Disclaimer: This is inspired by the work of Takahashi Rumiko. All characters
(that I have not created or borrowed from other sources) belong to her. This
is a fan fiction, and is not intended to violate the rights of those who hold
control over the Ranma series. I have no money for legal problems and would
very much appreciate it if no one tries to sue me. Thank you very much.

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Ranma : Dreamstone Part 2
by C. King ([email protected])

Ranma's dream in the Tendo dinning room as he stood alone. His looked to his
hands that held a note that explained that the Tendos had left for the day
along with his father. It was up to him to defend the dojo and the house from
those that would destroy them. Ranma could fee himself getting hungry, yet it
was not clear what he was hungry for. He had remembered making a call out for

It was then that there was a knock on the door, which made no sense. But
this was a dream, a small part of Ranma whispered. Ranma went to the door
and opened it. Standing in the doorway was Shampoo holding a take-out box
of ramen. She was, however, dressed to kill in a red Chinese dress with a
dragon design wrapping itself around her body. It was tight on her body,
like a second skin. Slit up the sides to reveal more leg. Her feet were in
red heels that matched the dress and had quite a heel.

"Shampoo bring Airen the food that he ordered. Now Airen have yen to pay,
ne?" Shampoo asked as she looked him over with a hungry eye. It was then that
Ranma realized what it was that he was hungering for. And it was not ramen.

Ranma checked his pockets, pulling them out to show that he had no cash on
hand. "I'm afraid that I don't have the yen on me. Is there something else
that I can do to pay for the meal, instead of the money."

Shampoo smiled slyly as she entered to place the box of food down on the
floor. "Shampoo think that Airen can pay for meal and show, if Airen is

Ranma was a little surprised at the mention of a show. "What's this about a
show? I didn't know that I was ordering a show with this meal."

Shampoo placed her finger to her ruby lips to quiet Ranma as she gave him a
gentle push to force him on the chair that had appeared in the room. Then she
moved to a phantom boom box and pressed the play button. A while dancing beat
flowed through the air as Shampoo turned and gave her Airen a saucy look. She
started to dance to a wild rhythm of the song. Shaking her hips in a rolling
motion as he hands slowly caressed her body. Her fingers lingering on her
firm bosom.

Her hair seemed to fly of it's own will as it highlighted the motion of
the dance, a jingling noise could be heard as her hair ornaments shook. She
twisted and turned as she danced, before she took a naughtier motion of her
dance as she pulled up the front end of her dress. A quick little flash of
her firm, long legs and the panties that she was wearing. As red as the

Then it came... the stripping. Shampoo shook as she pulled the dress off.
Slowly, even as her hips were shaking to the music. Fabric inched up and up,
and up! Soon it was collected at the shoulders of the young amazon. What had
come into very were a sexy outfit of red panties with a red bustier. A red
bustier that was pushed to the breaking point for her larger than normal
boobs. Soon she pulled the dress over her head and tossed the garment over
towards Ranma.

Even in this dream state, Ranma could not help but feel his cock hardening
over the nearly naked body of the woman that claimed that she was his wife.
Thoughts about why he had never tried to consummate that marriage flooded
his mind. However, the normal reasons for resistance that prevented him
from following it through in the past were blank from his mind. So he just
smiled and hungered for the woman that was in front of him.

Shampoo moved with a twisting pattern as she prepared for the next part of
the erotic display. She moved her hands to the front of her bustier as she
played with the latch at the front of the undergarment. With a snap it opened
and she moved forward out of the bra and threw it towards Ranma. It barely
missed him.

Her hands moved to the light pink aureole of each breast and teased and
pinched them as they slowly stood erect. Shampoo let out a little moan as
she played with herself. One echoed by Ranma. Then her hands crawled down
her body as it headed for the final part of the play. The panties that she
was wearing. Ones that was showing a large darker stain in the middle of
them. She grabbed the sides and started to wiggle out of the panties. Her
legs slipping out of the garment.

She then took the underwear off of her legs and held it over her head. She
then started to swing it over her head. The motion causing her body to shake
in a pleasing manner. Then she released the underwear, letting it fly through
the air. It landed on Ranma's shoulder.

Ranma took the underwear off his shoulder and held it to her face. Her smelt
the perfume of the cum that had covered the panties. 'It seems to have a
sweet, flower-like perfume to it. I can't quite describe it, but it's one of
the most wonderful smells that I have ever had.' Ranma looked up to the form
of the nude, dancing Shampoo. 'Plus that has to be one of the most
irresistible sights that I have ever seen!'

Shampoo then fell to the ground in a graceful motion. Only to start to crawl
towards the young man on the chair. Her motion were cat-like, yet it did not
bring fear to Ranma's mind. Instead her found it sexually exciting. She even
had a cat eating the canary smile on her face. As she reached Ranma, he found
himself nude as well, as if undressed by unknown hands.

Shampoo's head rose and she looked at the cock. "Ranma has too too sexy rod!
Makes Shampoo want to give Ranma a special treat." Shampoo's hand took the
organ in her hands and gave it a slow rub.Then she rose to her knees.
"Shampoo have special place to hold this." Shampoo moved the cock into the
valley of her bosom. The large, firm breasts held it in place with a firm
hold. "Oh! Perfect fit!" Shampoo said, with a hint of a moan.

While her breasts held Ranma fast, Shampoo moved her hands to those same
orbs.Then she started to rub those in a circular motions, with the occasion
teasing of her nipples. As she rubbed the orbs, they rubbed against the cock.
Silky skin smoothly motioning against the sensitive skin of the cock. It was
a wonderful feeling for Ranma and he reacted. "Ohhh, Shampoo! Ohhh,

Shampoo just smiled and gave a reply moan. "Ranma! Ranma too too sexy! Ranma
make Shampoo feel too too good!" She moved up the motion. It had started off
as a gentle motion, but she was starting to move it up to a more wilder
pattern. That with the moans that were coming out of those sexy lips, where
making Ranma get hotter and hotter. It left Ranma confused why he had not
accepted the delights that his amazon fiancee, no, his amazon wife could
offer him.

A flash come through his mind of Kasumi as well in a state of nudity and then
a second vision of Shampoo and Kasumi together. Making love to each other and
to him as well. That made it harder to hold on to his load as Shampoo was
seeming to react an orgasm from the way that she was moving and moaning.
Finally, Ranma couldn't hold it back. So he released himself, freeing the cum
from the depth of his balls. It sprayed out on top of the upper potion of the
chest. As he did, Shampoo groaned as she released her orgasm.

As they finished, Shampoo gave out a little sigh. She she backed up a bit and
moved to stand up. She she did the cum seemed to drift off of her body and
vanish. She moved to pull Ranma off of the chair, her hand under his chin.
Fingers lingering on his cheek. She moved him around till he was at the edge
of the dinning room table. Then she kissed him deeply and with great passion.
She pushed him back on to the table, and he gently fell. He lay on the table
Waiting for the next step on the erotic dream journey that he was on.

Shampoo soon followed as she lowered herself over his legs. She started to
crawl up the length of his body with the same cat like motion of before.
Moment to moment, she licked and tasted his body as she moved closer and
closer to Ranma's head. She soon reached his neck and was kissing him on it.

"Shampoo love that taste of Airen. But now it is time to make marriage to
Airen true." She said as she rose her torso up with a suddenness. Ranma's
hands reached out to hold her up... by her breasts as he held and squeezed
those firm pillows. As Shampoo rose she shifted, as she lowered herself down
her pussy came down firmly on the cock. "Ohhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh!!!" Shampoo
moaned out as she fell on Ranma's sword.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Ranma said as he felt that as well and enjoyed the feeling
of it as well. "Well, I love the feeling of you next to me Sham-chan!" Ranma
spoke as he felt the motions of the pussy rise and fall with the rhythm that
he set with the rising and falling of his hands on Shampoo's healthy chest.

Ranma moved it in a firm, regular pattern that made the ride more fun. As he
thrusts up, Shampoo moaned. As Shampoo rose, the young woman sighed. Ranma
was breathing in deeply as he did so. He could detect the same smell that he
had inhaled from the panties that Shampoo had been wearing. It was a mix of
perfumes of female sex and a scent that was more floral. Something that he
could almost identify. Something that he remembered from each time that
Shampoo had held him close.

Then it came to him. 'A mixture of lilacs and lilies. It must be some kind of
herbal perfume that she uses.' Ranma breathed in deeper without thinking. And
he knew that he couldn't resist this perfume of Shampoo's. 'It's driving me
wild and I need more.' And as they sweat, it seemed that more of this perfume
was released. Sustaining Ranma's sex drive.

Then Shampoo's pussy twitched, as she cried out, "Ranmmmmmmaaaaaa!!!" A fluid
that Ranma knew was cum was pouring down his cock as he realized that Shampoo
just had an orgasm. The fact that Shampoo was too hot to hold back her orgasm
was also pushing Ranma on as he moved to bring his own pleasure.

He could feel himself building as he could feel the orgasm coming upon them.
"Shampoo, I'm Cum-Cum-Cumming! Oh, Kami!!!!!" Ranma said as he felt the
last of his hold and resistance being broken. His seed flowed up and into
Shampoo's cunt as he came. Feeling extreme pleasure from the release. Shampoo
fell on him and snugged close to him. Ranma felt contented.


The dreamstone was working overtime to make the match ups with it's master
plus the others who might be in the way. It had decided for these two could
be the best for the master. There were still other things that it had to do.
Like allow the others to believe that it would be okay for Ranma to have a
Japanese marriage to Kasumi while having an Amazon marriage to Shampoo.

It had learnt from the mind of the elder of Cologne that there have been
cases of Amazons having more than one husband when it became necessary. It
was something that the amazons had kept as a last resort. For some reason
they did not like that possibility.

So the dreamstone had to set to work to enhance this option so that the women
of the tribe would make it the top option. The dreamstone knew that the male
would likely not accept this turn of news. So it would have to work on
getting the male linked to one of the other woman.

Like it was doing with the other romantic links, both male and female. It
looked at the strange matches that it had constructed from the collection
of the desires and dreams of each of the young teens. The weaving of these
elements did create some strange combinations.

Still, there was the needed binding of the two women that were linked to it's
master. It would need to create a desire between the two of them that would
allow them to share a husband with each other, which would also include
sharing each other's body.

A dream would be needed to create that kind of desire. Linking their minds,
the dreamstone started to weave a dream for them to share. While his master
dream of other pleasant things in his mind.

As the magic of the stone was release, it's power slowly grew. Magic pulsing
faster and faster with a brighter light each time. Dreams were being weaved
into patterns that could be used to make the master happy. From the darkness
of the dreamscape were being formed into lit coloured.

Meanwhile in the waking world...

Shampoo's body twitched as she dreamt of a night entertaining her husband by
making love to her sister wife, Kasumi. Images of lesbian sex filled her
mind as she her body shivered in joy from the sexual pleasure that the dream
was bring her. As she slept, fluid flowed from the source of her pussy.

In another house in the Nerima area, a similar scene was playing out in the
room of the eldest Tendo sister. As she dreamt the same dream as the young
amazon, a smile crossed her face as her mind was released from the rut that
she had been in. A new Kasumi would be waking up from this night.

A few feet away, Ranma was also having pleasant dreams. Mixing of the images
that he had from the previous dreams that he had that night as well as peeks
at the shared dream of Shampoo and Kasumi. The images of the lesbian acts of
the two women of his dreams was exciting him.

Back in the dreaming world...

The dreamstone started to spread the influence of it's dreams. Looking to
make matched that might work. It looked at the men and women of Nerima.
Building upon a dream that it might make a reality.

Akane was dreaming that she was alone in the house. Her family had all fled
since she had decided that she wanted to cook for them. She had a taste of
the food that she had prepared. Most of it was disgusting. But the curry was
kinda bland, therefor edible. 'They're right. I can't cook to save my life.'
Akane had gotten depressed.

Then the door burst open as Pantyhose Tarou entered the room. "Where's
Fem-boy? I have to kick his butt so that the old freak can change my name."
Tarou looked around for the victim of his fury. "So where is he?"

"He must have went out with his fiancee or my family. So what are you going
to do?" Akane asked as Tarou sat down next to her.

"I guess that I have to wait here for them to show up. Fem-boy is really
going to pay for this." Tarou said as he cracked his knuckles. They sat there
is silence for a while. Then Akane spoke.

"So what are you going to change your name to once you get Happosai to do
it? It seems to me that you could have a range of names that you could
choose from. You could pick anything. Not something some silly like Awesome
or Amazing." Akane said.

Tarou blushed as those were the type of names that he would have picked out
for himself. He realized that he would have to come up with another name.
This would need more thought. "So what kind of name do you think that I
should have?"

"Well, it might seem silly. But there is that character from the anime that
might be a good fit. You know, Ikki." Akane told Tarou.

"You mean that kids show with the goofy robot battles?" Tarou said shocked.

"No! the other one with the magic armour. The Ikki of that show was a tough
bad-ass that was evil but turned good. He did still have trouble with his
dark side."

Tarou took that name and rolled it around in his head. Ikki, Ikki, Ikki. He
did like the sound of it and the image of that character that shared it.
The other character was a little annoying, but it was still better than
Pantyhose. For a rare moment, Tarou smiled. "I think that I will use Ikki!"
He then noticed that his face was surprising close to Akane.

Images of all of the pretty girls that he had ran away from so that he didn't
have to introduce himself. Those images were being replaced with the image of
Akane. It was like someone else was acting through him, but he moved closer
to that face and his eyes closed. Akane seemed to move to him. Then their
lips touched.

It was like an electric charge as they kiss, hands heading for each other.
Heat flowing from one of them to the other. Pleasure was radiating from both
of them. And the dream continued.


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