Rooms To Go Kids: Best Commercial Ever (f-mast,MMMf,bukkake,voy)
by Hamster

Long-brown-haired 13-year-old singer/actress Montana Tucker was incredibly
happy. The set was filled with furniture from Room To Go Kids as well as
what she thought seemed to be an unusually huge film crew. She was in a
TV commercial and was going to sing the Rooms To Go Kids theme in it. She
wanted to be a big star and this looked to be the first step. The commercial
opened with Montana dancing as she sings the Rooms To Go Kids Theme.

I've got my pride,
I need my space,
Rooms to Go Kids is my Kind of place

"CUT!" Yelled the director. "Yeah Montana that was OK but could you take off
your shirt?"

"My shirt really?" Montana asked.

She didn't know what her taking her shirt off had to do with selling
furniture, but she didn't want to piss off the director. Especially since he
had promised her other projects if she was good.

"Yes, please." The director said.

Montana shrugged and removed her shirt. If ogling her naked chest made the
director happy then she was ready to let him. She took off her training bra.
Once her chest with it's developing breasts was exposed she began to sing and
dance again.

I've got my pride,
I need my space,
Rooms To Go Kids is my Kind of place

"CUT!" The director interjected again. "That's great Montana but why don't
you go ahead and also lose the pants."

"I don't know, my parents..." She started to protest weakly.

"No worries, we'll keep all your nude scenes on the director's cut, exclusive
for other Hollywood types to admire your many fine attributes as an actress.
Your parents will never see it." He assured her.

"Well OK then." She really wanted to be a star and if this was what it would

Montana started by removing her shoes and socks. Everyone on the set stood
in silence and watched with great interest as she unzipped her somewhat baggy
pants and let them fall to the ground. Everyone on the set was staring at her
naked body with drool dribbling liberally down their chins.

"Well that's very nice young lady. This time while you sing dance a little
sexy. Touch yourself all over and rub your body." The director instructed.

Once again Montana did not know what this had to do with furniture but she
was willing to do anything in order to become famous. As instructed she began
to rub her hands all over her body as she sang the Rooms To Go Kids' song.

I've got my pride,
I need my space,
Rooms To Go Kids is my Kind of place
I'm in my room a lot
It's not a parking lot
It's where I live
And I like it that way

"Cut." the director. "Montana could you concentrate a bit more on touching
and playing with your pussy."

Montana shrugged and began to rub her pussy with her bright hand. She began
to moan softly as she did so and the entire crew was absolutely fascinated by
the sight. All eyes followed as her fingers disappeared into her pussy and
she bit her lips. She began to whimper as she masturbated for the cameras.

A few members of the crew had cocks in hand or in two cases fingers in cunts
and were stroking like mad.

Everyone was disappointed or even a little pissed when the director yelled,

Some of the crew was grumbling and a few muttered threats.

"Montana I like what you are doing there but I was thinking that maybe we
could incorporate some of the furniture in some way. I want to show how
furniture can be fun." The Director said.

Montana couldn't think of any way to add furniture to what she was doing. But
she was young. She will learn. And she was about to get her first lesson.

"How about you lay face down on the bed over there and hump it." The Director

The crew gave a loud cheer that lasted nearly three minutes until the
director held up a hand for silence.

"oh-uhhh ok fine." She agreed.

Montana walked over to the bed and climbed on face down. She grabbed on to
the sheets as she began to grind her pussy onto the bed. She felts warm
friction against her young pussy and shivers jumped up and down her spine.

"Mmm, mmm yes, yes." She moaned softly as she humped the bed.

They all watched as her little butt went up and down while her pussy was
ground. She continued the show for several minutes until an orgasm finally
cascaded through her. She lay on the bed panting while the film crew gave
her a standing ovation.

"Ms. Tucker are you able to continue?" the Director asked.

"uhh sure no problem." she said as she got up slowly.

"Could you please put that stool there upside down on the ground." The
Director instructed.

Montana placed the wooden stool upside down on the ground as instructed.

"Now just ram one of the legs up your pussy." He instructed.

Montana was a little stunned. This was beginning to push the envelope.

"Won't that hurt?" She asked.

"A little, but hey you have to sacrifice for your craft." The Director said.

She approached the stool and looked at it nervously.

"It might help if you moisten up the leg first. You should lick it and suck
it," the Director suggested.

Montana began to lick the sides of the stool leg until it was nice and slick.
The girl then spread her legs and put the entrance to her virgin pussy to the
tip of the leg. Montana pushed herself down onto the stool's leg She gasped
as her pussy opened up and began to swallow the wooden cylinder.

"ooo Ouuu" She whimpered.

The stool leg met the wall of her virginity.

"Go own" The Director encouraged.

She pushed herself down. Pain roared through her as she popped her own cherry
on the stool leg.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE." She squealed.

"Keep going sweetie, It'll start to feel better." The director assured her.

Montana did as she was told and began to fuck herself by sliding up and down
on the stool leg squeaking and crying as she did so. The pain was replaced
with pleasure and an orgasm surged through her body.

"Oh-oh yeeeeeeah!!!" She cried out before slumping to the ground.

Once again the crew cheered and clapped for her performance.

"So anyone want to join her on stage?" The director asked.

There was almost a stampede for the stage.

"Wait, wait! Three at a time! You, you and you. The rest of you can wait."
The Director said.

"Aww." Whined the disappointed crowd.

The three lucky chosen made their way to the limp barely conscious girl. One
guy took the front, another the back. One tilted her head to the side and
guided his cock to her mouth. The two other cocks began to work their way
into her tiny pussy and ass. As she was worked over from both ends she began
to suck inexpertly at the cock in her mouth. The men were fucking her as hard
as they could and she was as limp as a rag doll between the men assaulting
her pussy and ass. She began to moan and writhe as she was fucked.

"People, please cum ON her not IN her. She needs to be covered in cum for the
next shot, thank you." The Director ordered.

As instructed as each man was about to cum he pulled out and spewed his
goo on her face or her body. As each came another guy replaced him. She
was continuously fucked over and over by multiple partners, each of them
unloading cum onto her naked body until she was completely coated in sperm.

"Aaaaand wrap!" the director said.

Everyone on the crew had gotten a chance to fuck Montana, some of them twice!
The Director picked up her limp body.

"I think I'll be hanging onto her for the night. After all I've worked hard
here and deserve some fun too. This video is going to make a small fortune
good job everyone." He said.
_ _ _

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