Reba: Cheyenne's Wedding Surprise (bF,inc,oral,anal,squirt,first,toys)
by Dr. Demented 666

Cheyenne was renewing her wedding vows to her husband, Van, today and was upstairs getting ready to head off to the church. Reba and the rest of the family was already heading off to the church as Reba handed her son, Jake, Cheyenne's wedding dress that was still in it's cleaning bag and asked him to take it up to her and have her bring him to the church.

Jake did as he was told and went up to Cheyenne's room and burst in with her wedding dress and got the eyeful of his life as his sister stood there with her white veil covering her blonde hair down the back of her bare back; nothing else on except a pair of white-laced panties, a golden ankle bracelet, and a garter belt she was pulling up her smooth leg.

Jake gazed at his sister's beauty and found himself rubbing his growing erection through his tuxedo pants as he looked at Cheyennes full breasts and her stiff nipples, gliding his eyes down her semi-naked frame and staring at her toned stomach and belly button that seemed to excite him even more for some reason...

"JESUS! JAKE! SOME PRIVACY!" Cheyenne screamed as she finally noticed her brother in her doorway staring at her. She also seen the fact he was playing with himself as he looked at her. A devilish grin came over her face as she went to her 12 year old brother and took his hand off his shaft that was in his pants and cupped her right tit with it. Jake's eyes lit up and grew wide as saucers as his sister undid his tie and shirt, letting both slide to the floor and gliding her fingertips over his smooth, hairless frame...

Jake didn't know what to think as he got that uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach as he knew they were doing something wrong with each other. Cheyenne leaned down and began to kiss him, giving him his first ever boy-girl kiss, and it was form his own sister. His eyes sprang open and he pushed back after he felt Cheyenne's tongue slide into his mouth, he could taste the pepperrmint flavored gum she finished chewing just a little while ago and she could taste the fireball Jake had just before he came up to her room...

"What's the matter, Jake? Haven't you ever kissed a girl like that before?" Cheyenne asked curiously.

Jake shook his head 'No' as he was still speechless as to what was happening as his sister undid his pants and let them slide to the floor and played with the bulge in his briefs. She reached in and pulled it out though the center slit in his briefs and tucked it under her garter...

"Hump my leg, Jake...Feel how smooth it is?" His sister instructed and asked of him.

Jake began to move his hips in a humping action and felt the smooth warmth of his sister's leg pleasure the underside of his cock. Cheyenne admired his 6" length, quite impressive for his age. Within moments Jake's dick began to pulse and his cum shot all over his sister's leg and up onto her stomach. Jake quickly reacted by pushing himself back off her as she stared at his mess on her...

"Holy shit, Jake! That's a lot of cum! I had no idea a boy's balls could hold so much."

Jake watched as his sister dropped to her knees and played with his cock, stroking post-cum out of it and licking it from the tip of his cock. Cheyenne then put his dick in her mouth and stared up at his boyish reaction as she tapped her fingertips on the top of his cock like playing a piano as her wet tongue massaged his dick in her mouth. Jake again started to orgasm and her mouth filled with his hot jizz and she pulled him out and let him thrust against the side of her face as he blew his loads onto her cheek.

Cheyenne smeared his cum into her face using the underside of his dick and watched as his body jolted in reaction the each throb of his boyhood. Cheyenne enjoyed the smooth look of his hairless sac and legs as she caressed both playfully while gently raking her teeth over his cock head.

Cheyenne stood and leaned over the dresser in her room, "Take my panties off, Jake." She asked of he little brother, who was all to willing as he sunk to his knees behind her and glided his hands up the back of her silky legs and took hold of her panties, pulling them down to her ankles where she stepped out of them. Cheyenne parted her legs into a wide V as she stood and reached down between her legs and spread her pussy lips with her index and middle fingers...

"Lick me right here, Jake...Taste my pussy, play with it with your tongue." Cheyenne said playfully.

She felt her brother's wet tongue race up the back of her leg, starting at just behind her knee and ending at her pussy slit. Cheyenne flung her head back and shut her eyes, taking in the wet feeling of her brother's tongue prodding her asshole and pussy as he pushed it into her pussy, tasting her sweet apricot nectar for the first time.

Cheyenne bellowed a loud puppy-like yipes in rapid succession as she squirted, showering her brother in he orgasm and surprising him, making him spring up to his feet...

"You peed on me, Cheyenne!" Jake said with disbelief...

"No I didn't...It' my orgasm that went all over you, it's what girls do instead of white cum like boys have." She explained with a giggle.

Cheyenne took her brother by the hand and led him to the bed where she laid on her back and opened her legs, letting Jake see the full frontal nudity of his sister for the first time and her smooth shaven snatch as she played with it...

"C'mon, Jake...Fuck me! Fuck your big sis and cum inside me!" Cheyenne begged...

"Wait? You wanna go all the way? I mean, you want me to put my thing in you and have sex?" Jake asked of his sister.

"Mmmmm Hmmmm...I wanna feel you thrusting in me and fucking me..." Cheyenne exclaimed.

"I don't know if we should take it that far, Cheyenne...We are brother and sister..." Jake replied.

"Please, we did it this far; why not a little further? I mean, you liked what happened so far, right? C'mon, it's everyone's fantasy to fuck the bride on her wedding day." Cheyenne asked and stated

Jake's heart began to pound fast yet again as he was about to so something totally wrong and new for him as he got on the bed between his sister's legs and watched as she tucked his shaft into her pussy as he descended onto her body.

Jake couldn't believe the wonderful feeling of her hot wetness encapsulating his penis as he slowly began to fuck his sis, losing his virginity in the process-to which Cheyenne enjoyed knowing she was taking from him. Cheyenne loved the feeling of her brother in her and felt herself slipping into another orgasm quite quickly as her new lover took her on her wedding day. Cheyenne lifted her legs in midair and squealed as Jake's cock pounded into her and making her squirt passed his shaft as it remained in her and massaged her inner vaginal walls with its rigid texture...

"FUCK! That was great, Jake...Lets try something else..." Cheyenne stated as she pushed Jake off of her and went to her dresser, pulling out a contraption that resembled a large egg with a wire hanging a foot off one end with a loop on it along with a remote.

Cheyenne got on all 4's on her bed and handed the device to her brother, "Put it in my ass, Jake...Push it in as deep as you can with one of your fingers."

Jake took the device and began to press it firmly against his sister's asshole, watching as her ass stretched around it and collapse back to its normal shape after the device popped into her. Jake pushed it into her as far as he could with his middle and index fingers, making his sister gasp and wince.

"Now, take the remote and turn it on; then take your dick and push it in even further and fuck my ass." Cheyenne said.

Jake took the remote and turned it on, hearing a slight buzzing sound as his sister moaned with pleasure as he inched his cock into her ass until its tip was pressed up against the vibrating egg in her. Jake pushed hard, shoving the device even further into his sister as he began to fuck her in the ass. With each full thrust the tip of his cock naile the device and the vibrations sent shock waves up Jake's spine as he felt his sister's tight ass clamping down around his hard cock.

Jake couldn't hold back any longer, "It's happening again, Cheyenne! I can feel it happening inside of you!"

"That's it baby! Fill me up with your hot cum! FUCK ME, JAKE! MAKE ME FUCKING CUMMMMMM!" His sister begged of him as he shot his load into her ass and the vibrations reverberated into her pussy and gave her her first ever vaginal-anal orgasm, squirts spraying the sheets under her as her brother's cum poured from her ass after he finished in her and pulled out.

The two were spent sexually and laughed at what just happened between them. Cheyenne reached back to pull out the device when Jake stopped her: "Wait...Leave it in...I'll give you a surprise later..." Her brother said with a boyish grin. Cheyenne didn't know what he had planned but was certainly up for whatever he had in mind.

They both got dressed and headed off to the church for Cheyenne to renew her vows. Cheyenne was up at the alter in front of a crowded church and holding hands with her husband, Van, as the priest read their vows...

Each time he read a vow to Cheyenne and she went to answer, Jake turned on the device using the remote and sent spasms up through her ass tunnel and making her squeal out a high pitched yipe that everyone could hear...

The crowd looked at her with curiosity as she looked over at Jake with a devilish smile on his face. Cheyenne couldn't believe that little shit was doing this to her in church... With each time it came for her to say 'I do', Jake turned on the device; causing her to yipe again with an: "Oh my!-- OOOOH-EWWW! --YIPES!" And with the final 'I do' vow she came right in the middle of everyone as her knees buckled and she fell to the floor from her orgasm.

Cheyenne was so embarrassed with her face bright red, knowing her brother made her cum in front of everyone. Her immediate family rushed up to help her to her feet, not knowing what really happened. But Cheyenne did and after the ceremony grabbed the tape and saved it for herself, using it to get off on time and time again when Van or Jake wasn't available.


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