Reba: Cheyenne's Indoctrination To Her Mom's And Jake's Secret (bFF,inc,anal,facial,preg)
by Dr. Demented 666

Shortly after Jake's 13'th birthday and his first ever sexual encounter with his Mom he was in his bedroom and his Mom strolled in again to have a go at his enormous cock that lied between his legs. He seen her enter with her white cotton cashmere sweater and just a pair of white satin panties, he knew what she wanted and he was all too willing to accommodate her as she came to him and dipped her tongue into his mouth, strutting her hand down to his crotch and massaging his dick into the thick 12" erection she remembered from days earlier.

Jake lifted his Mom's shirt off of her beautiful frame and licked his way down to her erect nipples and flicked the tip of his tongue over each nipple on each breast. Reba relished in the fact it reminded her of his breast feeding from years earlier when he was a baby, but this was so much more tantalizing and sexual in nature as they both worked their under garments off of each other.

Reba felt her panties slide down her legs as Jake did his briefs and their private areas became exposed once more to each other, but this time Reba had herself completely shaven down below to make herself feel and look like a little girl for the first time in decades. Jake admired his Mom's new look and rubbed the underside of his shaft into her smooth vaginal slit as it spurted liquid from a soft orgasm her son gave her as she stood in the room.

Mother and Son were heated with desire as she pushed him back onto the bed and climbed atop him and eased his length into her wet pussy. The mass of her son filled her to completion as she fucked him and laid across his youthful frame and made out with him as she pounded her hips up and down and let his hard shaft impale her as she moaned with delight.

Reba's loud moans and squeals filled the room as she fucked her young son and suddenly feel a soft rub of her rump. Reba looked over her shoulder to see her eldest daughter, Cheyenne, kneeling behind her completely naked with a smile. Reba couldn't believe her eyes as her daughter introduced herself sexually to the situation with her round belly bump showing off her 9 month pregnancy. Reba had a confused and unsure look on her face...

"Mom...What is it?" Jake asked of his Mom.

"It's your sister, Cheyenne...She's here with us...Naked!" Reba replied...

"What!? Really!?" Jake asked with splendor as he always admired his sister's beauty.

Cheyenne reached down with her hand and let it swipe over her Mom's ass and down her vaginal slit with Jake inside of their Mom, yanking her brother out of their Mom and wondering over its size...

"Holy cow, Jake...Your huge!" Cheyenne exclaimed before putting him in her mouth and sucking him off and tasting their Mom's pussy on it before popping it back into their Mom's pussy.

"I'm cumming, Mom! I'm shooting into you!" Jake exclaimed with excitement after feeling what his sister just did to him.

Reba began to squirt in reaction to her sons orgasm into her but was interrupted by Cheyenne shoving her Mom forward and off of Jake's cock allowing Cheyenne to put him in her pussy mid-ejaculation. Jake couldn't believe the tight feeling of his sister's pregnant pussy as she screamed with pleasure from her brother filling her up like never before. Reba sat at her son's side and watched him convulse with his sister fucking him...

"Wow! This is what it looks like when I'm doing you, honey? CRAAAAAAP! I'm so embarrassed." Reba said with a red face as she watched Cheyenne squirt onto Jake's long shaft as he came in her.

Cheyenne collapsed off of her brother's body and cum poured from her smooth shaven pussy onto the sheets...

"Look, Mom...She's shaven smooth just like you. And she squirts like you, too." Jake exclaimed.

"I see that...Like Mother like daughter." Reba said with a smile as she went down on her daughter and swiped her tongue over Cheyenne's pussy as it expelled her brother's cum from it, lapping up the white semen like warm milk from the stove as Jake leaned in and suckled Cheyenne's breast, forcing her to squirt breast milk from her pregnant state into his mouth.

Cheyenne couldn't believe this was happening with her brother and Mom but she stumbled upon an event and chose to participate in it knowing fully it was so taboo. But the pleasure and enjoyment it brought was so fulfilling.

"Mom...Jake...I never knew you two were, well-doing it together. Especially you Mom, you were always so straight as an arrow..." Cheyenne stated as he Mom finished gulping boy cum from Cheyenne's pussy.

"I always was but when I seen your brother sleeping in bed with his huge thing bulging out from under his briefs I just couldn't resist, there's something about him that's so cute and attractive...And now you with that body of yours, you just glow with beauty." Reba confessed.

Cheyenne watched as Jake got behind his Mom doggy style with Reba slowly Frenching Cheyenne's pussy and Jake inched his length into his Mom's ass. Reba groaned hard, muffled from her mouth wrapped into Cheyenne's pussy...

"Oh my God, Jake! Are you up Mom's ass!?" Cheyenne asked with horrid surprise.

"Yep...She really likes it back there." Jake confessed as he thrusted hard into his Mom's rump and made her body rock from each thrust.

Cheyenne spun around and slid under their Mom into a 69 and watched as her brother's hard cock slid back and forth into their Mom's ass and stretched it, making her anal walls pull outward with each backward pull of his cock. Cheyenne's tongue tickled her Mom's pussy, tantalizing it into soft squirting spurts of orgasmic delight...


Jake pulled from his Mom's ass and shot his hot load into her gape, watching ass it pooled in her ass and then over flowed and a stream rolled down Reba's vaginal crevice and into Cheyenne's mouth who than swallowed it all. Jake wasn't done yet and went around to his sister and plunged himself into her ass as she remained under their Mom in a 69.

Cheyenne winced and screamed from her first ever anal-and from her brother no less! Jake could feel his sister's ass clamping around his shaft with a vice-like grip as she screamed with whimpers in her crackling voice..."My ass! It's getting so tight! Holy fuck! Jake! JAKE! YES! I'M CUMMING!"

Cheyenne squirted all over her Mom's face and brother's stomach as he pulled from her ass and shoved his cock into her pussy and began to cum in her. Cheyenne could feel his shaft shooting into her like a fire hose on full and something else was happening. Cheyenne felt a tense pain in her abdomen and her water broke, making Jake think she was orgasming and squirting.

"Mom! It's coming!" Cheyenne screamed...

"It's cumming alright! I can feel his shaft pulsing in your so hard!" Reba replied...

"Not that Mom! The baby! FUCK!" Cheyenne screamed again.

"My dick, Mom! I can't get it in as far anymore! Something's pushing against it and making it go in only half way!" Jake stated with confusion, not realizing his cock head was banging against the head of his unborn nephew.

Reba quickly pulled him out of his sister and he reacted with a cum shot onto his Mom's face and over her shoulders and onto her back while Cheyenne lifted her legs and hooked them around her Mom's waist allowing her ass to lift into the air as her baby's head emerged. Jake watched with utter amazement as his Mom guided the baby out of his sister and a flood of placenta followed.

There was nothing anyone could do except clean up as best they could and call an ambulance for Cheyenne. Luckily the baby was born healthy and in good standing despite getting a facial on the way out of his Mom's pussy. But this would definitely be a moment Reba, Jake and Cheyenne would never forget and Cheyenne captured the birth on film since she set up camera before joining in on the sexual endeavor.


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