Raw Hide: The Long Way Back (MF)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Rowdy Yates was a head of the cattle drive, when he spotted a lady, she look
to be in distress. Rowdy rode up to her tip his hat with a smile, "You need
some help?"

The lady just looked at him, her hands on her hips. Rowdy noticed how slim
they looked, not like those saloon bitches. She had a natrual look to her.
Her hair was a mess, but a pretty color.


Just then, Gil Faver rode up. Rowdy was working on the lady's wagon. He told
Gil he catch up. Gil turned with a smile, he thought "I'm sure he will."

Once the wheel was fixed he helped the lady into the wagon. She thanked him.
Rowdy was dirty. She told him she didn't live far from here he could clean
up. Rowdy tied his horse to the wagon. He drove the lady to her house.

The place looked in disrepair. He asked where her husband was. She started to
cry . Rowdy tried to comfort her. She stopped and told him he left her. Rowdy
thought the guy was a damn fool. He helped her down. He looked around he
figured he could help the lady out. Maybe she would give him something in
return beside a meal.

He helped her with her supplies. He soon had the horse put away. He fixed the
corral gate. He had his shirt off as she walked out seeing his tan skin and
his broad back. She offered him some water, which he poured over his head to
cool offf. She thanked him once again, this time with a soft smile. Her eyes
were a soft blue and her lips was small. He took notice of her breasts. They
wasn't the biggest he had seen, but they seem firm enough.

She offred him a place to wash, then she would cook him something. He walked
to the back of the house. There was a large oak tub. She filled the tub with
the water she had heated. Rowdy hung his gun belt on a hook. Off came his
boots, his feet smelled. She turned away when he took his pants off. He stood
naked. As he lower into the tub, she turned. He jumped up he sat on the
brush, she seen his cock. Rowdy was proud of it, he had made lots of saloon
girls scream with joy. She just picked up his clothes. "You wash. I'll have
these done."

Rowdy soon was done washing, but he had nothing to wear. He walked into the
house with his hat and boots on. He stood at the door naked. "Excuse me."

She turned in shock. She took in the sight of him naked once again. She
turned once again and told him his clothes was dried. He put his pants on.
He sat to the meal before him. Rowdy asked her to join him.

By the time they were done it was dark. He would never find the herd till
daylight. Rowdy helped her with the dishes. She bumped into him. He looked
at her, "You never been with a man?"

She shook her head. "Yes," she said. "My husabnd tried to take me one night
by force. We had only been married a few days. He was a rough man. I just put
him off. He just left."

Rowdy wasn't no ladies man by no means, always fucking whores. No need to be
a gentleman with them.

She turned away. He touched her hair. It was so soft. He touched her neck,
her skin was soft, too. She turned to him kissed him. "Take me!" she looked
at him, "Make me a woman."

Rowdy took her to the bed room. He told her take off her clothes.

"Will you watch?" she asked.

Rowdy sat onthe bed. She unbutton a few buttons. It soon dropped to the
floor. He could see her breasts. Her petticoat was soon on the floor next.
Within minutes she was naked.

He stood in front of her, "Take my pants off."

Her hands trembled as she undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. She could
see the dark hair around his navel. She opened his pants and she could see
his dark hair. They soon hit the floor, he stepped out of them and for the
thrid time this day she seen his cock.

They laid in bed. Rowdy took her breast squeezed it, his tongue worked her
nipple. He sucked working all around her nipple, his finger touching her
clit. "OOOOOHHHHH!" she moaned.

Rowdy slowly pushed his finger in her pussy. 'She was a virgin, but not for
long,' he thought.

Rowdy worked his way down her body. He was soon between her thighs. He put
his tongue on her clit. She almost jump off the bed. He parted her lips and
he licked her sweet juice. The lady was going out of her mind. She grabbed
his hair forcing him to lick more of her pussy.


She laid there after her first orgasm.

Rowdy licking his lips. He kissed her and she tasted her own juices. Rowdy
laid next to her and took her hand putting it around his semi-hard cock. He
told her to pump it. It began to get hard. He told her to kiss it. She knew
it was clean. She kissed it all over.

"Run your tongue around the head," he told her. She held his hard cock as
she ran her tongue all around his cock head. "Now suck it. Just the head."
She opened her mouth. Rowdy could feel her warm breath on his cock. She
lowered her mouth. She went too far and gagged, but she went back at it.

The night went on. She laid atop him as she sucked his cock, licking his
balls, too, while he ate her pussy. He felt himself getting ready to cum.
He shot his load in her mouth.

"That's tasty!" she said she cleaned him up.

She laid with her legs open. She knew he was going to fuck her. Rowdy rubbed
his cock against her clit. "Please, hurry!" she said.

Rowdy slowly put his cock in. God, she was tight! He felt her hymen and he
pushed farther. She felt some pain, but it was soon gone. Rowdy worked
slowly, but soon picked up the pace. She begged for more.

Rowdy had her on her side as he was fucking her, his balls slapping her ass.
He was about to cum once again. She asked if she could taste it again. Out it
came covered in juices. She took it deep. He groaned as she took all his cum.
He laid there asleep till the dawn when he felt her mouth on his cock.

It was hard. She lowered herself on it as she held her breasts playing with
her nipples. She lowered her hand and found her clit. She rubbed it, too.
She rode him like a bronco rider would. He shot his load deep inside her.
She fell on his chest and she kissed him. She got off him walked around

Rowdy soon was dressed. She had her robe on and she thanked him for

"My pleasure," he mounted his horse and off he rode to find the herd.


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