Reba: Jake's Birthday Bash Becomes His Mother's Bash (mbF,inc,anal,facial,ws,fist,cream pie,dp,dap,dpp,rape)
by Dr. Demented 666

It was Jake's 12'th birthday party and all his friends and family were there to celebrate with him, everyone was having a good time-even someone who wasn't invited. That someone was a new neighbor named Eric who is 16 years old and has an infatuation with Jake's mom Reba. He couldn't help but watch her through his binoculars from within his home and stare at her amazing body in he tight jean shorts that showed off her peach toned legs and her tight tank top that let the sunlight bounce off her bare shoulders and her stiff nipples showing through the fabric...

"God! I bet she has a red bush to match that head of hair she has!" Eric thought to himself as his dick was rock hard in his shorts thinking of what she would look like naked. He loved red heads and Reba's was stunning with her shoulder length hair that curled up at the very ends down at her shoulders and her bangs hung down over her forehead. She was one foxy MILF for her age and having 3 kids.

"I'd love to have a baby with her!" Eric thought some more in his head.

Eric watched her all day long and built up a sexual appetite that needed to be quenched as he waited for everyone to leave. About nightfall he headed over the Reba's house, stripped naked out back and burst through the kitchen back door and grabbed her as she stood by the sink. Reba screamed out in horror as she seen the naked teen grasp her from behind and cup his hand over her mouth as she squirmed to break free.

Eric was very athletic and quite strong and was able to hold Reba at by as he whispered into her ear: "Shhhhh...Shut up! You're gonna do as I say or I swear I'll beat you to within an inch of your life and then I'll have my way with you and then your daughters...Understand!?"

Reba shook her head in a 'YES' fashion, indicating her understanding of his brutal ultimatum. He let go of her and she turned to face him with tears rolling down her face and seen his toned tanned body with jet black hair just like her sons and a smooth shaven private area with an immense hard on that easily stretched to 9".

"Impressed? If not, you will be..." He stated to her as he grabbed her tank top and tore it open and pulling it off of her.

Reba screeched with horror as he molested her huge tits and licked her nipples as he quickly undid her shorts and pushed her back away from him...

"Take 'em off...Lets see that cunt of yours..." He ordered.

Reba lowered her shorts and panties to the floor and stepped out of them, exposing her glorious naked splendor to the boy along with her womanhood in full view...

"Fuck! I knew it! Look at that red bush!" He exclaimed as he ran his fingers through it and her wet pubes glided between each finger.

Reba whimpered as he fondled her pussy and inched a finger into her: "You keep it groomed nicely down there, don't you..." He stated as he humped his hard shaft onto her smooth leg while jamming his tongue into her mouth and tasting Jake's birthday cake from earlier when....

"MOM!" A high pitched boyish voice shouted from the doorway of the kitchen.

It was her son, Jake, who got out of bed and came down for a drink only to find his mom naked and with another boy in the kitchen. He had no idea what was happening but would soon find out...

"RUN JAKE! RUN!" Reba shouted to her son.

Jake went to run but was stopped by a harsh voice: "HOLD IT KID! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE IF YOU DON'T WANT YOUR MOM TO GET HURT!" Eric exclaimed, using their safety of each other against them.

Jake turned and came back into the kitchen in just his pajama bottoms and stared at his naked mother whom he never seen that way before...

"Like what you see? I bet you do...Take your bottoms off and let your mom see you." Eric ordered of the boy.

"Please...Please don't make him do this..." Reba pleaded with sobbing pouts.

She could only watch as her son removed his bottoms and exposed his limp prepubescent boyhood to her.

"Look at that...Your son has no puberty yet...Kinda cute, isn't he, with no hair down there or on his legs, underarms or chest...That's ok, he don't need all that to have fun...Come over here, Jake...Rub your thing against your mom's leg..." Eric ordered the boy to do.

Jake came over to his mom as Eric got behind her and shoved his cock between her legs so the head of it popped out the front of her legs and her soft pubes tickled the top side of his cock...

"That's a boy, fuck your mom's leg...Reach down and pull my dick up close to your mom's pussy, let her feel it...Good boyyyyy...That's it, hold me there while I run my cock back and forth between her legs...Yeah, that's what I'm talking about...Lick her nipples while you fuck her legs...Good, that's it...Now kiss your son..." Eric told Reba.

"Nooooo, pleeeeease...I can't...." Reba sobbed...

"Do it, or you know what will happen...That's a girl, slip your tongue into his mouth...That's it...That's so fucking hot!" Eric exclaimed as he and Jake molested her with their cocks as she gave her son his first ever French kiss.

Jake let out a soft sigh and his eyes sprang open as his dick grew hard, something that's never happened before and began to throb. Stars went off in his eyes and spurts of hot cum shot up his mother's leg, the side of her stomach and onto her under-boob. Reba broke her lip lock with him in shock and Eric laughed...

"Holy shit! Looks like someone is enjoying what's happening! You just made your son cum all over you! Get on your knees and suck my cock, baby..."

Reba got down and put the boy into her mouth, sucking him while looking up with a pitiful look on her face...

"That's a girl, just like that...Jake, run your cock through her hair while she sucks my dick." Eric stated.

Jake took his dick and ran it through his mom's hair, leaving a trail of white post-cum in her hair as he humped the top of her head.

"Suck your son's now." Eric ordered her.

Reba cried as Jake took Eric's spot and she put him in her mouth. Within seconds she had him cumming again, shooting his hot cum all over her face and neck as his body jolted and cock bounced up with excitement each time it touched her face...

"Fuck yeah! Look at it all! Damn! You know your hot when you can make your own son cum quick like that." Eric stated.

"GOD! You came in my mouth, Jake!" Reba gagged and choked while wiping her face of most of it.

Eric took Reba with Jake's cum dangling off her chin in a long strand and bent her over the table and kicked open her legs so they were parted wide. He then knelt behind her on his knees by her right leg and motioned for Jake to do the same at her left leg...

"See this right here, this is a pussy(caressing it with his fingers and making Reba cry)...This is what we want...Do what I do..." Eric stated to Jake.

Jake watched Eric lick his way up the back of his mom's hot leg, starting just behind her knee until her reached her pussy; Jake did the same and the two met simultaneously at his mom's pussy where they both flicked their tongues over her dripping wet snatch...

"She tastes good, right?" Eric asked of him.

Jake nodded a 'YES' and watched as Eric stood directly behind Jake's mom and inched his cock into her pussy. Jake's eyes widened as he watched the cock disappear into his mom and the shocking screams she whimpered out and filled the kitchen with. Jake dry humped his mom's leg at her calf while Eric took her before his innocent eyes...

"Fuck! That's what I call a good pussy! Here, have a taste of your mom on my dick..." Eric told Jake as he pulled from Reba's pussy and fed it to Jake, who was actually quite good at sucking cock.

Eric did this several more times, feeding his cock to Jake after fucking his mom, watching the cute dimples appear on Jake's cheeks as he sucked and smiled up at Eric. Eric pulled one last time from Reba's pussy and spilled his hot cum onto Jake's face, letting him gobble up the cum as it coated his face like a Jackson Pollock painting, all while hugging his mom's leg and humping it.

Jake orgasmed himself, shooting his hot cum up the side of his mother's lower leg as he licked Eric's cum from his lips, flirting with the tip of Eric's cock with his tongue as his mom laid across the table crying from her violation, unaware her son was into what was happening and actually enjoying the sexual encounter with his mom and the older boy before him.

Eric took Reba by the arm and led her into the living room with her son following right behind them. Eric had Jake sit on the sofa and Reba climb on it so she was standing over him with her right leg lifted up so her knee was resting on the top of the back rest and her left leg was down at her son's side...

"Lower yourself to let your son eat you out while I fuck you..." Eric demanded.

Reba did as she was told and felt her sons wet tongue slide into her pussy as Eric slid his cock into her yet again. Reba cried endlessly with each powerful thrust into her until she felt Eric explode inside of her making her sob with a long drawn out 'NOOOOOOOO!"

Eric pulled from Reba's hot pussy and watched as his cum flowed like a river from it and into her sons open mouth as he continued to lick her pussy. The cum filled Jake's mouth and overfilled and the white mess flowed down his chin and neck and coated his shoulders...

"Shit! I didn't know I came that much in you, doll...Holy shit! Look at your sons face!" Eric elaborated.

Reba backed away and looked down at her son, his face sticky with white cum all over it as more cum continued to drip from her freshly fucked pussy onto her boys stomach as he sat under her...

"Jake's turn...Get down there and fuck him..." Eric commanded.

"NO! PLEASE! NOT THAT! HE'S MY SON!" Reba begged of her raper.

"GOD DAMN IT! I SAID FUCK HIM!" Eric again ordered as he forced her into a straddling position over Jake.

Eric lifted Jake's hard cock up to his mom's pussy and put it in her, Reba pouted as she felt her son penetrate her and her womb tingle from the ridges of his cock head massaging her inner vaginal walls. Reba bounced up and down on her sons cock again and again until she felt Eric begin to shove his dick into her pussy along with Jake's cock, making her cringe from the DPP as Eric plunged balls deep into her pussy and his and Jake's cock heads teased each others inside of her.

In an instant, Jake exploded inside of his mom's pussy and she felt the sudden surge of cum into her. Eric could even feel Jake's bulging cock pulse against his and the cum lubing both their shafts inside of Reba. Reba cried out: "NOOOOOO! NOT AGAIN!"

"Fucking-A right-AGAIN! But this time it was your son!" Eric confessed as he pulled from her pussy, leaving Jake finishing inside of her as he plunged into her tight asshole.

Reba screamed in agony as Eric fucked her anally, pounding her hole until it turned red from the continuous onslaught. Eric pulled from her ass and sharply slapped it: "Sit on your sons cock, now...Let him have a piece of your ass."

Reba turned around so her back was against Jake's stomach and lowered her gaping ass onto her sons hard cock, feeling him enter her and giving her a piercing pain with his 5" cock. Eric followed quickly with the insertion of his cock into her ass and filling her with their boy meat...


But he was relentless and Jake didn't help much as he thrusted up into his mom's ass along with Eric. Before long, both boys' cocks were throbbing so hard in Reba's ass and filling her with so much cum that the episode gave her a forced ejaculation. Reba squirted all over Eric who quickly yanked his cock from her ass and swooped up to her face where he came on it and Jake's as well. He couldn't believe he came so quick after just cumming in her ass, but he did and what a mess.

Reba sobbed and shook her head to avoid the milky badder he was dumping on her but to no avail. Her face was coated white with thick strands of cum glazing her cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and even some in her hair.

"Lick that cum off your mom and put it in her mouth." Eric ordered Jake to do.

Jake pulled from his mom's ass and went around to her front where he began to lick Eric's cum off her face until he had a mouthful, he then tugged her chin downward until her mouth opened where he let the cum pour from his mouth into hers...

"Now, put your tongue in her mouth and you swallow it doll face..." Eric continued his orders.

Jake did just that, tongue kissing his mom and feeling her throat gulp as it swallowed the full load he just spit down it. Reba began to gag and Jake exploded onto her stomach for one final orgasm as he humped his shaft against her...

"How could you, Jake?...I'm your mother..." Reba pouted to her boy.

"I can't help it, mom...It feels so good..." Jake replied.

"Well, I got what I came for...I'll just leave you two to sort that dilemma out...But first, I want you to fist fuck your mom...Go ahead, put your hands into your moms cunt and ass and fist her!" Eric said.

Jake got on his knees between his moms legs as she sat there on the sofa watching him insert each of his hands into her-one in her pussy and one in her ass; balling them up into fists inside of her and watching as tears rolled down her face.

"That's a boy, now work her good,,,Lets see how far you can get into her...Fist fuck your mom!" Eric ordered.

Jake pushed each of his arms back and forth into his mom, working deeper each time and feeling her gush onto his arms as they went deeper. Reba was straining to stay conscious and watched as her stomach bulged out as her son got elbow deep into her on both her ass and pussy...

"Holy fuck, Jake! Look at your mom's stomach push out from your fist in her..." Eric stated.

Reba finally passed out and Jake pulled his arms from his mother and her pussy flushed itself involuntarily onto her son. As Reba came to she found herself sandwiched between Jake and Eric and the two were fucking her again on the sofa...

"STOP! PLEASE STOP! NO MORE!" Reba begged.

"We'll stop, but not before filling you with cum...FUCK! I'M GONNA CUM! ARE YOU JAKE?! FUCK YEAH BABY!" Eric shouted.

Reba felt her son and Eric fill her ass and pussy once again but there would be more this time...

"Stay in her Jake...I have to pee, do it with me..." Eric said to her son.

Reba felt the sudden surge of liquid gold pissing into her pussy and ass as their cocks stayed in her, giving her a deep pussy and ass enema. Finally they pulled from her and all the piss poured from her like Niagara Falls. Reba sobbed on the sofa as Eric pushed Jake down onto her...

"There, you two were made for each other-a pussy for a son fucking a mother's pussy!" Eric said as he headed out the back door, got dressed and went back home leaving them together to figure out why Jake got into raping his own mom.


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