Racing Stripes: The Famous Cousin (ff, f-best, inc, celeb)
by Hamster

Takes place after the events in the movie...

Channing Walsh was incredibly excited, her famous cousin actress Hayden
Panatierre was visiting from Hollywood. This was her first time meeting
Hayden and Channing wanted to make a good impression. Her father had
chastised her for changing her cloths on no less than five occasions and
finally he had convinced her to go for a ride to calm her nerves. Channing
decided to put on her blue and silver racing silks and then take Stripes,
her Zebra, for a ride.

The power of the beast between her legs always exhilarated her and she wasn't
riding it too long before she felt her worries melt away. She loved Stripes
and was considering a special 'bonding session' with him when she noticed the
pretty blonde watching them. It was her cousin whom had arrived early.
Channing rode up to the other girl and stopped Stripes short. Hayden was very
pretty and resembled Channing so much that they could be twins.

"Wow, you have a Zebra?" Hayden said as she reached out to pet him.

"Yeah we found him when he was little." Channing said.

Hayden was instantly in love with the animal and Channing who secretly
preferred girls was instantly in love with Hayden.

"Can I ride him?" asked Hayden hopefully.

"Sure, but let's get you settled in first." said Channing.

Channing led Hayden back into the house and up the stairs. She did not notice
Hayden staring at her butt. Hayden couldn't help herself, Channing's ass
looked amazing with that silk tight against it. Channing led the young movie
star to the room they'd be sharing during her stay. Channing opened the door
and helped her put her things away.

"Wow you sure have a lot of Zebra stuff." Hayden said as she spied the
pictures, posters, books and stuffies.

Channing blushed furiously. "Yeah, I know that this isn't what you are used
to...don't worry you can have the bed I don't mind laying out on the floor."

"Actually I was hoping to share the bed if you don't mind." Hayden said.

Sharing a bed with her sexy movie star cousin was more than Channing could
have hoped for. She sprung up at the offer.

"Yeah we could do that." said Channing with another crimson blush.

Channing bent over to put some clothes in a drawer and her silks were
stretched tight across her butt. This was too much for Hayden.

"You have an amazing ass." Hayden commented as she reached out and pinched a

"EEP!" Channing squealed as she popped up and rubbed her bottom. "I'm going
to get you."

With a sly smile she lunged at her cousin. Channing grabbed Hayden's wrists
and pinned her to the bed. The two blondes began to roll around on the bed
and tried to wrestle each other into submission. This continued for a while
with their strains and struggles punctuated by the occasional giggle. Finally
Hayden rolled her cousin onto her back and held her arms down. The pair
giggled and panted for a moment but then stared into each other's eyes.
Hayden gave up all restraint and kissed her pretty cousin. Their sweet lips
tasted each other and their mouths opened so their tongues could caress each
other. Hayden's hands reached under Channing and gave the girl's ass a good
squeaze and Channing's hands began to roam all over Hayden's body. They
continued kissing and feeling each other up playfully for a very long before
finally breaking apart.

"Wow that was really good." Channing said.

"You like girls too huh, I guess we really are a lot alike." Hayden said.

"Let's see just how much." Channing said as she began to unbutton her outfit.

Hayden smiled and pulled off her shirt. Channing helped her cousin with her
teal colored bra. And they were soon helping each other undress until they
were both in their panties. Channing removed hers and displayed her little
pussy framed by some yellow fur. Hayden was next but Channing was surprised
to see that her cousin was clean shaven.

"Holy cow!!!" Channing exclaimed. "Why do you shave down there?"

"Welll, it feels nicer and it's more pleasant for anyone licking me down
their." Hayden explained. That last comment made Channing excited. She
envisioned some pretty girl eating out her cousin.

"So have you had your pussy licked a lot before?" asked Channing as she tried
to sound non-chalant.

"Oh yeah, all of us Disney Channel girls eat each other out. Why you
haven't?" Hayden asked as she put an arm around Channing's waist and then
pulled her in close.

Channing trembled slightly. "No I haven't."

"Would you like me to eat out your pussy?" Hayden asked breathlessly.

"Please and thank you." Channing replied.

"Well forget it." Hayden said as she released her cousin and backed away.

"What?" Demanded Channing now angry.

"I'm not going near it, at least not until you shave." Hayden said.

"What? You want me to shave?" Channing asked.

"You shave and I eat you out. That's the deal." Hayden. "I'll tell you what,
I'll shave it for you."

Channing wasn't sure she wanted to shave her pussy but she knew this was as
good a deal as you could get. "Uh, ok I'll do it."

"Great!!!" Hayden exclaimed.

She reached into her bag and began fishing around for her razor and shaving
cream. Once they were located she was ready to get started.

"Ok lay on the bed and spread your legs." Instructed Hayden.

Nervously Channing obeyed. "Be carefull."

"Don't worry." Hayden assured her.

Hayden sprayed the rich foam all over the hair in Channing's private areas.
Next she took the razor and slowly began shaving away at the edges. Hayden
cleaned the razor after each stroke and Channing remained stock still except
for looking up every now and then. It didn't take long for Hayden to make a
significant dent and after a few minutes there wasn't but the smallest patch
of hair left. With a few smooth strokes it was all gone and after Hayden
wiped it clean with a towel Channing was left with a perfectly smooth and
hairless private area. She was now Hayden's clone. Channing suddenly yelped
as Hayden splashed after-shave on her newly shaved cunt.

"HEY!!!" Channing protested.

"Sorry. Wow it's so beautiful now." Hayden said.

Hayden brought her face in close and Channing could feel her cousin's breath
on her pussy. Channing shivered as her cousin's tongue dragged across her
pussy. Hayden kissed Channing's sex and then burrowed onto the hole with her
tongue. Hayden began to tongue fuck her identical cousin with skill built
from practice. Channing's butt rose and fell and she clutched the sheets and
moaned loudly. Hayden spread Channing's pussy lips and began to finger her.
Channing was now crying out loudly as she began to cum. Hayden was rewarded
by the deliscious taste of Channing's girl cum.

"Mmm tasty." Hayden said. Channing began to laugh. "So you've never been
eaten out before to day but you are not a virgin huh?'

Hayden was disappointed.

"No, I'm not a virgin." Channing admitted.

"Who popped your cherry?" Hayden asked.

Channing blushed brightly.

"You're going to think I'm a sicko." Channing said.

"Chan I just fucked my cousin. I really don't think I'm in a position to
judge." Hayden said.

"Uh right. OK well sometimes I let Stripes fuck me." Channing said.

"YOUR ZEBRA???" Hayden asked astounded.

Channing lunged forword and clasped her hand over Hayden's mouth.

"Shhhhh keep it down. Yes, my Zebra." Channing said.

"Wow, that's really...I don't know what to say." Hayden said.

"Well, you shouldn't knock it unless you've tried it." Channing said

"Hmmm maybe I could just watch?" Hayden asked.

"What?" Channing asked.

"Well, do you think that it would be ok if I just watched you do that?"
Hayden said.

Channing seemed to think about it. The idea of being watched as she was
fucked was appealing and was making her horny all over again.

"Hmm ok, let's head down to the barn." Channing said.

The girls re-dressed in jeans and t-shirts, then after quickly making out a
little more they proceeded to the barn.

At the barn Hayden's nose was assaulted by a million pungent smells at once.
It was not completely unpleasant, it was just something she was in need of
getting used to. The girls now could not be distinguished from one another,
a fact that was pleasing to both girls.

"All right, come here Stripes." Channing called. The Zebra was already well
used to the routine and knew what was expected of him.

Channing unbuckled her belt and pitched it away. She took her boots off and
then began to wiggle her way out of her jeans. Hayden watched her intently as
she did so. Channing next removed her yellow panties. Now naked, Channing
bent over crate. Channing wiggled her ass invitingly and it was almost Hayden
who took up the invitation. But she restrained herself and watched as the
Zebra stepped forward. Carefully the Zebra lifted itself onto it's hind legs
and then placed it's forelegs on Channing's shoulder's. Hayden watched in awe
as the Zebra's long cock left it's mid section and poked at her cousin's
privates. Channing grunted and the Zebra's cock penetratred her. Her face was
contorted in what seemed like a weird combination of pain and pleasure, with
a few rough thrusts the Zebra began to fuck her. Channing was gasping and
crying out loudly with each thrust and Hayden could hardly believe her eyes
as she was mystified by the sight of what was going on. Hayden moved all
around to get every angle as the Zebra fucked her cousin relentlessly.
Finally he dismounted and Channing was left panting as she lay draped across
the crate. Hayden approached her cousin and examined the other blondes
freshly fucked pussy. It was full of creamy zebra cum. Without a word she
began to lap it clean. Channing was moaning softly as she thought about all
the fun she was going to have with Hayden.
_ _ _

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