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Ranma 1/2: Claimed By Hiroshi (mf,mc,humil,preg)
by Dagger

When Hiroshi entered the club room, only Ranma was inside. Red haired girl was still wearing her one piece costume. She wore it not so long ago, trying to atract more people to join the martial arts club.

Hiroshi smiled, looking at Ranma's body. She spent a day on the sun, a drops of sweat shone on her bare skin. He could feel her smell. Controlling himself, remembering that he has to work according his plan, he placed the small incense next to the door. He waited a minute, listening as Ranma whistles inside. Then he walked into the room.

"Oh, hello, Hiroshi," smiled Ranma as she finished tossing away some papers with the informations about the club that she was giving to the students before. "Are you about to join the club?"

"Been thinking about it actually. Did you get any new members?"

"Actually... no. Seems they're all afraid of joining martial arts club. I wonder why... I thought that offering each of them a sparring will be a good idea..."

Hiroshi looked around, making sure that they're all alone in the room, then he walked closer to the Ranma. "I have a better idea for you how to atract people," he said. "Oh, I'm listening then..."

"All you need is to stand still and..." Hiroshi approached her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Hey, Hiroshi, what's up with...?" Ranma blinked with surprise, looking at his hands.

"I've been thinking about you since a long time, Ranma," he said looking into her eyes. His brought her closer to him. It was enough time to make this incense work. Well, Mouse told him that. Hiroshi was aware that if it won't work, Ranma will probably beat him to the pulp for molesting his
girly form. He decided to risk everything.

"You're such a hottie" he whispered to her ear and licked it. It was a moment of truth. If Mouse's incense won't work he can only pray...

Ranma squimred in Hiroshi's embrace. "Stop it, you moron! I'm a boy!"

Hiroshi breathed with reliefe, finding Ranma resistance very weak. Normally, even as a girl, Ranma was strong enough to kick him to the other side of the town. But her current struggle was so pathetic. She tried to free herself from his embrace, but couldn't even make his arms move.

"I can see no boy here, Ranma. I see the hottest chick in the Nerima." He smiled, moving his hands to her firm, round tits.

"You idiot, I'll kill you... oohhmmmm..." Ranma yelled and moaned, as her breasts were molested by the Hiroshi. She was shocked that she can't break free. It was Hiroshi, he was never a strong guy. How could he keep her like that. She should be able to kick hiss with ease...

"And you always wanted this too." Hiroshi looked into her eyes, saying these words loud and clear. He gave her tits and extra squeeze untill her stiff nipples poked through the material of her suit.

"I... don't.... no..." Ranma murmured. Something was changing inside her. Despite her utter hate and contept, the touch of Hiroshi was making her feeling strange. She couldn't stop it. How could it be? He was a boy, just like Ranma, despite her female body. Boy's touch should not arouse her at all.

"You were always craving for me" Hiroshi continued, keeping an eye contact, just like Mouse told him to. "You wanted to be fucked by me" he said slow and loud, making sure she'll understand each word. He could see confusion in Ranma's eyes. There's was litte resistance there. He licked her neck, finding that her resistance is disappearing. Ranma whimpered when Hiroshi played with her breasts and kissed her neck.

Hiroshi turned Ranma and kissed her lips. She moaned as he explored her mouth his with his tongue. She had a feeling that something is very wrong here. But his touch was making her body so hot and weak. What was going on? She couldn't resist his touch. Her willpower was melting like a butter in the warm, sunny day. Hiroshi broke the long kiss and grabbed her gently, placing the moaning redhead on the table. He looked at her sexy body, licking his lips. It was hard to believe that he just fondled these tits and she didn't kick him out into space.

"I'm gonna make sure that you'll never think of being boy again, Ranma" he said and spread her long, slim legs. He tugged the crotch portion of her once piece, revealing her pussy with small red patch above.

"Oooohhhhmmmm" moaned Ranma as Hiroshi brought his lips to her wet snatch and started sucking on her womanhood. Her tits shuddered as Hiroshi's tongue played with her clit. Waves of pleasure washed over her aroused body. She never felt so good. Her long moans echoed in the room, along with wet slurps of the Hiroshi.

"It feels good to be a girl, Ranma?" he asked as he paused for a moment to tug the one piece from her big, round breasts.

"Yesss.... very goood..." she groaned as his palm closed on her right breast, while his tongue returned to explore her moistening pussy. Leaning back on her arms, Ranma's pussy trembled as she watched Hiroshi eating her out. Yes, he was right, it was so good. She wanted him to make her feel like this. Deep inside her head something was telling her that it was wrong, but it was silent and distant voice. Drool leaked from he corner of her mouth as her pussy exploded with a first orgasm, making her body rocking.

Hiroshi stood up and took a good look on the girl in front of him. She looked dazed, like a drunk or something. Wasting no time, he revealed his already stiff cock. Ranma looked at him as he brought his boner to her wet womanhood.

"I wan to you to say "I'm a good girl" every time I thrust my cock inside you" he said and inserted his stiff manhood into her awaiting pussy.

"Ohhhh.... I'm a good girl!" moaned Ranma. "I'm a goooood girl!" I'm aaaaa goooood giiiirllll!". Hiroshi clutched redhead's hips as he rammed inside her pussy, forcing his cock deeper inside her. It was like a dream, he could hardly believe that he is fucking mighty Ranma.

Table creaked under their bodies as the Hiroshi fucked the red haired tomboy. Ranma's repeated "I'm a good girl" make him not quite forget that the girl he fucks is actually a boy turned into girl. Actually, the idea that the strongest boy in the Nerima is now his willing fuck slut was making his situation even hotter. It was unbelievable. Hiroshi knew that he'll never respect Ranma as a man again. Once a fuck slut, always a fuck slut, he thought. This body was so hot, like made for being fucked. Hiroshi leaned to lick and suck her rocking tits as he stuffed her cunt with his thick, warm penis.

Ranma's head bobbed as she was fucked, her ponytail jumped around. Her feet swung in the air over the table's side, shoes fell down on the floor as she was fucked. Hiroshi gave her no time to rest. And all the time she was moaning "I'm a good girl". There was no sign of her pride and fiery temper. She was letting him do whatever he wanted to do with her body.

Finally, Hiroshi thrusted inside her one more time and came, filling her well fucked pussy with his semen. Ranma's moans went louder as she orgasmed with him. Hiroshi made sure he came deep inside her, shooting his sticky load inside her vagina. It was like a final victory, claiming his trophy or making the territory. He slowly withdrew his cock out of her wet cunt. Hiroshi embraced the girl and gave her another long, wet kiss. This time she returned it as best as she could. When they broke the kiss, Hiroshi put the panting girl on her knees. His cock was hard again. He slapped her pretty face with his hard rod, leaving the trails of semen on her cheeks and nose.

"You know what to do Ranma. Show me how good cocksucker you are" he said and very soon he felt Ranma's mouth on his cock. He patted her red hair as she sucked him. Her tongue was dancing around his dick as she coated it with her saliva. Hiroshi looked at the beutiful, busty redhead giving him a head. It was Ranma's ultimate fall. First he fucked her and creamed her pussy, now he made Ranma suck his dick. He produced his cell phone and started recording Ranma serving his cock. He already knew it will be his favorite fap material.

Ranma felt totally strange. She was absolutely possessed with serving Hiroshi's cock, but it was just like not totally right. But despite her thoughts, she couldn't stop sucking. He red lips slided up and down the shaft, polishing the cock, tasting her own juices his dick was coated with.

Feeling that he's about to came, Hiroshi took his cock out of Ranma's lips and moment later he came, shooting his sticky load right onto her face. His phone recorded every second of it. He loved the picture of Ranma kneeling naked, with her face covered with his semen. Hiroshi looked at the timer, understanding that he has to hurry if he wants to complete his plan.

Some minutes later Ranma sit on the table. She was cleaned and dressed in her school uniform. Her blouse was was partially unbuttoned, revealing a solid part of her round breasts. He panties were dangling around her left ankle. Hiroshi held the phone and gave her a sign to start speaking.

"I'm Ranma Saotome. I want to say that master Hiroshi completely conquered and claimed my body, making me his woman. I'll never think of being a boy again, because it feels great being master Hiroshi's girl. I like being weak and sexy... oh, and I love cocks."

Hiroshi grinned as he finished recording. He told Ranma to dress up completely and take a nap. A moment she felt asleep left the club room, taking the Mouse's incense with him. He looked at the phone. Just a minute or two...

He knew that he'll have to thank Mouse. Of course, this plan worked well for both of them. If Ranma will be out for some time, Mouse will have a chance to hit on Shampoo. And if Mouse was right, it will be impossible for Ranma to turn back into a guy again for some time after solid fucking. So all he needed was someone who'd fuck Ranma. Then he saw Hiroshi walking with some photos of the red haired beauty.

Mouse offered him a special incense that will weaken the girl and make her totally submissive and obedient. It won't work long, so Hiroshi had to hurry. But he did everything as it was planned. And on the memory of his phone he had something better - a perfect blackmail material. He smiled and wished Mouse a luck with Shampoo in his thoughts.

Five minutes later Ranma woke up. She was sitting in the chair in the club room. Was she sleeping? She had no idea. It seems that advertising the club was busy work, because all her body felt strange, even her jaw. Feeling kinda weak and tired, Ranma took a cup of warm water and poured at her head. She was surprised to see that nothing happened. She should turn into a boy, but she was still a girl. Maybe a water wasn't hot enough?

She returned to the Tendo dojo as a girl and quickly run to the kitchen, filled the glass with a hot water and poured on herself again. She was really afraid since nothing changed once again, she was still a girl. "What the hell is going on?", she almost yelled. She boiled a water and poured on herself again. Loud cry of pain was heard all over the dojo... and moment later another cry, this time full of anger and despair.

Not very far away, in house house, Mouse smiled. He just received a message from Hiroshi and it seems everything went just like he planned. There was one small thing he didn't tell Hiroshi. The incense he gave him had one more, additional power - it was making the girl very fertile. And the reason Ranma couldn't turn back into guy again was that she just became pregnant...


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