Reba: Jake's And His Mom's Sexual Experiment (b-zoo,F-zoo,bF,inc,oral,anal, cream pie)
by Dr. Demented 666

Little Jake was 12 years old and experimenting sexually with himself the last few weeks, ever since his first erection from seeing a naked woman in his dad's Playboy. He even did a little research on the internet of different sex practices and wanted to try one out real bad. He got the chance to one time and his Mother, Reba, would also find out what he was up to that day.

Reba came home early from work that day and Jake was already home from school. Reba could hear loud squealing coming from upstairs so she ran up there to see what it was. She approached Jake's room where it was coming from and opened the door to see her naked son laying on his bed on his back with his legs draped off the foot of it and feet on the floor.

Not only that but he had them open and between them and on him was a huge German Shepherd named Tony. It was the neighbor's dog Jake took care of periodically. The dog was actually bigger than Jake and Reba saw the humping action of the dogs hips and her son wincing and squealing under it like a girl would under a man.


Jake turned his head with wide open eyes to see his Mom run to his bed and grab the dog to pull it off. The dog yelped and Jake screamed, "OUCH! STOP, MOM! STOP! HE'S KNOTTED IN ME!"

Reba let go of the animal and didn't know what to do as the dog continued thrusting his hips rapidly.

"Oh Jake, with a dog! How could you?"

"But it feels good, Mom." He stated in a panting voice as the dog continued to fuck him.

Jake lifted his legs and hooked them around the waist of the dog as it began to yelp and cum in Jake's ass. Reba was growing wet by this sight and sound and knelt at her son's side, reaching in with her hand and gliding it over his smooth ass cheek and around his backside to where she felt the dog's cock slide between her index and middle fingers.

She was now eye level at her son's stomach where it met the furry underbelly of the dog, watching it rake across her son's 5 1/2" cock and tickling it into cumming. A hot load of cum shot up his stoamch and pooled till it slid down the side of his stomach where Reba gently licked it up and off of him. Jake's legs slid down to the floor and off the animal and they all waited nearly 10 minutes for the dog's knot to subside enough for it to pull out of Jake.

When it finally pulled out and dismounted her son, Reba could see the dog's huge 7" redish cock with purple-like veins running through it and her son's ass gaping and spurting cum from it onto the sheets. Reba stood up and scolded her son and told him to take the dog back and to never bring it over here again.

Jake had no choice but to obey his mother and with a lot of embarrassment involved as well. Tensions and looks were given for the next several weeks until Jake came home from school early since it was a half day and heard a familiar squealing coming from upstairs. He rushed upstairs to his mother's bedroom door and heard her screaming, "Not in my ass! NOT IN MY ASS!"

Jake flung the door open and there was his mother naked on the bed and in the same position he was with Tony the shepherd over her and fucking her. It was the hottest thing he ever seen, especially since he never seen his Mom naked before. Now he knew she wasn't yelling 'Not in my ass', but really was telling the dog to 'KNOT IN MY ASS'.

"MOM!" Jake yelled.

Reba turned her head with a surprised look and begged her son, "Don't look Jake! Turn away!"

"After all the preaching you gave me for doing that and now you are!" He stated.

Than he started to take off all his clothes and went to his mother and knelt at her side like she did him, only he reached dwon her stomach and sunk a finger into her wet pussy, playing with it as Tony took her anally...

"Jake! STOP! This isn't right! GOD! You're making me CUMMMMMM!" His Mom pleaded and stated.

The dog started to yelp like a puppy as he came in Reba's ass. Reba could feel his intense swelling inside her and his cum fill her as his dick throbbed against her inner ass walls, causing her to have a second orgasm within seconds. It took Tony 15 minutes for his knot to go down enough for him to pull out of Reba. When he did Jake was quick to get between her legs and push his cock into her pussy...

"JAKE! NOOOOOOO! YOU'RE MY SON! JESUS! YOU'RE....YOU'RE IN ME...FUCKING ME!" His Mom screamed as her son took her on her bed and cumming in her wet pussy and making her squirt all over his cock.

Jake leaned down and softly kissed his Mom, flirting his tongue into her mouth as he slowly pumped his hips in a humping motion and came in her again. Reba's eyes sprang open with surprise as she felt it happen in her once more. Reba lifted her legs and hokked them behind Jake's as he continued to fuck her and cum inside her for the 3'rd time as Tony got on the bed and stood over Reba's face and it's hard cock dangling down at her.

She couldn't resist, she put the dog in her mouth and Jake watched his Mom suck Tony off until it came all over her face, yelping with pleasure as it did and finishing its loads in her hair. Jake moved in and lapped the dog cum up off of his mother's face like a puppy and shared it with her with his hard dick still in her pussy soaking up her warmth.

Reba lovingly kissed her son and pushed his hair back with her cum soaked hands, making it stay in place like a mousse would. Now the both are lovers of each other and animals in more ways than one.


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