt opened the door and was pretty horrified to see not the cute little
girl scout but rather a putrified zombie. Smitt started to scream insanely
and tried to back away from the horrible creature he saw before him.

"Braaainsss." It moaned.

"AAAAARRRRGHH SOMEBODY HELP ME!" He cried as he stumbled backwards and landed
on his ass.

The Zombie was followed through the door by a second. The tackled him and
began to bite into his head.

Elsewhere In Town...

Jon Rudolph was busy watching one of his favorite movies 'Deep Red'. He was
very fond of Italian horror and this was one of his favorites. Jon was a
very ornery, hostile man who liked nothing more than watching the members of
humanity he hated so much disemboweled, be headed or just burned alive. He
practically had a hard on any time someone got their throat cut in a movie.
Jon really didn't have many friends. For this reason he was very surprised
to hear the doorbell ring.

Whoever it was, he thought, must have failed to notice the giant NO GIRL
grabbed a baseball bat and headed to the front door.

He watched with horror as a gory zombies shambled across the screen in his

"Oh my God!!!" Jon screamed. "Ahh get away from me!" Jon yelled as he picked
up his baseball bat and began swinging blindly at his attacker.

The zombie flinched at the blows but kept coming.

"HELP, HELP ME PLEASE!" Jon yelled.

The zombie got a firm hold on Jon's shoulders but Jon managed to finally
smash the zombie's skull with the baseball bat. The putrid odor of rotting
human flesh filled the house and to Jon's chagrin he noticed the fact several
more zombies stepped through the door and into the living room.

"Braaaiiins, braaaaaiiinsss." the zombies moaned as they advanced.

The four zombies gang tackled Jon, toppling him to the floor. Their teeth
burying themselves into his flesh.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp PLEASE anyone HELP ME." Jon cried out.

One of the zombies bit a good sized hole into Jon's belly then shoved his arm
in and went fishing for his liver.

Needless to say Jon died a horrid gory death.

Back to Brad and Tyffany...

Brad picked up his phone and was pleased to hear Tiffany's voice on the other

"Hi Brad. I wanted to thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Mason totally believed
their dog got squished by a car." She said.

"Cool." Brad replied.

"Hey how about you come over tomorrow and watch some videos? I got a 64 inch
TV and a bunch of cool horror." Brad said.

"I'd love to. I'll come over after I play some golf with my dad." She said.
"He will want privacy anyways since he likes to fuck the maid after nine
holes of golf."

"Cool see you tomorrow." He said.

"Ooops gotta go, dinner time. ~CLICK~"

Sweet! Brad thought.

Brad took his DVD player and X-Box and hooked it up to the TV. Brad then took
out a bag of weed and began to roll a joint.

"Huh, there's some weird mold on it...screw it." He said to himself before he
lit up.

Brad flicked the switch on and was very disappointed that the VCR seemed to
not be working. He flipped through channel after channel. Finally he arrived
at channel 666. It was the Ultimate Horror Channel or so claimed the little
logo on the bottom right corner. A very attractive woman who was air brushed
red and had horns, small bat-like wings and a very long barbed tail was
lounging on a couch bare-ass naked.

"Oh fuck this is cool!" Brad exclaimed.

"I am Savati the demoness psychic, and I know all your dirty little secrets."
The demoness said in a Russian accent.

"Whatever, a lame ass psychic show." Brad groaned.

At least she was hot, he thought.

"Hey I'm not lame." Brad jumped when the demoness spoke seemingly to him. "I
am a real psychic, asshole. As a matter of fact I'm well aware you lust for
you sister you big fat perv. I also know you squished a dead poodle so that
you can get in that girl Tiffany's pants."

"Oh shit!!! I am soooooo high." Brad said staring at the television in

The Demoness grasped her heavy boobs and squeezed them hard.

"You know I'm getting pretty horny." The Demoness said.

To Brad's amazement she stepped out of the television into his room.

"How about a little sex?" She asked to Brad's utter amazement.

"OK." Brad said.

The demoness walked up to him and opened her mouth letting her long forked
tongue into his mouth. The tongue tasted spicey and as it writhed and
thrashed in his mouth brad felt shivers rush up and down his spine. Her
tail slipped up his shorts leg and wrapped about his stiffened cock and
began to tighten and constrict about it. Brad moaned with pleasure as the
Demoness used her tail to pleasure him. Brad broke their kiss and took her
nipple in his mouth. He sucked it and rolled it between his lips before
giving it a light bite. The wings of the demoness fluttered with pleasure.
Brad was very disappointed when her tail unwrapped away from his stiff
member but she pushed him to the ground so he lay on his back. She lowered
her self onto his stiff prick and began to push up and down.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah your so tight." Brad moaned.

Oddly Brad felt his energy leeching away. His strength slowly began to fade
away into nothing.

"Unnngggh I'm tired." Brad said. Suddenly his vision blurred in and out again
and the demoness was gone but his dick was in his hand. "Fucking moldy pot."

Meanwhile At Mr. And Mrs. Marson's House...

Mrs. Marson was in her garden weeping as she dug a hole to bury the mangled
remains of her poor dead poodle. Her husband was too busy watching the
Angels/Brewers game to care about his wife's stupid poodle's burial so
diligently with a beer in one hand he watched his baseball game. He was so
engrossed in the game that he failed to hear his wife's screams, which could
faintly be heard from the garden. Nor did he hear the shuffle of Zombie
footsteps as they entered the living room.

At Tiffany's house...

Adam Wildwood's maid, Clara, was absolutely hot in her French maid's outfit.
Adam was in his own opinion an extremely lucky man. He had a hot maid, acute
cook, and an attractive driver to bang any time the mood struck him. Clara
was on her knees in front of him her head between his legs, she un-zipped his
pants and pulled out his long hard cock. Clara's tongue glided up the shaft
of his swollen member. She opened her mouth and took as much of Adam's cock
as she could into her small, pretty mouth. Clara began sucking with all her
might as her head bobbed up and down on Adam's stiff member. Adam's eyes
rolled up in his head and his eyes closed as Clara's warm, wet tongue wrapped
and slid over his penis, sending pleasure filled chills through his body.
With he pushed Clara off of his member so he could blow his cum all over her
pretty face.

"Oh yeah, baby. That was great."

He was interrupted in his musings when he saw a zombie turn the corner of the
hall and head in their direction.

Adam stood and screamed. Clara stood, wiped some sperm away from her face and
screamed as well. Another pair of shambling dead entered the living room.
Without hesitating, Adam shoved Clara into the zombie trio and pulled up his
pants. Clara toppled over the zombies, who immediately began clawing at her
cloths and skin and biting her viscously. Adam ran from the room as poor
Clara screamed and fought. Terror raced through her as she tried desperately
to get away but was only managing to make it easier for zombies who had a
grip on her to rip huge chunks of flesh out. Clara watched in horror as a
zombie bit into her large boob and tore the flesh away and watched in more
horror as it tried to eat the implant wobbled out and on to the floor. Her
implants had been a gift from the man who had left her to die. Adam ran to
the front door of his house and was devastated to see a small mob of zombies
at the entrance to his house.

Brad And Stacey's house...

Stacey answered the doorbell to find her brother's friend Tiffany there. The
girl was wearing a white pleated skirt and a green golf shirt. Tyffany had a
white duffle bag with her.

"Hi I'm here to see Brad." She said.

"OK. BRAD TIFFANY IS HERE!" Stacey cried.

Brad came down the stairs in a hurry with a big smile on his face.

"How about we go upstairs and begin our little movie marathon?" Brad asked.

"Well is it OK if I borrow your shower first?" Tyffany asked.

"Sure." Stacey said, "It's upstairs second door on the left. Brad go get her
a clean towel."

"Sure." Brad said as he ran upstairs, Tyffany in tow.

Again the doorbell rang. Ring, ring, ring someone was frantically ringing
the doorbell and screamed from the other side. Stacey opened the door to see
Molly the girl scout charge inside screaming.

ZOMBIES!!!" Molly screamed as she slammed the door behind her.

"Chill the fuck out kid, what is the problem?" Stacey asked annoyed.

"There are dead people walking around eating people." Molly said.

"Sure, yeah right."

"DAMMIT I'm telling the truth bitch!" Molly said.

"More likely you did some 'X' and you're hallucinating." Stacey retorted.

The doorbell rang again.

"Hold on a second" Molly said. She opened the door and was surprised to
see two women in black leather standing there with huge futuristic looking
rifles. One was Asian and the other was blonde.

"Hi we are agents East and West with the FBI. We are here because the town is
overrun by Zombies. Matter of fact your the first survivors we have found."
Agent East said.

"Thank god!" Molly said.

"Is this a fucking joke? You two skanks are not FBI agents." Stacey asked.

"No ma'am I'm afraid its for real." Agent West said as the two women entered
the room and shut the door.

"Ok sure whatever." Stacey said.

The doorbell rang again.

"What the fuck? Is this grand central station?" Stacey asked.

She opened the door to see four zombies standing at the door.

"Ok maybe there are zombies!" Admited Stacy as she quickly shut the door. "So
what are you going to do about it?"

"Well we haven't really thought about that yet." East admitted it with a

"Maybe we can set some traps for them out side." West said.

"Traps like what, what are you talking about? We have automatic rifles lets
just shoot them." East told her partner. "Stacy let them in."

"LET THEM IN, your fucking kidding, I'm not letting zombies into the house!"
Stacey said.

"Just open the door before I shoot you." East said.

"She will too." West said.

Meanwhile Elsewhere In The House...

Brad was sitting in his room waiting for Tyffany to get out of the shower
ignoring most of the noises down stairs. This was because he was keenly aware
of the zombies climbing the tree to his second story window. After staring at
the zombies like an idiot for ten minutes, he ran to the window to shut it.
But the goddess of Kharma was working over time today, because the window was

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!!!" Brad said.

He ran to his phone and dialed 911.

"Help, help there are zombies breaking into my house." He said.

"You know its against the law to make prank calls to 911." The woman on the
other side of the phone said.

"Ok then, ummmm.. I'm going to kill my girl friend just send a cop quick." He
said desperately.

The lady on the other side just hung up.

"This is going to be a bad day", he said, "I can tell already."

Meanwhile Downstairs...

"Ok Agent East open the door." West said.

East opened the door and the quartet of zombies begin the stagger into the
door, but they didn't get two feet before the leather clad FBI agent blasted
their heads open. Brad began to scream hystericaly for help and could be
heard downstairs.

"My brother, he's in danger!" Stacey cried.

West was blasting away at the entrance as one zombie after another was blown
to tiny little bits by the barrage from her gun. The smell of burnt flesh
combined with small grey-green pieces of rotted zombie meat filled Stacey
with dismay, her house was officially a bio-hazard zone now. Finally the last
of the undead invaders fell before the FBI agent's relentless barrage. A few
zombies where reduced to large pieces that continued to move if they where
connected in any way to a fully intact head but West's partner, East,
finished these off with a blast from her massive gun, which inevitably did
additional collateral damage to Stacy's house as well as further scattering
rotting flesh every which way. When the (greyish-green) dust cleared the
twins where facing a somewhat unhappy looking Stacy.

"Something wrong?" Ally asked.

"I really don't want to sound ungrateful or anything, but who is going to pay
for all of the damage to my house?" Stacey asked.

"Oh um gee, I'M sorry about that." Agent West stammered.

"SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!" The four women heard from upstairs.

The FBI agents realizing they'd been saved by the bell, they rushed upstairs
to where the screaming was coming from.


Brad was upstairs fending off the zombies that where trying to enter through
the window with a baseball bat. He was both relieved and surprised when a
pair of attractive FBI agents stormed into the room and began to open fire on
the zombies, although in the process they had blown half of the wall out.
Once again the dust (as well as broken glass, wood splinters, and now
powdered dry-wall) settled. Stacy came up the stairs and let out a loud wail
of anguish at the sight of what had at one point been the wall. The bathroom
door opened and Tyffany wrapped only in a towel stepped into the room.

"What was all that noise...WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED IN HERE???" She cried.

"Zombies," West said by way of explanation.

"Look," East said firmly. "There's a lot here that needs to be explained and
sorted out."

"I'll say." Stacey said.

"That was cool." Molly said still staring at the smoldering whole partially
lit by the moonlight and stars shining through the gaping whole in two sides
of the house.

"Look forget about the house, we..." East was interrupted by the house which
apparently refused to be forgotten. It was now only too apparent that East
and West had done irreparable damage to the walls. They were in fact load
baring walls because the whole house creaked as what pitiful remains of the
walls gave way under the roof. Everyone dove for the hallway but the house
continued to thrash, sway, moan and creak terribly like a dying whale beached
on the shore. The panicked group charged down stairs and out the front door
just as the house came crashing down in a pathetic heap. Yet again the dust

Stacey was staring at the rubble with her jaw dropped and her face bright
crimson. As a final act of senseless wanton destruction the last support beam
toppled over landing or more like crashing into Stacy's car, which promptly
exploded. More dust (actually glass, burning splinters and a tire that had
soared up into the air then came bouncing and rolling back down.) settled.

"Wow." East said.

"Yeah, wow." Brad nodded.

"Shit my cloths where in there." The still towel-clad Tyffany commented.

A single tear rolled off Stacy's eye and down her cheek.

One fit of hysteria, twenty minutes of explanations, a handful of
introductions and about a hundred yards between them and the doomed house

"Yes Director Long...yes I would define the mission as a success." East said
into her cell phone earning herself a sulky glare from Stacey.
_ _ _

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