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Ranma ˝: Gencom ˝ Part 2 (mf,oral,md,mc)
by C. King ([email protected])

Ranma decided that he was in the mood for some traditional Japanese cooking rather then something more Chinese, so started over to Ucchan's for some okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki was something like a mixture of pizza and pancakes which a customer could decide what they wanted on the cooked piece of dough. Certainly his stomach was empty enough for a number of the dish, in style like pork to beef.

It didn't take him long before he arrived at the restaurant of his 'cute' fianc‚e. The place was hopping with activity since it was lunch hour and the office crowd was looking for something good and quick to eat before going back to the slat mines. It was fortunate for him there was a school holiday as the teachers went over the study plants for the next several months. Of course with Principal Kuno at the helm of the higher education facility, it was likely there would be some suggestion of pineapples and hula dances for the students being lined up.

Ranma walked up to the only empty stool at the counter where it overlooked the female chef working at her craft. The young martial artist knew the his fianc‚e was not only a master of the art of making okonomiyaki but a martial art based around the making of the delicious meal. Techniques like exploding flour bombs and specialized batter glue which could hold a person in place. She also used spatula as shurikens and a baker's peel as a blunt axe or a large club.

'The idea of her developing her own martial art like I placed in the macro shouldn't be too hard. Just a little focusing of the battle style she used with her own cooking, which means she might be one of the first to show off her style to me. My style might not be a big fan of weaponry, it is always great to have a few tricks up my sleeve. Especially for opponents who thing because I specialize in unarmed styles I don't know how to use weaponry.' Ranma thought as he waited for Ukyo to notice him.

'Given the rush, I am not surprised she hasn't notice me with all of the food she has to make in quick succession. It's only been a minute or two since I sat down. I think she will be noticing my arrival in three... two.. one.' The sex-changing boy thought as the cute brunette looked up from her cooking to see him.

A brilliant smile crossed her face which only enhanced her overall cuteness and her sexiness. She spoke to him, "I would love to serve you right now, Ranchan, but I have a bunch of orders to fill at the moment. Can you wait a few minutes while the rush dies down?"

"Sure, Ucchan. Serve me at your own pace." he told her as he noticed the flintiness which had been in the Tendo women appear in her voice. The double meaning with her words could be taken as selling him a meal or with serving him sexually. Just like his own words could be taken in a similar way.

So he held back the power of the formable gut for the time it took her to cook at least a dozen lunches in a relative short period of time. She seems to have a sixth sense about the timing of the cooking process, being able to sense when the okonomiyaki was cooked before it began to burn. A sense which made sure each of the round treats were toasted, a skill which could come in hand with sex if it was properly redirected in that area.

He made a note of this ability to record on Ukyo's personal macro as he figured it was something which should be special to her and not shared with the girls. He had been making sure to make specialized details and abilities for each girl under their own macro. He had managed to find an aspect of the Gencom which could record sexual fantasies which he could review and study to make his girls happy. The fact they were recorded in video files was an added bonus.

Soon the businessmen and women were finishing up their mid-day feeding and walking out of the building, leaving behind payment and tips for the young woman. It helped his 'cute' fianc‚e made a show of the whole deal, being able to toss an okonomiyaki to a plate from a distance with great accuracy.

Soon it was just him and her in the building, with a a couple of slowpokes finishing their meals. Ukyo began to cook a number of round treats for Ranma, knowing how much he could eat she made a large number of them. It was made easier for the fact she used a higher then normal temperature for the grill, making them able to cook faster.

Soon a huge couple of plates of the delicious Japanese 'pizza' were in front of him, with the traditional touches Ucchan did with his okonomiyaki. Using the specially prepared sauces, she tended to make personal designs on them. Things like "Ucchan loves Ranchan" or a series of hearts with one having an arrow through it. He usually didn't notice it or if he did he avoid speaking about it, since if he did it could bring him trouble with the other woman. Yet today was a different day with the help of the Gencom.

"I love the things you did with the sauce and toppings, it's an artistic side of you I never really notice before. Given one of the few things me and my father share with each other. I don't really notice the looks of my food instead of focusing on taste, except for Akane's cooking." said Ranma hoping to bring up some more flirting with compliments on her food.

"I should have known most of your mind was in your stomach, I was just hoping it would stop a little while at your heart before it passed into your gut. Still, it is nice to be recognized after all of this time." said the young woman before she continued.

"I have been thinking of changing my wardrobe, maybe looking a little more feminine for a special someone... or a way to pick up more tips when I cook something up. Do you have any suggestions on what I should were to flatter my body shape?" with those words Ranma was impressed at the possibilities of intimate time spent with his self-titled cute fianc‚e.

The idea of a fashion show with her was something he did think he could expand with the other woman. Yet this was some special time he was take with his oldest friend, so his mind went to thinking of the best kind of clothing for her. When it came to breasts, she was not as well developed as some of the other members of his new harem. She was second smallest behind Akane, yet neither of them were flat chested. Yet while his girl form and Shampoo seemed to be well developed for their age, Kasumi and Nabiki likely had them beat because they were older. Still all of them where in the medium range of breasts, with Akane likely have a B-cup up to Shampoo's D-cup.

However, she did have some other assists like her long legs and a firm ass which was made sexier with all of the tight pant she tended to wear. So he began his commentary on what to look for, "While it would be a good idea for you to try out some more blouses or bras to show of your breasts, one of you best parts is your rear end. All of the exercises you practice has sculpted your butt into a sexy little bubble. A good selection of tight pants or even catsuits would show that off more."

"It would give me something to work with since you and Shampoo seem to have the breast market wrapped up. I think your idea of some more sexy pants might make sense. Perhaps with a pair of shorts, perhaps a size or two smaller then I normally wear so they can squeeze my tush. I could also see if I can get some shorter skirts to wear, I tend to think of skirts as the ultimate imagery of the female form. Even if it comes on a dress, I can think of anything else which makes me see a woman." said Ukyo as she moved in close to him while remaining on the stools. While she was talking, he was listening while eating and thinking.

"I'm not sure if you want to try out high heels, being use to flat shoes. Getting use to walking in them might be a good idea if you want to wear them from time to time, given the number of times we had to fight in our spare time. I know I have, even if they were girlie." Ranma told her, knowing it to be true. His girl disguises forced him to be prepared as a female to fight at anytime in any form of dress. Which included the painful thing known as heels.

"Do I take it you want to go shopping with me? Help me pick out a few outfits which would suit me?" she asked him as she tried to get close to him.

"I don't know if I have any time today to get any shopping done. I want to get the homework done Hinako-sensei gave us. I was thinking of letting you choose what you should wear before having a personal fashion show. Perhaps using a number of the girls as well trying out new looks." he told her, wishing to see if any jealousy was remaining after his careful programming of it out.

Instead of repressed anger and envy, she took on a look of great interested and just a little bit of lust. Which proved his programming of the bisexuality was working as expected. He prepared to continue with his flirting and even go further. His sex drive had been revving up as he sat there with the sexy woman, now he want to try out a little bit of sex.

So he started, "I thought that we might want to try something more... personal upstairs. I think I have to work on anatomy a little more before I hand anything in to sensei. I was hoping I could go over it with you after lunch and the last of the rush was to move on. If you catch my meaning?"

A brightening smile took shape as she guessed the kind of study he was trying to perfect. She winked at him and said, "I'll get these guys moving by the time you finish your meal. Then we can head up to my 'living' room and I can help you out."

With that she moved to put a close sign on the door to her restaurant and finish up her current costumers.

A few minutes later...

Ukyo had made sure she had influenced the rest of the costumers to finish their lunches quickly, so she could be left alone with Ranma. She was not sure what it was he was thinking of, but she was interested in what it was he was planning. She would have loved to have Ranma give up his virginity to her, since she had doubt Genma had let Ranma have any sex at all. The importance of the Tendo agreement meant this example of being a man among men wouldn't be excerise with anyone other then Akane.

'Still anything involving Ranma would be okay in the long run, to a point. Even if he could talk me into doing it for him, I'm hoping he won't be asking me to do anal at the moment. It's just the idea of something going up my butt not only makes me feel dirty but also seems manly. I'm a woman with a perfectly working vagina to be used, butt sex just makes me think of sex between two men.' Ukyo didn't having anything against gay men, but pushing the idea of her being more manly then womanly did have a negative effect on her. Especially after all the years she hid her true gender as a woman under the clothes of a man.

Ranma had placed an arm around her one hip as his hand slipped down to her ass, the same quality that Ranma had complimented on. She leaned into him so she could feel the warmth of his body, which make her feel both secure and sensually excited. They son passed her living quarters she had set up in the top of the store and into bedroom where she rested and dreamed of her fianc‚e.

Ranma guided her to the bed and started to sit her up slightly against the pillows at the head of the cushions. Moving with his naturally given speed he slipped her pants down, revealing the blue bikini cut panties she had put on earlier in the morning. Smiling at the sight of them, Ranma began to speak, "I thought I was full after a great meal, but I think I still have room for a sweet treat."

With this he moved the piece of silky fabric of her panties covering her most private lower parts, revealing her clit and her pussy to view. Taking a moment to sniff at the area he just delivered to the open, he moved his upper head over it and used his mouth to blow on it with warmed air. The tongue creeped out of the young man's mouth and it began to tickle her little pleasure point.

Soft strokes to begin with, across one way then across in a different way. Up to down, right to left, then along the diagonally. He continued to remake the cross again up, down, right and left. He then continued to make a circle around her clit as he moved the circular motions inwards to move over the clit. Soon he was just standing on the centre of it with his tongue. The tongue was removed to place another breath of hot air on the cooling feeling of his saliva on her body. It made her body tingle as she felt the change in temperature from cool to warm to cool again.

The mouth of her fianc‚e engulfed her clit as he sucked on it like it was a teat of a breast. Tongue tickling and teasing it from inside of his mouth. Her body began to tremble with the delightful feeling he was giving her, causing her own personal juices to began to flow from her vagina. She wonder if he had been planning on that, hoping it would cause her to lubricate her own pussy with a natural fluid.

'I wonder if Ranma actually had sexual experience before this... or could this be an example of Ranma using his own female body to perfect his skill with the female body. It does make a sort of sense for Ranma to explore his female body before he tries anything with a real woman's body. I just thought he would be too embarrassed to try anything like that... still, I could be wrong.' she thought to herself as she just continued to enjoy the pleasure being given to her.

Ranma had given her quite a lot of time to slick up her honeypot so it was ready for a fucking, but it seemed he had a different kind of fucking in mind. His mouth left her clit and moved to the depths of her body. He began to lap up the pussy juice she had been making. It was just slightly over a trickle, but he seemed to drink it up like it was okonomiyaki sauce. The way he drank it up, he also tickled her pussy and caused her to spasmed. With each spasm, more of the cunt sauce flowed from her body.

Deciding to use his tongue to fuck her, using it like a cock to plunge into her. It stroke the inside of her pussy, feeling up the walls of the same tunnel into her body. The tip of his tongue seemed to be looking for something on the sides, like the story she heard of G-spots she heard from the guys in school. With all of the confusion and misinformation given by the guys, she tended to think such an orgasm spot in the female body didn't exist.

She believed that Ranma was on a endless quest... not that she minded. She thought to herself, 'Even if he is hunting for a non-existing G-spot, it forces him to caress my insides with his tongue. Not a bad thing in my mind. I might even get a orgasm or two out before he finds out he's mistaken.'

Ranma just seemed to continue along, continue using his tongue like a second penis as his hands had migrated up her legs to the triangle of her thighs and her private strip. Fingertips moved from his right hand to her clit. The same tips moved clit, using it like his tongue to play with her pleasure knob. It had the effect of causing her to jolt with an intense orgasm, the first one she had had with a sexual experience.

Ranma seemed to take this as a challenge to find the G-spot before she had her second orgasm of the day. His tongue moved with lightning speed up and down her channel, looking for the place which would cause her to have multiple orgasms upon contact. However, she had no hope for him to find the place which could make her come with ease.

Then it seemed Ranma took a more clever approach to the task in his mouth, so to speak. Even in the throws of passion she was experiencing, she could feel his chi start to flare up. Yet she couldn't see the place on his body where it was flowing, till she felt a zap inside herself. Then it became obvious what he was doing to her.

'He's using the flow of chi of his body to supercharge his tongue, then he's using the chi to charge my vagina walls. I might not know much about chi manipulation as Ranma, but I can see what charging chi to the pleasure nerves inside my body. A few uses of it might cause me to have a rise of sensuality on my body, but enough of them over a short period of time would cause.... ORGASMS!' she thought to herself as she felt another zap from the chi-infused tongue. It was followed by another and another, all in different locations. Ranma seemed to be using his new skills with using his internal energies to manipulate her body to deliver an orgasm. To be followed by more and more orgasms.

Then he hit what must have been a major cluster of pleasure nerves, as she was hit by a few quick, short little deaths. All in the matter of rapid succession, they washed over her with the crushing beat of waves on a beach. She shook with intensity as her pussy poured out her juice into her lover's mouth.

Taking it all in for a moment, to drink in all of the cunt honey, Ranma looked up to her and smiled. He said, "You always had a way with your sauces, once you were mature enough to know how to make them. I think it's my turn to give you a bit of a treat."


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