Reba: Jake's Halloween Desire (bF,inc,oral,squirt,bukkake,first)
by Dr. Demented 666

It was Halloween and Reba was dressed as a pirate and the family was downstairs waiting for Cheyenne to come down to go to her 12 step party. Everyone's jaws dropped when she strolled down the steps in a French maids outfit. Her little brother's eyes opened wide as this is the first time he seen his sister's true beauty and thought of her in a different way.

Jake was only 11 at the time and was experiencing the formation of his first erection and attempted to cover it with a bowl of candy as his sister strutted around showing off her long legs in those black nylons. She headed off to her meeting and everyone else did their own thing while Jake tried to get his sister out of his head.

By the time Cheyenne returned everyone was in bed for the night except Jake, who waited up to get a glimpse of his sister once more.

"Jakey...What are you doing up?" Cheyenne asked.

"Mmmmmm...Just waiting for you."

"Why? What's wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing, I just...Man, this is so awkward..."

"It's ok, Jake. Tell me." She reassured him with a smile.

"I mean, your costume...It makes you look so hot." Jake stammered.

"Really? You really think so?" She asked.

"Mmmmm Hmmmm...Especially your legs." Jake stated.
"You can touch them if you like." Cheyenne told her brother, wanting to see if he would and his reaction from doing so.

Jake smiled and knelt before his sister as she stood there and glided his hand up the back side of her leg, feeling the sheen of the nylons texture and the warmth of her legs under the nylons. His fingers gently raked over her private area and Cheyenne let out a soft chirp as her brother said, "You're not wearing any underwear, Cheyenne!"

Cheyenne turned around and went and sat on the sofa with her ass hanging off the front edge as she opened her legs and doing a come-hither with her finger to Jake. Jake approached his sister and knelt between her legs and began to caress the insides of them along with the slit of her pussy. He was such a tease as he pleasured his sister without really knowing what he was doing.

"Rip my crotch open, Jake." Cheyenne told her brother.

Jake took both his hands and grasped her nylons at her crotch and ripped them open, exposing her smooth shaven pussy and hard clit. Jake stared with amazement as his dick pounded in his pants.

"Take your shirt off and lick me right here." Cheyenne begged of her brother.

Jake removed his red and white #7 shirt and put his face down to her pussy and slid his tongue over her slit. Cheyenne squirmed with delight and draped a leg over Jake's shoulder as she arched her lower back off the sofa.

"Finger me, Jake. Put a finger in me and work it back and forth." His sister commanded.

Jake did just that, fingering his sister as he licked her strawberry scented pussy. Cheyenne moaned and convulsed as she orgasmed, squirting into her brother's mouth and soaking his face and chest with her vaginal fluids. When her orgasm subsided she took her leg off her brother and let him stand up.

"That felt so good, Jake. Let me make you feel good now, take off your clothes." She told him softly with a coy grin. She watched her brother take off his clothes and expose his hairless frame and peach fuzzed sac with an erection that stood straight out as a 7" vein-popped bulge.

"Holy shit, Jake! That thing's pretty big, especially for your age." Cheyenne exclaimed.

Jake got between his sister's legs and began to rub his shaft against her inner legs and over the nylons, slowly working down to her wet pussy and firmly pushing the underside of his shaft in between her pussy slit without entering her and making her pussy lips wrap around his cock's underside.

"Put it in me, Jake. Put it in me like your finger and tongue was and work it the same way." Cheyenne whimpered with anticipation.

She watched as her brother sunk himself into her and worked his dick back and forth inside of her, making his dick shine in the room light from her wetness and giving Jake the most surprised look of feeling he never imagined before.

"Are we having sex, Cheyenne?" Her brother curiously asked.

"Yeh baby, we definitely are. You're fucking your own sister and it feels so fucking good, doesn't it?" She stated.

Jake nodded a profound yes as he continued to drill his sister and then shut his eyes in a wince as he panted heavily with soft boy-like grunts as his cum spurted into his sister, filling her pussy as he collapsed onto her and she gave him a 'Thank you' French kiss in her French maid's outfit. Jake's face was beet red and her lifted himself off of his sister and withdrew his cock from her slowly as it still pulsed from excitement.

They both watched as Jake's white cum began to ooze from her pussy and drip onto the hardwood floor.

"What is it?" Jake asked with somewhat disgust.

"That's your cum...Your sperm...From the orgasm you just had in me...It's ok, that's suppose to happen and it actually tastes good." Cheyenne tutored her brother.

"Really?" Jake asked.

"Sure. Here, come to my face and I'll suck on your thing and let you watch it happen in full detail." Cheyenne said.

Jake was very curious about what his sister was going to do but if it felt as good as before than he was all for it. Jake stood over his sister on the sofa and put his dick in her mouth and watched her suck it. Her perfect bubblegum lips wrapped around his shaft and he could feel her tongue swipe over his dick as he began to feel the sensation he felt before.

Jake started to cum again as he looked down with a dizzy look and watched as his cum trickled out the corner of her mouth and down the side of her neck. Cheyenne pulled him out of her mouth and jerked him off onto her face, his long strands of thick cum layering her cheeks and forehead in a heavy glaze.

"Oh my God! Jake! It's so much..." Cheyenne giggled.

Jake wanted to see if his sister was right about the taste so he slid down the front of her body and straddled her while kneeling on the sofa over her, leaning in and kissing her with his tongue as she did him before; tasting the salty white mix he left in her mouth. They both swapped his cum as he playfully licked it off her face and pushed it into her mouth with his tongue.

The sex may have ended for the night but it was sure to continue on what would surely be a weekly or even a daily romp for the siblings.


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