Reba: Jake's Sexual Revelation With His Mom (mF,anal,first,inc,cream pie,facial,squirt,DP,zoo)
by Dr. Demented 666

Jake hit the tender age of 13 years old and was experiencing horniness like never before as he was going through early stages of puberty and actually admired the slight appearance of puberty forming on his testicles for the first time and giving his scrotum a minor shadow, though his legs and underarms and chest were still bare and smooth as a babies bottom.

Jake came home from his friends house after rummaging through his friends dad's explicit Hustler magazine, giving Jake a throbbing 7" erection he was aching to get rid of. Jake had all the intention in the world to get to his bedroom and whack off for the first time in his life to see if he could shoot white stuff from his cock like he seen in the photos, but abruptly stopped at the entry to his mom's bedroom, taking notice through the cracked open door of his naked mother lying on her back sleeping.

Jake found himself gazing through the door crack like a peeping Tom, staring at his mom's naked splendor with her full tits holding firm with no sag even while lying on her back, and her gorgeous peach toned legs leading up to her red muff that she apparently kept well groomed to a thicket that peaked at the center of her vaginal entrance.

Jake never thought of his mother in a sexual way before, but the sight of her lying there naked with one of her legs bent at the knee and giving him full view between her legs and one arm outstretched over her head and teasing him with her bare armpit was just too much. Jake crept into her bedroom, shutting the door behind him and stripping naked with his heart pounding with anticipation. Jake's cock popped back with a loud thud against his stomach as he lowered his briefs down, letting his cock spring out with excitement...

Jake went to the bed and slowly pushed open his mom's legs until there was enough room for him to get between them, kissing and licking his way down her inner legs until his face was buried in her pubes that tickled the sides of his face as he wiggled his tongue into her wet pussy and tasting her raspberry-like pussy and the hot wetness that seemed to flood his mouth in her unconscious state.

Slowly goosebumps formed on Reba's legs, stomach and breast as her son performed oral on her, making her moan softly in her slumber and begin to squirm as her dream state turned to sexual reality and she came to, lifting her head and looking down between her legs to see her son doing what he was doing to her...

"Jake! God! This can't be happening! What...Lordy...Honey...You're making me...GOD!" Reba exclaimed as she dropped her head back into the pillow and relished in the incestual feeling her son was providing her and making her cum.

Reba arched her lower half and her hips shot up with joy as she squirted with a loud groan. A long continuous piss-like squirt showered her son as he lapped up her juices with enthusiasm as he knew he made his mom orgasm-while she was awake! He knew she liked what happened and was all too happy to give her more as he licked his way up her MILF body, stopping momentarily at her nipples and suckling them as he did as a baby...

Jake proceeded licking his way up his mom's cleavage, over her neck and up to her mouth where he stopped and they gazed into each others eyes as Jake slowly massaged his hard cock into his mom's wet pubes, letting her feel the underside of his shaft slide through her vaginal slit as her pussy lips wrapped around the sides of his hard shaft; making her gasp with sudden delight and surprise as her son seduced her in a way a family member never should...

Jake reached down between her legs and Reba looked down to watch her son guide himself into her, making her wince from the sudden penetration as she experienced her first fuck in over 6 years. Jake's hot breath steamed the side of his mom's face and neck as he fucked her with slow rhythmic humps, making her lips part and allowing him to slowly kiss his way into her mouth.

Reba tasted her sons candy-like tongue tease hers into entwining and passionately Frenching each other as he took her again and again, feeling his mom's tight pussy cinching around his shaft and lubing it with her vaginal fluids as he fucked her. Jake relished in his mother's hot pussy gripping him with massage-like precision as her moans were muffled from his tongue being in her mouth.

Reba turned her head as her son kissed her neck as he fucked her, her eyes springing open with surprise as she knew what was coming next-her second orgasm!

"JAKE! YOU'RE MAKING ME! MAKING ME! CUMMMMMMM!" Reba screamed as her son pumped slowly into her and feeling her orgasm all over his cock, squirting and showering his lower half and soaking the sheets under them as she thrusted upward onto his hard cock in reaction from her orgasm as her legs wrapped around him in a loving embrace...

"Me too, mom! I'm gonna cum!" Jake blurted out..

"Jake! Wait! Don't....CRAAAAAAP! You're cumming in me, baby! GOD! You're filling me up!" Reba exclaimed in horror from her cream pie given to her by her own son, knowing neither one of them were using protection and the possible consequences of such actions.

"Mom...It....It felt so good happening in you..." Jake exclaimed with heavy breaths against the side of her face.

Reba ran her fingers through his jet black hair and tenderly kissed him with dark desire...

"I know, honey...It was good for me, too...I can't believe how hard you were in me." Reba replied with tears in her eyes.

Jake rose to his knees and Reba lifted her head to watch him pull from her pussy, inch by inch his cock pulled from her womb and let her red pubes soak up his cum as it began to run from her vaginal opening and slowly trickle down to her anal entrance. Jake turned his mom's lower half so her hips were on their side and he lifted her left leg up over his shoulder and gently pushed his cock into her anal entrance.

Reba squealed with surprise from her first ever anal penetration as her son began to fuck her just as slowly in her ass as he did in her pussy, letting her feel the stiffness and vein-popped texture of his cock massage her inner anal walls and make them burn with throb-like pulses lubed with his cum to simultaneously soothe her anal cavity.

Jake hugged his mom's leg, pulling it close to him and feeling the warmth of it as he continued to fuck his mom in her ass; watching as she balled the sheets up in her fists and bit the pillow as she twisted and panted heavily with soft whines like a puppy. Jake slid his hand down the inside of his mom's leg as he butt fucked her until her reached her pussy where he gently massaged her vaginal entrance and clit in a circular fashion until her leg that draped over his shoulder jolted and her body convulsed, forcing her to cum and squirt as her ass clenched tightly around his shaft.

Jake wanted to see himself cum and quickly dropped his mom's leg and as she was in mid squirt he shot up to her face like he seen in the Hustler magazine and unloaded on his mom. Reba shook her head side to side and squealed in shock as her son came on her face and coated it with his messy white cum that stuck to her in long white strands.

Load after load shot onto her face until she had a strand across both her cheeks, onto her forehead, across her nose and lips and several shots that landed in her hair. Reba rubbed the cum from her eyes so she could open them to see her son still straddled over her face and breathing heavily with cum dangling from the tip of his cock.

Reba found herself taking hold of his cock and pulling him to her mouth where she put it in and sucked it to completion, tasting her son's cum and swallowing his load; something she never done before with anyone. Reba looked up at her boy with a huge smile as she suckled his cock with playful tongue lashes and kisses on the underside of it as Jake slowly slid off his mom and down at her side where he nestled his head into her breast and fell asleep listening to the pounding of her heart and draping one of his smooth legs over the top of hers.

It was a week later and Jake and his mom were headed out to supper to eat and Jake wore black pants and a white shirt while Reba stunned him with an epic ensemble...Reba had on a black top that showed off her bare shoulders and deep cleavage as it hugged her large breasts, black in color with striped fabric in the center and leather at its sides that ran over her shoulders to the back. She also wore a black ruffled skirt that was so close to her ass that any shorter it would show off her panties. But, it did a damn fine job at showing off her smooth legs in her high heels with golden ankle bracelet; an outfit she never wore before or would attempt to wear, but Jake picked it out for her and it made her feel so sexy and horny that she had to wear it.

Mother and son were finally at the restaurant and picked a secluded booth in the back corner and ordered their meal. As they both sat and waited for their food to arrive, Jake decided to give his mom a treat first and slid his hand down her inner leg under the table...

"Jake...What are you doing?" Reba asked of her son with shock as she squirmed.

"I'm gonna make you cum right here...Right now..." Jake whispered to her.

"Wait...Not here...Are you crazy?" His mom replied with shock.

Jake smiled as he continued to her pussy and slid his hand into her panties, feeling her wetness soak his hand as he slid a finger into her pussy and softly kissed her neck....

"Let me know if someone's coming." Jake whispered to his mom as he fingered her.

Reba became dizzy as she stared off across the room with her eyes widening with each full insertion of her sons finger into her and his playful licks on her neck as she struggled to control her breathing and keep her voice under control so no one could here. Reba let out a long exhale as her legs sprang open wide under the table with her son still fingering her, making her squirt and shower the underside of the table and the table cloth.

Jake pulled his hand from her panties and looked at it while showing it to his mom. Reba looked down and seen her vaginal orgasm dripping from her sons hand onto the floor as she gathered her wits and Jake wiped it dry with the table cloth as the food arrived. Reba was red in the face to match her hair color as the waitress arrived with a smile and began to set their food in front of them...

"Hope you enjoy your meal." The waitress said.

Reba and Jake ate and finished their supper and the waitress came by: "Would you like dessert?"

"Just the check please, we have other plans for dessert..." Jake blurted out and surprised his mom.

After Reba payed they headed out the door where Jake grabbed his mom by the arm and led her into the woods. Reba didn't know what he was up to but followed him as he led her by hand through a wooded area to a vast clearing with one tree in the center of it. They both went to the tree where Jake pinned his mom up against it with her back against it and lifted her arms up into the air and folded the palms of her hands around a limb...

"Hold 'em up just like that, mom." Jake instructed her.

The moonlight glowed off their bodies and made her legs shine as she watched her son strip naked and come to her where he rubbed the underside of his cock against the top front of her smooth leg as he leaned in and slowly began to kiss her. Their tongues entwined as they stared into each others eyes as Jake lifted his moms shirt up over her breasts and let them heave out and the moonlight bounce off of them and glisten as he licked her erect nipples.

The steam of her breath bellowed in the cool night air and goosebumps formed all over her and her sons bodies as Jake sunk to his knees and worked her black laced panties off her body. Reba stood with her back against the tree and her arms outstretched over her head and grasping to the limb above her as Jake lifted the front of her skirt slightly to run his tongue through her pubes and into her wet snatch.

Reba let out a heavy breath that formed into a white opaque cloud from the cool night air as she felt her son sink his tongue deep into her pussy and flick it about inside of her. Reba panted heavily and let out a loud howl that echoed through the open field as she lifted one leg and draped it over her sons shoulders as she squirted furiously onto him.

Reba's leg sunk back down to the ground as her orgasm gave way, allowing Jake to rise to his feet soaking in his mothers orgasm as the steam rose off his body like rain off a hot road after a cool rain. Drenched like he just stepped out of the shower and his hair blown back and dripping he leaned in and shared his mothers orgasm with her, surprising her as he emptied the mouthful of vaginal fluids he gulped from her womb into her mouth...

"I'm gonna take you. Mom...As slow as I can..." Jake whispered to her...

"Do it, honey...Take me...I wanna feel you in me again, Jake...Take me...I'm so horny for you..." Reba begged of her son.

Reba felt the sudden entry of her sons erection sinking deep into her motherly womb and pumping back and forth so slow she could feel every inch of it and every vein that popped out on it as the mushroomed cock head massaged her inner vaginal walls with delicate strokes inside of her.

Her son and herself breathed heavily and she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist as he slowly fucked her with her arms still up over her and hanging onto the limb above...

"I'm cumming, mom! It feels so good! Feel it, mom? Feel it happening in you?" Jake stated and asked of his mom.

"I do! God! Jake! You're making me squirt again! My G-spot! You're nailing my G-spot! JAKEY! HONEY! TAKE ME!" Reba screamed to her son as they both orgasmed, him in her and her on him.

Jake's thrusting came to a halt as he finished in his mom and her legs remained wrapped around his waist as he slid his hand down the outside of his mom's leg until his palm cupped her ass and he slid his middle finger into her puckered asshole, inching it back and forth into her in unison with his dick slowly working back and forth inside of her.

"Can you guess what I want to do next?" Jake asked of his mom...

"Oooooooohhhhh, Jake...I can...You want to take me in my backside again...I want you to...Take me back there...Make me feel it...Put it in my ass and fuck me back there..." Reba told her son with vulgarity she never used before.

Jake removed his finger and replaced it with his cock as his mom's legs still remained wrapped around his waist and her arms still stretched upward over her head and grasping the limb over her as he slowly sunk his hard cock deep into his mom's rump.

Reba exhaled with heavy breaths that formed into mini clouds in the cold night air as her son took her anally against the tree as he ran his tongue over her smooth armpit and licked it with tender sighs as he felt her ass clench at his cock with each backward pull. Reba smiled and twitched from his playful licks under her arms and she could feel his cum ooze from her pussy and lube his shaft sliding back and forth in her ass.

Reba's breasts heaved onto her son's chest as he fucked her against the tree, making her feel his hard cock pierce her ass and the nerve endings in it burn with pain yet pulse with pleasure at the same time as his cock began to throb and pulse hard inside of her anal cavity. Reba's eyes sprang open wide and the limb she held onto shook with orgasmic joy as her whole body writhed and convulsed from her first ever pussy-anal orgasm...

Leaves began to drop from the shaking tree as well as apples making loud thuds on the ground as they were shaken from the tree while Jake still fucked his mom's ass with slow thrusts, enabling her to feel every aspect of his penetration and for her to experience the most astounding dual orgasm of her life. Screaming echoes filled the void in the clearing around them as Jake came again and again in his mom's ass as she squirted furiously onto his lower half as she clenched the limb above her.

Jake's orgasm subsided and his pulsing cock came to a halt in her, then he slowly withdrew from her ass as her legs sunk back down to ground level and she felt his hot cum seep from her ass and run down the back of her motherly leg. The cum left a white trail of hot messiness and it glowed white in the moonlight and steam formed off of it as its warmth mixed with the cold night air.

Jake passionately kissed his mom as she let go of the limb and wrapped her arms around his naked back and returned the kiss with her tongue plunging deep into his mouth as his hard dick found its way back into her ass where it remained until it went limp over 20 minutes later as they made out after their combined incestual orgasm.

Mother and son would never be the same as their sexual revelation deemed them to be together in a way no family should ever be in a healthy way, but for Reba and Jake it was an outlet they'd explore time and again with utmost enthusiasm and exploration of new things and ideas that would revel the most depraved mind as their sexual progressions would transpire...

It only took days for Jake to come up with a new idea to do with his mom and when she got home from work Jake was waiting for her...

"Hey mom, wanna role play?" He asked of her.

Curious as to what her son had in store for her she happily agreed with a wide grin on her face as he led her up to her bedroom where he already had Cheyenne's wedding dress laid out on the bed along with a few of Cheyenne's 'Toys'. Reba knew what her son wanted and her heart began to pound with excitement as she took the dress and went into the bathroom, dolling herself up and sliding the garter belt up her amazing leg and putting the white veil onto her head in sharp contrast to her flaming red hair.

Jake sat naked on the bed waiting for his mom to appear...Reba walked into the bedroom dressed in Cheyenne's white wedding dress with open back that obviously showed Reba had no bra on and her cleavage was deep as the dress pulled her tits tightly together. Jake stroked his erection as he stood and went to his mom, getting behind her and softly kissing her bare shoulder as he unzipped the back of her dress and slid it down her legs to the floor.

Reba felt her son slip his hard cock under her garter and begin to hump the back of her leg, making her drop the bouquet of flowers and shut her eyes, putting her in a dream-like state of mind as her son cupped her tits from behind while licking the back of her perfumed neck. Reba panted heavily as her son slid her panties down and off her body, leaving only the veil and garter belt on her amazing body as he led her to the bed where she lied back on it on her back.

Jake went to the bathroom and came back with a towel, shaving cream, a lady's razor and a cup of water...

"What are you gonna do, Jake?' His mom asked of him.

"I'm gonna shave your vagina, mom...I wanna see how young it makes you look...You'll be as smooth as me down there after I'm through." Jake stated.

Reba watched as her son lathered up her motherly bush with shaving cream and gently raked the razor over her pubes, slowly removing her course hairs a line at a time. Reba watched with amazement as her red bush disappeared and she became bare as a baby's bottom down below. She now seen her pussy in a way she hasn't since her prepubescent days as her pussy shined in the bright room light, still wet from the water cleansing it but also from her vaginal fluids due to her horny wetness.

Jake slowly petted her pussy and teased her freshly shaven pussy before sinking his hard cock into her and fucking her in a pushup position as she dug her fingernails into the sides of his stomach. Reba could see every detail of her pussy wrapping around her boys shaft and how his cock glistened as her pussy moistened it with each pump into her. Reba reached down and pried open her pussy lips as Jake reached down and pulled from her, jerking off onto her pussy as she kept her vaginal lips pried open; turning her pink inner vaginal walls to a gooey white pool.

Reba let go of her vaginal lips as Jake finished and her pussy swallowed the cum as Jake stood and had his mom do the same as he led her to the dresser where he lifted one of her legs up onto it and then the other of her legs as well, putting her into a split atop the mirrored dresser with her breast pressing against the mirrored back.

The mirror steamed with Reba's hot breath as she felt her son lube the tip of his cock with cum from her pussy before sinking it fully into her rump. Jake reached down the front of her body and between her legs where he began to finger her as he fucked her ass in unison...

"Talk dirty to me, mom...I like hearing you talk like that while I do you..." Jake exclaimed.

"Yeah, you like hearing me want you? Well fuck me then! Fuck me, Jake...Make me cum with that hard dick of yours fucking me in my ass...Ohhhhhhh, baby...It feels so good up my backside! You like fucking your mom as your bride, don't you? Fuck me, Jake! FUCK ME, HONEY! MAKE ME CUM, HONEY! MAKE MOMMA CUM! MAKE YOUR BRIDE CUM!" Reba screamed towards the end of her rant as her son fucked her anally as he fingered her pussy.

The mirror steamed even more so from Reba's hot breaths against it as she began to squirt onto the dresser and mirrored back as she felt her son pull from her ass and shoot his wads all over her back and up her spine. Her vaginal droplets showered the mirror and slid down the glass front like rain on a windshield as her son licked his own cum off her back.

Reba lowered her legs to the floor and turned to face her son, who pulled her to him and kissed her; surprising her yet again with a mouthful of his cum as they shared it back and forth. Jake's cum filled both their mouths and trickled down their necks as the two made out for nearly 10 minutes before Kyra came home and they had to stop what they were doing.

Luckily, Jake had plans for his mom the following weekend and the two went on a camping trip together and were sure not to be interrupted. A good thing, as Jake saved up a whole weeks worth of sexual tension, as did his mom, to unleash on each other; taking Cheyenne's toys with them since they never got to use them on their 'Wedding night'.

They arrived at the secluded camp sight and walked to their respective area where they pitched the tent and started the camp fire. Jake was horny already for his mom in her camping getup wearing a tight tan shirt showing she obviously had no bra on underneath as her stiff nipples protruded through the fabric. She had on black shorts, black hiking boots and thigh high black socks that hugged her shapely legs.

Reba turned to see her son already naked and standing on his opened sleeping bag, the glow of the fire dancing off his bare skin on one side and the white light from the moon bouncing off his backside really got Reba wet as she took in her son's naked beauty and prepubescent innocent naughtiness.

Slowly Reba lifted her top up and off of her, bending down and taking off her boots and then her shorts, revealing she had no panties on. She went to take her thigh highs off but Jake stopped her, admitting they stimulated him as he took in her natural beauty in the shimmering flame that reflected off her bare vaginal entrance.

Reba went and nestled herself into the sleeping bag and Jake knelt between her legs where he lifted one up over his shoulder and tucked his cock under her black cotton sock that the top of it rested only 6 inches down from her hips. Reba felt her son slowly work his hard shaft against the backside of her leg as her sock pulled him tightly to it. Within seconds, Jake was cumming and shooting his hot cum up her leg and into her sock as his hairless scrotum bounced against the backside of her smooth leg.

Jake pulled his member from the fabric and sunk it into his mom's waiting pussy who begged for his penetration and squealing as he did so...Reba let out loud moans of pleasure as her pussy slurped with wetness while sparks from the fire shot into the air as Jake fucked his mom over and over on the sleeping bag.

Reba couldn't hold out any longer as she began to orgasm, squirting all over her son as she felt him cum for the second time that night in her. Reba's legs shook with orgasmic delight as they tightly clenched around her son in a loving embrace as he finished in her.

"Ready to try the 'Toys', mom?" Jake asked of her with a smile, flicking his tongue over her full lips.

Reba nodded an 'emphatic 'YES'. Jake went and got Cheyenne's vibrator, a pink 8" toy and a string of anal beads that had six 2" balls on the string. As his mom laid on her back Jake folded her legs back and had her hold them against her shoulders; with her ass slightly lifted in the air he turned on the vibrator and sunk it into her pussy until it almost all was in her.

Jake now took the anal bead strand and worked each ball into her ass, making her wince as each ball stretched the circumference of her ass and then clamped tightly shut around the string before stretching again for the next ball. Jake managed to get them all into her and could hear the vibrator change tones as it reverberated through her vaginal walls and off the metal balls in her ass that as of that moment only had the looped end of the strand dangling out of her asshole.

Reba found her body writhing and twisting as she held her legs to her shoulders and Jake slowly tugging on the loop of the anal bead strand...

"Slow, Jake! GOD! SLOW, HONEY! OUCH! EASY, BABY!" Reba begged of her son.

Jake did as he was told and as his mom felt her anal cavity slowly becoming empty of the anal beads and as the last one popped out of her it left her gaping for her son to plunge himself into her, making her cum. Reba came so hard upon the sudden expelling of the last anal bead and her sons cock replacing it that the vibrator shot from her pussy and landed into the fire. Reba's squirts showered her son and the vibrator sizzled in the fire from it being so wet from her pussy and then....

An explosion! The batteries in the vibrator acted like a small bomb and exploded from the intense flames as did Jake in his mom's ass. Reba left claw marks on her sons back as he finished in her and her squirts slowed to a small fountain-like stream that soaked the front of his lower half while the sparks from the explosion landed on their bodies and tingling against their skin like sparks from a sparkler.

Reba was in heaven and never knew it could continue to be so good with her son, over and over and again and again they had sex for the rest of the weekend. They took naked hikes and went skinny dipping, making Reba feel Jake's age all over again; thankfully she had the body of a 20 year old and the hotness of a cougar mom all rolled into one...This Jake appreciated and she knew it...

* * *

Weeks later mother and son had a trip planned to a country estate that bordered horses, which they reserved two to ride on a trail for nearly five miles. Upon arrival Jake was wearing black jeans and sneakers along with a white top and his mother wore a flannel belly shirt tied at its center at her cleavage in a knot and showing off her toned stomach and voluptuous breasts as her gorgeous legs were in full view from her jean shorts and cowboy boots.

Reba was hot as ever and didn't mid dressing this way for her son to admire, and the wanting looks she received form both male and female told her she was sexy as ever-but her son was the only one who could have her. The rancher guided them to the barn and showed them to the two horses they'd be riding for the day...

"I'll saddle them up for you and then I have to head out to town to get some feed..." The rancher stated...

"It's ok, my son and I can handle it...I have some experience in riding horses myself..." Reba stated and watched as the rancher took off to town.

Reba wasted no time in pinning her boy against the side of the huge animal and making out with him as she caressed his cock through his pants, surprising him with her horny desire. Jake slid his hand up his mom's smooth leg and felt a wetness...

"Mom! You're all wet!" Jake stated as he pulled his tongue from her mouth...

"I'm so horny for you right now that my pussy is already dripping with desire." Reba replied.

The horse Jake was pinned against let out a loud 'Neigh' and a heavy snort, making Jake and Reba pull away and turn to look at the magnificent and powerful animal before them. Its body rippled with muscle and its dark brown skin glistened as they both took in its enormity hanging beneath it...

"Holy cow, mom! Look at it! It's huge!" Jake stated the obvious.

"Jeez! Can't believe something so big fits inside another horse...It's gotta be, what-over 2 feet long?" Reba stated.

"I think so...I mean it's as long as my arm, look..." Jake said as he took hold of its massive 3" diameter girth and let the length slide up his entire arm to his shoulder.

Reba was so turned on at the sight of her son handling the beast that she quickly stripped naked and took it from him, tucking the cock between her legs and letting it spring out through the fronts of them a good foot as she rode it dry in a humping action.

Jake was astounded at the cowgirl ride she was giving the animal and took all of his clothes off and sunk to his knees in front of his mom, rubbing the head of the horses cock and suckling at the very tip and hole pee would normally come out of. Reba humped her smooth shaven pussy against the top of the horse's shaft as she pulled up on the bottom, letting her son suck it the best he could, wrapping his mouth around it like a python dislocating its jaw to swallow a deer.

Within seconds the horse let out a snort and several long and loud 'Neighs' as it stomped itd front hoof and exploded, filling Jake's mouth and making him choke. Jake pulled away and Reba took hold of the beast between her legs and aimed it like a fire hose, letting it hose her son down with enough cum to fill a gallon jug! Jake squealed as he held his eyes shut and giggled from the steamy hot mess showering his face, hair, neck and upper torso; running down his body and soaking his upper legs and private area.

Reba let go of the horse and let her son stand where she gobbled the cum from his face with delightful willingness., smearing the rest of the cum into his and her bodies as post cum dripped form the horses cock onto the ground beneath it.

"I can't believe you made that happen with him, mom...Look at it all over us...Shoot! Look at you horse over there! Looks like he's ready for a go, too..." Jake told his mom.

She looked over at her all black stallion and its equally sized erection dangling down below it and stomping its hoof in a horny and excited way...

"Hey, wanna try with him?" Jake asked of his mom..

"What? You mean-SEX!?" Reba replied with shock...

"Sure, why not...I won't mind...It's got me wondering if you could handle something that big..." Jake stated...

"I don't know, Jeez! I wonderrrrrr?" Reba pondered.

"If we do this, I wanna be on top of him..." Reba stated..

"On top!? How in the heck are you gonna manage that!?" Jake asked with shock...

"Here's a little trick my daddy taught me to get the to lay down for ya, but we need to get the straps and restraints ready first..." Reba told her son.

Jake watched as his mom set up to restraints tied to two posts several feet apart and one restraint to a hoist on the I-beam in the center of the barn. Reba led the horse to just under and between the restraints and grabbed hold of its ears firmly and pulled downward...Down went the horse as she held him on the ground and told her son to take the loops from the restraint on the beam and hook them around the horse's front legs down at the ankles.

Jake did as he was told and tightened them after, keeping its front legs bound close together...

"Now, pull on the hoist chain to lift him to his back." Reba stated.

Jake did just that and the horse turned onto its back with bulging eyes as Reba kept a firm grip on its ears as it snorted with discontent...

"Now, a loop from each restraint around each of his hind legs at the ankles and pull them open..." Reba again instructed.

Jake did just that and now had the horse fully accessible for what would surely be memorable for all. Reba let go of the horse and quickly went down between the animals legs and planted her face into its plate sized balls and massaged them as she took hold of its sheathe and stroked it until the beast had a full erection.

Jake got behind his mom doggy style and inserted his throbbing cock into her pussy and began to fuck her as she licked her way up its shaft and sandwiched its hard cock into her cleavage as she suckled the underside of its penis while her son fucked her.

The horse's hind legs gave several kicks as it snorted and his chest heaved with heavy breaths as it expelled cum onto Reba's face and all up its underbelly; dripping down the sides of its black coat. Reba smiled as she knew she got the animal off and maneuvered herself atop of him until her pussy was at its cock head; leaning forward so her breast was pinned against its coarse hair on its underbelly she told her son: "Guide him in me, Jake...Help him in my pussy, baby."

Jake took hold of the horse's huge cock and lifted it till the cock head was pressed against his mom's pussy, watching as she sunk herself back onto it until a good 15" was in her. Reba gasped heavily and moaned with pleasure as her feet barely touched the ground at either side of the horse hwile straddling it as it remained on its back.

Reba began to fuck it and slurp the cum off of the horse's underbelly as her son pushed the palm of his hand up the horse's shaft and felt the power it had and the slickness his mother produced onto it; admiring its rigid texture and massive veins popping out that surely his mom could also feel in her.

Jake climbed up onto his mom and plunged his cock into her ass and began to fuck her as she fucked the horse, his legs dangling down at her side just behind hers and not able to reach the ground. Reba screamed with pleasure as she was taken vaginally by the horse and anally by her son until Jake blew deep into her ass, pulling from it and letting his cum drip down onto the horse shaft still sliding back and forth into his mom.

An idea rose into Jake's perverted little mind as he went to his horse and led him by the reigns to his mom where he lifted each of its front legs over the other horse's until it was directly over his mom. Reba was now sandwiched between two horses and one was still in her pussy that she was fucking...

"Jake!? What are you doing!?" Reba asked of her son in dismay...

"I'm gonna put my horse's thing into your ass so you can get laid by both at the same time..." Jake stated as he took the horse's cock that rested across her back and backed it up until reaching her gape Jake left behind earlier.

Jake popped the head of the horse cock into his mom's ass and when the horse felt it enter her he thrusted! Reba winced and cringed as horse meat plunged 20" deep into her ass and filling it with such girth it felt like a softball was being pushed deep into her. Reba squealed and strained to accommodate both horses at the same time as the one above her did his own fucking, thrusting with power as its coars underbelly hair raked across her back and left red impressions like rug burn.

After several powerful thrusts the horse over her began to cum, neighing loudly and jumping so its front hooves were off the ground and kicking in midair with him being still impaled in her and literally pulling her off the horse cock under her as it filled her ass until she blew off its cock and onto the ground.

The horse's front legs finally reached back down to ground level and it backed itself off of the horse still on its back. Reba sat on the ground panting all teary-eyed as cum flowed from her ass like a waterfall and her ass and vulva pulsed from the pounding she just received. Jake took her by the hand and lifted her and had her lay on the horse still on its back and restrained. Reba laid back on it on her back and Jake took the animals long shaft and let it rest atop her stomach and up between her cleavage.

Jake got up on to the horse and sunk his cock into his mom's pussy with the horse cock sandwiched between them. Jake laid down on it and his mom and began to fuck her and make out with her, their tongues entwining as the beasts dick came to life between them, expelling cum with force and shooting up across their necks and faces as it throbbed hard between them.

Reba and Jake laughed and took in the horse cum as it blew all of them and Reba finally came herself, squirting all over her son as the horse meat went limp between them and disappeared back into its sheath...

"Guess he's done..." Jake told his mom...

"Guess so, are you?" She asked him...

"Yeah, for today...." Jake replied...

"Thank the Lord...I'm so fucking sore right now!" Reba stated.

"It must've felt good, though...You squirted..." Jake told her...

"Don't get me wrong, it did...It's just a bit much having something the size of a baseball bat crammed up your ass and pussy at the same time! I thought giving birth was something, but that...WOW!" Reba stated while rolling her eyes at the last statement.

"Well, lets do our ride now, mom..." Jake told her, even though she just had the ride of her life and probably wouldn't walk straight for a week.

But the two rode off and came back hours later totally fulfilled and happy with their new experience and confessed they'd like to try it again-next time with something a little smaller-Jake always wanted a dog..."





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