Reba: Jake Rapes His Mom (bF,anal,cream pie,facial,rape,first,inc)
by Dr. Demented 666

Jake just turned 12 years old and had the birthday party of his life, especially since he had his first boy-girl kiss that ended with a slip of the tongue in his mouth after playing spin the bottle in the back yard. It gave him chills and feelings he never had before that led to discussions with his friends of sex and the exploration of it, which they were all too willing to experiment with in upcoming days; leaving Jake horny with anticipation and excitement as he fantasized of what would happen and they'd do to each other involving multiple boys and girls he knew.

But, in the time being his mom, Reba, was totally exhausted from the day's events and went to her room around 9 PM to get an early rest, undressing and collapsing on the bed and falling fast asleep. Jake was walking by her room and noticed the door she left open and her lying on the bed on her back and totally naked, he couldn't believe his eyes! Her naked splendor before him with her firm motherly breasts and stiff nipples peaking off her chest and her smooth shaven legs leading up to her perfect red bush between them. She was absolutely beautiful lying there naked as Jake gazed over his mother in a way he never has before as his cock went from limp to an impressive 6" boner in his pants.

Thoughts of what transpired earlier with his friends ran through his mind and became fruition as he entered the room and locked the door behind him, stripping naked himself and roaming through his mother's dresser drawer for some sort of restraint. He found a pair of her nylons and gently bound her wrists with them to the bed posts as she lay in a slumber. Jake found himself probing he palm of her hand with his cock and taking pleasure in what was about to happen for the first time-the rape of his own mother!

Jake pushed open his mom's legs and petted her pussy fur as he leaned down and began to push his tongue into her pussy, tasting her sweet strawberry-like flavor and taking her aromatic heat as she began to moan and squirm in her sleep. Suddenly she woke and her head rose to look between her legs at her son giving her oral...

"Jake! What...What are you doing to me!?" Reba uttered as she went to stop him but realized her arms were bound to the bed posts and her son continued his flurry of tongue lashes into her as he massaged her erect clit that emerged from its sheathe. Reba began to pout with sharp yipes like a puppy as her son molested her into a fierce orgasm...

"Jake! NOOOOOOOOO! It's so wrong! Stop! PLEASE STOP! You're making me cum!" Reba whimpered as she experienced her first incestual orgasm.

Jake licked his way up his Mom's stomach and over her breasts, stopping long enough to caress her nipples with the side's of his face and tongue, then maneuvering up her neck and into her mouth with his tongue; tasting her bubblegum flavored spit.

Reba felt her son begin to dry-hump her as his rigid shaft slid through her pubes and banged against her clit, making her gasp in horror as her eyes widened and she knew what was coming soon. Jake lifted himself slightly and looked down between his mom's legs as she did, too, watching as he reached down and guided himself into her...

"Jake! NOOOOOOO, HONEY! FUCK!" Reba screamed as her son penetrated her for the first time and sunk his full length into her pussy, making it purge fluids and flood his lower half in uncontrollable spasms.

Reba squinted her eyes shut and whimpered as she flung her head side to side in a 'NO' manner as her son took her and felt her incredible wet warmth clench his cock with each thrust into her and doing to her what he and his friends were talking of doing to each other in a few short days...

"I'm taking you, Mom...Feel it? FEEL IT!" Jake asked of her as he rammed his cock into her with such force the whole bed rocked and Reba clenched at her restraints and her biceps bulged as she struggled to break free...

"STOP IT! NO JAKE! NO MORE! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" Reba screamed as her boy started to pant heavily against her neck and he squinted his eyes shut as he let out soft groans over her...

"WAIT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? ARE YOU...IN ME!? YOU ARE! YOU'RE CUMMING IN ME! YOU'RE FILLING ME UP! JAKE! WHY!?" Reba cried as her son shot his cum into her and filled her with his sticky mess...

"It feels so good in you, Mom...Your pussy, it's so wet and tight...It feels so good having it in you like this." Jake exclaimed as his humping came to a halt and he got to his knees between his Mom's legs and slowly pulled from her pussy.

Reba lifted her head and watched her son's cock flop out of her still in a hardened state as his white cum followed, flowing like a river from her pussy as a load dangled off the tip of his dick. Jake watched in amazement at what he did in his Mom and how it felt having his first ever orgasm and seeing it afterwords. Jake stood and went up to his Mom's face on the bend and straddled her neck and began to wipe his cock that was wet from her vaginal fluids and his own cum against her face and lips.

Reba squealed as her son pushed his dick into her mouth and felt it slide over her tongue, making her suck it and taste herself and his boy juice on him. Jake stared down at the white line of post-cum that he left on her face and lips as he pumped his dick back and forth in her mouth until he orgasmed again, making her eyes spring open wide as he filled her mouth with his cum and making it flow out the corners of her mouth and down her neck.

Jake pulled from her mouth and watched as she gasped for air and choked a little as she swallowed his load, stating: "I can't believe you! You came in my mouth!"

Jake smiled as he started to slide down her body and smearing his wet cock over her bare underarms and into her cleavage where he stopped temporarily and squeezed her tits together and tit fucked her. Jake plastered another hot load of cum into the base of her neck before continuing down the rest of the way on her body, letting his post-cum leave a white trail on her skin that led straight to her ass.

Reba pouted and begged for her son to stop as he pushed his cock firmly into her ass, making her scream: "NOOOOOO! GOD! NOT THERE! MY ASS! MY FUCKING ASS! SHIT! YOU'RE TEARING ME, JAKE! STOP! IT'S RIPPING OPEN! YOU'RE TEARING ME UP! STOP! PLEASE, NO MORE!"

But Jake pummeled his mother's ass as he laid across her body and began to kiss her using his tongue and tasting his cum in her mouth...

"Wrap your legs around me, Mom..." Jake commanded.

"No! I won't do it!" Reba replied.

"Do it, or I'll never stop!" Jake stated.

He felt his Mom slowly wrap her gorgeous legs around him and hook them as he pounded her ass and Frenched her deeply until he came in her one last time. Reba's legs sank to either side of him and he got up off of her, leaving her in a sobbing state as he pulled from her asshole, watching the gape his cock left behind and her sphincter slowly shrinking back to its normal size as his cum slid out and onto the sheets.

Jake got up and finally untied his Mom, who shot to her feet and quickly slapped him in the face as she ran to the bathroom to get cleaned up while crying. Jake knew how bad of a thing he did to his Mom, but this was just the beginning...


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