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Ranma ˝: Control Shampoo Part 5 (ff,nursing,md,fd)
by C. King ([email protected])

Ranma was blinking again, not remembering the time he had spend under the amazon's trance. He didn't notice the fuzziness of his own mind as he seemed to come back to live after being frozen for a long time, instead the first thought was his growing lack of fear of cats which seemed to be proving the treatment's success in eliminating a great weakness for his part. It was only after having these first quick thoughts that he turned to the one giving him the help, only to be frozen again at the image of beauty he beheld.

It was like each time he looked at her she become more sexy, more beautiful, more lovely to his eyes. He could not control his reaction as he stood and walked to the woman standing across from him, moved to embrace her in what began as a glomp like hug. He breasts softly pressed into his flat chest, which also gave him a thrill with his above normal attraction to large boobs. It took him only a moment before he pressed his lips to the female lips of the woman he loved.

'It's true, I can deny it now. I love Shampoo! I want Shampoo! She's my Shampoo! And now, I'm a deadman walking. Still, what a way to go. She's the most kannouteki woman I know, but if I let the other girls know that I want her... they'll make our lives a nightmare.' thought the young man as he thought of the negative aspect of the new relationship he was getting into, even as he was letting himself go with the flow of passions in his body.

When their lips pulled away, the worlds seemed to tumble out of his mouth, "Wo ai ni, I love you Shampoo." This caused a bright smile to cross her pouty crimson lips, even as Ranma knew there was no going back from this. He had committed himself to one girl among the many which were chasing him. A part of him regretted that the chase was over, yet more of him was eager to see what being with Shampoo as a real girlfriend or even more would be like.

"Wo ai ni, Airen!" she giggled a little about this as she spoke those words, keeping her bright, almost hypnotic eyes on him. Making him feel bad with what he was about to say.

"We can't let anyone else know, they wouldn't take it the right way. They'll just turn everything inta a giant battlefield and we wouldn't be able ta spend time together." said Ranma as he looked at her, never wanting to look away from the angel's face.

"So Airen want to take Shampoo on dates? Spar with Shampooo? Have fun with Shampoo?" she asked him with an innocent voice as she waited for his answer.

"I would love to take you out to dinner or to a movie, but if we do it locally we might not be able ta do it again. When I take you on a date, we're going to have to do it in another district and maybe in disguise," he saw her looked a little disappointed and he hated to see a girl sad. So he continued with her, "I guess that I can take the time we have here to spar with you a little bit. Hell, since we're in love, we could teach each other the style we use so we can act like a team or something."

Ranma could only grin like an idiot when Shampoo tried to bounce up and down in his arms, as if she forgot he was holding her when expressing her joy. The small, weakened perverted side of his mind seemed to enjoy the erotic feeling of breasts slamming into, up and down his chest. Even wishing to see more of those joyful pillows in person again. His happiness was only enhanced when she gave him a quick peck on each cheek and then a long lingering kiss on his lips.

They move away from each other with hesitation, before they moved into their own special combat stances for the first true sparring match. A match without the risk, restriction and responsibilities they faced in their previous combat. Each one waited for the moment when the other one would move in for the attack, before Shampoo decided to take the chance to sneak attack Ranma with a high kick.


Shampoo could not believe the success she was getting with her plan with the aid of the Damiyo's Path, more results then all of the time that she had spent in this country trying to gain her husband. Yet her mind was clear enough for her to know that the seeds of success can bring the weeds of failure, so one had to tend to the garden with care in case something was to happen during the growing season.

'I need now more then ever to plan my work and work my plan, or else everything I have put together here will turn to dust on me. An amazon must seek perfection in all she does no matter her role in the village from simple farmer to matriarch of an entire village. One might not be able to reach perfection but that should be one's goal. My perfection is to have my husband without any problems from other sources like my rivals, Airen's rivals and the various adults and parents. Which is why I have 'made' friends with Nabiki and why I am going to perform this next mission.' thought the purple haired vixen as she headed to the location she had scouted out.

'To gain my husband's hand, I require the favour of his parents. Of course the stupid panda is not going to be willing to sacrifice his dreams of uniting my beloved and one of the Tendos. The path has many way to altered the choices of tough father-in-laws, but there may be a better way to cause him to rethink things. Besides, Ranma's opinion of his father is not the most important one to my Airen. No, the answer to both of those distractions are summed up with one woman. Nodoka Saotome, my future mother-in-law. If I can get her favour, Ranma will feel better about his relationship with me as well as the fact with the right help she could alter the mind of her fearful husband.' planned out the crimson eyed woman as she approached the Saotome Family home, getting things ready for her mission.

The main weapon which she had armed herself with another food based mind altering method, but she had decided against the tea due to the fact that Ranma knew about the drink being used to 'cure' his fears. It might be too dangerous to use to close to home. She had decided on bring a dessert to the woman who had given birth to her beloved. It was a type of Japanese treat known as an imagawayaki, which was round piece of batter filled with different types of sweet fillings. Most of the time it was an azuki bean paste used in the centre, but other more wider flavours had been using including potato and mayonnaise.

'I decided to use peach filling for the treats with a certain selection of special marked imagawayaki to know which are safe to eat and which are the ones with the special ingredients in them. Then I use my MP3 player as well as my unique trick and gain an ally I need. Not time to gather up the courage to meet her.' With this she began to knock on the Saotome home.

Nodoka had just gotten use to seeing her son again after seeing the truth of the matter when her husband's curse was revealed. She also seemed to favour Akane above all of the other women after her son, yet seemed to be okay with any perverted behavior or women-chasing if it went to proving him a man among men. So the footing with this meeting with her possible mother-in-law was more then a sure thing. Especially since all of the females after Ranma except the Tendo daughters had basically destroyed their home looking for what they thought was a family heirloom wedding ring... which turned out to be a ring box.

Steps were heard on the other door as the portal opened to reveal the Saotome matriarch dressed in regal kimodo. "Hello Shampoo? What has brought you to my new home?"

The words of the elder female was both polite and yet marked on the misdeeds delivered on her by Shampoo and others. Shampoo knew that she would have to work on the problem as soon as possible to avoid an unhappy marriage. The younger woman spoke, "Shampoo is shamed of what Shampoo do to your home. Wish to make up to you and see how Shampoo repay you for Shampoo's mistakes. Start off by giving Saotome-san too too sweet treat! Can Shampoo come in and share too too good treats?"

The woman gave the girl a hard look and then relaxed as she said, "Alright, I am a little hungry and could use a snack. Welcome to my home and please be careful this time."

With this she lead the amazon into the new home, with a basket of delicious treats which would be changing her mind in just a short period of time. It was all Shampoo could do to hide her cat ate the canary smile.

Mere moments later...

Shampoo was sitting across from the woman who would be her mother-in-law, as they enjoyed tea and the peach imagawayaki while making sure that she kept the untainted ones close to her reach. At the same time the tainted peach imagawayaki was kept as close as possible to the other woman, which she was eating with much enjoyment. With the meal, they were discussing the steps to make up for the troubles Shampoo had caused the home, which had existed before this one. The purple haired girl was keeping watch for the signs that the mind-altering ingredients were taking place.

Nodoka was starting to slur her speech as her eyes started to blink slower and slower as if she was falling asleep. Yet it was escaping her notice as she was asking what Shampoo what kind of payment she would offer to upset the cost of rebuilding the house. The eyes remain closed for longer and longer period of time as her words slowed down and became less clear over time. These were the beginning of effects of the chemicals used in the peach imagawayaki, which also meant there would be very little time before the full suggestive state of the potion would become effective.

This was a stronger formulation then the tea which she had used on Ranma, as she had stronger resistance with this woman and she wanted the session to go quicker then it was going with Ranma. So by the time she had Ranma bound to her by invisible red threads, his mother would be more then willing to help the two of them out. It would also have to be strong because Shampoo would have to use her to influence the mind of the strongest resistance in the Saotome family, Genma. This itself would take some kind of mind correction itself and so Nodoka-san would have to be either given special tools to use or given special techniques to use. So making sure this woman would be a firm supporter of her as the future Mrs. Ranma Saotome would be necessary.

'Yes, mother-in-law. You're feeling sleepy, so very sleepy. You just want to rest, to close your eyes and take a too too short nap. Just relax and give in to it, give into it and relax. Just let all of your worries flow away like the rest of your thoughts as I take care of you and keep you safe and thinking good thoughts. Good thoughts and right thoughts as you learn the truths that your daughter-in-law has to show you.' thought the red eyed amazon as the woman opposite her was starting to lose her conscious mind. The final bit of an imagawayaki pushed things over the edge with the treat falling out of her hand as all muscles began to go slack.

'Yes mother-in-law, sleep while daughter-in-law Shampoo takes too too good care of you.' thought the younger woman as she moved to her pocket and removed the already paying for itself digital music system. The recording she had made for this situation was special structured so that she could perform another act which would create a stronger bond between the two of them. It had even been suggested by the Damiyo's Way as a method for bonding with the family of their beloved.

Slowly she slipped on the headphones on to her mother-in-law potential, and prepared to make the next move for the reprogramming of this important woman. The device was turned on as the voice of the younger girl spoke with a written script of mid-quality Japanese was sent into the ears of the older woman. While this was going on, Shampoo moved to take off the upper portion of the woman's kimodo and the garments underneath. Soon two sphere of fullness and relative firmness were revealed to the world outside the clothes, these being important to the Amazon's plan's.

'While Shampoo's words dig their way into mother-in-law's mind, Shampoo will be sucking on the boobies of mother-in-law like newborn baby. This make mother-in-law think of Shampoo like other child and make her think of Shampoo as too too precious child. Then words help connect to make Shampoo future daughter-in-law!' thought the amazon as she moved to act.

Shampoo moved forward to her mother-in-law to be so she could get a mouthful of nipple of the older woman, and her lips soon were sucking on the tender skin on the rounded flesh. As she used her lips only to tease the tip of the tits of the woman she was trying to influence, she was also letting the mind control elements being delivered by the words on the digital device entered the mind of the woman who gave birth to her airen. As she did this, she couldn't wonder what was going through the mind of her subject.

Meanwhile in the mind of Nodoka...

Nodoka was resting in a peaceful state as she thought about one of the loves of her life, her son Ranma. She had done so much to help him with his life, and yet regretted some of the damages she had created by giving him to Ranma to train. Yet it was almost like she could feel him like a baby again, suckling on her breasts as she feed him the milk contained within. Her thoughts turned from the past of her son even if she could feel the gentle sensation of his feeding on her bosom, to the future choice he would have to make in his life as he was to choose a bride for his own.

When thinking of a bride, her mind instantly turned to the image of Akane Tendo as she had been the most acceptable choice for her future daughter-in-law. Yet a voice in the back of her mind seemed to counter the idea of this woman. It repeated again and again, "Akane is not good choice for Ranma's bride. Akane and Ranma are like brother and sister, not a match. Too far apart."

The other choices were the more destructive members of the fianc‚e brigade who had taken down her home, the trio of Shampoo, Ukyo and Kodachi. The voice in her head discussed the latter two first, "Ranma thinks of Ukyo as best friend and not girlfriend. Not likely to be good match if Ranma no think sexy thoughts about her. Kodachi comes from crazy family, while rich, are likely to make for a bad bloodline in the Saotome clan. Plus Ranma no think her sexy either."

The voice then turned to the final member of that trio, Shampoo. The voice seemed to have much more to say about this young woman then all of the previous ones, "Shampoo is too good match for Ranma. She is sexy and beautiful as well as coming from a powerful people and clan. She is a powerful martial artist and has much to share with Ranma as well as he share with her. She is truly in love with Ranma and he with her. Shampoo makes mistakes, but she is good girl. She's so good, it's like she's the daughter you never had. Daughter you can share your love and experience with, daughter you can share your love with. Since Shampoo is like the daughter you never had, why not have her become daughter in truth by marriage to Ranma."

All those words echo in her mind over and over again for a while, as they did this she couldn't stop herself from repeating this each time she heard this. Each time she spoke these words, she came to believe them more and more. It become so obvious she had made a mistake with Akane as she wasn't right for Ranma. She wasn't in the same fighting range as Ranma, she had too many problems with cooking to deal with the Saotome stomach or had the ability to follow their family's wonder lust with training.

Ukyo had troubles with that too as while she was a great cook, she wasn't that much of a fighter and she would likely want to keep Ranma in her restaurant all of the time. She couldn't imagine Ranma giving up his art to be a cook, even if he could eat all he wants and could try to make a martial art out of frying. Then there was the Kunos who seemed to have only wealth, some martial arts skill and beauty on their side. Yet the fact that all of them were too obsessive, had sense of reality and were too dangerous to themselves and others. Making a match between Kodachi and Ranma would likely end badly the first time he changed sex to female... if Kuno didn't force himself on a paralyzed Ranma.

Shampoo seemed to become a more and more smart choice when it came down to who would be best to spend the rest of their lives with him. They shared so much with their martial arts, the fact she could cook at least ramen well enough to feed her son and her sexuality which should match her son's manliness. There were the drawbacks of her cat curse or the chance they would drag him to China after the marriage, and yet she was willing to allow a marriage even if they had to hammer out the last and address the first. Besides in the back of her mind those two things didn't seem like such a problem, images of her son overcoming his fears and a family of amazons being raised in Japan jumped out at her.

'Of course, it is my son's decision who he's going to marry since this is part of his manly duties. I wouldn't, however, be adverse to having a heroic woman in the family. Besides it might be cute to see the grandchildren they could give me. Purple, black and red hair. Eyes of blue and scarlet, and who knows what kind of purple might result from mixing these two colours. Certainly I would be the envy of my friends with my kawaii grandchildren, even if they have non-Japanese blood.' thought the woman as these thoughts weaved into the depths of her subconscious. As they sunk into hidden sections of her mind, her conscious mind was beginning to awaken to the world of the awakened.


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