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Ranma : Control Shampoo Part 7
by C. King ([email protected])

Ranma waited for his moment to move forward with some kind of plan for the future, one he wished to share with his purple haired beauty. To get this future, he would need to power to influence the most powerful person in the Tendo home from all accounts. Kasumi Tendo, the heart of this family, was the one figure who could convince any one of the other members to do something. Even if those suggestions are not followed for very long after they were mentioned.

Plus the new Tendo matriarch had the knowledge which Ranma needed if he was to succeed in his dating of Shampoo, since Ranma had next to no experience with girls. All of the limited dates he had gone on had ended with interruptions of one kind of another. Usually at the hands of a rival or one of his 'fiancees', which meant he would need more help to get things done.

So he had to wait for a period where he could get the elder sister alone without any family members nearby, since some of the methods could look perverted when seen by others. He did try to stack the deck a little, like convincing the fathers to go out for sake ... by leaving some money out so they could see the yen. He convinced Akane to spend some time with her girls friends with the right wording of an argument, while Nabiki seemed to have left on her own for some reason. So this left him alone with Kasumi, for the moment.

'Time to strike!' thought Ranma as he used all of the sneaking skills his father had ingrained into his mind. The techniques of a thief were working well for Ranma as he sneak up on the kitchen, where Kasumi was making some rice balls for a desert to be served for snacks or desert after dinner. The tall brunette did no see the sex-changing boy creep up behind her ... until he made his move. He spun her around and kissed her passionately on the lips as he used the kissing technique he had seen in the book, the simplest and quickest technique in the copy he had made.

The older woman was stunned for a moment and began to pull away for a second ... before she relax and lost all resistance. Ranma pulled back and looked at the woman, who's eyes had dilated and looked glazed over like she was in some kind of trance. As was expected from the method he had been using, as Ranma caught his breath as his heart raced with fear of being caught.

"I did it, I did it! I managed ta use the technique ta get Kasumi under my control, and now I can convince her ta help me be with Shampoo. I just have ta say the right thing ta her and ... and ... and I have no idea of what it is I'm going ta tell her." said Ranma as his excitement of success turned to frustration and despair at not thinking things through.

"Okay, let's test this. Kasumi, can you hear and understand me?" asked the younger Saotome male as he waited for her answer.

"I hear and understand you, Ranma." said the oldest Tendo sister in a monotone voice, sound like one of the robots from any number of anime Ranma had watched. At least the emotionless ones and the logical ones.

"Kasumi, listen to this ... You know and believe this is true, Shampoo and me are in love with each other. We are soul mates and meant to be with each other. You know I'm not going to be able to marry a Tendo or anyone else, better to have it pass on to the next generation at least. So you are going to help me and Shampoo to be together with everything you can do to help. Understand, Kasumi?"

"You and Shampoo are meant for each other because you are soul mates, therefore you are both in love with each other. Because of the relationship between you and Shampoo, it is not possible to have the arranged marriage in this generation. It would be best to move it to a future generation, so I should help you can Shampoo to be together," parroted Kasumi as she revealed his words were taking route in her mind.

Ranma thought how best to move next before speaking again, " You will help out me and Shampoo by covering for us as much as possible, also help me make up great dates for Shampoo ta help us grow closer together. You do this because you like Shampoo and myself, I mean that you really really like us. You would do anything ta help out the two of us because we're so close."

"I will help you and Shampoo out by covering for you and helping you find out places to take her one dates, or any other way to help you two grow closer together. I do this because of my feelings for you and Shampoo, which makes us so close to each other, " came the repeat, which was not a perfect mimicry but was what Ranma wanted from the nineteen year old.

"Helping out me and Shampoo makes you feel really good, because you care so much for the two of us. You want ta feel this way more and more, so you keep helping out more and more. One way ta do this is ta keep telling me things which could hurt the relationship between me and Shampoo, like warning me of our father's plans. Or telling me when Akane is on the warpath or is even thinking of cooking something."

"Helping out you and Shampoo makes me feel good because I care for the two of you, which I keep what to feel over and over again. I will prevent things from hurting the relationship between you and Shampoo, so will keep you informed of important events."

Ranma tried to think of better things to say to get the results he wanted. The book recommended one to keep a backdoor into the person's mind with a password, so the Damiyo could make corrections in their servants. He had an idea for that password, but he still wanted to make sure all the commands which had to be given were given in the first attempt. So he kept on thinking of the right words to say.


Cologne was keeping watch from a seer's crystal on the events unfolding around her, slightly amused by the way things were going. Now both Ranma and Shampoo held the ability to have people's mind altered and edited to their liking, which was bound to have some humorous effects on them. Shampoo was currently trying to change the mind of Ranma and having great success, but now with Ranma having the power ... well, Shampoo's mind might be changing as well. Likely under the effects of her own changes in the mind of the young cursed boy.

"This is the problem with mind altering effects is they can move in chaotic ways. Especially if those secrets are not well guarded against being found, which reminds me to put some wards on that book so it can not do any harm. The last thing we need is for the Kuno children or ... burrr ... Happosai to get control of that book. Insane minds are not the best ones to be controlling the minds of others, and especially not minds as perverted or twisted as the old fool.

So Ranma has created a mole in the Tendo home with Kasumi, while Shampoo has one with Nabiki in the same home. Another enjoyable show when the two of them start to trip over each other to inform their master and mistress about what isoccurring in the house they live in. There is also the question of what happens when the two spies discover each other, will they inform on each other or not?

There is also the question, will old granny Cologne have to clean up the messes of the young people these days? Or would it turn out clean enough so I will have very little work to perform after this storm is finished? A very important question for my own sake," said the amazon matriarch as she thought out loud.

The old woman hopped on her staff to the room which her great-granddaughter lived in as she looked for the book to have wards placed on it. It was important to place them on as soon as she could, once the book's position had been revealed. Some secrets were better kept then others in Nerima and this was one of the kind of secrets which had to remain as private as could be.

As she began the chanting which would bring in the magical protections against misuses, she knew both her soon to be Son-in-law and her great-granddaughter would still be able to use the book like they did before. If she changed it from the way they had to see it, they would have seen her fingerprints on this. So the spell just managed to remove the ability for others who had not seen the book yet to see the ink it waswritten in. This would keep the people she least wanted to see the words from seeing them.

"Now, just to see to the version which Ranma copied from the book."

During this time period, in a different location...

You came to expect the unexpected in Nerima, with all of the chaos and curses which occurred in this martial arts rich district city. One of the last things people would have ever thought would be happening in the unique section of Tokyo wasoccurring ... the male amazon Mousse masturbating himself in a trance before Shampoo. Shampoo was using the positive reaction of the sexual pleasure to make sure her commands were deep into the thick skull of the man who had been the pain in her ass.

'I have just spent the last five minutes ordering and re-ordering Mousse to not be in love with me in any form. To not hunt after me like he has been doing for as long as I have known him, I really have to make sure this is in his mind deep enough so he does not revert back. This is just step one for eliminating him from the future I am building with my Airen, Ranma. To great some added insurance against him coming back to me, I'm going to have to make sure he goes after some other girl. Yet who to inflict him on?' thought Shampoo as she watched Mousse's hands move underneath his robes, as he chanted her commands like a mantra.

"Mousse, you are not attracted to me. You have known me for your whole like and come to love me like a sister, a sister who has no sexual attraction to at all. Having sex with me would be like having sex with my great-grandmother. Beside I am familiar and known to you, you are in a new land full of new and exciting people. New and exciting woman as well, who are attractively exotic looking.

Women like Akane Tendo, Ukyo Kuonji or Kodachi Kuno. Women who are all different kinds of fighters like your fellow tribesmen, but with unusual arts which makes them that much special. They also act and behave differently then our Hero Women Tribe and it's related tribes in China. They also have a different look with their less colourful hair shades and eye pigments. Something which would make them special to the tribes if they were to return home.

You should really try and see if you could get one of them to go on a date with you, to see if they are your type of girl. It will take time for you to get this information which means you will have to try to go one a number of dates with them. If they ask why you are not chasing after Shampoo, you will say your feelings have changed after realizing I was not in love with you." Shampoo was speaking in time, giving some pause to see if Mousse was absorbing the information she was giving. His repeating of her words like Ranma had done was giving her relief in the belief her techniques were working. It also helped she was speaking in her native Mandarin, instead of in the Japanese she was still not completelyfluent in.

'Mental note, learn Japanese. There was a technique for learning skills quickly and with ease in the Damiyo's path, I have to look it up. So I managed to dodge this issue by using my abilities to cause Mousse to go after other woman instead of myself, which should eliminate not only Mousse but could also distract my rivals when needed. If they are running away from Mousse, they are not going to be able to run after Ranma when he's with me. Besides one of them might just fall for Mousse while he's at it.

It's not Mousse isn't such a bad catch in the most part, save for his obsessive personality he does have many good qualities. He's a handsome man with skills in martial arts and willing to be a slave for the woman he loves, one thing I am going to miss about him when he 'falls' out of love with me. He also has a pretty good cock from the look I got from him, fair size and with. Still, it could be a perfect cock and I wouldn't want it in me. It's just not the same thing to have a penis you have no feelings for, feeling the desire to want to make love to a man makes his spear feel much better anyway.

If given some time with a Mousse who is 'over' me, they might come to accept him. If not, I still have my other methods to convince one woman or another to select Mousse as a mate. This would still lave two other women to worry about. If I match up Mousse with Akane, I have to deal with Kodachi and Ukyo. And so on and so on when you change things up. I'll need some more men to put into place to soak up the leftover ladies in my husband's previous life. Men like Ryoga or what his name, the weird kid who lurks in the background at my husband's school. I am going to need more help from my new 'friend' Nabiki about the options which I can use to make my life a better one.' Shampoo was gathering her thoughts as the chanting continued from Mousse, where he repeated her commands again and again.

On her list was the Tendo and Saotome fathers, as well as the rivals in her life. Then there was the question of what to do after she had gained her victory, after she had her husband in her hands ... or her vagina. The question of where to live was one she had to ask herself, with the answer not only what was best for her but what was best for her husband and future children as well. Being the one in control of the situation made her responsible for her life as well as her beloved Ranma.

'I do have some of this organized with my 'friend' in the Tendo home, I have reach with Soun Tendo. Genma Saotome will not be a problem much longer, not with what I managed to teach Nodoka from the Damiyo's Path. When the husband comes home, the wife shall educate him. Akane can be reached by my 'friend', but Kodachi and Ukyo are outside of my reach for the moment. I will need to re-order the battlefield so I can gain an advantage against them.

Much more work to do before I can have my dream life with Ranma and our children.' images danced in her head as she imagined little children of various hair and eye shades with advance martial arts skills.


Kasumi was a little upset with herself as she continued with her housework, 'I can believe I lost so many minutes of my time like that. I guess I have to get a little more rest or check myself off to see if I am coming down with something. I don't want the family to suffer while I'm out with the flu or something, or wore have them catch it from me. Still it was nice of Ranma to help me out like that.'

Kasumi blushed a bit as she continued with her current chore of laundry. Her thoughts continued to revolve around the sex changing boy, 'Ranma is such a nice young man, it's a shame I missed out on him due to him being younger then me. Now he's fallen completely for Shampoo, as deep as she has it for him. She's a very luck woman to catch such a fine young man, makes me wonder if she might not want to share him.

Look at me having all of these dirty thoughts about Ranma, good thing he can't read my mind. Or else my entire body will have a bloody hue to the skin as I have a blushing meltdown if he was to know this. Still, Shampoo and Ranma do make a sexy couple. It's only nature for a person to have fantasies about them, it's all a normal part of the sex drive of a young person.

I just hope my advice for his dates with Shampoo would be able to help him out, given the fact his father had allowed him no experience with women or normal civilized life. Or at least a normal life in this small segment over all. My own father was not much help with the whole dating thing, which is why not many of us Tendo girls have had any dates. Or is this just his way of making sure the engagement works out?

No, I had to find out by way of my friends and their lives. In many ways I experienced life by listening to their adventures instead of having my own. Their time with men ... and women, have given me some time to understand what works and what does not. Even if it's in general terms, but it's better then the little bit which Ranma had to deal with. He did have a good idea of using the common thread of martial arts which they both share with each other. Also the idea of movies and dancing were also a good start as well.

Going to movies seem easy, but you have to choose the movie carefully since each genre can have a different effect. Romantic comedies can bring out a light cuddle between a couple, while a horror film will cause a girl to huddle close to her man for safety. Or it would for most girls, not sure what it would be like for the amazon like Shampoo. For all we known, it's the males who huddle close to the female for safety or a mix of the two kinds. With clashing cultures, it's wise to ask first or keep your eyes open for their reaction.

Culture clashes are going to be common between the two of them, since not only is Shampoo a Chinese citizen ... or at least technically she is ... but she is also a member of a more unique culture of people. Ranma is going to have to ask more about her culture, but keep his eyes open for all of Shampoo's actions and reactions to things. The best thing would to be getting help from Elder Cologne about the differences between the two cultures, since she seems more aware about it then most.' continued the woman as she finished up with the clothes as pictures of nude teens danced in her mind, as well as her joining them in their bed.

On the Tendo's Roof...

Cologne had found Ranma's copy of the book, and now was on the verge of losing her lunch. Even as she couldn't help but smile at the young Saotome's genius. The boy had laid a trap against the book being picked up by most people, but placing it under objects most people would refuse to pick up.

'No one in their right mind would want to look at, not to mention touch, Genma Saotome's dirty underwear. It also has the bonus of being full of male ki which would repulse Happosai since he hungers for female ki and undergarments. I am going to have to burn this staff when I get home and take out one of my emergency ones. Always good to have a back up when I have to get somewhere and my own staff is unable to do the job.

So this mission is down and likely Ranma is getting ready for my Great-granddaughter. I can wait to see the effects of the new Ranma.'


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