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Ranma : Control Shampoo Part 1
by C. King ([email protected])

Shampoo had gone shopping once again for something that could help her gain
the affections of her errent husband, Ranma. The fact that he had a number of
women after her in addition to her made it necessary for her to try and gain
an edge, even with her skills and beauty. It didn't help that Ranma had a
female body due to his water curse, making him mostly immune to the nude
flesh of sexy women. That was why she picked up the book that she had found
in the old shop.

Called 'The Path of the Daimyo', it was an ancient manual created by some
cunning japanese fedual lord for keeping control over one's house hold. An
ancient text that contained the information from several generations.
Contained with in was information of a sexual nature that could be used to
help her with her many problems that were occurring with her marriage. It
could help her win her husband plus there was her pain in the neck Mousse
who would take no for an answer...even when it was beaten into his skull.

Shampoo quickly hid the book as she headed home to the Nekohaten. She didn't
want anyone, even her great-grandmother to find it. 'They might take away
this one's chance to win this one's husband's heart.'

The Amazons, or the Strong Woman tribe as they called themselves, lived a
harsh life. They lived in dangerous land with powerful enemies and the
possibility of an attack by the major powers of the country they lived in!
They had learn quickly to take advantage of anyway edge they got. And the
Master's way was a major edge!

"But how does this one use it to get my husband to myself. To get this one's
husband to love her as much as she love him." Shampoo had fallen for Ranma
for many reasons. His skills, the kindness that hid behind his rough outer
shell, his strong confidence. She often fantasized about him, both sexually
and not.

Shampoo had said again and again that 'Obstacle were for killing'. But if
they could be removed permanently, perhaps by making them fall in love with
someone else... 'If this one does that to the others, and then uses the book
to gain this one's husband... This one might gain a happy marriage!'

But what to do first?

Shampoo had decided that she would go straight to the source with this erotic
manual. "Shampoo will use the Path to show Ranma that he loves Shampoo. But
how can this one use the Path in that manner? Which method should Shampoo
use?" She looked over at some of the writings that was in the book.

There was a series of massage methods that might be of use as they involved
certain pressure points that could affect a person's mind. The introductory
points were simple, around the head of the subject. Similar to the ones that
she used in her shampooing techniques that she had used on pervert girl. Only
with out the shampoo.

Another method was a channelling of ki so that it gathered in the eyes. Then
it could be discharged in a gaze that would place the subject into a super
trance state. A state where the subject would accept any command. It wasn't
something that she had done before and she had only the basic mastery of ki
control. Something might go wrong, but it was worth the chance if she could
gain her husband.

In the alchemy section was two other methods that she could use. The first
was the simplest. Using a concoction, she could create a lip balm like
substance that could cause love in the person kissed by it for the kisser.
The other would involve getting a piece of Ranma for the potion. Anything
from a hair, nail, or fluid from the body would be added to a perfume. This
would make the wearer of the perfume irresistible to the subject's who's
essence was in the perfume. Overtime the desire would become permanent 'Only
trouble is perfume and balm might fall in wrong hands. Still...' Shampoo

Still there were other options in the book that might be used to secure her
husband. But then there was the planing of when to use it so that it would be
at peak effectiveness. "What should Shampoo do?"

Later that day....

"So you say that you have found a way ta get me to lose my fear of c-c-cats?
Permanently." Ranma asked as he travelled to a sheltered area of the woods
that lurked in Nerima Park. It was a place that lovers would go to have
private moments to themselves, doing things that might not be to accepted by
others if they saw them. But it was also a good place to go so that no one
could see one doing something that they would want to keep secret.

Shampoo knew that Ranma would like to keep the secret of his fear of cats as
hidden as possible, even though she had told him that she had a cure for that
fear. Which she did, she just didn't tell him that the cure could also be
used to convince him that she was the woman that would be his wife. She had
been reading through the 'Master's way', finding the right method for bring
understanding to her Airen.

"Is simple. Ranma drink tea and relax. Shampoo turn to cat and play with
relax Ranma. Ranma slowly like cats." She pulled out two containers that she
had packed both the tea and water in. She opened the one with tea and took
out a cup, filling it with the deep brown liquid. It was warm and steaming
with a soft white vapour.

Ranma took the cup and sniffed at it for a minute. He asked, "Is there
anything in this that I have to be worried about?" He did lick his lips as
he said that as he took another whiff of the tea.

Shampoo took on a sad look and answered, "Shampoo just want help Ranma. Ranma
is so mean!" She sniffed her nose like she was holding back tears.

"Alright, alright. I'll drink it, Shampoo. I'll drink it." Ranma took the cup
and slowly drank the tea. Shampoo waited as he drank down the liquid. After
finishing the cup, he put it down and started to breath more slowly then he
normally did.

"That right, Ranma relax. Ranma relax and feel peace. Feel relax and drift
way, feel empty mind go float way. Float up and up and up as Ranma get
sleepy, sleepy and more sleepy. Ranma mind go blank, too too blank. Ready
to be taught by Shampoo." Shampoo told Ranma as his eyes fluttered more and
more shut as he listened to the amazon, his mind zoning out as he finally
became empty of thought and cares.

Shampoo smiled as her plans were beginning to be unleashed, but she knew that
she would have to be careful so that she could get the full use out of the
method. "Ranma, now on you start to lose fear of cats. You get more close to
cats and no scream or tremble near small cats. You no afraid of Shampoo cat,
but pretend to fear Shampoo cat to hid secret cure. Ranma know that Ranma
need more treatment from Shampoo and Ranma sneak to get treatment from
Shampoo so no other know that he get cure."

Ranma just nodded as he listen to Shampoo tell him about his cat problems. He
repeated back, "I'm loosing my fear of cats. I'm no longer afraid of Shampoo
cat, but I pretend to be to hide my secret cure. I need many more treatments
from Shampoo, but must sneak to hide my secret cure from the others."

'Ranma prepared for more Shampoo treatments. Now to use chance to make Airen
mine.' Shampoo thought as she moved closer to Ranma so that he could hear her
better and so that she might be able to better condition Ranma as the book
had told her.

"Ranma slowly no want Akane or Ukyo as man want wife. Ranma love Akane and
Ukyo as man loves sisters. Have sex with Akane or Ukyo is like sex with
sister. Icky yuck. Kodachi is icky sick girl, no good for sex or marry."
Shampoo said as she made sure to use the names of her rivals so that Ranma
would remember them.

"Akane and Ukyo are like sisters to me. I will slowly not want to have sex
with them or marry them because they are like my sisters. I do not want to
marry or have sex with Kodachi as she is sick and crazy girl." Ranma repeated
back as the words moved deeper into his mind.

'Now Shampoo move to tricky part, the part that deal with Shampoo.' Shampoo
undid the pants of her airen and slipped her hand down them till she was
holding firm on his cock. Using that hand she moved up and down the prick's
length till it stood rigid. She then hit point that would keep it hard while
she continued to give Ranma a hand job.

As Ranma sighed softly, Shampoo continued to speak, "Ranma slowly fall in
love with Shampoo. Ranma slowly lust after Shampoo. When Ranma masturbate or
have sexy dream it will be with Shampoo. Ranma grow to love Shampoo perfect
boobs, Shampoo's sexy legs, Shampoo's wonderful ass. Everything bout Shampoo
is too too perfect. Shampoo smells make Ranma horny. Shampoo's voice like
music of heaven. Ranma come to know that Shampoo is Ranma's Airen and must
be Ranma's wife."

As Shampoo imprinted those words to her love, she continued to give him the
most sexually exciting hand job that she could give. She continued to repeat
her words as she did so, making sure to at least say it three times before
she finally let him cum. Now he would link her words with the pleasures of
sex and it would burn in him like his first, unknown orgasm.

She made sure that all cum was on her hand as she slurped up the cum. Now
she had to use the final step. Shampoo spoke, "Ranma not remember Shampoo's
words. No link new feelings with Shampoo's treatment. Only link cure for cat
fear. But Ranma want more treatments from Shampoo and will hid treatments."
She repeated the last part a few more times so Ranma would not stumble across
her plans or his changes.

Once that she had set everything just as it had been, she told Ranma to awake
in a few minutes with him counting them down. She then undressed and covered
herself with the water of the second container.

In her cat form, she sat on Ranma's lap and waited for his reaction to her
effort. If the cat fear command worked, she knew that the others would fall
after that.

In that same clearing seconds later...

Ranma blinked, not wondering why he was blinking, his eyes as he slowly moved
his hand over the living creature that sat on his lap. He could feel soft,
silky fur brush against his skin as he heard purring from the animal on him.
Looking down he couldn't help but smile as he felt none of the dread that
would usually come from being so close to a cat.

'Never gonna be scared of cats again. Never gonna be scared of cats again,'
He sung in his mind as he gently used his fingers to scratch behind the ears
of Shampoo's feline form as he did with dogs when trying to make them feel
good. He added to himself, 'I have ta admit it that Shampoo has come through
with the cure ta my fear, even if I have ta have some more treatments. I just
have to make sure that I don't get followed or scene, cause Akane and Ukyo
would accept that I was going with Shampoo to get a cure for my fear.'

"I can't thank you enough for the help, Shampoo. My issues with cats has been
one of my weak points, and even if I can't use the Neko-ken ever again, it
would be worth it ta not run away from a kitten in terror. Of course, I'm not
going to tell anyone that right away. Best ta keep your opponent guessing. So
I'm gonna have to ask you to keep it a secret from everybody, alright?" Ranma
asked his cursed fiancee, who lifted her head to look at him and then nodded
in a human way.

Shampoo jumped off his lap and pointed to a thermos that was next to her
clothes that Ranma realized had to hold hot water that would break the curse
for now. It wasn't one of the thermos that she had taken out when she had
gotten him to drink the tea, but it made sense that she would need one to get
her human form back after using her feline form to test his treatment. It was
also with the pile of clothes that she had been wearing. Ranma passed the
water container to the cat who used her paws to twist open the top and then
pour the warm water over her body before Ranma could react.

Ranma was no stranger to the nude female form, mainly because he had his own
female form. One that was considered a hottie by most of the boys he shared
gym with, the same boys he had to beat senseless to convince them never to
peak on him at all. He had also seen Shampoo naked and even wet before, both
of which were common with her seduction of him and their water curses. This
time, however, it seemed that she looked a little bit better than she
normally did.

Skin glistened with light that was reflected off her body with the little
light that managed to shine through the leaves that kept them hidden. Large
firm breasts could be seen with sizable nipples with little tips that stood
up sharply. Her body was well filled out without looking fat, with subtle
signs of muscles that had destroyed walls. A tight ass that was likely kept
in shape by running and kicking that she did in her training, which also had
an effect in creating the luscious legs that seemed to go on and on.

Ranma was stunned for a minute as he took in the sight of his warrior
fiancee, before he turned his gaze from the women in hopes that she hadn't
seen him looking at her that closely. He could feel a warming on his cheeks
as he could only think one thing. His thought was, "Kawaii!"

It wasn't that much later that Ranma heard Shampoo say, "Ranma, why you look
away?" Ranma turned his eyes back to the woman that was calling him, noticing
that she was fully dressed in her silk pants suit that she normally wore.
Again not usually remarkable, but this day it seemed that it fit her better
than it usually did. It seemed to enhanced her body while at the same time
drawing him to her face.

Her face was also quite kawaii as well. A button like nose that seemed to be
both innocent, while being able to express a naughtiness when she needed to.
Large red eyes that sparkled with brilliance that was almost hypnotic to him,
Then there was the purple hair that framed her face like a wild fire. Then
there was her full, pouty red lips that seemed to made for kissing. At least
that was what Ranma was thinking, as his mind added to his previous thought
with, "Kannouteki!"

Shaking his mind for a minute, he answered, "I just wanted ta give you your
privacy. I don't want anyone thinking that I was a pervert or something. I've
had enough experiences with real perverts ta know ta give you some space."

"Shampoo thanks Ranma, but Ranma Shampoo's Airen. It okay for Ranma to look
at Shampoo's body," She said as a vibrant smile crossed those kissable lips.
She continued, "Shampoo must continue treatment for Ranma. Ranma come to same
spot for special tea in few days. Give time for cure to work before give
another dose to fix fear. And Ranma no fear, Shampoo keep secret." She placed
a grace finger to her red lips. Ranma nodded as he understood what it was
that she was talking about.

"I'll see what I can do to test the cure while making sure it is kept quiet.
I'll be back here in about four days to do this all again. How many times do
you think that I will have to do this before I am cured completely?"

"Five or more, least. Shampoo try to do quickly as possible, but it take
time. But you be completely new man when Shampoo done." She continued to
smile at him, which only cause him to smile back at her.

"See-ya later, Shampoo! And thanks again for the help!" Ranma said as he
left the area ahead of Shampoo, so that they couldn't be traced back with
each other. Neither Akane or Ukyo would understand the time he needed to
spend with Shampoo to get rid of his only weakness. It wouldn't be long
till he was back in the Tendo house and in the routine that he had.

All the while, Ranma couldn't stop thinking about how Shampoo was the perfect
combination of kawaii and kannouteki. Cute and sexy mixed together in one
girl, he wonder why he hadn't noticed her beauty as much before now.


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