Reba: Reba Experiments With Her Daughter(F-solo,bFF,FF-zoo,inc,oral,anal,fist,squirt,toys)
by Dr. Demented 666

Reba was downstairs folding the laundry and put in in a basket and headed upstairs to put it away in her and her kids rooms. Cheyenne would be first and Reba opened the door to find her 21 year old daughter, Cheyenne, lying on her bed masturbating.

Reba couldn't believe her eyes as they wandered over her daughter's body, taking in her beauty and her voluptuous legs and long blonde haired billowed at the sides of her shoulders. And her pussy! Shaven smooth with a silver vibrator in it she was working herself over with. Cheyenne's tits heaved up and she lifted herself off the mattress, supporting her body weight with the top of her head and her feet as her body formed an arch with her legs spread...

Cheyenne squealed softly, "Oh....Oh...Oh MYYYYY GODDDD!"

Cheyenne let go of the vibrator and grasped the sheets as her body remained arched and convulsed with such an intense orgasm that her powerful squirts shot the vibrator out of her like a missile across the room and she sprayed the sheets and floor with her vaginal fluids. She groaned and twisted as her body sunk back down to the mattress and she appeared to have passed out.

Reba found herself so turned on by this and decided to join her daughter in bed, taking off all her clothes and getting into bed with Cheyenne. Reba sunk down between her daughter's legs and slowly licked the juices still flowing slowly from her pussy, tasting her sweet essence as she fingered Cheyenne's pussy.

"Mom! What...What are you doing!?" Cheyenne asked with surprise as she woke from her unconscious state. Reba just smiled and continued to eat her daughter out and work a fist into her. Cheyenne's eyes popped open with surprise as she gasped, twisting her head side to side with flailing pleasure.

"MOM! JAKE! JAKE'S IN THE ROOM!" Cheyenne stated.

"Don't worry, Cheyenne. His friends and him already had me, and for the better I may add." Reba confessed.

Cheyenne couldn't believe her ears, "MOM! WITH JAKE!? HIS FRIENDS?! I had no idea you were like that!" Cheyenne exclaimed.

"I wasn't at first, but they changed me; as I said, for the better." Reba said as she went back to fisting Cheyenne as Jake took off his clothes.

Cheyenne watched with anxiety as her brother got naked and exposed his smooth frame and wood sticking out straight with excitement. Jake got on the bed and eased himself into her pussy as he laid down on her back and watched her fist his sister, fucking his Mom's pussy until he pulled out and fucked her ass cheeks, which could crack a walnut, until he blew his load all over his Mom's back.

Cheyenne reacted to the sight of her brother's cum shooting a good 3 feet into the air and dropping down on their Mom's back, squirting all over her Mom's arm as her fist remained in Cheyenne and twisted side to side and her knuckles raking Cheyenne's inner vaginal walls and G-spot. Cheyenne stopped cumming and Reba pulled her fist from her daughter, allowing Cheyenne's juices to flow from her like a flood.

Cheyenne got up, "My turn to fuck you now, Mom. I think you'll like this." Cheyenne exclaimed as her Mom smiled with her famously wide grin as she laid back on the bed on her back and watched Cheyenne go to the dresser and pull out a 16" double-ended dildo strap-on. Reba watched with anticipation as Cheyenne donned the instrument, inserting half of it in her own pussy and securing the strap around her waist; getting on the bed between her Mom's legs as Jake looked on.

Cheyenne plunged the other 8" length into her Mom's ass till it reached the bulbous center. Cheyenne began to work it back and forth inside her Mom's ass and making her writhe and twist on the bed with deep moans as she was taken anally.

"Fist her, Jake...Fist Mom while I fuck her in the ass." Cheyenne told her brother.

Jake slid his hand down the creamy-smooth interior of his Mom's leg and pushed 4 of his fingers into her until knuckle deep, inching a bit further and just a little more until he was wrist deep and balling his hand up inside his Mom's hot pussy. Reba's eyes rolled back in their sockets as she arched her head back on the bed and her tits heaved up while her daughter took her anally and her son fisted her.

"All the way, Jakey...Put your whole arm in her...Up to your elbow!" Cheyenne instructed.

Jake did as he was told and pushed his arm into his Mother's womb until he reached his elbow, pumping her twat like a piston in and engine and watching as her stomach bulged outward like a baby bump as his fist hit the interior wall of her stomach. Reba couldn't believe this was happening and never experienced such a sensation.

Reba orgasmed so hard her hips pounced upward and she popped off Cheyenne's strap-on as she screamed, "FUUUUUUUCK! MYYYYYY PUUUUUUSS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME! JESUS H!"

Reba squirted with such force as he son buried his arm into her elbow deep that her squirts spurted passed and around his arm like a hose would if you put your finger in the end of it while it was running without a nozzle. They could hear the fizzing like a pop bottle opening after being shook and the pulsing squirts showering Cheyenne as Jake licked his Mother's naval where it bulged out from his fisting.

Finally their Mom stopped cumming and Jake pulled his arm from her, staring at her gaping pussy and his super-soaked arm that was reddish in color since her pussy wrapped around it so tightly. Jake and Cheyenne laid next to their exhausted Mom and snuggled with her, falling asleep and fantasizing about what to do next with each other.

Part 2

A week later, Reba decided to take Cheyenne horseback riding in the country. The women dressed up in their cowgirl attire and headed off to the ranch that had miles of riding trails to explore. Once there they were assigned a horse each, a black stallion for Reba and a painted brown and white mustang for Cheyenne. Before long the girls were off and a half an hour into their ride they decided to stop at what appeared to be a resting area for the horses that had bales of hay and a water trough.

They got down off their horses and Reba was quick to jump her daughter, kissing her and cupping her breasts...

"MOM! JEEZ! RIGHT HERE!?" Cheyenne said shockingly.

"Sure, why not? Remember what the rancher said? We're gonna be the only ones out here today, so c'mon-lets do it..." Reba stated.

Cheyenne shrugged her shoulders in a 'Why not' fashion and the girls took off all their clothes...

"MOM! You shaved your pussy!" Cheyenne said with surprise as she stared at her Mom's smooth pussy and her camel toe pussy lips begging to be parted.

Reba smiled as she leaned back against her stallion as Cheyenne got on her knees and started to fist her Mom. Reba immediately opened her flood gates and her orgasm slid down her daughter's arm and off her elbow...

"Holy shit, Mom! I think someone else is liking what he sees and hears!" Cheyenne exclaimed.

Reba thought the rancher or someone was watching them but than Cheyenne pointed to under the stallion at its enormous cock hanging down. Reba was impressed by the baseball bat length of it and its softball sized girth.

"Wanna try it with him?" Cheyenne asked of her Mom.

Reba's eyes lit up and the two of them lifted a bale of hay and slid it under the horse. Reba laid on it on her back and Cheyenne lifted both her Mom's legs up and onto the top fronts of the horse's legs. Cheyenne got to her knees and took control of the beast's hard cock and popped the head of it into her Mom's pussy. As soon as the stallion felt himself enter Reba he gave his hips a sharp thrust, plunging a good foot of his immense shaft into Reba's pussy and fucking her with tremendous power.

"IT'S HUGE! HE'S SOOOO BIG! OH MY GOD! HE'S FUCKING ME, CHEYENNE! HE'S REALLY FUCKING ME! I'M BEING TAKEN BY A HORSE! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" Reba cussed out as Cheyenne licked the side of her Mom's tit and nipple as she watched her Mom's body rock from the forceful thrusts of the horse.

Shortly, the horse began to stomp his front leg and begin to neigh. Reba could feel the powerful shots of cum entering her like a garden hose going off inside of her. Load after load filled Reba's womb until it back washed around the horse's cock and expelled from Reba's pussy. The gallon of cum that filled her sent Reba screaming and spasming with delight as she experienced her first orgasm from an animal.

The horse finished and Cheyenne backed him out of her Mom, watching the flood of horse cum pour out of her and diving in to lick as much of it up as possible. Reba giggle like a little schoolgirl and pushed Cheyenne away, "Stop your playing. It's your turn, now." Reba said, turning their attention to Cheyenne's mustang that also had an erection from watching what was happening.

Reba got under the horse on her back on the ground and Cheyenne got over her Mom in a 69, licking her Mom's pussy as the mustang's long shaft rested across Cheyenne's back. Soon, Reba reached up and pulled it to her daughter's pussy and guided him into her. Cheyenne winced and squealed as her pussy stretched to accommodate the size of her new lover.


"I know, honey...I know. Wait till he cums." Reba said with understanding.

Cheyenne's body moved forward with each thrust of the horse's cock into her and than backward as the horse pulled back to prepare for another thrust. Cheyenne enjoyed the pressure and rigid texture of his shaft in her, taking her as she licked her Mom's smooth pussy and tasting the horse cum in her...

A few moments later her mustang thrusted hard with several loud neighs, cumming with force into Cheyenne as her Mom licked her clit and stretched pussy fold. Cheyenne nearly passed out as she became dizzy as she felt her Mom pull the horse from her and his cum pour from her like a bucket of water onto her Mom's face.

It took the girls a good 15 minutes to get cleaned up in the water trough and dressed and than another half an hour before they could walk straight. Climbing onto their horses they rode off laughing and talking about what just happened and possibly including Jake the next time, but until then.


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