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Ranma ˝: Control Shampoo Part 3 (m-mast,hints of FF,md)
by C. King ([email protected])

Ranma entered the Tendo home with a single question being asked of him by his uncute fianc‚e, Akane. She asked him, "Where have you been? You haven't been trying to do something perverted to someone like Ukyo to Shampoo, have you?" He could tell from the look in her eyes that she was already thinking he had been doing something like that with the other women.

"Course not, Akane. I was just fiddling around with a couple of new moves, seeing if there was anything I could use in creating a new technique. So I went off ta the middle of the woods and practice my technique away from everybody. I just needed the quiet ta make sure I didn't screw up." He explained, keeping quiet the fact he had been meeting with Shampoo or the fact he would be seeing her within a couple of days.

"A likely story..." Akane grumbled as she left the entrance hall to the home. Ranma was just glad she had left the room, not impressed with the uncute behavior she was using. He continued inside and headed to the kitchen where Kasumi was cooking. He could smell the sweet scent of the cooking rice and fish that would be for their dinner. He saw the elder women standing in the room, fixing the meal.

"Hello Ranma, I was just in the middle of dinner. I hope you like it. If you want, I think that the bathroom should be free for the moment if you want to soak in the furo. I figure you might have been in a fight or been practicing, so I know you will likely be sweaty. You can get clean before we eat." Said the sister as she continued with her task.

Ranma nodded and smile before he said, "Thank you. I'll do that."

He headed up to the bathroom after a quick stop at his room to collect a pile of clean clothes for him to wear. He then stripped and tosses the dirty clothes in the hamper. Finally he hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign so he wouldn't be bother while he was in the furo. He slipped from the entry room into the full room.

He quickly loading the tub up with warm, yet not boiling, water till it was full. Rinsing himself off he slipped into the warm water and started to soak in the tub. While soaking his thoughts started to roam, only to return to the supernaturally beautiful woman known as Shampoo. Images of all the time he had seen the amazon slowly moved through his head, each one seemed to display her combination of kawaii cuteness and kannouteki sexiness.

As those thoughts started to cross his mind, he could feel his cock hardening. He did have sexual urges from time to time yet at the same time it was rare that he could do anything about it, what with four women willing to go into deadly combat over him. Yet he had the time now and he really want to explore the sensation while thinking of his Shampoo.

His mind drifted into a daydream as one of his hands reached to him own cock, one which feature the purple haired vixen. The two of them were nude as they moved into an embrace, their young bodies moving against each other. He could feel the tickling pressure of her firm breast with erect nipples pressing into his front. Their lips meet and he could taste the cherry of her red lip-gloss.

His tongue moved out to caress the inside of her mouth, only to hit a token resistance. Yet it was not long before the resistance fell and their two tongues reached inside the other's lips. As he did this her arms were strongly stroking his back in an arousing manner, just has his strong hands were either stroking her back or massaging her buttocks.

Finishing the dueling of the two tongues, he moved down the side of her neck. Till he came to the point where the shoulder blade met the neck, where he started to suck and lick the tender spot on her body. From her came the cooing of the word, "Airen!"

In the past the idea of being called beloved husband might have turned him off, yet now it just seemed to make him become even more aroused by the woman. He continued to kiss down her body till he reached her right tit and started to lick over the tops of her areola. Using his teeth he flicked and teased the tip of her right nipple, making it even harder. Then he sucked on the moistened nub, enjoying the sensation of the warm mound of sweet flesh in his mouth.

As this was all going on, Shampoo had been moving her hands to his hard ass. Squeezing those gluts for a few minutes, she slipped one of her hands forward and on to his hard cock. Feeling the length and strength of the tool, she guided it to the waiting cunt on her body before it entered her. She cried out with pleasure as he merged with her, her free hand moving to his sack and groping it with an arousing firmness.

Her pouty lips had moved down his body till they had hit his own tender spot of where the shoulder and neck met. There she licked, kissed and nibbled on him in a way, which was making him even more horny. Add to that the amazing feeling of her vagina muscles milking his penis for all it was worth, and Ranma knew he wouldn't be able to hold it for much longer.

Breaking his fantasy for a second he covered his mouth so he wouldn't let any one here him moan out the name Shampoo. His meat rocket fired off and cum mixed with the water of the bath. Ranma thought about the fantasy he had just had and the pure joy he had felt with it while cumming.

'Shampoo was fucking hot in that dream. It makes me wonder how hot she could be in real life. Now I have a mess to clean up before someone notices. However, I have a little bit of time before I have to step out of the bath. Enough time to have another round with my dream Shampoo.' Ranma thought to himself before he moved to his limp dick and started to bring it back to life for a second round.


Shampoo was still reading the various chapters of the Daimyo's Path, looking for anything, which could be useful in promoting her marriage. Interesting enough there were quite a few chapters of the mind control manual devoted to marriage. Including a chapter on making happy in-laws with various methods. Taking a bride from her parent's home tended to leave bad feelings with the female's clan. Which was why there was methods for making the in-laws look at the Daimyo as if they were their own child.

'It's mainly created to make it smoother to claim the fortunes and lands of one's in-laws. Yet it did help to make one welcomed to the love one's family, making Daimyo's choice in bride acceptable. Even if Shampoo doesn't love the idea of having Genma Saotome as her father-in-law. Still, he might know some knew tricks that Shampoo and Ranma could use. Plus there is Mother Saotome, who seems like a good woman. It would be nice to airen if Shampoo and her were to bond.' Thought the amazon, as she realized the main problem would be trying to get to the woman and the idiot.

'Mother Saotome made vow to kill airen and father-in-law if airen was to come home less then the manliest man. Yet Shampoo can explain the truth to her while we "bond". Have her accidentally discover truth behind Ranko on a visit. Should also ask her to keep her new favourite of airen's admirers from everyone but Ranma.' She thought as she took out her own personal diary, a book with a chi lock, which would keep others out of it. In it she wrote her hopes, dreams and things she had to do. Which included the most recent events in gaining her husband's love.

'Let's see, I have to continue with my husband's treatment. Can have him running off until I can cure him of his fears... both of cats and commitment. Also while I am at it, I must try to get sneaky-girl alone so I can convince her to serve Shampoo. With my new friend Nabiki, I can convince Akane to stop chasing Ranma and go after someone else. I could also convince old crying man to move engagement back, perhaps to the next generation with Ranma and my children.' Shampoo thought as she looked over the things she had still written.

'I also have to convince spatula girl and crazy girl to chase other men then airen, which might be harder unless I have a friendly Nabiki. Then I have to met with my mother-in-law and show her how I am right for her son. To show her how I am the daughter she always wanted. Then can bond with her and perhaps get her to teach Shampoo her husband's language better.' She finished writing for the moment as she thought over what else she should be planning. Another thought popped into her head as well.

'Perhaps Shampoo can use the Path to make it so Airen and family can speak Shampoo's native Mandarin Chinese. It would help Shampoo learn Japanese too tooas well as be useful when Ranma's clan visit Shampoo's family. It would also help Shampoo bound with Airen. Must check book for pages on languages.' Shampoo thought as she wrote in her diary.

As she finished, she prepared for a shower. One of the few places she could pleasure herself while thinking of her husband in relative privacy. Already her clit was feeling tingly as it always did when she seemed to get closer to getting her husband to accept their relationship, by hook or by crook. It was all she could do to keep herself from playing with it, yet she needed to get clean even if she was going to get dirty first.

'Besides, if Mousse was to see Shampoo like this, he might think he cause of Shampoo's too too good feelings. So to bathroom now! Then Shampoo make self-contented.'

The next day...

Nabiki had expected to be meeting somewhere neutral with Shampoo, since the shorthaired brunette didn't want to be observed selling information about her brother-in-law to his other admirers. This was caused by the multiple troubles of having her family members angry at her for different reasons. Reasons like jealousy, disappointment or despair.

'They don't like it when I do things like this, yet it does help when the martial artist come pounding at the door. Properly managing that cash has allowed us to live on the interest, yet having more money as a safety net in times of troubles doesn't hurt as well,' thought the middle Tendo daughter as she remembered all of the unnecessary items the family bought with the money she supplied. Like sake, to name one.

So she was meeting Shampoo in the park in an area where there were not many people, which when confront a woman who had declared that obstacles were for killing, may not have been the best idea. Yet Nabiki did have the trump card of Ranma in her deck, since her dear brother-in-law would not be please if Shampoo were to harm the sister of his fianc‚e. For Shampoo whose main desire was to get Ranma's approval and love, it was a strong incentive to not play rough.

Shampoo arrived right on time, something which the business minded woman repected. It was a good trait for someone who was willing to make a deal, either that or being early to a meeting to get the drop on someone. Which Nabiki had done.

"Now, Shampoo, how is it that I can help you? You were curious about what it is that Ranma is doing around the house. I can tell you what he's done, as long as you can make it interesting to me. What do you have?" asked Nabiki, as she looked over at the amazon.

'Shampoo might speak like a bimbo, she has still proven herself intelligent and cunning with her schemes. Not all of them having come from the mind of her centuries old grandmother, so I had better watch myself for any funny business in the form of magic items.' Nabiki said keeping a distance between the red eyed girl and herself.

"Shampoo has been reading too too interesting book. It has many martial arts moves. Perhaps Shampoo could show you one for trade?" Shampoo asked, seeming to be perfectly relaxed in her behavior.

"No deal, Shampoo. I might live with a dojo, but I'm not that much of a kung fu nut as my sister. I was hoping for something more like cash or at least treasure, do you have any? Otherwise, I'm out of here. Perhaps I can stop by Ukyo's or Kodachi's, they might be interested and willing to pay." Nabiki said as she prepared to turn away and leave the woman.

"Shampoo think you like it. Shampoo give free sample! " Said the Chinese girl, which caused Nabiki to stop and try to get into a defensive stance. Yet woman who had not devoted herself to the arts verses one who had was not a match, but a cause of overkill. Before Nabiki could react any more, Shampoo was already hitting points all over her head with lightning speed.

The Middle Tendo's last thoughts was of the Xi Fa Xiang Gao, which had altered her sister's memories of Ranma. In the brunette's mind, 'What is Shampoo going to get out of rewriting my memories? It can't help her with Ranma since we know how to break it, so what's the good it could...'

With that Nabiki's mind became blank.

Moments later...

Nabiki blinked her eyes as she tried to figure out what had happened. She had been talking to her good friend Shampoo, trying to give her an edge with the whole Ranma situation when she seemed to loose consciousness. Her purple haired friend was supporting her in an upright position, waiting for a reaction from the Tendo daughter. "Is Nabiki okay? You fainted, Shampoo not know why. Did Nabiki have bad fall today?"

Nabiki just shook her head as she tried to shake off the blackout she just had, her memories coming back slowly. She disengaged from Shampoo for a moment, before she seemed to get the support she needed for herself. The brunette spoke up, "I'm alright. It could have been hundred things in this neighbourhood, especially with phoenix eggs and love pills popping up from time to time. I just have to tough it out."

Nabiki began to smile again as she looked at one of her closest friends. Then she began to spill her secrets, "I have been keeping an idea on your husband again. Still don't know why my father and Mr. Saotome think that he and my sister are such a great match, they seem more like brother and sister then lovers. Plus Ranma has much more in common with you Shampoo-chan, then with my sister."

Nabiki began to speak of the difference in Ranma's recent behavior, like his tactic of walking away when Akane is in one of her angry moods. While she spoke, she stood watching the Amazon, remembering how they had gotten to be friends.

Shampoo had managed to come in and save her during a deal which got out of control. She had tried to collect some money, which had been owed to her by a kid visiting Furinken school from another district. He thought he could get out of paying by getting a lot of paid muscle to convince Nabiki to back off. Only the muscle seeing an attractive woman, decided they could get some extra payment out of her.

Shampoo had arrived, on the way trying to deliver her order to a house near the neutral ground Nabiki had selected for the meeting. Shampoo had saved her and the two of them had gotten to know each other better. Most people would likely not believe that the mercenary girl and the amazon would have much in common.

Yet they did have some things in common, like the fact they both had an interest in their families. Nabiki liked to annoy hers and did some things which could have been seen as bad, she did care for their health and did what she could do to help them out. Shampoo's family was a little unusual, yet she also cared deeply for her father and great-grandmother.

Another thing which they seemed to have in common was their unique sexual identity, which was their desires for both the male and female forms. There were many times they commented on the flesh of both men and woman when they could talk privately. And then...

'There's the sexual tension between the two of us, even with Shampoo being a one-man woman like she is. Each of us know that the other woman is a beauty in her own right, with the two of us speaking of how to increase the sexuality of the other. We even joked around about fucking each other, Shampoo just has taken me up on the offer.' Nabiki thought as she finished her comments on Ranma.

"Nabiki no worry. Shampoo just getting more time to know Ranma and Shampoo think Ranma starting to warm to Shampoo. Shampoo is too too close to having husband, it making Shampoo crazy." the red eyed woman looked around as if she was afraid of spying. Which could have happened, given the things, which had happened before, in this neighbourhood.

"Shampoo make best friend Nabiki deal. Nabiki keep eye on husband for Shampoo and help Shampoo get time to talk to husband. Shampoo give in to Nabiki's fun plan. Shampoo could even convince husband to join in. Sound too too good?" asked the younger girl to the older one.

Nabiki thought about having that hot amazon bod in the bed with her, then looked at the idea of adding Ranma to the mix. Two tone, muscular and limber martial artist doing anything in bed with her.

Nabiki smiled and said, "I know that Ranma's is yours, but I would enjoy riding the Wild Stallion a few times. Especially if I can have a tigeress in the bed with me at the same time. Let's shake on this to make it final, Shampoo-chan."

The two woman shook hands as Nabiki had some dirty thoughts dance around on her head about when she could collect on this deal.


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